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    The Greek Island Lesvos has turned into a war zone as Muslim migrants launch attacks at a refugee center
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    A mass riot has broken out between refugees and police inside the Moria detention centre on the Greek island of Lesbos during the night of April 26. On Tuesday afternoon, thick, black plumes of smoke could been seen floating above the facility and Raw News witnessed numerous refugees being carried out injured and suffering from tear gas inhalation. NGO sources inside confirmed that riot started in the wing which detains unaccompanied children, which then intensified after police beat a child, and subsequently used tear gas. NGOs have been evacuated from the site and riot police are currently patrolling the perimeter.

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  • College student was suspended for consensual sex with his girlfriend because another student claimed it was rape
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     A Colorado college student spoke out exclusively on The Kelly File tonight, saying that he was suspended from Colorado State University-Pueblo for consensual sex with his girlfriend.

    That student, Grant Neal, is now pursuing a federal lawsuit against the university and the Obama administration.

    The lawsuit argues that guidance issued by the Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights to universities discriminates against young men and denies them due process.

    The alleged victim even testified that she was not raped in this case.

    Neal, a former football player at the school and aspiring orthopedic surgeon, had been dating an athletic trainer for the team.

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    No Love! Former House Speaker John "Crybaby" Bohner says Ted Cruz is "Lucifer in the Flesh"
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    Former House Speaker John Boehner called Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz "Lucifer in the flesh" during an interview at Stanford University. CNN's Phil Mattingly reports.

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  • WTF Just happened at Area 51? Huge Mushroom Cloud with smoke billows from the secretive base
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     INVESTIGATORS trying to uncover details about what goes on inside the mysterious top-secret US military base Area 51 stumbled across what they believe was a massive fire at the secretive base.

    The couple, who posted the video to YouTube, were stunned by the huge plume of dark smoke that appeared to form a mushroom cloud when viewed from afar.

    The pair, called Jimmy and Jackie, drove through the Nevada desert to the base that the US government only confirmed existed in 2013, despite being one of the country's worst kept secrets, and spotted the smoke while approaching from Groom Road.

    Jimmy said in the video: "We are still driving down groom road here and we noticed that there is like weird smoke over here. What could be going on?"

    When they reached the main gate, which has warning signs not to cross, there was another group of four people watching the smoke who were being monitored by a white security jeep parked up on a hill.

    Some conspiracy theorists claim the authorities conceal evidence of aliens visiting Earth from the public within the base.

    It has been claimed a "flying saucer complete with aliens" said to have crashed near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947 was taken and stored there for examination.

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    British Family gets brutally attacked and beaten by a mob in Thailand
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    Police have asked for help in identifying two youths involved in a serious assault on a family of British tourists.

    A video clip from CCTV from a camera at the entrance to Soi Bintabaht in front of Wat Hua Hin captures a serious argument between a British tourist family of three people – a mum, dad and their child – who were in the area to celebrate Songkran on the evening of April 13th.

    The family encounter a group of youths and an argument develops into a serious assault where the three foreigners are unable to defend themselves and were grievously injured.

    In the clip, the family can be seen getting into an argument with the attackers. A man appears to strike the foreign woman before other, presumably Thai men, start attacking the two other foreign men. All three foreigners are knocked to the floor.

    The attack only stops when the three foreigners are unconscious but not before one Thai man lands a brutal volley to the face of the woman as she tries to get up in what is a truly shocking display of violence.

    Hua Hin police are sharing the video footage to help arrest those responsible.

    Police have two of the attackers in custody and are trying to find two more.

    They appeal for help to find those responsible for the violence against the unnamed British family and the damage it has done to local tourism.

    Anyone one who has information or who may have witnessed the incident is urged to contact officers at Hua Hin police station.

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    BREAKING : Suspect in animal onesie shot after threatening to blow up Fox Baltimore station
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    A contractor who threatened to set off a bomb at the headquarters of Fox 45 Baltimore Thursday afternoon, forcing police to evacuate the building, walked outside before a sniper shot him as cameras rolled.

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    BREAKING NEWS : Man in Panda Suit breaks in Baltimore's Fox45 HQ strapped with a bomb, sets car on fire, loud explosions heard
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    A man claiming to have a bomb strapped to his chest threatened a Baltimore TV station Thursday afternoon, and was later shot by police after walking out of the building.

    It all started at Fox 45 in the Woodberry section of Baltimore around 1:20 p.m. .

    A security guard with Fox 45 tells WJZ reporter George Solis that a man walked into the station wearing a hedgehog outfit and medical mask, claiming he had a bomb.

    “He pretty much said he had a bomb on him and that he had a message that he needed to be heard,” said the security guard.

    The security guard said the suspect had a flash drive containing files that had to do with astronomy.

    “It pretty much had to do with any with astronomy–black holes, the sun, about it being liquid and gas, and he just wanted to say that the government was wrong in thinking about the way they do when it comes to anything in space,” said the guard.

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    Did Muhammad possess over 100 Muslim school students in Indonesia?
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    Malaysian Schools are experiencing strange phenomena, as kids are being sent home from school for apparently being “possessed.” Were the Malaysian schools hit with “mass hysteria” or evil spirits?

    What is mass hysteria? Mass hysteria is a transmission of threats or delusions within a group of people, whether real or unreal. Unexplained Mysteries reports that 21 female students from one Malaysian school were sent home after they were alleged to be “possessed.”

    Another Malaysian school sent five students home after apparently being troubled by a “Pontianak,” a female vampire ghost. A teacher was even sent home for claiming to be pinned down by some kind of unseen force while trying to help a child who was claiming to be seeing a demon.

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    Piano-Playing Is Teen’s Forté Despite Being Born Without Hands

    Alexey Romanov Plays "River Flows In You" by Yiruma

    A teenager showcased his sensational ability on the piano - despite having been born without hands.

    Alexey Romanov, who lives in Zelenodolsk, Russia, started teaching himself to play the instrument two years ago by simply listening to how the chords should sound.

    After picking up the basics, the 15-year-old practised each day and was helped along the way by his friends until he became a maestro on the piano.

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    Girl Goes On A Rant About Entitled Millennials

    More like Generation Y are you so entitled?

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    French Blogger gets sentenced to 2 years in Prison for an anti-Islam blog
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    A Black Muslim judge has sentenced a French blogger to two years in prison for speaking out against the Islamization of Europe, particularly France.

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    New reports claim Prince died of AIDS
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    PRINCE had been “preparing to die for a little while” because he had AIDS, according to a new report.

    An industry source told The National Enquirer the legendary singer “was in bad shape” after allegedly being diagnosed with the disease six months ago.

    “Doctors told Prince his blood count was unusually low and that his body temperature had dropped dangerously below the normal 98.6 degrees to 94 degrees,” the source said.

    “He was totally iron-deficient, very weak and often disoriented. He rarely ate and when he did, it all came right back up.” If the report is true, Prince was battling the condition while he was touring Melbourne in February.

    Just hours before the 57-year-old died last Friday at his estate in suburban Minneapolis, Prince was spotted at his local Walgreens pharmacy, according toTMZ.

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  • A Vidmax Original- LSD: Microdosing, The Cure To Your Facebook Addiction?
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    Can't kick your addiction to Facebook? You may or MAY NOT want to try this at home. Footnote, Vidmax DOES NOT condone the use of illegal drugs. We do however condone the free flow of idea and information.

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    Milo Yiannopoulos shuts down Black Lives Matter terrorist attempting to takeover his QnA
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    He is not a fan of it, unsurprisingly, but unlike Bernie Sanders I don't hand over the microphone to anyone with a PHD in yelling and a trendy hashtag. Really though Black Lives Matter, this is why we can't have nice things.

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    This guy walks into Target and puts the new transgender bathroom rule to the test
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    Recently, the massive retailer known as Target changed its bathroom policies to cater to the transgender customers. This of course was met with controversy and outcries.

    A conservative Christian activist group has gained more than half a million signatures and counting from people pledging to boycott Target over its transgender bathroom policy.

    The petition started by the American Family Association on Wednesday raises concerns that Target's inclusive stance on transgender rights encourages sexual predators and puts women and young girls in danger, because "a man can simply say he 'feels like a woman today' and enter the women's restroom."

    The boycott has more than 744,800 signatures as of Tuesday afternoon, marking it as one of AFA's most popular campaigns.

    So the gentleman in this video, who is 100% all man, wearing men's clothing, put this bathroom madness to the test, asking if he can use the women's bathroom.

    The answer may make you support the protest.

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    S. Carolina bikini brawl leaves a girl with a broken nose and a concussion, 3 arrested
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    Three women believed to be responsible for a violent beating that occurred earlier this month in South Carolina have been picked up by police.

    Arlinda Craft, 18, Anns Leigh Hill, 19, and Megan Williams, 20, were arrested and charged with second-degree assault and battery by a mob for allegedly attacking a woman on March 15 by the banks of the Saluda River.

    The Columbia Police Department was able to make the arrest thanks to a video of the incident, which shows three women in bikinis jumping on top of the victim and striking her repeatedly on the face and body.

    The victim, who lost consciousness during the fight, was treated for a number of injuries including lacerations and a concussion according to police.

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    VIDMAX EXCLUSIVE-Feminists Surround and Harass Cameraman At "Whiteness" Presentation
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    Our Vidmax Videographer attempts to cover "Feminism & Whiteness" event, as part of Portland Community College's "whiteness history month". The presenters instruct the attendees to surround the cameraman and block the camera. Various students, land whales, and even college officials take part in the harassment, stating that it is acceptable behavior for students. The video man grabs an extended monopod to get over the mob, and one student resorts to grabbing a large cardboard display from the Autism awareness club and using it to try to block the camera. The college admins eventually realize how the situation is deteriorating, and talk the student down, and things calm after that

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  • Marine famous for pissing on the corpse of dead Taliban just foiled a plot by his girlfriend to have him killed
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     In 2012, a Marine Corps staff sergeant was court-martialed for being among a group of snipers who urinated on the fresh corpses of Taliban fighters. In 2016, police in Tennessee say he saved a 3-year-old from being fatherless.

    What may seem like a redemption plot from a Hollywood drama is the story of Joseph Chamblin, the former Marine who worked with Tennessee police to foil an alleged attempted murder.

    The story is complicated. It involves a young woman trying to get custody of her son, her alleged search for a hit man and a staged death.

    Chamblin’s career had been going well in 2011, the Military Times reported. He was chosen by the leaders of the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines, to be the scout sniper platoon commander in Afghanistan. The next January, it seemed likely that he would be promoted to gunnery sergeant. Then a video surfaced. In it, he and three other scout snipers are standing over the corpses of Taliban fighters, and they’re urinating on them.

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  • “Trump Is Nazi And Racist! He Makes Hand Sign At Every Rally!” German Punk To Former Soviet Citizen
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    Outside of the NY State GOP Gala Dinner at Grand Hyatt anti-Trump protesters showed their utter lack of intelligence once again by equating Donald Trump waving to the crowd as a Nazi salute, then went on to claim Mexican and Muslim are actually races, so wanting them to come to the country legally makes Trump a racist. Liberal logic 101.

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