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  • Florida Middle School teacher caught on Camera being Attacked by a Deranged Student 03:46

    Florida Middle School teacher caught on Camera being Attacked by a Deranged Student

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    A brutal assault of a Seminole Middle School Plantation teacher in Florida was captured on CCTV cameras. Watch as a student attempting to brawl with other students launches a vicious attack on a much larger teacher attempting to stop her from attacking the other student. Eventually the student powers through the teacher and launched an attack on both the teacher and the other student, which was not captured on camera. Students at the school were forced to take action and oust the student from the class.

    8 hours
  • Hit-And-Run Victim Smashes Into Metal Pole 01:14

    Hit-And-Run Victim Smashes Into Metal Pole

    A pedestrian, Alejandro Ramirez, was hit by a car on the 700 block of west Broward Boulevard at 3:30 a.m. on April 8, 2017. Fort Lauderdale police want to find the white four-door car, which kept going. Ramirez was hospitalized with non-life -threatening injuries. Please call (954) 492-8477 if you have any information about this incident.

    16 hours
  • Cops brutally assaulted by inmates in a Chicago prison 01:33

    Cops brutally assaulted by inmates in a Chicago prison

    Cook County Sheriff Thomas J. Dart is seeking attempted murder charges on three maximum security inmates who attacked two correctional deputies. At approximately 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday April 26th 2017, three detainees repeatedly punched two correctional deputies in a housing tier in Division 9, the super maximum facility. The deputies were taken to area hospitals for treatment. One deputy had a fractured orbital and the other lost consciousness and was kept at the hospital overnight for observation. Two of the detainees under investigation for Wednesday’s attack – 19-year-old David Bush and 20-year-old Taiwan McNeal are being held on charges of attempted murder for allegedly shooting an off-duty Oak Park Police officer in 2015. The third detainee, Terrence Lynom, 20, has been in Cook County Jail since 2014, on attempted murder for allegedly shooting a 6-year old-girl while she rode her bike in the Roseland neighborhood. Each of the three detainees has had more than 20 court continuances on their original cases. Lynom has had 36 continuances. All three have had multiple disciplinary incidents issued since they have been in custody. Sheriff Dart is working with the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office to seek attempted murder charges for the detainees involved in attacking the correctional deputies. The investigation is ongoing.

    17 hours
  • Thief caught on CCTV crawling Mission Impossible-style during burglary 02:14

    Thief caught on CCTV crawling Mission Impossible-style during burglary

    This is the bizarre moment a Mission Impossible-style raider was caught on CCTV crawling across the floor of a village pub during a late night burglary. The crook was seen wriggling between bar stools and tables to avoid triggering the alarm system in the third break-in at the pub in 18 months. The latest raid took place at Smithy’s Marina Bar in Shardlow, Derbys., just before 3am on Wednesday (26/4). The thief used tools to force open the door and removed steel bars from the windows.

    17 hours
  • Tradies attack father of girl after they wolf-whistle at her 01:50

    Tradies attack father of girl after they wolf-whistle at her

    Two Queensland tradies have been charged with assault after wolf whistling at a 15-year-old girl walking past their building site, and then attacking her father when he came to her defence. Brothers Bodie and Kai Lajunen were working at a site in Bundall, on the Gold Coast, when the 15-year-old neighbour walked past, reported Nine News. CCTV footage shows the father walk up to one of the brothers in an attempt to defend his daughter, before the second brother joins and the two men attack him, breaking his hand and leaving it in a sling. On Tuesday, the brothers were found guilty of assault but were pictured laughing at cameras as they left court, and giving the double thumbs up. The pair have insisted to Nine News that they did nothing wrong. Bodie Lajunen said: 'He didn't need to defend her, she wasn't in any danger.' 'I had a little whistle at the girl walking past,' he said and then shrugged his shoulders. 'I know I'm not a sleazebag and that I'm not going to be whistling and doing that to a minor so it didn't really phase me too much.' When challenged about what he said he replied: 'No, I didn't wolf whistle at her' 'She (the girl) yelled out, do you guys want some hot chips and I said yes please and her boyfriend just told me to f**k off, he yelled it out at me, and I just laughed and did the same gesture to him. In the footage, it shows the girl's father then stepped in to have words with Bodie. 'He kept saying that it was a sleazy thing to do and I basically laughed at him, I just said f**k off and leave me alone mate.' Bodie's brother Kai Lajunen admitted to Nine News that he pushed the girl's father. 'I pushed him, I had a rum in one hand so it wasn't an aggressive push.' But at one point in the CCTV footage, Kai is seen slapping the girl's father in the face. Despite the footage and witnesses, Bodie and Kai maintained their innocence. 'I would be sorry if I had done it to a 15-year-old girl and she was offended by it, like, I don't even think she was offended by it,' Bodie Lajunen said.

    17 hours
  • Horrifying moment an eight-year-old boy is hit by a car 00:31

    Horrifying moment an eight-year-old boy is hit by a car

    An eight-year-old boy has been the victim of a hit-and-run attack after he was struck by a vehicle while crossing the road. The young boy was crossing Benowa Road on the Gold Coast in Queensland when he was hit by an orange hatchback. CCTV footage shows the car stop for around 15 seconds before driving away and leaving the injured boy at the scene. The boy - who appeared to be on his way to school - then limps to the other side of the road as the car speeds away before he headed back in the opposite direction. Police have released footage of the incident which happened at 8.15am on Thursday morning in the Gold Coast suburb of Benowa and are appealing for the driver involved to come forward. The boy was taken to the hospital with a non-life-threatening leg injury. Acting Senior Sergeant Josh Gunter said it was 'very concerning' that the driver of the hatchback failed to provide assistance to the child or contact appropriate emergency services. 'Anyone involved in a traffic incident like this is obliged to stop at the scene and render assistance,' he said. 'I would encourage the driver of the vehicle involved or anyone who may have witnessed the incident to come forward and speak with police. It is also a timely reminder for drivers to be vigilant in and around school zones.' Police are also appealing for anyone who may have dash cam footage of the incident to contact police or Crime Stoppers.

    17 hours
  • Horrifying moment SUV smashes into car park killing security guard 00:17

    Horrifying moment SUV smashes into car park killing security guard

    Video footage has caught the horrifying moment an SUV slams into a security guard before crashing through an office in Beijing. The incident took place just after 5pm on April 26 in the Huamao Shopping Centre in Beijing. Footage posted to the People's Daily Online's Youtube page shows the moment the vehicle smashes through the wall of the office which was located next to the shopping centre's car park. Surveillance footage caught the vehicle mowing a woman down before then crashing through the wall of an office. It was going at full speed before it hit the woman. The video then cuts to three people sat in an office next to the car park. All of a sudden, the vehicle comes smashing through the wall. According to police, the woman hit by the vehicle was killed on the spot. The three in the office survived. Two of them were diagnosed with a head trauma. Witnesses said the driver of the car was a woman and she was wearing two-inch-heels which caused difficulty when turning. It's thought that she may have got stuck on the accelerator causing the vehicle to go out of control.

    18 hours
  • Mum pulls gun on barber who takes too long to cut son's hair 01:23

    Mum pulls gun on barber who takes too long to cut son's hair

    A mother pulled a gun out on a barber who was taking too long to cut her seven-year-old son's hair - telling them 'for a $6 haircut, you're doing all this?' Police are now desperately looking to trace the woman who was seen on CCTV footage removing the pistol from her handbag. She was waiting at The AllState Barber College in Cleveland, Ohio, but took exception to the time it was taking, according to a witness. After the disagreement, she grabbed her purse and pulled out a black Glock 9mm pistol, according to News 5 Cleveland. Marilyn Medina, a barber college instructor, said: 'I was afraid. You never know the intention she had, if she was really going to shoot, if she was really going to do something.' She added that the woman - who has not been identified - told staff members: 'For a $6 haircut, you're doing all this?' Police are still trying to locate the woman who eventually left the barber shop with her son.

    18 hours
  • Calm cashier keeps his cool as armed robber threatens him with gun 01:22

    Calm cashier keeps his cool as armed robber threatens him with gun

    During an armed robbery at a Jimmy John's, one cashier shockingly kept his cool under extremely stressful circumstances. The sandwich shop located on 3900 Broadway in Kansas City, Missouri, was held up around 9pm on Wednesday by a man wearing a light blue sweatshirt. It appears that something another worker said agitated the robber, who pulled a handgun from his sweatshirt and demanded the cashier to empty the register. In a situation that would generally cause panic, the employee seems completely calm as he removes his plastic gloves, throws them away, then slowly begins stacking up cash to hand to the man. At one point, the robber can be seen pointing the gun directly at the cashier's head, in the footage obtained by Fox 4 KC. Commenters online theorized that when the man cocked his gun, he appeared to have jammed it, which would have disabled its ability to fire. Some speculated that perhaps that was why the cashier seemed unconcerned - if he was aware that he wouldn't have been shot if the robber had tried. Regardless, his ability to keep his wits about him under the circumstances was surprising to many. Police are still on the lookout for the man in the light blue sweatshirt, and anyone with information on his whereabouts are encouraged to call the anonymous TIPS Hotline at 816-474-TIPS (8477).

    18 hours
  • Shocking Video Captures Man Stuffing Pillowcase Full Of Puppies Into Storm Drain 01:36

    Shocking Video Captures Man Stuffing Pillowcase Full Of Puppies Into Storm Drain

    A Jacksonville, Florida man is accused of stealing his stepfather's puppies, stuffing them into a pillowcase and then dropping them into a storm drain. Police arrested 39-year-old Ernest Martin on April 22, 2017, but the incident happened in September of 2016.

    2 days
  • Shocking moment rival football fans attack each other 00:07

    Shocking moment rival football fans attack each other

    This is the shocking moment dozens of rival football fans were caught on CCTV brawling outside a pub in front of terrified customers. The vicious fight started after a stand-off between Nottingham Forest and Notts County fans. Shocking CCTV shows a group of around ten men throwing punches and surging towards the pub entrance. A couple sat on a table outside the pub can be seen calmly gathering their shopping bags as the brawl carries on just inches away from them. At one point during the footage, one thug can be seen kicking another man as he lies on the ground. The brawl then appears to calm down but starts for a second time when another yob throws an advertising board at the pub window. The fighting eventually ends when the fans outside the pub walk away with one of them stopping and holding his arms outstretched in the street. Nottingham Crown Court heard the organised brawl took place outside the Major Oak pub in Nottingham on March 19 last year. It started after a group of Notts County fans gathered outside with the Nottingham Forest supporters standing near barriers at the beer garden. Ten men are due to be sentenced for their roles in the brawl after pleading guilty to affray and using threatening behaviour on Wednesday. Prosecutor Philip Gibbs told the court the CCTV showed there was 'immediate verbal hostility'. He added: 'The Nottingham Forest group started the violence.' The court heard Notts County fan Dallen Dakin, who was nearest the rival supporters, was punched full in his face by Jake Bramley on the Nottingham Forest side. Mr Gibbs said glasses were thrown as missiles and chairs were brandished during the brawl with between 200 to 250 terrified customers in the pub. He added: 'Innocent customers were trying to get out of the way. 'There was a scene of panic. 'The beer garden was trashed. 'Ten chairs were knocked over or dropped by participants.' The court heard another Notts County fan Michele Saragnese was trapped outside and attacked 'quite ferociously' by Nottingham Forest group. Mr Gibbs said Bramley put his knee in Saragnese's face, took hold of him, threw him to the ground and delivered a punch to his head. Another Forest fan Ross Dawson threw 12 punches at Saragnese's head. Forest fan Adam Claxton also gesticulated and 'exchanged verbal hostility' with the Notts County side before throwing several punches in a side-arm motion. The court head Reece Kelly gesticulated towards the Notts County group and threw repeated punches at them and pushed his way to the entrance of the pub. Reece Warner made hand gestures towards the County fans and threw a punch at someone inside the doorway. The court heard Notts County fan Ryan Wales went inside the pub and was 'rallying the troops'. Mr Gibbs added: 'Wales was amongst the County group greeting the Nottingham Forest group as they arrived.' 'Dakin was heavily involved with Wales in the organisation of the fight.' Notts County fan Michele Saragnese, 23, of Beeston, Notts., pleaded guilty to using threatening behaviour. Other County supporters Ryan Wales, 21, of Aspley, Nottingham, and Dallen Dakin, 20, of Bulwell, Nottinghamshire, admitted affray. Nottingham Forest fans Jake Bramley, 28, of Sherwood, Nottingham, Adam Claxton, 27, of Derby, Reece Kelly, 23, of Clifton, Nottingham, Reece Warner, 24, of Chilwell, Nottingham, Dylan Connor, 23, of South Normanton, Derbyshire, Ross Dawson, 21, of Strelley, Nottinghamshire, and Harry Nicholson, 21, of Arnold, Nottingham also admitted affray.

    2 days
  • Group of Somali Immigrants Attempt to Sexually Assault a Girl on a Bus, She Fights Back so They Knock Her out! 02:33

    Group of Somali Immigrants Attempt to Sexually Assault a Girl on a Bus, She Fights Back so They Knock Her out!

    moku 14679 -3

    Diversity? Watch as a group of Somalian migrants welcomed into Britain with open arms attempt to rape a white lady on a bus who attempts to fight back only to be subsequently knocked out by one of the immigrants.

    These kinds of encounters happen in Britain on a daily basis, immigrants perpetrating crimes on natural born citizens and the British government simply ignores it as they continue to invite more immigrants from both the Middle East as well as Africa into their country in the name of diversity.

    This issue was the catalyst for BREXIT.

    3 days
  • Robber goes through stretch routine before raiding donut shop 00:46

    Robber goes through stretch routine before raiding donut shop

    A fitness-conscious robber has been caught on camera preparing for a raid on a donut shop by doing a few stretches in the parking lot. The thief, who knew he needed to be in good shape if he was going to vault over the counter, can be seen bending over, stretching out his legs and doing some waist stretches. With his little warm-up over the criminal, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, black pants, black sneakers, ski mask and latex glove, strolls into the Dunkin' Donuts branch in Philadelphia. He then pulls out a gun and leaps over the counter as a shop assistant serves customers. Staff back away as he places a plastic bag on the ground and orders them to fill it with cash. He tells them: 'You have 20 seconds to give me the money from the registers.' The robbery took place just before 7am on Saturday in North Broad Street. The mystery man, who is described as black and almost six feet tall, got away with $334 in cash.

    3 days
  • Houston Police Release Surveillance Footage Of Double Fatal Shooting 02:06

    Houston Police Release Surveillance Footage Of Double Fatal Shooting

    Houston, TX - Houston police are asking for the public’s help in identifying a suspect wanted in a fatal shooting at 7398 Irvington about 2:55 a.m. on October 10, 2015. The suspect is described only as a male wearing a white T-shirt and dark pants. He was last seen driving a black 4-door full-size pickup truck with a silver truck box in the bed. HPD Homicide Division Sergeants M. Brady and J. Burton reported: "Surveillance video shows an altercation begin between a group of males in the parking lot of the El Reventon Sports Bar and Night Club at the above address. Two males, one of them Steven Skero, 33, then began fighting before a bystander intervened. An unidentified shooter appeared on the scene and began firing multiple shots at Mr. Skero, who fled a short distance before collapsing. "The shooter then handed the gun to Hugo De La Cruz, 31, who then ran out of camera range pursuing Skero. A security guard reported he saw De La Cruz firing the gun and when ordered to drop the weapon he instead pointed it at the guard. The guard, fearing for his safety and that of innocent bystanders, fired his own weapon one time, striking De La Cruz." HPD patrol officers and Houston Fire Department paramedics were then called to the scene. Paramedics pronounced both Skero and De La Cruz deceased. De La Cruz’s weapon was recovered at the scene. The shooting by the security guard will be referred to a Harris County grand jury. Separate surveillance video shows the unidentified shooter in the black pickup truck described above apparently waiting for De La Cruz to return. After a few minutes, he then fled the scene. Anyone with information on the identity of the shooter is urged to contact the HPD Homicide Division at 713-308-3600 or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

    4 days
  • Brazil Off Duty Cop Caught a Robbery in Progress Ends in Fatal Shooting 01:40

    Brazil Off Duty Cop Caught a Robbery in Progress Ends in Fatal Shooting

    Brazil Off Duty Cop Caught a Robbery in Progress Occurred on Tuesday April 18-2017 Shortly after 20H30 in Pernambuco a city close to 60 km from the great reef. The Video Surveillance Shows 2 bandits On a one motorcycle blocking the way to another motorcyclist, but they were not aware there was a police officer behind them that happen to be there at the moment. As they tried to getaway, one of the bandits fired at the off-duty police officer, who fired back and Fatally Shot one of the robber (passenger). The other one on the motorcycle fled away. The incident is still under investigation no more details are available for the moment. Pernambuco is a state in northeast Brazil, on the Atlantic Ocean. Its modern capital, Recife, features a port, old town and popular beach area of Boa Viagem. Offshore, the volcanic archipelago of Fernando de Noronha has a jagged coastline, undeveloped beaches and a marine park. South of Recife, reef-protected Porto de Galinhas beach offers natural pools. North lies Olinda, a colonial town amid lush vegetation.

    4 days
  • Thieves use crowbar to steal paving stones in broad daylight 00:54

    Thieves use crowbar to steal paving stones in broad daylight

    This is the shocking moment three men appear to steal paving stones from the pavement by pulling them up with a crowbar. The trio were seen scouring the Didsbury area of Manchester in a white van before stopping in front of an alleyway. CCTV footage shows one of the men glancing into the homeowner's back garden to check nobody is in, before they comb the area for loose paving stones. One of them eventually manages to pull up a slab with the crowbar, and within ten minutes they wrench away the surrounding stones and load them into the van. The men then leave the scene in the vehicle, reversing into the lamp post in front of the house before making their escape last Wednesday afternoon. The paving slabs are made of York stone and are estimated to cost between £40 to £50 per square metre, or about £4 to £5 per square foot. Homeowner Stuart Ellison, 47, said he was left reeling in shock when he watched the CCTV footage captured from his back garden. He added: 'A neighbour knocked on the door to alert to me what had happened. At first I thought it was a wind up. I checked the CCTV. 'I just couldn't believe they had done it and in broad daylight so openly. I was just shocked, it was like Monty Python, I couldn't believe what was happening.' 'The fools have no idea there is CCTV on the property and the cameras clearly show their faces and registration of the van they were driving.' Residents in the area are being warned to be vigilant, with other neighbours reporting stolen paving stones in recent weeks. Greater Manchester Police officers are reviewing the CCTV footage and have appealed for any witnesses or anyone with further information to come forward. A spokesman said: 'It was reported to us on April 19 on Wednesday at 5.20pm. It happened around 1.30pm on the same day. 'Unknown offenders, three people, have arrived in a white transit van, parked up and stolen some paving stone slabs.' Anyone with further information can call police on 101, or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

    4 days
  • Man Unknowingly Drops a Bag Of Cocaine In Middle Of Ohio Courtroom 00:38

    Man Unknowingly Drops a Bag Of Cocaine In Middle Of Ohio Courtroom

    The King Slayer 2519 -2

    An unidentified man was caught on camera unknowingly dropping a bag of cocaine out of his baseball cap on the floor of a Lorain courtroom during traffic court

    4 days
  • Palestinian Who Went on a Stabbing Spree on the Holocaust a of Remembrance Was Part of a Peace Tour 01:46

    Palestinian Who Went on a Stabbing Spree on the Holocaust a of Remembrance Was Part of a Peace Tour

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    The Palestinian from Nablus who stabbed 4 people today at a Tel Aviv hotel, got a permit to enter inside Israel as a member of a special tour for Palestinians to get to know people in Israel. The tour was organized by the NPT group who works for co-existence and good relations between the two people. The Palestinian entered the Herodes hotel but was driven out, he then entered the Leonardo hotel on the Tel Aviv promenade, and stabbed 3 men and a woman, including 70 yrs old man. He then fled the scene but was caught and arrested by police.

    5 days
  • Hilarious moment terrified bouncer leaps head-first over barrier when DOG charges towards him 00:12

    Hilarious moment terrified bouncer leaps head-first over barrier when DOG charges towards him

    Hilarious CCTV captured the moment a terrified bouncer leapt head-first over railings when a dog came charging towards him. The doorman was standing guard outside a club in Leeds when the furry critter came running past. The animated bouncer is seen talking to people in a seating unaware of the four-legged creature heading his way. As the canine comes thundering towards him he stumbles over the rail, landing on his knees on the other side. He quickly gets back up and looks around to see if any saw as he dusts himself off. The dog, which looks like an American Staffordshire Terrier, seems to do a double-take back towards the bouncer, but keeps on running. Verve Bar Leeds posted the footage on Facebook this week, saying: “This is our sister bar’s doorman – please don’t bring your puppies with you this weekend.”

    5 days
  • Palestinian goes on stabbing spree on eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day 00:41

    Palestinian goes on stabbing spree on eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day

    An 18-year-old Palestinian man was arrested after stabbing at least four people during a rampage that authorities believe was timed to coincide with Holocaust Remembrance Day. The victims were all taken to the hospital, where they were described as "slightly wounded."

    5 days
  • Instant karma!: Thief stopped by lorry driver's quick thinking 00:14

    Instant karma!: Thief stopped by lorry driver's quick thinking

    A quick-thinking lorry driver delivered more than he bargained for when he knocked out a fleeing criminal suspect who was running from a police chase. Video footage shows the suspected thief running down a road in Bogota, Columbia desperately trying to evade police. The helpful lorry driver quickly opens his door at the critical moment when the suspect was head-height to his lorry door. The quick door-opening action catches the thief right on target and slaps him hard in the face instantly knocking him to the ground. This fast reflex helps police - who were hot in his pursuit - to handcuff and arrest the dazed suspect as he was still on the ground. Colombian news channel RCN News released the video of the moment the thief was floored as an officer from the country’s Police Sijín pursued him, The Sun reports. The lorry-floored criminal was a member of the La Pluma gang which is known to steal from cars in Colombia’s capital. Police also arrested nine other members of his gang this week, Publimetro reports. The ten gang members were all arrested for aggravated theft and face more than ten years in prison. The speedy thieves acted in small groups and could break into a vehicle and steal all the contents in less than one minute. The criminal organization minutely planned each theft and police believe that members of the gang have been operating in the capital's centre for more than 30 years.

    5 days
  • Russian Brats Drop Concrete Block Off Building Barely Missing Pedestrians 01:21

    Russian Brats Drop Concrete Block Off Building Barely Missing Pedestrians

    A young woman and a child with their Grandfather barely escape serious injury or death

    6 days
  • Taxi driver crashes into bag snatcher escaping on a motorbike 01:02

    Taxi driver crashes into bag snatcher escaping on a motorbike

    The driver in a viral Internet video showing a taxi deliberately crashing into a bag snatcher escaping on a motorbike has been identified as a 50-year-old man who has done a good deed more than once. A surveillance camera has captured the whole incident from start to end on Hoang Van Thu Street in Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City in a 30-second video that caused a stir on social media earlier this week. According to the footage seen by Tuoi Tre News, a woman was walking on the sidewalk when a man approached her on a motorbike, snatching her handbag and fled immediately. A scene from the opposite angle then shows a Mai Linh taxi suddenly swerved onto the right side of the road before crashing directly into the bag snatcher, cornering him to the wall of a hous

    6 days
  • The final kiss: Couple sharing a romantic kiss plowed down by speeding drunk driver 01:51

    The final kiss: Couple sharing a romantic kiss plowed down by speeding drunk driver

    This was the moment a couple sharing a kiss in the middle of the street were plowed by a speeding drunk driver.

    One of them died after the collision in Heze City in East China’s Shandong Province in the early hours of March 29. The other was reported to be seriously injured.

    6 days
  • CCTV Catches Moment Brawl Breaks Out In All-You-Can-Eat Buffet 01:00

    CCTV Catches Moment Brawl Breaks Out In All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

    The boss of an all-you-can-eat restaurant has spoken out after a foul-mouthed row broke out when staff accused three customers of wasting food. Police were called to the Hull city restaurant Wings this week in a "dispute over payment" after three customers left uneaten food and refused to pay the leftover charge. In a bid to hit back over the buffet bust-up, Wings general manager Andy Lin has now shared new CCTV footage revealing how the incident unfolded - including how one of the diners lifted up a chair in the dispute. Adam Hussey, 19, had claimed workers trapped him and his two friends after they clashed because they "left a plate without eating it". Mr Hussey said he and his friends paid about £50 up front for their meal and drinks. They tucked into around five plates each. But he said they left around a plate of food between them because it was either "cold" or "overcooked." Staff at the restaurant then called police over the trio to intervene between both parties. When the trio tried to leave the restaurant, Mr Hussey claimed staff and the restaurant manager left him "trapped in the corner" while a chef held his arm.

    6 days
  • Man Beats Up Woman During Violent Fight On Bus In Texas 01:05

    Man Beats Up Woman During Violent Fight On Bus In Texas

    VIA Metropolitan Transit in San Antonio, Texas has released video of a violent altercation last month between a man and a woman captured on one of its buses. According to witnesses, the two got into a fight over which state, California or Texas, had better gangs. The bus driver kicked off the two people involved in the altercation. The man with the cane was taken to police headquarters and later to the hospital. The woman walked away from the bus before authorities arrived, she was later found a local hospital. Neither person has been charged but the incident is currently under investigation

    1 week
  • Woman Wearing Pajamas Robs 6 Banks In 90 Minutes! 00:24

    Woman Wearing Pajamas Robs 6 Banks In 90 Minutes!

    A woman believed to be a pajama-wearing robber who hit at least six Salt Lake City area banks in just 90 minutes was taken into custody, according to authorities. Nannette Perkins, 40, was arrested at her home after police said they received a tip about her identity. Officials said Perkins wore pajama bottoms, eyeglasses and a blue bandanna over a ponytail while robbing the banks.

    1 week
  • Horrific moment pit bull attacks a three-year-old boy playing in the street 00:42

    Horrific moment pit bull attacks a three-year-old boy playing in the street

    A disturbing video shows the shocking moment a pit bull attacked an unassuming toddler in New York on Thursday. The three-year-old boy is recovering and has been released from the hospital, WABC reported. The footage shows the toddler playing on a sidewalk with other children outside of a Spring Valley home when the dog runs across the street and charges at him. The boy, who is wearing bright yellow pants, is immediately attacked by the pit bull and dragged across the ground for a few seconds as the other children run away out of fear. A few adults jumped out of vehicles that were passing by to help the boy and seize the dog. A photo taken after the attack shows the left side of the little boy's face with several bite wounds. The pit bull was reportedly returned to its owner and the Spring Valley police department is looking into the incident to determine whether the dog has a history of violence, the New York Daily News reported. The toddler, who has not been publicly identified, is a young Jewish boy, according to the Orthodox Jewish Public Affairs Council (OJPAC) of Hudson Valley. The OJPAC claims the pit bull's owner has let the dog outside without a collar on numerous times in recent weeks. 'Neighbors say they have called the Spring Valley PD (sic) about this multiple times but little action has been taken,' the council said on Twitter.

    1 week
  • Man involved in brawl at Chinese restaurant 'lucky to be alive' 01:44

    Man involved in brawl at Chinese restaurant 'lucky to be alive'

    A man has been convicted and fined $1400 for his involvement in a chaotic baby shower brawl at a Sydney Chinese restaurant. Junchi Ma was captured on camera being involved in a melee that erupted at the Zilver eatery, in Bondi Junction, in February 2016. Dramatic footage shows a chair flying through the air only moments before a four-minute brawl erupted between the tables. The video shows another man approaching Ma at a circular table and standing over him before he is unexpectedly punched. A turbulent clashed follows, with chairs and bowls of hot soup being violently thrown across the restaurant, with one object smashing a window. Both men were restrained by fellow diners, however Ma was the only person charged over the brawl. Ma made no comment to waiting reporters as he hastily left Sydney's Downing Centre Local Court and jumped into a car on Friday. His defence barrister Eidan Havas launched an appeal of the sentence, arguing the baby shower brawl appeared to be instigated by someone else. 'He's facing down the barrel of a conviction, in circumstances where he was the victim of a vicious assault and is lucky to be alive,' Mr Havas said on Friday.

    1 week
  • CCTV footage shows parents staging baby's death on London bus 02:35

    CCTV footage shows parents staging baby's death on London bus

    The King Slayer 1650 -2

    This is the shocking moment that a father gave his partner the thumbs up as she walked onto a bus before staging their daughter's death to cover up the horrific abuse she had suffered at home. Jurors today found the Jeffrey Wiltshire, 52, give Rosalin Baker, 25, guilty of causing the child's death after seeing CCTV showing him give her a kiss and an encouraging thumbs up before getting on the bus. Baker has 16-week-old Imani strapped to her front in a sling and there is a cloth over her face, which she later admitted in court was to cover up the fact that she was already dead. Footage from the bus shows her playing on her phone for around 20 minutes without even looking at her daughter, then suddenly calling to other passengers for help as if she had just fallen ill. But the drug addict parents' plan unravelled when she was rushed to hospital and doctors found she had a fractured skull and serious head injuries, along with more than 40 other fractures. During their Old Bailey trial, Baker blamed her abusive and controlling boyfriend and claimed he had tried to 'frame' her by forcing her on to the bus with their dead child in a sling. But former rapper Wiltshire, who claimed to have fathered 25 children, insisted: 'I'm not a life taker, I'm a baby maker.' The jury deliberated for 14-and-a-half hours before clearing them of murder but finding them guilty of causing or allowing the death of their daughter, who was on the child protection register. Adjourning sentencing until May 18, Judge Nicholas Hilliard QC said: 'Imani's life must have been painful, distressing and bewildering, and the failure at the very least to protect her is a serious matter indeed that must result in a custodial sentence.' In the week of her death, Imani was attacked three times and suffered 40 rib fractures, a broken wrist and terrible head injuries, jurors were told. Prosecutor Duncan Atkinson QC said Imani was in 'very significant pain and distress', which would have been obvious to any parent. Wiltshire and Baker, who lived on benefits, attempted to hide what happened at home by making it appear she had suddenly been taken ill on the number 25 bus, jurors were told.

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  • Surveillance video of a passenger shoving a pilot at KCI Airport 01:29

    Surveillance video of a passenger shoving a pilot at KCI Airport

    A man has been charged with assaulting an off-duty pilot as they walked off a plane in Kansas City. Edward Foster, 49, had just landed at Kansas City International Airport on April 12 when he took offense with an unnamed pilot - who had not been flying the American Airlines plane and was simply traveling in the cabin. The 49-year-old is seen in surveillance video walking off the jetway directly behind the pilot, before they both head into the terminal. Then, about 60 feet from the gate, Foster is seen trying to make his way around in front of the off-duty pilot. KSHB reports the Kansas City man was attempting to take a picture of the pilot's badge. That's when the incident takes a violent turn. The pilot is seen waving his left arm towards Foster, seemingly in an attempt to shoo him away, however in doing so he knocked the 49-year-old's cellphone from his hand. Surveillance footage shows Foster grabbing the pilot's left arm, dragging him to the side and almost sending him tumbling to the ground. The pilot then recovers his footing, but Foster is seen striding towards him and delivering a two-handed shove to his shoulders and chest. The pilot then stumbled backwards, before he got his luggage and headed out of the terminal. Foster was seen giving chase, but police say the pilot was able to meet his wife in a car waiting for him outside and drive away. A police report about the incident states Foster was furious at the pilot for allegedly being inconsiderate and 'taking up too much room' in the aisle of the plane. The report also states the pilot suffered cuts to his legs and bruises on his arms. The flight was from Dallas to Kansas City. Foster is charged with assault and is due in court on May 16.

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  • Dramatic moment car smashes into four parked vehicles 01:22

    Dramatic moment car smashes into four parked vehicles

    This is the shocking moment a car was filmed smashing into parked vehicles at high speed causing the occupants to flee. A red Peugeot 308 was caught on camera ploughing into four other cars, damaging two so badly they were written off. The vehicle first crashed into a silver car in the street in Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, before spinning around 180 degrees and hitting three other cars. CCTV footage then caught the driver, who was wearing red shorts, fleeing the scene while another man and a woman emerge gingerly from the Peugeot holding a dog. And witnesses said the pair were then seen trying to flag down cars to give them a lift away from the area. Residents are then seen gathering around the horror crash, with some pointing and shouting at the driver as he ran off. Stewart Wilson, a bassist in a local band whose van was hit in the incident, said: 'I live opposite to where it happened and luckily had it installed. I saw the red car come down Barcroft Street at such speed. 'It hit the convertible, a Peugeot, and then spun round, hitting at least three or four others.' The red Peugeot initially hit a silver Peugeot 307, before striking the white Ford Transit van, a Volkswagen Golf and a black Renault Espace. The silver Peugeot and the Renault were both written off while the other vehicles sustained minor damage. Eye-witness Sarah Usher said: 'My mum saw this car go past while she was walking my two-year-old son to the shop, sickens me to think this could have hit them.' Kellie Marie Roffee said: 'We drove past five minutes after this, they could have got us if we were five minutes before.' Anyone who witnessed the incident is asked to call police on 101, quoting log number 467 of April 19.

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