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Accidents Videos - Page 4

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  • What Australian Truck Drivers Deal With On A Daily Basis 08:01

    What Australian Truck Drivers Deal With On A Daily Basis

    This collection of dashcam videos is chocked full of craziness!

    4 weeks
  • 12 Dead in Texas Church Van-Truck Crash 01:00

    12 Dead in Texas Church Van-Truck Crash

    Twelve people were killed and three others were injured Wednesday when a pickup truck slammed head-on into a van carrying 14 senior members of a Texas Hill Country church on a two-lane highway in southwestern Texas, authorities said. (March 29)

    4 weeks
  • Lorry carrying bales of hay overturned as it took a corner too fast 00:20

    Lorry carrying bales of hay overturned as it took a corner too fast

    Dramatic dash-cam footage captured the terrifying accident which took place on the A17 in Newark, Notts., at 9am on Tuesday (28/3). It shows the HGV transporting hay bales coming around a corner before it starts to lean into the path of the oncoming Mid UK Recycling truck as it starts to overturn.Tonnes of bales of gate can then be seen spilling down in front of the camera as the offending lorry comes to precariously rest against the other vehicle on two wheels. Police were called to the scene and closed the roads, causing long rush hour delays for motorists travelling on the busy A17 and A1.

    4 weeks
  • Shanghai Shenhua football stadium hit by fire 00:41

    Shanghai Shenhua football stadium hit by fire

    The stadium of Chinese Super League team Shanghai Shenhua was damaged by a fire on Tuesday morning.

    4 weeks
  • Hindu priest suffers burns after falling onto hot coals in ritual 00:26

    Hindu priest suffers burns after falling onto hot coals in ritual

    Seven priests took part in the Kandotsava festival of the Kalabhaireshwara temple in Mandya district of Karnataka, resulting in one suffering terrible burns falling on top the hot coals.

    4 weeks
  • Man killed by bullet train after climbing onto tracks at Nanjing station 01:10

    Man killed by bullet train after climbing onto tracks at Nanjing station

    The King Slayer 4994 -2

    A man was killed after being struck by a train at Nanjing rail station in Jiangsu Province last Sunday. The man crossed the tracks just as the train was approaching. The driver immediately stopped, but the man was left trapped between the train and the platform. A team of firefighters and doctors arrived at the scene immediately and tried to save the man. Unfortunately, after two hours the man died from excessive bleeding. According to local media, the man intended to cross over to another platform so he jumped on the tracks, but the train pulled into the station before he could climb onto the opposite side.

    4 weeks
  • Dramatic moment firefighter catches woman falling from window 00:17

    Dramatic moment firefighter catches woman falling from window

    Video footage has caught the dramatic moment a woman in China was caught by a quick-thinking fireman. She had fallen from a windowsill in her home after she tried to escape the fire in Jiaxing City, China's Zhejiang province on March 25. People can be heard screaming as the woman falls from the windowsill. In the footage posted on CGTN's Youtube page, smoke can be seen billowing out of one of the windows of the apartment building. The woman had been left trapped on the sixth-story windowsill as firefighters worked out how to try and rescue her. However before they could come up and get her, she lost her footing and fell. People can be heard shouting and screaming as the woman falls. However a quick-thinking firefighter manages to grab her from the window below and pull her back into the building. The footage was taken from different angles and at one point, it is possible to see the flames coming from the building. The woman's daughter was also rescued from the building. According to CGTN, there were no reported injuries.

    4 weeks
  • Bodycam Shows Officer Pull Man Away From Crashed Car On Fire 01:12

    Bodycam Shows Officer Pull Man Away From Crashed Car On Fire

    A 21-year old Tulsa man is reportedly in stable condition after a Washington County deputy pulled him to safety from a reported alcohol-fueled rollover accident Sunday morning. According to Washington County Undersheriff Steve Johnson, Deputy Carey Duniphin got to the accident quickly and pulled the man from the burning vehicle. "The driver was already out of the car when he got there. He was still in danger, but Carey got him away from the car so that he was no longer in danger from the fire," Johnson said. "Carey did really good and definitely saved him from further injury." According to reports from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, the collision occurred at about 8:23 a.m., 4 miles north and 3 miles east of Copan on County Road E300 and the s curves near N. 4020 road. At that time, a 2006 Hyundai Tiburon, driven by 21-year-old Alex Solis-Rangell of Tulsa was traveling east on County Road E300, "lost control and went into a broad slide for 470 feet, struck two trees, went airborne and flipped and landed on its wheels in a creek." The vehicle caught fire and Solis-Rangell was "unable to exit vehicle due to leg injuries" "However, a Washington County deputy arrived within minutes of the collision," the report states. According to Silver Duniphin was on the scene "just a few minutes after the initial call went out." "Dispatch advised that the reporting party to the accident was advising that the car was on fire and the driver was still inside the car. While in route, dispatch advised that the flames from the vehicle were approximately 10 feet high and the driver was still inside" he said. "When Deputy Duniphin arrived he parked and exited his vehicle. After parking on the north side of W. 300 Deputy Duniphin ran to the south side of the road and saw a white/Hispanic male on his hands and knees outside the passenger side of the burning vehicle." He say Duniphin then slid down the side of the ditch and made his way to Solis-Rangel. "Deputy Duniphin noticed that Rangel had blood coming from his mouth and was having a hard time talking leading him to believe that he had broken his jaw. He then looked down and saw that Rangel's left leg was bent in half between his ankle and knee. Deputy Duniphin then knew his leg was obviously broken and would not be able to walk. By this time the fire had engulfed the passenger compartment of the vehicle" he said. "Deputy Duniphin then had Rangel lay on his back and grabbed him under his armpits and wrapped his arms around his chest and grabbed his wrists. He was able to drag Rangel to the east about 10 yards before he ran into downed trees and branches and had no where else to go. He pulled Rangel up on the bank out of the water as much as he could." Solis-Rangell was transported via Life Flight air ambulance to St. John's Medical Center in Tulsa, where he was admitted in stable condition with head, trunk internal and leg injuries. Troopers listed the condition of the driver at the time of the accident as "odor of alcohol present" and the cause of the accident as "speed." Other agencies responding to the accident included Bartlesville EMS, Copan Fire Department and the Dewey Fire Department.

    4 weeks
  • Man suffers horrific leg injury doing leg press in gym 00:39

    Man suffers horrific leg injury doing leg press in gym

    This video will make you weak at the knees. A horrible video of a man snapping his knee on a leg press machine in an Indian gym has made millions cringe. The painful footage shows the man attempting to press what appears to be hundreds of kilos, before his left leg bends the wrong way and snaps. The accident happened on Saturday at the Pelvahaan gym in the city of Vadodara, in western India. The injured man, identified as Ambrish Patel, is a regular at the gym, a Pelvahaan employee told Daily Mail Australia. 'He is alright now, he's fine,' the woman said. 'But he will be in recovery for the next six months.' 'We have visited him in the hospital and he is good. He is not upset.' The video of the accident has been viewed an incredible 90 million times since it was uploaded to Facebook on Saturday. After his leg snaps, the video shows Mr Patel appearing to panic, putting his other foot on the floor and struggling to get out from under the heavy weights. In a second clip, he is seen lying on the floor while others rush to attend to him.

    4 weeks
  • Veteran Sprint car driver David Steele is killed in horrific crash 00:15

    Veteran Sprint car driver David Steele is killed in horrific crash

    Sprint car veteran David Steele died during a race in Florida this weekend and the dramatic crash was caught on camera. The crash involving the 42-year-old took place during the Southern Car Spring Shootout Series at Desoto Speedway in Bradenton on Saturday. The shocking incident, which was captured on video, involved Steele's vehicle hitting a retaining wall. A Manatee County Sheriff's Office report says Steele was driving a sprint car when his vehicle's left front wheel struck the right rear wheel of another car. The report says that caused Steele's vehicle to go up in the air, spin 180 degrees and hit the retaining wall. Medics attempted to treat him but he was pronounced dead. The Bradenton Herald reported that track emergency personnel got to Steele's car 'in seconds', yet his death was declared on the track. He's survived by his wife Lynn Bunn Steele and three children, the paper said. Desoto Speedway officials said in a Facebook post on Saturday night that track owners and staff were saddened by the crash. The speedway said in a Sunday post: 'He recently won his 100th feature in the state of Florida - the first to ever accomplish that feat - when he took the checkered flag in the Southern Sprint Car Shootout Series feature at 4-17 Southern Speedway.' Steele, it said, 'was the USAC Silver Crown champion in 2004 and 2005, won the prestigious Little 500 in 1996 and 2009 and was the winner of the 2001 and 2003 Turkey Night Grand Prix events at Irwindale Speedway in California.' 'Steele also owned every sprint car record at DeSoto Speedway, including the fastest lap turned in the track's history,' according to the post. The United States Auto Club (USAC) said on its website: 'Steele ranks 14th on USAC's national win list with 60 victories between 1996 and 2007.' USAC said: 'Steele was a three-time Tampa Bay Area Racing Association Sprint Car champ in 2005, 2009 and 2013. 'He also made his way into other racing avenues with the Indy Racing League, where he made three starts in 1998, as well as NASCAR’s Busch Grand National Series (now Xfinity Series) in which he made a pair of starts during the 2000 season.' USAC series director Levi Jones said in a statement: 'It's hard to put the loss of Dave Steele into words. 'He was a once-in-a-lifetime talent on the track, but even more impressive was the man, the dad and husband he was. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.' NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne tweeted that Steele was 'one of the best and such a good guy to hang out and have a beer with'. Tony Stewart Racing tweeted: 'Our prayers go out to the family of Dave Steele. 'Our former teammate, he was one of the best open-wheel drivers of this era. Godspeed - TSR.'

    4 weeks
  • Terrifying moment passenger films smoke pouring from the wing of his plane 00:10

    Terrifying moment passenger films smoke pouring from the wing of his plane

    The King Slayer 8747 -3

    Video has captured the terrifying moment fuel began pouring from the wing of a plane mid-flight. Boston resident Josh Jacobs was aboard the Shanghai-bound flight when it was forced to make an emergency landing in Montreal on Saturday. 'Already a few moments after take off, we knew something wasn't working right,' Jacobs told CBC. His fellow passengers aboard flight AC017 reported hearing strange sounds as the plane took off. Airline officials said a warning light came on in the cockpit of the Boeing 787, so they followed procedure by shutting down the engine and dumping the fuel. They also contacted the teams on the ground to let them know they were in trouble. Video captured by Jacobs' cellphone shows the moment the plane dumped the fuel, as smoke is seen billowing out of the jet's wing. 'Glad 2b back @aeroportsMTL @AirCanada #YUL-PVG engine fail on takeoff. Engine shutdown, fuel dump: professional response,' he tweeted after landing. However, he said the captain was quick to make an announcement to let passengers know the move was standard emergency protocol. The Air Canada jet made an emergency landing in Montreal without incident. The 213 passengers were able to board another Shanghai-bound flight later that day. 'Our technical team will proceed with an inspection of the engine to determine the cause of the incident,' said Isabelle Arthur, a spokesperson for Air Canada.

    4 weeks
  • Drunk Driver Hits Barrier on Freeway 00:23

    Drunk Driver Hits Barrier on Freeway

    A drunk driver hit the center barrier at the H1 Middle St. merge. Honolulu, Hawaii

    1 month
  • A Police Cruiser Hits A Cyclist In The Dark 00:56

    A Police Cruiser Hits A Cyclist In The Dark

    The cyclist was wearing dark clothing and no lights or reflectors, which made him all but invisible.hits

    1 month
  • This is why you check your mirrors... 00:53

    This is why you check your mirrors...

    A driver forgets to check his mirrors and veers out directly in front of an oncoming vehicle, causing an accident. Driver sustained only minor injuries.

    1 month
  • Private Jet Crashes Into House In Georgia 00:40

    Private Jet Crashes Into House In Georgia

    A small plane has crashed into a subdivision in the northern Atlanta suburbs Friday night, killing the pilot and setting a house ablaze, authorities said. FAA spokesman Rick Breitenfeldt said a Cessna Citation I crashed on Vistawood Drive in Marietta, Georgia, about three miles northeast of Cobb County International Airport, around 7.20pm Friday. The plane, coming from Wilmington, Delaware, en route to Fulton County Airport, crashed next to a house and exploded. The house next door caught on fire from the radiant heat and was fully engulfed when the Cobb County Fire Department arrived on the scene, authorities said. Everyone in both houses got out safely and no injuries were reported. Some neighborhood residents witnessed the plane crash. 'I noticed they were looking up in the sky and I see a plane going straight down, it was going down in a corkscrew fashion, it was really slow, I couldn't hear an engine,' resident John Perry told Fox 5. Resident Duncan Elrod was working on his roof nearby and filmed the immediate aftermath of the crash. Elrod thought the pilot may have been trying to land on the street, but the angle was too sharp and they could not make it. 'And I heard a plane and it sounded like it was flying really, really low and about the time I started to look and see where it was, there was a boom and huge explosion, and a large fireball,' said Elrod of the crash. A large black plume of smoke could be seen for miles in the area of the crash Friday night. Officials said the pilot issued a distress call from the Cessna Citation I - a small-sized business jet that can hold five passengers and two crew members. The FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board will investigate.

    1 month
  • Pickup blows through red light then launches off snow bank 00:40

    Pickup blows through red light then launches off snow bank

    The King Slayer 1893 -2

    A video has been shared online showing the moment a pickup truck ran a red light and became airborne after launching off a snowbank. The heart-stopping 42-second clip was uploaded to YouTube on Thursday, where it has racked up more than 15,000 views as of Friday morning, and counting. The video, shared by Roland Plain III, a fitness instructor from Highland, New York, begins with a vehicle carrying several men driving on a road in broad daylight with hip hop music blaring in the background. Suddenly, one of the occupants of the car spots a white pickup truck up ahead that appears to be speeding. 'He's going straight,' the man says just before the other vehicle blows through a red light at an intersection and smashes into a snowbank, sending a cloud of ice and snow into the air. 'Oh, holy s*hit, bro!' the astonished eyewitness exclaims. 'That was real.' The young men keep the camera rolling as they drive up to the spot where the battered pickup truck had come to a stop after smashing into a low metal pillar, with the rear of the vehicle resting atop a small mound of snow and ice. 'Is this dude good?' the narrator of the video wonders aloud, referring to the driver of the pickup. 'What was this dude doing? This dude is so f***ed up.' The clip ends with the companions pulling over and getting out of their car, presumably to render aid to the crash victim. Little information is known about the accident and its outcome, beyond the fact that it took place on Thursday somewhere in the US, possibly in upstate New York where the person who posted the video lives and works.

    1 month
  • Elderly Woman Crashes Her Car Through Animal Hospital Lobby 01:52

    Elderly Woman Crashes Her Car Through Animal Hospital Lobby

    An elderly lady crashed into a local Veterinary clinic, as all persons and animals present sustained minor Injuries.

    1 month
  • Man runs into moving semi-truck and gets knocked out 01:19

    Man runs into moving semi-truck and gets knocked out

    Horrible video caught on dashcam in Russia. Man runs into moving semi-truck and gets knocked out. No detailed information available about pedestrians health condition. WARNING! Some viewers may find this video disturbing. Viewer discretion is STRONGLY advised.

    1 month
  • Hero motorist captured on dashcam saving a trapped driver 00:58

    Hero motorist captured on dashcam saving a trapped driver

    A motorist who risked his life to save a trapped driver after their vehicles were involved in a horrific motorway crash has been cleared of a 'bizarre' road rage charge. Christopher Dye, 27, enlisted the help of 'Mr Loophole' Nick Freeman after the incident with a tailgating van on the M62 last year. He was driving near Stockport and dramatically captured the moment on his dashcam when he crashed and another car flipped over and skidded down the motorway on its roof. But the footage initially backfired for Mr Dye, from Sheffield, as police attempted to use a segment of it against him and he was charged with driving 'without due consideration for other road users'. Bury Magistrates' Court, Greater Manchester, heard how medical salesman Mr Rye had rushed out of his vehicle and aided a fellow motorist as the van is seen driving off. But while the van driver was charged for careless driving, Mr Dye also found himself in trouble with the law for alleged road rage before the crash. His case was dropped when prosecutors couldn't prove the act after he sought help from well-known traffic solicitor Mr Freeman.The three-vehicle horror smash occurred on the M62 near junction 22 on May 12 last year. Mr Rye's car was bumped from behind by a van, which then hit a light blue Peugeot, which flipped on its roof and skidded down the carriageway. The dashcam footage sees Mr Dye rev past the van but then his car hits the 90 degree angle and the Peugeot flies past him. Mr Freeman added: 'Mr Dye was clearly angry with the appalling driving of the man who caused the accident and yet because the police believed that he had remonstrated with him, the police charged him with a road rage offence. 'The prosecution attempted to use Mr Dye's footage against him, and, when we successfully objected to them producing it in court, their case fell apart and the charge was dismissed.'

    1 month
  • Horrifying moment car carrying seven people crashes into garden 00:34

    Horrifying moment car carrying seven people crashes into garden

    This is the terrifying moment a car carrying seven people crashes through a fence into a front garden, sending wheelie bins and vehicles flying. The driver of a red Volkswagen Golf was caught on CCTV speeding along Broddiok Drive, Bolton, when he lost control and smashed through a homeowner's front garden, causing £25,000 worth of damage. All seven men immediately fled the scene before police could arrive but the driver was later traced as Kieran Farnworth, 22, who was given a suspended prison sentence in court this week.Farnworth, of Bolton, claimed he couldn't remember anything about what happened but admitted to the offence of dangerous driving. The court heard how despite the dramatic impact, remarkably no one was seriously injured. But an estimated £25,000 worth of damage was caused to the neighbour's garden and front driveaway as well as to the vehicles parked stationary. Greater Manchester Police said the car was driving in excess of the 20mph speed limit in the area. Farnworth told the court he went to hospital with a head injury after the collision and has no recollection of what happened, but admitted the offence. He was given a 10 week curfew and 12 weeks prison sentence, suspended for 12 months at Bolton Magistrates Court on Tuesday, March 21. Farnworth has also been disqualified from driving for 15 months and will have to take an extended test if he wants to drive again. PC John Jacques said: 'The footage clearly shows that this was a shocking collision. On attending the scene I was very surprised to find that no one was seriously injured. 'It is frightening to think that certain individuals are willing to drive in this manner at any time, let alone on a residential street, where according to witnesses at the scene, children were playing out moments before at the point where the vehicle left the carriageway.'

    1 month
  • Pathetic Road Rage After Minor Accident 00:33

    Pathetic Road Rage After Minor Accident

    This driver overreacts dramatically over when looks like a minor accident. The camera driver appears to laugh - which may have set him off. It's important to always keep a cool head after getting involved in an accident.

    1 month
  • Group of teenagers laugh and joke as woman, 50, desperately pleads for help 00:50

    Group of teenagers laugh and joke as woman, 50, desperately pleads for help

    The King Slayer 5617 -2

    A shocking video shows school students in Russia laughing as a screaming woman desperately clings on for her life from a third floor window. The footage shows the woman, 50, desperately pleading for help as she dangles from her fingertips on the side of a tall building in Tatarstan. But the teenagers do not call for help, instead using a mobile phone to film the person. On the footage a boy is heard asking 'isn't it funny?', sparking a media and online backlash. The students are laughing so hard that the mobile used to film the incident can be seen constantly shaking. Eventually the frightened woman fell to the ground, and is now seriously injured in hospital. The video was later uploaded to YouTube. Pro-Kremlin newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda blasted the reaction of the witnesses to the 'tragedy' in Zainsk town. 'She was filmed and laughed at,' said the report. 'The woman was hanging from the balcony of the third floor and screaming for help - but nobody rushed to aid her, neither witnesses, nor the neighbour from the lower flat. 'There were several witnesses. 'Their behaviour was surprising and negative.' Doctors at the hospital, where she was treated, said she had 'numerous injuries, mainly broken bones, and is facing several surgeries'. It was not clear why the woman was hanging from the balcony. The footage has prompted a backlash from angry commenters online. 'Idiots! One day they will need help too. And they will remember what they were doing when someone else needed their assistance,' wrote one person. A reader said: 'They could have found some blanket and held it so she could jump down. Don't they have safety lessons at school?' Another wrote: 'This is the generation of gadgets and smartphones, but just look at them. If you can't do anything, just call an ambulance.' One commenter said: 'This brings horrible feelings. I am sick from human heartlessness. Are they people?' Another said: 'This behaviour from our youth. Where do we get such people?' 'It is sad and scary to living in such a society.' Another demanded: 'They could have stood on each others shoulders and saved the woman.'

    1 month
  • Horrifying moment HGV crashes into back of a broken down car 01:15

    Horrifying moment HGV crashes into back of a broken down car

    A lorry smashed into a broken down car with a grandmother, mother and two little children inside. Shocking dashcam footage shows the moment Scania vehicle crashed into the family on the A55 dual carriageway at Rhuallt Hill in North Wales. Thomas Anthony Holland, 61, admitted driving the lorry carelessly on October 28 last year and he was fined £300 with £85 costs and a £30 surcharge. Six penalty points were imposed on his driving licence but magistrates decided not to disqualify him.

    1 month
  • Speeding Driver Lives Another Day 00:54

    Speeding Driver Lives Another Day

    A speeding driver almost gets into a head-on collision, but makes a correction at the last second. Maybe next time he'll think twice before performing risky overtakes.

    1 month
  • Shocking dashcam footage captures moment stag smashes into car 00:35

    Shocking dashcam footage captures moment stag smashes into car

    This is the sickening moment a driver smashed into a deer at 66mph. Shocking dashcam footage shows the deer leap into the road giving the driver no time to react. The car batters the animal as the front headlight shatters and the debris litters the A120 near Colchester, Essex.

    1 month
  • Deadly crash caused by Polish lorry driver caught on dashcam 01:27

    Deadly crash caused by Polish lorry driver caught on dashcam

    This devastating dashcam footage shows a Polish lorry driver fiddling on his mobile phone seconds before ploughing into a broken down car that had its hazard warning lights on. Dariusz Tokarczyk, 47, was looking at his mobile phone to change the music playing in his vehicle and so failed to spot Jodie Moss, 21, parked on the left-hand lane of the A34 in Berkshire. He was jailed for four-and-a-half years for causing death by dangerous driving. He was also banned from driving for more than four years. On March 22 last year, just before 9.30pm, Tokarczyk was driving his lorry on the southbound carriageway of the A34 just north of the M4 junction at Chieveley, Berkshire. Miss Moss had been travelling to visit her boyfriend in Swanage, Dorset, from her family home in Swindon, Wiltshire. But her Vauxhall Corsa suffered 'catastrophic engine failure' and there was no hard shoulder for her to pull into, so it was stationary in the inside lane with the hazard warning lights flashing.

    1 month
  • Dozy woman driver mounted two parked cars caught on dashcam 02:45

    Dozy woman driver mounted two parked cars caught on dashcam

    A dozy woman ended up in a whole world of trouble after smashing into two parked cars - and leaving her motor suspended in mid-air. The lady, thought to be in her 30s, then had to be stopped by passers-by from getting back into her car and trying to drive off, a witness claimed. The hilarious moment was captured on the dashcam of 22-year-old student Kurt Udoh, who could not believe that the woman's Vauxhall ended up stopped on the bonnet and side of the second parked vehicle. Kurt was driving home to High Barnet, north London, on Thursday evening at about 6:30pm when he witnessed the bizarre crash.

    1 month
  • Shocking moment digger pulls down wall and flattens man 00:18

    Shocking moment digger pulls down wall and flattens man

    This is the shocking moment a concrete wall fell down on a passing motorcyclist in southeast China. The video footage taken on March 16 in Shenzhen, shows a digger demolishing an unused wall in the middle of the road, hitting a biker as he cycles past. The man surnamed Zhong, fell from his bike and was knocked unconscious. The incident took place at Shenzhen city of Guangdong province on March 16. Zhong was on his way to work and drove past the construction area. He told Pear that the digger was not moving and at the time he did not notice that people were operating it. However when he drove past, the digger swung and demolished the wall. His bike was crushed to a lump of metal. Zhong was found unconscious after being knocked down by the wall. Onlookers reported the accident to the police and called for an ambulance. Doctors conducted emergency surgery on Zhong as they diagnosed severe bone fractures on his both legs. One neighbour told Pear that there are primary schools and kindergartens ahead of the construction site. 'If this happened when students were going to school, I couldn't imagine the consequences,' said the neighbour. Zhong's wife, Ms Zhou, blamed the construction company for not pulling a barricade tape and putting up a warning sign. She added there wasn't anyone giving signals to indicate that the wall was being demolished.

    1 month
  • Tiger crushed by digger during botched rescue operation 01:25

    Tiger crushed by digger during botched rescue operation

    An endangered tiger died after it was pinned down by a JCB during a 'botched' rescue attempt. Footage shows the confused male tiger being hit by the industrial machine in a forest near the Corbett Tiger Reserve and Dabka river in India. It is believed the animal was given an overdose of tranquilliser before the accident. Forest officials decided to capture the big cat after labourers Bhagwati Devi, 33, and her father-in-law Lakhpat were mauled by a tiger on Thursday. Both died in the attack. The area around the Dabka river is heavily mined for stone, which puts pressure on the wildlife habitat around the reserve. It is claimed the quarrying lobby put pressure on forest officials to remove the tiger when panic-stricken labourers threatened to abandon their work after the deaths of their colleagues last week. As a result of the rushed removal attempt, inexperienced rescuers allegedly overdosed the tiger with tranquilliser darts before accidently squashing it while trying to pick it up for transportation to the Nainital Zoo. A member of forest department veterinary staff, who did not want to be named, said: 'The animal was probably overdosed. Perhaps they tried to sedate it twice as it did not go down immediately. 'The tiger also suffered spinal injuries, possibly from the JCB. It is difficult to tell if it died due to overdosing or injuries or both.' Debabrata Swain, member secretary at the National Tiger Conservation Authority, said that a fact-finding team would be sent to Ramnagar on Monday to establish exactly what happened. He told The Sunday Express: 'We will find out why the standard operating procedure was not followed. 'There is always pressure in a situation of conflict but we cannot use an earthmover to catch a tiger.'

    1 month
  • Man Uses Baseball Bat to Rescue Driver 00:40

    Man Uses Baseball Bat to Rescue Driver

    A driver was rescued in Florida after his Jeep became engulfed in smoke. The driver “passed out” at the wheel and crashed causing two of his tires to explode on the highway.

    1 month
  • Mitsubishi Loses Control after Botched Overtake 01:03

    Mitsubishi Loses Control after Botched Overtake

    A Mitsubishi Pajero looses control and crashes into a Lada Niva on a Russian highway. The camera-driver reacts quickly to avoid collision.

    1 month
  • EMS Worker Jumps Into Frigid Lake To Save 3-Month-Old Baby From Submerged SUV 02:02

    EMS Worker Jumps Into Frigid Lake To Save 3-Month-Old Baby From Submerged SUV

    A paramedic in Illinois jumped into frigid waters after responding to a 911 call of a vehicle in a lake. Todd Zobrist says he's glad he did because while he didn't see anyone in the SUV at first he did see a car seat, which caused him to look harder. Zobrist says he pulled a 3-month-old baby from the vehicle and performed CPR. He swam back to shore holding the child above water.

    1 month