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Accidents Videos - Page 2

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  • Tourists injured as fireworks explode among them 01:09

    Tourists injured as fireworks explode among them

    Fireworks cause injuries to three people in Thailand

    6 days
  • Faulty Brakes Make a Bad Situation Worse 00:56

    Faulty Brakes Make a Bad Situation Worse

    Make sure you get your brakes checked! This driver appears to have faulty brakes which veer him to the left, into the path of an overtaking driver. Clearly the overtaking driver is at fault here, but a collision may have been avoided had the brakes worked properly. According to reports neither driver was seriously harmed.

    1 week
  • Deadly consequence of reckless driving 00:41

    Deadly consequence of reckless driving

    Happened in Saudi Arabia. According to a few sources the man was killed.

    1 week
  • Pregnant clerk escapes injury after SUV slams into deli 00:58

    Pregnant clerk escapes injury after SUV slams into deli

    A pregnant woman and three other people escaped serious injuries after an SUV that police say was stolen crashed through a Philadelphia deli. Police said the suspect was driving a stolen 2017 Nissan Pathfinder about 100 mph when he lost control and crashed into several other cars before slamming into the deli. Philadelphia Police Department

    1 week
  • Cyclist's amazing escape caught on dashcam 00:23

    Cyclist's amazing escape caught on dashcam

    Shocking new dashcam footage has captured the moment a cyclist is knocked to the ground after being accidentally 'doored' by a van driver. The cyclist then has a lucky escape by narrowly avoiding being crushed by the vehicle behind him which filmed the incident. Video of the the crash was released yesterday (Thurs) to highlight the dangers cyclists face from motorists who open their car doors without looking. It is estimated that there are around 600 ‘dooring’ incidents each year but cycling groups reckon the true figure is much higher.

    1 week
  • Truck smashes into railway bridge, splits it in half 00:23

    Truck smashes into railway bridge, splits it in half

    A truck driver was trapped inside his vehicle when an overhead bridge he smashed into collapsed on top of him Monday in Fushun, in northeast China’s Liaoning Province. The driver was passing under a railway bridge when the rear of his truck suddenly lifted up, splitting the bridge in half. Part of it fell on to the truck and the driver became stuck under the weight. Local police officers and firefighters were called to the scene after passersby were unable to remove the 54-ton piece of bridge off the driver. After about five hours’ work by about 100 people, the driver was finally rescued and sent to the hospital.

    1 week
  • Distressing: Boy trapped upside down in pool for over one minute 01:34

    Distressing: Boy trapped upside down in pool for over one minute

    Horrifying video footage has captured the moment a child nearly drowns while playing in a paddling pool at a play centre in China. The child was playing at Leyou Baobei swimming centre in Zhaoyuan City, China's Shandong province on May 17 when the incident occurred. It takes some 72 seconds for staff at the centre to realise the child is drowning.

    1 week
  • Electrical pole falls on motorcyclist In Bangkok, Thailand 00:19

    Electrical pole falls on motorcyclist In Bangkok, Thailand

    Bangkok, Thailand - Police are investigating what caused a large tree to fall on Soi Chit Lom, taking out an electrical pole which fell and killed a motorist Saturday morning. Nitchapat Somjet, 25, was riding a motorbike when she was killed at about 9:30am by the falling utility pole. The pole was knocked down by a large tree next to to Central Chidlom collapsed. Two others were injured and taken for treatment at a hospital. The street is currently closed due to the accident.

    1 week
  • Surveillance video shows fatal crash that cut car in half 00:30

    Surveillance video shows fatal crash that cut car in half

    A deadly high-speed crash was caught on surveillance camera in Southern California when a car lost control, took out a fire hydrant and smashed into two business on Tuesday, May 16, 2017. The hydrant split the car in two, throwing one side into the road and the other side into businesses that were closed at the time. Courtesy LAPD

    1 week
  • Wheel Falls Off at the WORST TIME 00:58

    Wheel Falls Off at the WORST TIME

    A wheel separates from this truck at the worst time, just as another vehicle is passing.

    1 week
  • Caught on camera: Deputy hits car during pursuit 00:16

    Caught on camera: Deputy hits car during pursuit

    A sheriff's deputy vehicle struck a car during a pursuit in the City Heights area.

    1 week
  • Caught On Camera: Two workers trapped in marble blocks lost their lives 01:07

    Caught On Camera: Two workers trapped in marble blocks lost their lives

    Turkey - Two workers trapped in marble blocks lost their lives. It was seen that one of the workers in the accident, which reflected in Fabrican's security camera in seconds, died while trying to help his other friend. It was a terrible accident in a marble factory operating in the Organize Industrial Zone on the Sivas-Erzincan highway. Sinan Elmacı and Fatih Demir, who work in the plant, were pressed between the huge blocks when the marble blocks were carried by an automatic crane.

    1 week
  • Little girl survives being run over in China 00:34

    Little girl survives being run over in China

    A child had an extremely close encounter when she was run over by a car in China's Guizhou province. The girl, pictured in a CCTV video dressed in yellow, appeared to follow her older brother across the road when the accident happened. In what could have been a fatal incident, the child came away with only minor injuries after falling down so that the car passed over her. Had she been larger, the result could have been very different.

    1 week
  • Quick-thinking Indian villagers save day after bus falls into river 01:21

    Quick-thinking Indian villagers save day after bus falls into river

    A bus driver and five passengers had a lucky escape when their vehicle plunged into a swollen river in the Gadag area of the southern Indian state of Karnataka on Monday. As the bus got caught in the current, locals rushed to help and used ropes to pull out all on board, including a young boy. Karnataka has been hit by heavy rain since Sunday. Struggling in a storm, the bus skidded off the road and fell into the river. "The passengers were screaming for help when the bus toppled off the bridge and dived into the stream," an eyewitness told Caters News Agency.

    1 week
  • Man Falls Off Cliff In Attempt To Get Perfect Instagram Pic 00:10

    Man Falls Off Cliff In Attempt To Get Perfect Instagram Pic

    Basically what it boils down to is some people completely disregard their own life so they can get that awesome Instagram or Facebook picture. First off… literally no one cares.According to the video he luckily survived:A Chinese man is lucky to be alive after falling from a cliff in southwest China while dangerously posing on the edge of a cliff for photographs.Video footage, filmed on March 17 shows him hanging off the cliff to get the perfect photo on the Jigong mountain in Chongqing city.

    1 week
  • Navy man gets sucked into jet engine and miraculously survives! 00:36

    Navy man gets sucked into jet engine and miraculously survives!

    Shocking footage has emerged showing a soldier being sucked into the engine of a US fighter during the Gulf War. The video, which was filmed aboard the USS Eisenhower on February 20, 1991, shows trainee John Bridget checking the launch mechanism on an A63 Intruder - an attack aircraft used by the US military from 1963 to 1997. The 21-year-old is seen moving towards the engine in the short clip, when he is suddenly pulled inside. Another crewman in the video is then seen racing towards the engine to power it off. The video also shows a third member of the crew who was standing nearby at the time of the accident. Incredibly, Bridget survived the shocking moment, and was pictured after the incident with bandages around his head and arms. Daniel P Streckfuss, another officer who was with Bridget at the time, explained how his colleague was able to survive. 'I was attached to VFA-15 on board the USS Theodore Roosevelt during that deployment in 1991,' he said, according to online accounts. 'What allowed him to survive was the design of the A-6 engine (the J-52). It has a long protruding ‘bullet’ or cone that extends in front of the first stage fans. 'When he was sucked in, his arm extended above his head which caused his body to wedge between the bullet and inside wall of the intake. 'Lucky for him, his cranial and float coat were sucked in first causing the FOD’d engine which prompted the pilot to cut the throttle. 'It took almost three minutes for him to push his way out of the intake after being sucked in. Needless to say, I don’t think he was seen on the flight deck for the rest of the cruise.' The video has been widely used around the world in the years since it was filmed, often by television shows showcasing the amazing survival.

    1 week
  • Video of the moment New Jersey plane crashes into the ground 00:24

    Video of the moment New Jersey plane crashes into the ground

    Horrifying footage has captured the moment at least two people were killed when their private jet crashed in New Jersey on Monday afternoon. The Learjet 35 went down Monday afternoon near Teterboro Airport, killing both crew members. No one else was onboard the aircraft, which was coming from Philadelphia. Surveillance video from a nearby business shows the moment of impact and then a huge fireball. The plane comes into shot very quickly and slams into the ground at a nearly 90-degree angle. A man can be seen running across the parking lot toward the crash site. The video was released after it was revealed the plane was registered to a company called A&C Big Sky Aviation, which has a residential address in Montana. The owners of the residence are Daniel and Julane Wells. They could not be reached on Monday night. The FAA confirmed the plane came down a quarter-mile from the airport in an industrial area in Carlstadt, a few miles from MetLife Stadium in the Meadowlands. There were no passengers on board, authorities said, and no casualties have yet been reported on the ground. FAA investigators quickly raced to the scene so they could be on the ground and attempt to determine what caused the deadly crash. Emergency responders reached the scene a short time later and worked for more than an hour to extinguish the blaze. The plane landed in the parking lot of Manhattan Door Corporation on Kero Road, destroying multiple cars and damaging buildings. Joe Orlando, a spokesman for the town, confirmed no one inside the building was harmed. He said pieces of melted engine could be seen in the charred wreckage, along with wheels and part of the fuselage. One witness told NBC 4 the plane 'flipped over completely' before it crashed in a parking lot near a group of warehouses. Another witness, who works nearby, explained how the death toll from the crash could have been so much worse. The worker told NBC 4 the plane plummeted from the sky just minutes before employees at the warehouses would have gone out to their cars. Early estimates suggested about a dozen cars were consumed in the fire, which was largely contained within a parking lot, a third witness claimed. Video shot from the ground by showed a column of black smoke rising from the crash site, with fire engines spraying buildings and cars as the fire continued to rage. An hour after the crash, most of the fires had been doused and brought under control, but photos showed some cars melted and buildings damaged by debris. Authorities also said that there were melted power lines due to the fire, some of which had potentially electrified fences. Locals were told to leave the scene during the fire, due to dangerous smoke from the jet fuel. The National Weather Service warned of strong winds of 15-25mph with gusts up to 45mph just before the crash Monday at 3:30pm. But commercial and jet pilots are both used to gusty conditions, NBC 4 said, and if a safe glide is not possible they are trained to head back up until it's safe to land, they said. The exact cause of the crash will not be confirmed until after the police investigation, they said. Steve Case, an entrepreneur and co-founder of AOL, wrote in an Instagram post that the plane appeared to have missed a turn. He was aboard another plane at the airport at the time. Prior to making the journey from Philadelphia, the jet had flown from Teterboro to Bedford, Massachusetts, early Monday morning. Teterboro Airport has been shut down after the accident. It is commonly used to land private jets belonging to celebrities and local businesses. Teterboro, which is owned by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, is the oldest operating airport in the New York City area. The busy site is the scene of dozens of takeoffs and landings each day and is a favorite landing spot for corporate and other luxury jets. The airport was the scene of a midair crash that killed nine people in 2009, when a single-engine plane and a sightseeing helicopter collided over the Hudson River. Twenty people were injured there in 2005 when a corporate jet aborted its takeoff and crashed into a nearby warehouse.

    1 week
  • Crazy Aftermath Of An Accident Caught On Camera! 02:18

    Crazy Aftermath Of An Accident Caught On Camera!

    2 injured in 'severe' Hwy. 101 crash near Cloverdale.

    2 weeks
  • 14 injured in cylinder blast at Munirka market 00:20

    14 injured in cylinder blast at Munirka market

    Fourteen people were injured when a cylinder, kept inside a laundry, exploded at a market in south Delhi's Munirka village on Friday night. Four of the injured were in a critical condition. Fire officials said that due to the blast a part of the building collapsed, in which some of the passersby were injured. At 8pm, when workers at the laundry unit were heating water for washing clothes, the extreme heat inside the room may have led to the explosion

    2 weeks
  • Red Light Runner? Careless Driver Causes Collision 00:59

    Red Light Runner? Careless Driver Causes Collision

    The driver in the red hatchback was on a red light, but that light appears to turn green the moment he entered the intersection. Regardless, he clearly should have been driving more carefully. The other vehicle is also possibly at fault for a late-left turn with insufficient time to cross.

    2 weeks
  • Terrifying moment a young child is hit by a car as he crosses the road on his scooter with his mother 00:33

    Terrifying moment a young child is hit by a car as he crosses the road on his scooter with his mother

    Shocking footage captured the moment a young boy riding his scooter smashed into a car as he tried to cross the road. The child, seemingly oblivious to the vehicle, attempts to wheel his way to the other side but crashes into the side of the Audi estate. Footage taken from the car behind the Audi shows the boy, who is aged around three years old and wearing a helmet, cross the first half of the road with his mother. But while the parent stops to take refuge at the island in the middle of the road with two other children, the youngster continues to roll on. Luckily, the car has already started to pass the boy and he smashes into the side of the car, falling to the ground. The mother then rushes over to the boy and picks him up, while the driver skids to a halt and gets out to check on the youngster. The boy, crying and holding his arm, is dragged to the side of the road while another woman comes over to guide the other two children to safety. The terrifying dashcam footage was recorded in Southampton last month, and has prompted a discussion online over who is at fault. One viewer commented: 'Unbelievable how unaware some parents can be! That was a second or two from a fatal accident. 'Anyone blaming the driver here needs stay indoors or only leave with proper supervision.' Another, writing about scooters, said: 'These things are lethal. See something potentially like this every morning and afternoon. 'Kids scooting ahead across driveways and downhill at speed along busy roads.' Some blamed the driver, with one writing: 'He should have recognised the hazard way back, slowed right down to a stop and then ceded priority to the pedestrians to allow them to cross as is their lawful right and removes the hazard completely. 'Driver ignored the hazard and failed to cede priority so is in the wrong; end of story.' Another said: 'Wow that was close. The car being half a second later could have made it worse. 'But then again the driver looked like he was paying attention quite well, braking very quickly too.'

    2 weeks
  • The moment a dog falls out of a moving car and gets DRAGGED by its leash along a motorway 00:30

    The moment a dog falls out of a moving car and gets DRAGGED by its leash along a motorway

    Shocking footage of a dog tumble out of a moving car and get dragged by the neck on its lead has been captured on video. The unsuspecting canine can be seen leaning out of the window, clearly enjoying the wind in his ears and sniffing the air. The dog leans a little further out but he has not anticipated the upcoming bend in the road. As the car rounds the corner the poor pooch looses his balance - and tips right out of the car. But the dogs leash wrapped around its neck is clearly secured within the moving vehicle. For a few horrifying moments the dog is dragged along the motorway and comes perilously close to the car's crushing wheels. The driver then realises what has happened and quickly pulls over to save the dragging dog. The dashcam footage was captured on a motorway in London in 2015. It is not clear how badly the dog was injured in the accident but it seems to be moving when the car stops which may herald some hope for its survival. Prior to the accident, the dog was very intent on getting its head out of the car window and sniffing the air. In the video, the dog looks like it may be a blood hound - a breed with an exceptional sense of smell which enjoy exploring their environment through smell. Perhaps its leash had been so securely tethered in an effort to actually prevent him from falling out of the window in the first place. According to the Highway Code, dogs and other animals should be suitably restrained so they cannot distract the driver or injure people in the vehicle, or themselves if the vehicle stops quickly. A seat belt harness, pet carrier, dog cage or dog guard are some tools that can be used to restrain animals in cars.

    2 weeks
  • Boat Crashes Into a Bar Filled With Drunk People 01:25
  • Horrific 100mph motorbike crash after drivers pull wheelies 01:44

    Horrific 100mph motorbike crash after drivers pull wheelies

    A 'reckless' biker who did wheelies and sped along a busy road at up to 175mph has been jailed over a crash that left a 16-year-old girl with life-changing injuries.

    Adam Wilde, 29, was part of a group of seven motorcyclists going from Southampton, Hampshire, to Weymouth in Dorset in May last year when he caused a collision that injured himself and three others.

    Daniel Lincoln, 21, and Nima Biniaz, 19, were also charged with dangerous driving after being caught in footage that was captured on a camera carried by the group.

    Lincoln's footage shows Wilde and Biniaz slowing down before accelerating off at speed.

    They can be seen performing wheelies with oncoming traffic nearby and overtaking on a solid white line. At one point the pair narrowly misses colliding with each other.

    Bournemouth Crown Court heard the group made two stops in the run-up to the crash where their conversations were captured on camera.

    Wilde, who had Georgina Saville, the 16-year-old girlfriend of one the group, riding pillion on his Suzuki 1300cc, can be heard boasting about his speed saying '175 in fifth gear and still more to go'.

    Miss Saville can be heard telling the others 'don't encourage him, I'll die'.

    Lincoln's speedometer showed his bike travelling at up to 95mph - but he was often left trailing behind the more powerful bikes meaning he did not capture the crash on the GoPro-style device.

    The victims have little or no memory of the crash but an accident investigator who examined the scene on the A35 dual carriageway near Dorchester said Wilde's Suzuki had attempted to overtake and run into the rear offside of Kieron Kimber's 125cc Aprilia.

    Mr Kimber, 24, came off his bike and Jonathan Attree, travelling behind, ran him over before coming off his bike.

    Mr Attree suffered a broken hand but Mr Kimber, 24, had a severely broken lower right leg, which is still in a metal cage a year after the crash. He also suffered a broken arm, torn liver and kidney, broken finger and partially-severed big toe.

    He initially spent seven weeks in hospital and has had 12 operations since the crash last May.

    The Suzuki carried on, locked together with Mr Kimber's bike, before Wilde and Miss Saville fell off.

    The 16-year-old girl then slid along the road for 57 yards at an estimated speed of 61mph, according to investigators.

    She was rushed to hospital by air ambulance and suffered two bleeds on the brain, severe damage to both of her arms, which required major skin graft surgery, and a large open wound to her abdomen.

    Her right arm was almost amputated at the scene and she had to have a metal plate fitted to replace her elbow. She spent two weeks in a coma and has so far undergone at least 30 operations.

    Miss Saville said: 'From the day I woke up from the coma I couldn't understand what was happening.

    'Nothing will ever make what happened okay, he was playing with my life in his hands.

    'I have lost the ability to write and cannot continue my passion for drawing.

    'All for one man to be reckless on the road and show off.

    'Justice will never be done, he took away my A-levels, my job, my elbow, my life.'

    The court heard Wilde must have been traveling at a minimum average speed of 82mph while Mr Kimber was averaging 52mph at the time of the crash.

    The Suzuki kept going for another 354 yards under its own steam after Wilde had fallen off.

    Wilde was also injured, suffering a fractured shoulder blade, dislocated thumb and fractured toe. He said he had no memory of the crash. Judge Brian Forster said: 'The bottom line is all of this was totally unnecessary.

    'This case involved dangerous driving that put members of the community at serious risk of injury and even being killed. 'The victims of your driving have suffered appalling injuries. The effects of the accident have marked their lives and each face ongoing medical treatment in the future.

    'No sentence I can impose will satisfy those that have been badly injured.

    'This case should stand as a real warning to anyone who drives a motorcycle or car attempting to break the law by the way we have heard.' Sentencing Lincoln and Biniaz Judge Forster said he was giving them an opportunity as they showed potential for the future but had been caught up in 'the thrill of speed'.

    Wilde pleaded guilty to two offenses of causing serious injury by dangerous driving and was sentenced to 3 and a half years in jail and a five-year driving ban. Lincoln pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and trying to pervert the course of justice as he had tried to delete the footage at the crash scene but failed to do so and later handed it over to police. Lincoln was handed a 12 month sentence suspended for 18 months, 150 hours unpaid work, a six month curfew and an 18-month driving ban for dangerous driving and trying to pervert the course of justice. Biniaz was charged with dangerous driving and an offence for breaking the terms of his provisional licence as he should not have been riding a bike more than 125cc and should not have had a pillion passenger. He was handed an eight-month sentence suspended for 15 months, 150 hours of unpaid work, a four month curfew and a two-year driving ban for dangerous driving and driving other than in accordance with a provisional licence. Speaking after the sentencing, Sgt. Joe Pardey from Dorset Police said: 'The actions by those involved in this case were nothing short of mindless and irresponsible. 'Those individuals also showed a total disregard for the safety of themselves and the other people using the road at that time. 'Their behaviour prior to the collision demonstrated that they believed they were in some way clever and impressive, but the subsequent destruction they caused has changed lives forever. 'It is without doubt one of the worst examples of dangerous riding that I have seen. 'I hope that the sentences passed send out a clear message that this sort of riding or driving behaviour will not be tolerated on any road.'

    2 weeks
  • Shocking moment helicopter nosedives into sea in dramatic crash 00:27

    Shocking moment helicopter nosedives into sea in dramatic crash

    This is the dramatic moment a helicopter tried to land on a £25million superyacht in a Norwegian fjord before flipping over into the sea leaving three Britons injured. Pictures show the £1 million AS 350B hovering above the aft deck of the 196ft Bacarella, near Sandviken, Norway. But seconds later, the helicopter - which had earlier flown from the Shetland Islands to refuel - is believed to have caught its rotors in a tarpaulin before spinning out of control and landing upside down in the sea. Photos show the aircraft upside in the water near the luxury vessel on Wednesday before emergency crews had arrived at the scene. One of the three people on board, a 57-year-old, is understood to be in a serious condition while the other two, aged 53 and 62, suffered cuts and bruises and have been discharged from Haukeland University Hospital. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) confirmed the trio were hurt on Wednesday, in what was believed to be a botched landing. The chopper was equipped with floats which prevented it from sinking and the three people on board were also wearing survival suits. The British-registered helicopter flew from the Shetlands to Bergen to refuel before making a rendezvous with the 196ft yacht, which was built in 2009. According to local media, all three people on board the aircraft tested negative for intoxicants. The chopper crashed on Wednesday afternoon and was removed from the sea earlier today. Norwegian air crash investigators have begun a probe into the cause of the accident. It is not yet clear who owns Bacarella, which was sold to an undisclosed owner at auction three years ago. A brochure for the luxury vessel says one of its aft decks is 'certified from build as a helicopter deck and has fold down railings all around in order to accommodate the landing of an EC135 type and sized helicopter.' This, it says, brings Bacarerlla 'right into the super yacht playing field.' Bergen resident Jan Haughland, 48, was taking photographs of a tall ship in the fjord when he heard a 'crash and splash in one'. He told the Press Association: 'It was exactly at sunset and I was concentrating on the tall ship when I heard the crash. I was slow to realise what had happened at first. There is a lot of shipping and helicopters flying over the harbour normally and I thought maybe someone had dropped something overboard. 'The yacht was around 500 to 700 metres from where I was standing and I noticed all the rescue boats moving really fast towards it.' Mr Haughland said up to five boats raced to the scene, including a passing passenger ferry that diverted from its course. 'It can't have been more than five minutes before they arrived, it all happened very fast.' The casualties began arriving at the quayside around an hour after the incident, he said. 'I think there were three ambulances and the critically injured person received emergency care on the boat before he was taken.' The computer programmer said it was a 'mystery' who the boat was owned by or who was on board. There are usually 'two or three really big luxury yachts' in the harbour at any time and he believed the Bacarella had arrived at least three days before the incident. 'It's a popular place to visit for the very, very rich,' Mr Haughland said. Kara Lynsdale, from London, was aboard the Statsraad Lehmkuhl Tall Ship in Bergen harbour with her parents when she saw the incident unfold. The 30-year-old said: 'We sort of looked to our left and just saw this helicopter just fall into the sea. 'I literally saw it when it was quite low - it didn't seem to fall from a great height or anything - I saw it while it was about in line with the boat.' She added: 'It just looked like it fell, it kind of just splashed into the water... It almost looked like it rolled off the boat, or hadn't landed properly on the boat and missed it. 'It fell from such a low height that it just plunged - it sank straight away.' Miss Lynsdale said she saw a person being given CPR while being jetted across the harbour on a boat. 'A lifeboat came past with crew inside the boat giving someone CPR... it was quite shocking to see them bomb past giving someone CPR in the back of the boat.' She praised the fast response of vessels in the harbour and said she was not sure if the people escaped from the helicopter themselves or were rescued. A Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokesman said: 'We can confirm that three British people were injured in an incident in Bergen, Norway on May 10. 'We are offering assistance to them and remain in close contact with Norwegian authorities.'

    2 weeks
  • Truck Trailer Overturns and Blocks Road 01:18

    Truck Trailer Overturns and Blocks Road

    A large truck trailer overturns and blocks the two-lane road. Pretty bad timing, but fortunately the truck driver was alright.

    2 weeks
  • Caught on camera: Man goes into coma after being struck by falling glass 00:33

    Caught on camera: Man goes into coma after being struck by falling glass

    A 22-year-old man was struck by a piece of falling glass which left him in a coma on May 3 in Shaoyang city, central China’s Hunan Province. Surveillance footage shows the victim, surnamed Zhu, riding his bicycle home. As he passes by a residential building, a piece of glass fell from a window broken by strong winds, and knocked him unconscious. Local residents immediately came to the scene to help and called the emergency services.

    2 weeks
  • Shocking moment a cyclist is taken out by driver at intersection 00:11

    Shocking moment a cyclist is taken out by driver at intersection

    A cyclist had an incredibly lucky escape after he slammed into a turning car and was sent flying through the air at a busy intersection. Footage shows gridlocked traffic on Main South Road in Bedford Park, South Australia, when the rider is seen overtaking cars on the inside lane. But as he entered the intersection, a white 4WD turned straight into his path - resulting in a terrifying collision. The impact smashed the man's bike smashed into pieces and sent him flying over the handlebars. The rider miraculously avoided serious injury, but it is likely his bike was damaged beyond repair. The footage has divided the internet, with hundreds claiming the cyclist was at fault. 'Sorry no sympathy for the cyclist, he was approaching a side street way too fast, if he had slowed down before the street this could have been avoided,' one said. Another added: 'Rider was going way to fast for the traffic conditions.' Other jumped the cyclist's defense, claiming the driver was at fault. 'Are people seriously blaming the cyclist? He was riding perfectly legally. He did everything right,' one wrote. 'Turning car to blame, more observation needed,' another said. Others took a more diplomatic approach: 'No ones fault there... just bad timing.'

    2 weeks
  • Crashing Through McDonald's And Casually Walking Out! 00:55

    Crashing Through McDonald's And Casually Walking Out!

    An arrest warrant has been issued for a woman seen fleeing the scene after plowing her friend’s van through the middle of a McDonald’s and just casually strolling out of the front door.

    2 weeks
  • Hesitating driver gets crushed by lorry turning onto roundabout 00:38

    Hesitating driver gets crushed by lorry turning onto roundabout

    This is the moment a car was crushed and dragged along by a lorry turning left at a busy junction. Dashcam footage shows the blue Toyota pull up inside the lorry as they both wait to turn on to a busy dual carriageway at Magna Park near Leicester. When the lorry turns left it smashes into the car and drags it for a few metres before coming to a stop. Viewers have been hotly debating who was to blame. Some say the car was wrong to pull up on the inside of a lorry but others think the lorry driver would have seen the car if they observed better. One on the side of the lorry driver wrote: 'Absolutely brilliant! That total be****d in the blue car deserved it! You never do that to a lorry they need the extra space for turning!' Another added: 'Lorries need extra swing and who goes up the inside of a juggernaut especially somewhere like a junction onto a dual carriageway.' But one viewer siding with the car driver replied: 'The lorry drove into a stationary vehicle because he only looked to his right and not both ways. 'The blue car was ahead of the lorry before the collision happened so the lorry driver was at fault through lack of effective observation, any experienced driver of a large vehicle would anticipate something would likely go into a gap on the left/near side and be prepared for it. Corrective observational training needed for this lorry driver.'

    2 weeks
  • This the moment a small girl falls into drain where she drowns 00:11

    This the moment a small girl falls into drain where she drowns

    A four-year-old girl died when she fell into a sewerage manhole at a government low-cost housing project. Yossita Boonngam was on her way home after buying sweets in Samut Sakhon province, Thailand, yesterday evening when tragedy struck. CCTV captured the horrifying moment she walked towards the hole - covered only by a cracked lid resting on two canes - and plunged to her death. The girl's father Ratchanon Boonngam, 42, said the girl had gone with her brother to buy treats from a nearby shop. The brother came out of the shop and found his sister missing so he rushed home to inform his parents. 'I don't know what to say about this', he said. 'There are no words. Nobody wants to lose a daughter. 'There is no substitute for this loss. All I can ask is that my daughter is the last to die in this kind of incident. 'Please learn from the past. Why leave the cover without rushing to repair it? My daughter would still be alive.' Yossita's parents went to the shop and checked nearby CCTV and saw Yosita had fallen into the manhole. Rescuers arrived and pulled Yossita from the water but she had already drowned after nobody heard her cries for help. Heartbroken mother Sumamas Chan, 34, fainted and broke out in tears after rescuers found her daughter while neighbours tried to comfort her. Police colonel Wichian Prathumrat said that officers were investigating the tragedy with the local housing authority. He said they would work out 'suitable compensation and damages' and repair the drain cover 'straight away'. Officers had also ordered nearby streets and homes to checked for broken drain covers, he said.

    2 weeks
  • Police Dash Cam Shows 18 wheeler Rollover I-10 Baytown PD 02:10

    Police Dash Cam Shows 18 wheeler Rollover I-10 Baytown PD

    Baytown, Texas-- baytownsun Wrote; Yet another crash has closed Interstate 10, with Baytown police reporting all eastbound lanes and all but one westbound lane closed heading into the afternoon rush hour. The Baytown Police Department is currently working a major accident in the 9500 block of Interstate 10 east bound involving an 18-wheeler rollover. This location is between North Main and Sjolander, in the area of the Chevron Phillips Plant. Preliminary information is an 18-wheeler traveling east bound swerved to miss a car that was in the lane next to it and as a result of this, the 18-wheeler jackknifed and rolled on its side. All eastbound lanes are closed due to the trailer blocking all lanes and all but one westbound lane is closed due to the cab of the 18 wheeler blocking the west bound lanes. At least four other passenger vehicles were damaged due to the accident, fortunately only minor injuries are being reported at this time. The 18 wheeler was loaded with dry goods and there are no hazardous material concerns. This is the fourth major crash to close the Interstate since Saturday morning

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