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  • Black man caught on surveillance robbing Walgreens at gunpoint 01:17

    Black man caught on surveillance robbing Walgreens at gunpoint

    St. Petersburg Police Department is looking for the man caught on surveillance video robbing a Walgreens at gunpoint.

    5 hours
  • Giant sinkhole nearly swallows bus in S China 00:43

    Giant sinkhole nearly swallows bus in S China

    A bus carrying 21 people narrowly escaped a giant sinkhole following a sudden road collapse in Nanning city, south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, last Friday. Surveillance camera footage shows the rear wheels of the bus was almost caught in the hole. Luckily, no passengers were injured in the accident. Local authorities investigated and found after radar detection that there was no cavity under the road surface. Some people have speculated that the construction of a subway nearby caused the collapse. But the staff from the construction company said they didn’t do excessive excavation work. Local expert found out some underground pipelines were removed, which led to the sinkhole. Further investigation is underway. After the video went viral online, many netizens have praised the driver of another bus, who slammed on the brakes to stop the bus just in front of the sinkhole.

    5 hours
  • Maid Caught On Camera Appearing To Be Possessed By Evil Spirits 01:23

    Maid Caught On Camera Appearing To Be Possessed By Evil Spirits

    A man has claimed that his maid had become possessed by evil spirits after she started starring wide eyed and acting bizarrely around the house. But when homeowner Nurul Baker looked back at CCTV footage inside his family home he was shocked to see the woman creeping around in a white dress and walking in a zombie-like state. In the footage she can be seen with her long hair dangling around her face with her head bowed and and times she seems to point at non-existent things in the distance. The footage shot at Nurul’s apartment in Singapore went viral - with some viewers terrified and others believing the maid was faking so she could leave the job.

    2 days
  • CCTV shows arsonists setting fire to Mercedes in Birmingham 00:22

    CCTV shows arsonists setting fire to Mercedes in Birmingham

    A masked gang launched a Molotov cocktail through the window of a car as its owners slept peacefully in their beds just feet away. The shocking attack was carried out by three men outside a residential property in Selly Park, Birmingham, in the early hours of the morning on January 15. Captured on CCTV, the three men run up to the Mercedes before one smashes the petrol bomb through a window. Thankfully the home-owners were not harmed in the attack, after they were awoken by the sound of the glass smashing and raised the alarm before the fire could spread. West Midlands Police are now hunting those responsible and believe that people in the local area may be able to help. A spokesman said: 'The blaze could easily have caused more damage or resulted in serious injury as it was parked so close to the house. 'The three men in the CCTV have their faces covered, but officers believe someone may have seen them in the area, or may know who is responsible.'

    2 days
  • It's a bit late for that! Armed robber forgets to put his mask on 00:53

    It's a bit late for that! Armed robber forgets to put his mask on

    An armed robber was caught on camera holding up a convenience store in Washington DC. Unfortunately for him, he did not remember to disguise himself until the robbery was already underway. Police in the city have released a video showing the robbery, which happened at a 7-Eleven store on March 21. The man pointed a gun at the cashier and demanded cash. Having walked into the building, in full view of cameras, he only noticed his mask was not on once he was standing at the counter. He pulled it down, but a full view of his face had already been captured. The robber was seen fleeing the scene of the crime with a handful of money. Anyone who recognizes the robber has been asked to call DC police on 202-727-9099, or by text message at 50411.

    2 days
  • Surveillance video shows suspect vandalizing a Colorado mosque 00:17

    Surveillance video shows suspect vandalizing a Colorado mosque

    Police have arrested a suspect in connection with the vandalism at a mosque near Colorado State University, a case they are investigating as a hate crime. Joseph Scott Giaquinto, 35, was arrested on suspicion of several charges, including a crime motivated by bias, after he allegedly overturned benches, broke windows and threw a Bible into the Islamic Center of Fort Collins. Giaquinto lives across the street from the center, and is a former army combat medic who served for eight years in several middle eastern countries including Iraq and Baghdad. Police had asked for the public's help in the case, and released surveillance footage of the crime in the hopes of identifying Giaquinto. His father Michael told the Coloradoan that he noticed his son sometimes being gloomy and moody, and that he had been raised in a Christian household. He said: 'No matter what we find out happened, my son is a good man,' 'He served his country well. Even if he was involved, and I'm not saying he was, it would just indicate that he was in a kind of a bad place.' In one of the video clips, a man wearing a hoodie, initially believed to be in his late teens or early 20s, is shown picking up a paving stone and walking away. In another clip, he kicks a door. A police spokeswoman said that she did not have details on how police came to identify Giaquinto as the suspect. The Islamic Center's president, Tawfik Aboellail, said the man tried to break into the mosque about 4 a.m. Sunday, but he did not get inside. The arrest brings slight comfort to the community, who are still rattled by the act. 'There is a better sense of security, but we are not out of the woods yet,' Aboellail said. The vandalism prompted the center to cancel religious classes for children that morning, but also led to an outpouring of support from other Fort Collins residents. Congregants from Plymouth Congregational Church visited after their morning service, and later about 1,000 people gathered at the mosque for a rally of support organized by a rabbi Sunday evening. Many have also been making donations on GoFundMe titled 'Protect Our Religious Spaces' to pay for repairs and improved security at the center. The Council on American-Islamic Relations had urged police to investigate the case as a possible hate crime. This latest act against a house of Muslim worship comes after the organization reported 33 threats, vandalizations or acts of arson targeting a mosque having occurred between January 1 and March 20, 2017. Over the same time period in 2016, CAIR reported 19 similar incidents. In a forthcoming report conducted by the organization, figures are expected to show a 40 percent increase in anti-Muslim hate crimes from 2015 to 2016, and a more than 50 percent increase in more general acts of anti-Muslim bias. Police Chief John Hutto, who attended the support rally, said the incident has a 'very real impact on our Muslim friends and neighbors.' 'The criminal act against their sacred space is unacceptable,' he said in a statement. US Representative for the 2nd District of Colorado Jared Polis tweeted a few hours later: 'The vandalism that occurred at the Islamic Center in Fort Collins is unacceptable. It's time for us to stand in unity. These acts must end.' The vandalism comes about a month after someone threw a rock through a window at a mosque in the Denver area. The incident at the Colorado Muslim Society was also captured on surveillance video, but no one has been arrested. Investigators in the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office have exhausted their leads, spokeswoman Julie Brooks said Monday.

    2 days
  • Restaurant Worker Pours Hot Water on Colleague's Face after Getting Kicked 00:49
  • 'Ghost ladder' appears to move of its own accord 01:56

    'Ghost ladder' appears to move of its own accord

    A bizarre video has emerged which shows a 'ghost ladder' seeming to move of its own accord. The eerie clip was posted on a Singapore news and entertainment site, Stomp.

    2 days
  • Schoolboy jumps from building after his phone was confiscated 00:17

    Schoolboy jumps from building after his phone was confiscated

    A student from China plunged off his school building last week after a teacher had taken away his mobile phone during class. The teenage boy had apparently been playing games on his phone in class, according to Chinese media. He was taken to the hospital immediately and suffered 'non-life-threatening' injuries. The incident occurred on the morning of March 22 in Tanghe County, central China's Henan Province, reported The student, identified as Liu, is reportedly a first grade student at a secondary school in Tanghe. His age has not been reported, but students in that grade are typically 15 years old. According to a surveillance video clip shared on Chinese social media, Liu stood on the balcony of his school building during a break between classes. A number of other students were relaxing near him. Two female students, who stood next to Liu, appeared to be shocked as Liu climbed over the railing and suddenly jumped. It remains unclear how high the balcony is. The Education and Sports Bureau of Tanghe County released a statement in the evening of March 24, according to The statement confirmed the incident. The statement also said that the police authority had carried out an investigation into the incident. According to the police, Liu's teacher confiscated his mobile phone because he had been playing games on it during class. Liu was apparently unhappy about losing his phone and resorted to drastic measures. The local authority has set up a team to carry out further investigation into the matters. The team comprises officials from the local propaganda, education, police and health departments. Liu is currently in hospital and his condition is stable, said the statement.

    3 days
  • SHOCK VIDEO! Texas day care worker slams 4-year-old girl on the ground 00:31

    SHOCK VIDEO! Texas day care worker slams 4-year-old girl on the ground

    The King Slayer 3240 -1

    A shocking video shows a daycare worker picking a four-year-old girl up by the arm and slamming her on the ground before taking her to a corner 'to clean up her blood'.

    Gregory Diglin was charged with injury to a child after he was captured on surveillance footage yelling at a little girl before slamming her on the floor at Children's Lighthouse Daycare in Spring, Texas, on Wednesday.

    After the child began screaming in pain, Diglin took her to a corner of the room and tried to clean up her blood, according to Montgomery County police. Officials were alerted to the situation after the child's mother called police and said her child was assaulted after she noticed her daughter had a split lip.Jeff Kemp, the family's attorney, said to KHOU: 'The little girl is actually quite smart and was able to explain very well for a four-year-old what had happened.'

    He added: 'What happened is every parent's worst nightmare.'

    The daycare video shows Diglin yelling at the child because she wouldn't get off the floor. He says to her: 'Don't tell me no! Get off the floor!' Diglin is then seen taking a step towards the child, grabbing her by the arm and throwing her to the ground.

    Almost immediately, the girl wails in pain and Diglin then seems concerned and softens his tone.

    He tells the girl to come with him and leads her away from the view of the camera.Police said Diglin then attempted to clean up the girl's blood. Officials also reported that although she is expected to make a full recovery she may have long-term dental trauma.

    Diglin is now being held at the Montgomery County Jail on a $200,000 bond, reported ABC 7.

    Chief Matthew Rodrigue of Montgomery County Constables Office, Precinct 3 said to KHOU: 'It is a high bond. This is a pretty violent action toward a very small child. We take these things very seriously in Montgomery County.'

    He added to Click2Houston: 'The child has sustained injuries to the face and mouth area, busted lips, damage to the gums, featured dental damage as well.'Children's Lighthouse Daycare released a statement on Friday that said: 'A teacher who is now no longer employed at Children’s Lighthouse of Spring Harmony acted in a manner that neither we nor our franchisee accept or condone.

    'The owners of Children’s Lighthouse of Spring Harmony terminated the teacher’s employment immediately.

    'Children’s Lighthouse Franchise Company and the owners of Children’s Lighthouse of Spring Harmony are cooperating with local authorities to ensure that the situation is handled properly.'

    3 days
  • This is why you check your mirrors... 00:53

    This is why you check your mirrors...

    A driver forgets to check his mirrors and veers out directly in front of an oncoming vehicle, causing an accident. Driver sustained only minor injuries.

    4 days
  • Horrible: Giant truck smashes into pupils walking across the road in China 00:39

    Horrible: Giant truck smashes into pupils walking across the road in China

    Surveillance camera in a village in southern China captured a horrible scene on Friday, when a truck plowed directly into a group of schoolchildren, killing three and injured two.

    The tragedy happened in a village in Guiping city, in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. School staff placed traffic cones in the road to allow the pupils to cross safely. However, just a few seconds later, a truck which seemingly had trouble braking ran directly into the pupils. One child was killed outright in the collision, with two others dying later in hospital.

    4 days
  • This Poor Woman Never Even Saw It Coming... 00:31

    This Poor Woman Never Even Saw It Coming...

    A little clunk on the head for an oblivious pedestrian.

    4 days
  • Mother Pulls Gun On Would Be Robber To Protect Her Kids! 01:15

    Mother Pulls Gun On Would Be Robber To Protect Her Kids!

    A mother protecting her 10-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son from a would-be robber thwarted his plans earlier this month when she pulled a shotgun on him. Surveillance video shows the alleged thief attempting to enter their Florida home on March 4.

    5 days
  • Group of Hooded Teens Brutally Assaulted Autistic Man and the Woman He Was with, Knocking out Teeth and Breaking Bones 00:37

    Group of Hooded Teens Brutally Assaulted Autistic Man and the Woman He Was with, Knocking out Teeth and Breaking Bones

    moku 1477 -2

    A young man with autism and his friend were viciously attacked and beaten as they walked home from a grocery store on Richmond’s Southside. The attack happened on Saturday, March 18.

    The whole thing was captured on camera.

    The victim said he hoped people who saw the video would recognize what he called "a vicious gang of kids."

    "A bunch of kids just jumped him," the victim's father said.

    CBS 6 hid the identity of the victim, who was thrown to the ground, kicked, stomped, and hit in the face.

    Blindsided and beaten, the victim suffered a black eye and broken nose. He said he knew it could have been worse.

    "They slammed me to the ground and beat the crap out of me,” he said. “My eyes were black, missing teeth, got up, and I was dizzy and dripping blood."

    5 days
  • Video of the murder of ex-deputy Voronenkov in Kiev 01:12

    Video of the murder of ex-deputy Voronenkov in Kiev

    A former Russian MP who had fled to Ukraine was shot dead on a busy street in central Kiev on Thursday.

    6 days
  • Shocking moment a couple escape unscathed after an escalator completely folds into pieces 00:21

    Shocking moment a couple escape unscathed after an escalator completely folds into pieces

    This is the terrifying moment two passengers narrowly escaped unharmed when an escalator crumpled into pieces at a subway station in eastern China. One passenger suffered minor injuries to his leg in the incident which took place in Suzhou yesterday. The railway company attended to the scene and repaired the escalator four hours after the accident.According to, the accident happened at the no. 4 exit of Lindun Lu station in Suzhou city at 10:30 am yesterday. Surveillance footage from the railway station shows the moment two passengers get on the escalator. The stairs then start to pile up at the bottom. Two other people that were walking towards the machine stop in front of the escalator. At least three steps were stacked up, revealing the motor parts under the footplate of the escalator. The breakdown triggered the emergency stop. The two lucky passengers can be seen walking up quickly to exit after.A spokesperson from Suzhou Rail Transit told reporters that one on-duty cleaner reported the incident to the station staff. He explained the escalator had a malfunction and was repaired within 30 minutes but 'due to safety issues, the exit remained closed in order to carry out an inspection overnight.

    6 days
  • Heroic student saves choking friend with the Heimlich maneuver 00:45

    Heroic student saves choking friend with the Heimlich maneuver

    A Wisconsin high school freshman became a hero earlier this week after he saved a choking classmate. Ian Brown was eating lunch with friends at La Crosse Central High School on Wednesday when pal Will Olson started choking after laughing at a joke. Brown noticed Olson's face and neck were changing color and jumped into action to perform the Heimlich maneuver. He was able to dislodge a cheese curd from Olson's throat, and took him to the nurse's office to make sure his airway was clear. 'I just went and did it,' Brown told WIZM. 'It was do first and think later. Afterwards, we were just like, 'Alright, let's talk about what just happened.' It all happened really quick.' Brown said he and his friends were telling jokes when Olson started choking after taking a deep breath in while laughing and eating at the same time. The group had just gotten to the cafeteria after going across the street to grab food from a Chinese buffet for lunch. 'We couldn't tell if he was choking right away,' Brown told WIZM. 'He had kind of a laugh with it. 'And then his face stared turning purple and I saw his hands go around his neck and I was like, "I need to get over here and help him out".' Central school nurse Kim Mahlum later told police that several teens at the cafeteria table thought the boy was joking when he started coughing and motioning that he couldn't breathe.

    6 days
  • Elderly Woman Crashes Her Car Through Animal Hospital Lobby 01:52

    Elderly Woman Crashes Her Car Through Animal Hospital Lobby

    An elderly lady crashed into a local Veterinary clinic, as all persons and animals present sustained minor Injuries.

    6 days
  • Horrifying moment car carrying seven people crashes into garden 00:34

    Horrifying moment car carrying seven people crashes into garden

    This is the terrifying moment a car carrying seven people crashes through a fence into a front garden, sending wheelie bins and vehicles flying. The driver of a red Volkswagen Golf was caught on CCTV speeding along Broddiok Drive, Bolton, when he lost control and smashed through a homeowner's front garden, causing £25,000 worth of damage. All seven men immediately fled the scene before police could arrive but the driver was later traced as Kieran Farnworth, 22, who was given a suspended prison sentence in court this week.Farnworth, of Bolton, claimed he couldn't remember anything about what happened but admitted to the offence of dangerous driving. The court heard how despite the dramatic impact, remarkably no one was seriously injured. But an estimated £25,000 worth of damage was caused to the neighbour's garden and front driveaway as well as to the vehicles parked stationary. Greater Manchester Police said the car was driving in excess of the 20mph speed limit in the area. Farnworth told the court he went to hospital with a head injury after the collision and has no recollection of what happened, but admitted the offence. He was given a 10 week curfew and 12 weeks prison sentence, suspended for 12 months at Bolton Magistrates Court on Tuesday, March 21. Farnworth has also been disqualified from driving for 15 months and will have to take an extended test if he wants to drive again. PC John Jacques said: 'The footage clearly shows that this was a shocking collision. On attending the scene I was very surprised to find that no one was seriously injured. 'It is frightening to think that certain individuals are willing to drive in this manner at any time, let alone on a residential street, where according to witnesses at the scene, children were playing out moments before at the point where the vehicle left the carriageway.'

    7 days
  • Woman used bin bags and a scarf to disguise herself during shop raid 01:03

    Woman used bin bags and a scarf to disguise herself during shop raid

    A woman who tried to rob a Costcutter while wrapped in bin bags and armed with two large knives was jailed for almost four years today. Denise Caisley, from Barrhead, East Renfrewshire, told a passer-by: 'Back off, I'm going in to do that shop,' before running into the store and stabbing at the till. She was unable to open it but made off with cigarettes and alcohol. Caisley later claimed that two men made her carry out the robbery in March last year. She was jailed for three years and 10 months at the High Court in Glasgow today. She had admitted charges of assault, robbery and behaving in a threatening and abusive manner. at an earlier hearing. Lord Boyd told a weeping Caisley that the raid must have been 'frightening for all those present'. The 32-year-old will also be subject to a 12-month supervised release order when she is freed. The court heard how Caisley was spotted 'creeping' outside the Costcutters around 7pm on March 1 last year. Her hands were behind her back with a blade in each and she was wearing two large black bin bags and a mask in a bizarre attempt to hide identity. Caisley warned a man outside she was going 'to do' the shop. He then shouted into the store, warning of the imminent robbery. As the people inside fled Caisley got behind the counter and initially tried to force open the till. Prosecutor Mark McGuire said: 'There was a woman and her young son standing waiting to be served. 'Caisley began slashing at a display while they were standing less than three feet away.' The mother, child and others escaped as the 'increasingly irate' robber wildly stabbed at the till to get money. She then stormed outside and demanded staff open the cash register - but they refused. CCTV footage played in court showed Caisley return and begin to tear off covers from a cigarette display. Mr McGuire said: 'She took her time apparently perusing the selection before removing a number of packets.' The prosecutor added Caisley then 'took a moment' to decided what else to steal before grabbing alcohol and running out the store with the bin bags flailing. When police caught her she still had the bags and mask on. Officers also discovered two knives. The robber told officers: 'Two guys made me do it. I'm sorry, it's not my fault.' John McElroy, defending, said Caisley had spoken of 'hating herself' for what she had done and added that she was 'ashamed'. He added: 'This is a very serious situation and it is inevitable that she will be sent to custody.'

    7 days
  • Don't mess with Russians when they're enjoying beer: Man fights off gunman to drink in peace 00:46

    Don't mess with Russians when they're enjoying beer: Man fights off gunman to drink in peace

    An act of true devotion to beer-drinking was caught on camera in Volgograd, southwest Russia, when a middle-aged man single-handedly threw out two men allegedly attempting a robbery in a local bar.

    1 week
  • Lucky teen avoids kidnapping attempt by black man in North Hollywood 00:16

    Lucky teen avoids kidnapping attempt by black man in North Hollywood

    This is the moment a teenage girl managed to break free and run away from a man who attempted to kidnap her while she walked to school. Security cameras caught the man approaching the 18-year-old on a suburban North Hollywood street on Monday morning. He grabbed the girl from behind and tried to drag her back towards a BMW sedan. But the teenager fought back and managed to get away from him. Seconds later, the man could be seen trying to grab her again, prompting the terrified girl to sprint away. The suspect then gave up and was caught on camera walking back to his car. The incident occurred at about 10am along the 8100 block of Whitsett Avenue in North Hollyood.It was captured on a neighbor's security cameras. 'The neighbors were texting me... telling me, "there's a bunch of officers in front of your house right now",' the neighbor Mike Oreb told NBC. Police say the girl didn't know the man and they are still searching for him. The suspect's car is described as light blue, late model 4-door BMW sedan.

    1 week
  • Prison guards held 'at knife point' as Shaun Walmsley escapes 00:36

    Prison guards held 'at knife point' as Shaun Walmsley escapes

    Police have released CCTV of the shocking moment two hooded thugs 'armed with a gun and a knife' forced officers to hand over a convicted murderer who was being escorted on a hospital visit. Shaun Walmsley, 28, escaped from Aintree University Hospital in Liverpool on February 21. Two men believed to be armed with a knife and a gun confronted prison officers guarding the HMP Walton inmate at the hospital. A gold-coloured Volvo, which was used for the escape, was later found abandoned in the Fazakerley area of the city. Walmsley was serving life with a minimum term of 30 years for the murder of Anthony Duffy, 33, in May 2014. None of the prison guards were injured during the incident. Detectives hunting the escaped prisoner have put up £20,000 of the inmate's own money for information leading to his capture. The reward is made up of cash which was seized by Merseyside Police after Walmsley was arrested and convicted for a murder he committed in 2014. Detective Superintendent Natalie Perischine, said: 'We have had a really good response from members of the public around the country following our appeals, but we still need that crucial information about his present whereabouts.

    1 week
  • Worst Fight Ever: AT&T workers caught on camera grappling 01:22

    Worst Fight Ever: AT&T workers caught on camera grappling

    A Texas homeowner wasn't happy when she turned on her home's security app to find two AT&T subcontractors having an awkward physical fight in her backyard. And she was seemingly more unhappy with how ridiculously the two grown men were fighting, comparing them to '12-year-old girls.' On March 15, two AT&T subcontractors were supposed to be installing fiber wire in the homeowner's San Antonio, Texas backyard but got into an altercation of sorts. Awkward video showed them rolling around, grappling, pushing at each other's faces, pulling hair each other's hair and half-heartedly wrestling. AT&T apologized for the workers, telling The Houston Chronicle in a statement, 'This involved employees of a company that was hired by one of our contractors, and obviously didn't meet our requirements of how they conduct themselves... The contractor has assured us they will no longer use this company when working for us.

    1 week
  • Road rage driver hits several people in Walmart parking lot 00:27

    Road rage driver hits several people in Walmart parking lot

    A woman has gone on a wild rampage and struck several people with her car in a Walmart parking lot after the store refused to let her return some batteries. Police are now looking for the woman after she was caught on surveillance cameras intentionally ramming people in the parking lot in Union City, California on Sunday. The woman entered the Walmart at 6pm to try and return the batteries but became extremely agitated when staff denied her a refund. She left the store, returned to her silver Honda Accord and was filmed hastily reversing into a family as they walked by. Footage shows the woman continuing to back up and striking several people. Police said she narrowly missed a three-year-old girl and her mother who managed to run out of the way of the reversing car. 'The suspect then takes off a high rate speed out of the parking lot causing other pedestrians to run out of the way of the speeding vehicle,' Union City Police Sergeant Steve Mendez said. 'The victims were actually saying that she was yelling and screaming in the car, pounding her fists on the steering wheel.' The woman is described as white and about 5 feet tall. She has brown hair and was last seen wearing a gray sweatshirt with a Batman logo on the front, black leggings and dark Ugg-style boots. The suspect was also wearing glasses at the time. Police said her vehicle is a silver 1998-2000 two-door Honda Accord.

    1 week
  • Moment woman is smacked in the head by a parking gate 00:21

    Moment woman is smacked in the head by a parking gate

    A security camera captured the moment a woman was smacked in the head by a parking gate. The unsuspecting woman is seen walking at a Sydney parking lot without noticing the gate is about to come down. To her surprise, she finds herself standing in the wrong spot when the metal bar drops. 'I literally thought I'd been shot,' Samantha Hall, 21, identified as the unlucky woman in the video, told Caters News. Hall, who works as a graphic designer, explained she wasn't paying attention to the gate because she was trying to help a client find a parking spot.

    1 week
  • Moment Good Samaritan train passenger is battered by thug after waking him up at wrong stop 00:49

    Moment Good Samaritan train passenger is battered by thug after waking him up at wrong stop

    A thug hurled a fellow train passenger out of a carriage and rained kicks and punches at him after he nudged him awake at the wrong stop. Sam Pearce, 24, felt he was made to 'look stupid' by Benjamin Kerr whom he then kicked in the chest and punched multiple times in the head, breaking his nose. Mr Kerr, 39, had fallen asleep during the journey at about 1.30am and awoke at St Albans in Hertfordshire, believing that the train had arrived at its final destination.He then nudged Pearce awake, but the pair soon realised that they were at the wrong station on the Thameslink train on June 17, 2015. Pearce, from Harrow, North West London, became 'frustrated' and then walked through the train to find Mr Kerr before attacking him. On Friday Pearce was jailed for a year after a jury found him guilty of assaulting and causing actual bodily harm to Mr Kerr, from Flitwick, Bedfordshire. British Transport Police Sergeant Stephen Bartlett said: 'Pearce displayed overwhelming levels of aggression during this unprovoked and vicious assault. 'His defence was that he was getting back at the victim for making him look "stupid". 'This is a totally unreasonable claim and he should be ashamed for his callous and reckless actions. 'The victim was simply trying to help Pearce by making sure he left the train at the final stop. He was apologetic for his mistake and was not expecting the violence that came next. 'As you can imagine this was an utterly terrifying experience for the victim who was left shaking on the platform. He thankfully sustained no long term injuries as a result of this assault. 'Pearce's sentence reflects the severity of his actions and reinforces the message that attacks like this will always be dealt with severely. And we will do everything on our power to bring those responsible to justice.'

    1 week
  • Terrified mother robbed by clumsy thief who held her up with a fake gun 01:14

    Terrified mother robbed by clumsy thief who held her up with a fake gun

    A clumsy thief who robbed a Melbourne mum with a fake pistol has been captured on CCTV footage making his bungled escape. Amie Mitchell, 51, was held up by the bandit while leaving her Muffin Break store in Deer Park, west of Melbourne, and was forced to give up $1,300 store takings, her purse, keys and mobile phone, reported the Herald Sun. The offender pressed a fake gun to her chest as he demanded the cash and then made a botched getaway on a pushbike - falling off it twice. Footage shows the assailant crashing his getaway bike 10 metres away from Ms Mitchell and dropping her phone. The attacker then rode another 50 metres before running into a pole, coming off his bike again. Ms Mitchell believed the gun was real and was horrified that she was going to die. She said: 'I was terrified. I didn’t know whether to run or scream.' 'All that was in my head was my daughter. I thought I was going to die.' Brimbank Embona detectives believe the offender may be behind another 'armed' robbery in St Albans, where a man held up a petrol station with a toy gun in February. The man is believed to be of Southern European or Caucasian appearance and aged in his 20s or 30s. He was wearing a black baseball cap, black hooded top, black gloves, jeans and white runners during the robbery.

    1 week
  • Suspected Islamic extremist grabs soldier from behind, tries to take gun, at Paris airport 03:08

    Suspected Islamic extremist grabs soldier from behind, tries to take gun, at Paris airport

    CCTV footage has emerged showing the terrifying moment a suspected Islamic extremist grabbed a female soldier from behind at Paris' Orly airport before wrestling her gun from her. Security footage of Saturday's attack shows the man grabbing the soldier around the shoulders after dropping a shopping bag, as her companion patrols slightly ahead. The attacker, Ziyed Ben Belgacem, was shot dead within three minutes during the ensuing standoff with the companion and another soldier. The incident caused panic and shut down the French capital's second-biggest airport. The footage, obtained by AP, shows the a 39-year-old Frenchman trying to wrestle away the first soldier's gun, but he was killed before he could fire the weapon. Although Ben Belgacem held on to the soldier for an extended period of time, it took a few minutes for other airport goers to notice what was happening. No one else was injured in the incident.Authorities say Belgacem had a long criminal record of drug and robbery offenses, and a terrorist inquiry has been launched into his death. Ben Belgacem was last released from prison in November. But his father - whose first name has not been released - told Europe 1 radio station that Ben Belgacem was not a practicing Muslim, and had no links to terrorist groups. 'My son was never a terrorist,' said the father. 'He never attended prayer. He drank. But under the effects of alcohol and cannabis, this is where one ends up.' Mr Ben Belgacem said that on the day of his death his son 'called me at seven, eight in the morning and said, there you go, dad. 'He was extremely angry, even his mother couldn't understand him. He told me, "I ask for your forgiveness. I've screwed up with a gendarme".' Over the weekend it emerged the Ben Belgacem originally launched attacks on a police traffic patrol and a packed bar with a pellet gun. This meant that he was unable to kill or seriously wound anyone, forcing him to try and steal a soldier's assault rifle. He was promptly gunned down in an airport terminal on Saturday morning, on the day that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were visiting the French capital. The revelation follows claims by France's most senior intelligence chief that would-be jihadists are finding it increasingly difficult to find weapons, ammunition and other explosives. Patrick Calvar, who run the DGSI agency - France's equivalent of MI5 - told a parliamentary committee last month: 'Several incidents show us that the candidates for violent action are numerous but that they face logistical problems, especially in acquiring weapons.' Ben Belgacem was thought to be high on drugs and alcohol when he first pointed the 9mm pellet gun at a policewoman who had stopped his Renault Clio in the northern suburbs of Paris. Lead shot grazed her face, but she was not seriously hurt by a weapon that is at worst associated with eye injuries.

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  • Attack outside pizza shop leaves man fighting for his life 00:37

    Attack outside pizza shop leaves man fighting for his life

    Shocking CCTV footage shows the moment a man was punched to the ground in the street and left with 'catastrophic' injuries that have ruined his life, a court heard. Michael English, 30, was locked up for assaulting the 49-year-old man after asking him for a light outside Gi-Gi's takeaway in Middlesbrough. The victim falls to the ground unconscious after a second punch, causing injuries including a brain bleed and put him in a coma, Teesside Crown Court heard.English approached and asked for a light outside the pizza shop at about 2.15am on July 9 last year. The video shows the men standing 'almost nose to nose'. English then punches the older man then, as he tried to stand up straight, strikes him again. The victim's hits his head on the pavement and was unconscious for about 10 minutes. He was taken to James Cook University Hospital and put into an induced coma. He underwent surgery to remove a blood clot on the brain and insert a titanium plate. In a moving statement read out in court, the dad-of-two told of the life-changing physical and psychological effects of the late-night assault. He said he was traumatised, frustrated and robbed of his independence and control over his life. He told how his mental health was '90 per cent down' and he became emotionally volatile, crying constantly. He added: 'I don't feel like the same person. It has changed me from a normal person into someone who can't walk most of the time. 'I constantly have to think first to make sure I consider my safety before I move anywhere. I have to check my path to make sure I'm safe. I don't feel secure. 'I go to bed not wanting to wake up sometimes. 'All I know is I went out on a night with my girlfriend. We were happy. I had a new job. All of a sudden I woke up in hospital unable to move. 'My whole left side feels like it's wrapped in tight bandages. I have constant pins and needles. 'He's ruined my life. Everything I had has been taken from me. I've never hurt anyone, ever. I want the person who did this to me to receive the justice deserved.' His sister said: 'This shouldn't have happened. This lad had no thought for his actions. Our lives have changed completely.' English, from Middlesbrough, handed himself in to police after a media appeal and pleaded guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm - the third street assault on his record. His barrister Richard Bennett said he expressed remorse and was 'shocked and horrified' at seeing the CCTV. He said English reacted unreasonably, throwing the first punch when the victim put his forehead to his own. Judge Simon Bourne-Arton QC, the Recorder of Middlesbrough, told English he could have caused death with his impulsive, spontaneous and violent behaviour. He jailed English for 22 months.

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  • Store owners beat off would-be Massachusetts robber with a bat 00:43

    Store owners beat off would-be Massachusetts robber with a bat

    A heroic convenience store owner was filmed fighting off a knife-wielding robber with a bat to protect his wife and 10-year-old son who was playing inside. The suspect was caught on surveillance cameras entering Wessam Variety store in New Bedford, Massachusetts on Thursday night demanding money. The man, dressed in a ski mask and long coat, waved his knife around before leaning over the counter to try and take the cash register. Store owner Wessam Mohamed quickly reached for his bat and was filmed beating the robber several times. The robber slipped and stumbled back as he tried to dodge Mohamed's blows. Mohamed and his wife Safaa were closing up when the incident unfolded at 9pm. Their 10-year-old son was playing inside at the time but ran out the back door to alert a neighbor when the intruder stormed in. 'He said a lot of bad words to scare us. He gave me a black bag and he was telling me to put all the money in it,' Mohamed told the Boston Herald. 'I said, 'I won't be giving you anything,' and he started getting nervous and angry. I know he wanted to leave the store quickly. I just wanted a chance to get my bat. 'After he fell down he wanted to attack me again, but he saw I was ready to jump over the counter to hit him again.' Mohamed said he chased the man out of the store and down the street before the suspect was able to jump into a waiting vehicle. Police are now investigating but no arrests have been made.

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