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  • Masked gunmen open fire on supermarket in southern China 00:48

    Masked gunmen open fire on supermarket in southern China

    This is the shocking moment a group of masked gunmen shot at people in a supermarket in southern China's Guangxi province. At least two men were injured in the incident which took place on May 17. One was shot in the chest, local policemen confirmed. Officers are now investigating the cause of the attack and looking for the suspects. Surveillance footage suggested the incident took place at a supermarket in Mudong town in Bobai county in May 17 at around 10:20pm. At least four masked gunmen emerged from a white minivan that stopped right in front of the store before they started shooting at the people inside. The suspects can be seen carrying weapons. At the time of the attack, there were over 10 local villagers watching television at the back of the store, a relative of the injured onlookers told Sohu News. 'The man who got shot in the chest was standing at the entrance when the gunmen started shooting,' said the relative. The assailants then got back into their vehicle and drove off. The attack was about 20 seconds long, as shown on CCTV. Villagers found five bullet-like objects at the supermarket after the attack. The motive behind the attack remains unknown but policemen are looking into the cause.

    4 days
  • Shocking footage shows ‘black gang members’ in attacks on pedestrians 00:38

    Shocking footage shows ‘black gang members’ in attacks on pedestrians

    Organised attacks taking place in a suburban Melbourne have outraged a father-of-two who is determined to bring the attackers to justice. Clayton resident Giulio said he is fed up with unprovoked assaults and home invasions that he claimed are being committed by Melbourne's Apex gang. He says the attacks are happening frequently in a laneway outside his home often used by Monash Hospital workers and Monash University students. In a video taken from security cameras at his home, a group of men can be seen leaning on a fence-line, apparently keeping an eye on people walking along the path. Footage shows some of men against the fence running toward a pedestrian on the path and attacking them to the ground, as others flee. 'Within 10 seconds it was all over and they all scattered,' Giulio told A Current Affair, 9 News reported. Upon witnessing the assault he was filled with anger he decided to pursue one of the thugs down the street. 'I'm too old to chase, so I decided to come back, jump in the car and chase one of them.' 'I caught up to him and I said, 'if you don't f*****g stop, I am going to run you over.' He was able to grab a 15-year-old alleged thief, who claimed he was being abused and threatened to sue Giulio, until police arrived. Giulio believes the Apex gang are responsible for the chaos on his street and it's not the first time he has had issues with the group. Last year his home was broken into causing damages in almost $30,000. Security cameras filmed a crook knocking on the front door to his home. Once it was discovered no one was home, another thief went around the back and threw a brick through a glass door. He has now been forced to barricade his home. After reviewing the footage of the group attacking a man in the laneway Giulio is vowing to warn others about the potential dangers of the walk-through by posting signs and talking to surrounding residents. Charlie Bezzina, a retired homicide detective, said sickening crimes like this match offenses the Apex gang are responsible for. 'We know that Apex gangs play a major role, but it is up to the courts to send a message that it won't not be tolerated in the community. It is up to the courts to send a message and I think that is where the breakdown is,' he said.

    4 days
  • Porsche Totaled During TEST DRIVE 00:48

    Porsche Totaled During TEST DRIVE

    A brand new Porsche gets totaled during a test drive, after a prospective buyer loses control on a turn. I hope he had insurance! Usually in a situation like this the dealership's insurance will cover the vehicle.

    4 days
  • Libya: Brak al-Shat airbase attack that left 141 people dead captured on CCTV 02:06

    Libya: Brak al-Shat airbase attack that left 141 people dead captured on CCTV

    CCTV footage released on Sunday, shows the moment attackers broke into Brak al-Shat airbase in southern Libya on Thursday, 18 May. 141 people were reportedly killed in the raid on the airbase including unarmed military personnel and civilians who worked in the area.

    4 days
  • Moment man gets pinned by two cars and he is rescued by good samaritans 01:46

    Moment man gets pinned by two cars and he is rescued by good samaritans

    This is the dramatic moment that dozens of Good Samaritans rushed to help a man, 61, after he was pinned between two cars. Surveillance footage shows the moment a terrified Carlos Green tried to dive out of the way after a speeding stolen car slammed into another motorist, sending both vehicles careening off the road, straight for him. The two cars smashed through a lamppost and hit a wall, pinning Green - who had been standing in between them - in the middle on Friday. 'Man those cars came out of nowhere and Carlos was just helpless,' Troy Robertson, who witnessed the crash and rushed to save his friend, told Fox. Cops say the speeding Chevrolet had been stolen, and the driver and passenger were seen fleeing the scene - running past the 61-year-old who was screaming for help. The woman who was driving the gold Cadillac they smashed into was not seriously hurt. 'Yeah, he tried to jump out of the way, but he just got pinned underneath the Cadillac. He definitely hurt his right leg. When I saw all that I screamed, "somebody help me help get this car off Carlos,"' Robertson said. Robertson and his friend Orlando Gentry, both of whom work at a clothing shop across the street in Kansas City, rushed to help Green. 'We ran over there and just kept screaming 'somebody help us' and then we all just kept struggling at first, and then we finally got that car off him,' said Gentry. Their efforts quickly drew attention, and more and more people arrived to help. Within two minutes, around two dozen Good Samaritans were at the scene, to help lift the car and free Green. The 61-year-old was rushed to hospital with a suspected broken leg. But friends say he has already been released, on crutches with a cast, 'but he's okay and that's all that we cared about,' said Gentry. Police are now hunting for the two suspected car thieves who are also wanted for the hit and run.

    4 days
  • Crash for cash fraudster staged a collision on busy motorway 00:25

    Crash for cash fraudster staged a collision on busy motorway

    This is the moment a crash for cash fraudster staged a collision at a busy motorway toll unaware it had been caught on film. Mohamed Rahman, 27, cut into a line of queuing traffic and then blamed the other driver in a bid to get compensation, claiming the crash had reignited a painful back injury. But his deceit was later uncovered after he was filmed by cameras covering the busy M4 Severn Bridge crossing last June. Rahman has now been jailed for six months. Rahman had been behind the wheel of his Toyota Corolla when he cut into a line of traffic queuing for an open booth. He then slammed on his brakes causing a Golf to shunt into the back of his car. Rahman and the other driver got out with the Golf driver taking photos of the damage Rahman had caused to his car. But after exchanging details Rahman made a false insurance and personal injury claim. Rahman told his insurer he had been driving in the correct lane towards the toll booth when the other driver had cut in damaging his motor instead. He even contacted a claims management company and a local solicitor's firm to make a personal injury claim for his hurt back. But when blamed for the crash, the Golf driver gave a different account to his insurer and an investigation was launched. CCTV footage revealed Rahman was lying and the case referred to the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department (IFED) of City of London Police. When interviewed by detectives Rahman denied he accused the victim of driving into him and claimed his insurer and solicitor must have misheard him when he spoke to them on the phone. But telephone recordings clearly revealed Rahman saying the other driver had driven into him and he was not responsible. He then admitted the scam but tried to blame 'a friend' who suggested he could make some money by blaming the other driver and putting in a claim. Rahman, from South Wales, was convicted of fraud by false representation at Cardiff Crown Court last Tuesday. Detective Constable Ian Cambridge, of City of London Police said: 'Rahman tried to pull the wool over everyone's eyes in order to make a profit. 'This greed however has only led to him receiving a criminal record and a prison sentence. 'By working together with all of those involved including the insurers, solicitors and the victim, we have now managed to ensure that he has been brought to justice. 'The result should act as a stark warning to those who may consider placing a false insurance claim. 'It simply is not a good idea and there will only be negative consequences as we have clearly seen in the case of Rahman.'

    4 days
  • Quick-thinking passers-by lift car, free trapped driver in China 00:44

    Quick-thinking passers-by lift car, free trapped driver in China

    Two cars collided at an intersection in Huizhou city, south China's Guangdong Province on Wednesday morning. One of the vehicles flipped onto its side, trapping the driver. But quick thinking passers-by banded together to swiftly rescue the motorist. Together, the 20 Good Samaritans lifted the car to the upright position. Fortunately, no one was injured in the mishap.

    5 days
  • Two police men shot in gas station 00:36

    Two police men shot in gas station

    Monterrey, México - The fuel attendant had an excellent reaction and survived.

    5 days
  • Police officer and soldiers stabbed in Italian train station 00:57

    Police officer and soldiers stabbed in Italian train station

    Italian anti-terrorism police said on Friday that they were investigating a 20-year-old man who stabbed a police officer and two soldiers at Milan's main train station for alleged terrorist ties.

    5 days
  • Horrific moment man reverses into then assaults his girlfriend 00:52

    Horrific moment man reverses into then assaults his girlfriend

    The King Slayer 1570 -1

    A boyfriend who ran over his girlfriend's foot before driving her to the woods and beating her with a log has been jailed. Ashleigh Earl's shocking attack was caught on dash-cam showing the moment jobless Jack Cann, 22, reversed into her in December, badly breaking her foot. The thug then bundled her into his car and in a two-hour ordeal beat Ashleigh with a log before she managed to run for more than a mile despite her injuries in order to escape. Videos caught on a motion-sensor dash-cam and Ashleigh's iPhone saw the thug jailed for four years at Reading Crown Court. He was convicted of inflicting grievous bodily harm, making threats to kill, dangerous driving and driving whilst disqualified. Ashleigh from Bracknell, Berkshire, said: 'Watching the footage brings back horrific memories but I am glad it exists as it proves what a monster Jack is.' Now, Ashleigh, who does not work, is urging other women to have cameras fitted on their vehicles for safety. She added: 'The streets are safer with cameras to catch thugs like him in action.' Ashleigh and Cann met through Facebook in October and dated for two months prior to his attack on December 22. At 2am Ashleigh noticed Cann waiting outside her house in his MG ZR. Ashleigh said: 'I had no idea why he was there as we had no plans to meet. 'I went and told him to turn his engine off as it was late but he ignored me. Twenty minutes later I went back outside to confront him, filming on my iPhone. 'Suddenly he got out of the car and started yelling, accusing me of being with other men.' In the 66-second iPhone footage, Cann is then seen reversing over Ashleigh's foot as she screams in agony. Footage from the camera in Ashleigh's pink Astra VXR shows Cann drag her into to the front seat and speed off. Ashleigh said: 'Jack ignored my pleas to stop and three minutes later crashed into the back of another car. 'The tyres blew out then the car smashed into a fence and plunged into a ditch.' Ashleigh 'tried to run', but Cann dragged her back to Barkham Woods, Berkshire, 'by her hair'. She said: 'He hit me with a log then plunged my head into a stream and held it under. 'Then I heard him ring my sister and shout that he was killing me and would kill himself afterwards. 'I was in the middle of nowhere and convinced I was going to die.' Finally, Ashleigh managed to escape Cann's grip. She said: 'I ran on my broken foot for over a mile to a main road, so terrified I could barely feel the pain.' On her way she was met by Thames Valley Police who were searching for her - and Cann was arrested. Ashleigh was rushed to Royal Berkshire hospital and told she would need an operation to repair permanent damage in her foot. When she submitted her videos, police praised her 'quick-thinking'. Cann pleaded guilty to the ordeal at Reading Crown Court last month. She said: 'I faced him in court as I wanted to know why he attacked me. But he said he didn't remember. 'The emotional trauma was far worse than the physical and the fact he wouldn't give me a reason made it worse. 'For weeks I was scared of going out of the house or getting in the car.' With Cann now jailed, Ashleigh is 'slowly recovering' - but warns other women to have dash cams fitted to ensure safety. She added: 'If I hadn't my attacker may never have been sent down.'

    5 days
  • Rampant man hurls glass bottles at terrified cashier 00:21

    Rampant man hurls glass bottles at terrified cashier

    A drunken thug has avoided jail after he was caught on camera trashing a store by hurling bottles of wine at the shopkeeper. CCTV shows Kenny Queen, from Clacton, Essex, destroying stock and throwing bottles of wine at the shop worker in a violent rage. The serial offender, 27, was out of control on a mix of drink and drugs after downing two bottles of vodka and snorting three grammes of cocaine before the incident. Queen, who has racked up 45 convictions in the past for 115 offences, caused thousands of pounds of damage but was spared jail. The 30 second clip shows Queen entering the shop where he begins to speak to the shop worker before exploding into a fit of rage. He then pulls down the display on the counter, and continues to trash the shop. Queen had entered the shop in Old Road, Clacton, Essex, a couple of minutes earlier with his partner. His partner then tries to tell him stop but he pushes her away, whilst continuing to destroy the shop's displays. He then turns to the display of wines, pushed another display and smashes a number of bottles. The criminal then grabs a bottle of wine by the stem and hurls it at the cashier who ducks for cover.However, he then slipped on the wine. He then decides to grab two more bottles, throwing another at the shop worker before falling flat on his face. As a young child looks through the window on the door, the criminal then attempts to throw a bottle of wine at him. While this is happening other shoppers come into the store, with one ignoring the carnage whilst trying to buy milk. The shopper then becomes annoyed when the cashier won't get up and help her - complete carnage. Eventually the police were called where Queen was arrested by officers that were forced to use CS spray to subdue him about five minutes after this clip is caught. He was then sentenced for criminal damage, possession of an offensive weapon, assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest and breaching a previous suspended sentence at Chelmsford Crown Court on Friday, May 12. Queen also admitted breaching a suspended sentence order by not turning up to appointments. Karl Volz, prosecuting, said: 'He was smashing and throwing wine bottles from a display at the owner and his partner. The owner was trapped behind the counter. He was being pinned in by a barrage.' About £6,000 damage was caused to the shop. Among Queen's 110 offences before the most recent sentence was a racist attack at a shop in the same road where a bottle was thrown. Another involved him threatening police with a machete and Samurai sword after another booze and cocaine binge. Lucy Osborne, mitigating, said: 'He has no recollection of this incident whatsoever. He accepts entirely this is an appalling incident. He has expressed his upmost remorse.' The court heard that he had struggled since a number of deaths when he was 16, including his mother's murder. Shortly before this incident he heard his mother's killer was applying for parole and his maternal grandfather was dying. Judge Emma Peters said: 'What I have got is a man with a horrific record. I sympathise immensely with the fact his mother was murdered but you have 100-plus convictions and you are 27. 'You went into that shop and completely lost it. You behaved in an extraordinary way, a complete loss of control. 'The most obvious thing to do is to send you to prison. That is what I probably should do but I see something in you which makes me think you are about to turn a corner. I am going to give you a chance.' Queen was sentenced to four months in jail for criminal damage, six months for possesion of the weapon, two months for assaulting a police officer and four months for public order. The 16-month sentence was suspended for two years with Thinking Skills and building better relationship requirements, as well as being ordered to complete 20 hours unpaid work for breaching a suspended sentence.

    5 days
  • 2 Muslim Migrants Caught on Camera Attempting to Murder 2 Italian Soldiers by Stabbing Them in a Train Station 00:45

    2 Muslim Migrants Caught on Camera Attempting to Murder 2 Italian Soldiers by Stabbing Them in a Train Station

    moku 6155 2

    Prosecutors in Italy say a man who stabbed a policeman and two soldiers at Milan’s main train station on Thursday is being investigated for international terrorism.

    Police say Ismail Hosni attacked the officers on Thursday night after they asked to see his identity papers. None of the three suffered life-threatening injuries.

    Video footage released by police showed the injured officers tackling the suspect and pushing him to the ground before other security forces intervened.

    Police say the 20-year-old, who faces possible attempted murder charges, has dual Italian and Tunisian nationality and was born in Milan.

    Anti-terrorism police are now looking into whether he has links with militant groups.

    6 days
  • Man trips fleeing 'thief' with kick to the legs 00:33

    Man trips fleeing 'thief' with kick to the legs

    Footage of a man tripping an alleged thief to stop him getting away was filmed in Zibo, China on May 14. The video shows the man pursuing the alleged thief after he was accused of taking a pregnant woman's bag. He then kicks the alleged criminal's legs, sending him tumbling to the ground.

    6 days
  • Shocking CCTV of man armed with shotgun robbing Melbourne milk bar 01:34

    Shocking CCTV of man armed with shotgun robbing Melbourne milk bar

    A man who robbed a Melbourne milk bar pointed his gun at a customer that came into the shop while he was holding it up. The balaclava-clad, overweight robber with an Australian accent charged into the St Kilda East milk bar on Saturday around 9am. Police say the man threatened the store's owner with a sawn-off shotgun which he pointed at the shopkeeper and later, a woman who opened the door while the incident was taking place. As the customer opened the door the robber raises his weapon at the unsuspecting shopper, who then backtracks and doesn't enter the shop. The thief then exited the shop to a Mercedes Viano van with tape over the registration plates that was waiting for him. The culprit made off with cigarettes and cash. Police are now looking for the man who is estimated to be 185 centimetres tall, of solid build and speaks with an Australian accent. He wore a grey hoddie and a black cover over his face. A witness was able to capture an image of the van allegedly used to escape the scene.

    6 days
  • Asian Prostitute Caught In The Elevator Before And After A Long Night 01:51

    Asian Prostitute Caught In The Elevator Before And After A Long Night

    Elevator security cam shows the before and after effects of this hooker's eventful evening.

    7 days
  • Scary moment commuter Anija Lender falls onto the Boston subway tracks 00:24

    Scary moment commuter Anija Lender falls onto the Boston subway tracks

    The dramatic moment a young woman was saved in the nick of time after she fainted onto a Boston subway track was captured on video. Anija Lender, 18, was waiting for the Red Line at South Street station early Wednesday evening when she said she started to feel hot. She took a sip of water from a friend's bottle, and that's the last thing she remembers. Surveillance video captures the moment she tumbles limp as a rag doll onto the tracks below, just missing the electrified third rail, as a train is one minute away from pulling into the station. Shocked commuters stood watching the scene unfold and a few brave souls hopped down on the tracks to help her. At first, the young woman said she still wasn't feeling well and asked the Good Samaritans not to move her, but one said the train time table read the train was only one minute away. Lender quickly changed her mind. 'Then they said the train is coming and I said 'move me, move me,' she toldCBS Boston. 'I don’t know, I guess I fainted,' she said. Temps were still in the '80s in Boston that evening, and even hotter down on the platform. Lender was left with a sprained ankle and six stitches over one eye but it could have been much worse. She credits a higher power and the brave commuters for saving her life. 'I believe in God, I feel like God really had my back. He was right there with me,' she told the outlet. 'I'm so glad people came and helped me. I know if that was me, I would have been scared to jump on the tracks knowing the train was so close.'

    7 days
  • Man beats up bus driver because he didn't stop where he wanted 00:32

    Man beats up bus driver because he didn't stop where he wanted

    Video footage has caught the shocking moment an unruly bus passenger brutally beats up the vehicle's driver for not stopping where he wanted. The incident took place on May 14 in Foshan, China's Guangdong province. The pair can be seen having an intense discussion when the passenger suddenly slaps the driver across the head. In the video, the passenger can be seen approaching the driver from the back of the vehicle. He tells the bus driver that he had previously spoken to him and asked him to stop at a certain point. He says: 'I already told you where I wanted you to stop.' The bus driver tells the man that he cannot stop where the man wants him to and he wants to drive to the next stop. All of a sudden the passenger beats the man across the head. He then beats him again across the face. The bus driver tries to fight back. The bus comes to a halt and the passengers are left looking stunned as the man leaves the vehicle.

    1 week
  • Surveillance video shows school employee lifting student off ground by neck 00:22

    Surveillance video shows school employee lifting student off ground by neck

    A 50-year-old Rankin, Pennsylvania school employee is facing charges after police said he picked up a 13-year-old student by the neck twice and carried him down a hall. It's not clear what led up to the confrontation. The employee remains free while he faces charges of misdemeanor simple assault and endangering the welfare of a child. Video Courtesy Woodland Hills School District

    1 week
  • Armed man leaps over counter and attacks clerk 03:35

    Armed man leaps over counter and attacks clerk

    The armed robber doesn't waste any time launching his violent attack against a clerk at a Dania Beach, Florida convenience store. On April 8, 2017 the suspect runs into a Stop N Go and jumps in front of a customer. He waves a gun at the clerk through the open partition and demands cash. When the clerk doesn't move as quickly as the robber wants, he leaps through the opening and places the gun against the cashier's head. He collects money from a box, strikes the compliant clerk across the head with the gun and then orders the man to open the cash register. The aggressive assault doesn't end there. The suspect drags and pushes the employee to open a door in order for him to make his hasty escape. Video Courtesy Broward Sheriff's Office

    1 week
  • Times Square Terror Attack Surveillance Video 00:32

    Times Square Terror Attack Surveillance Video

    The video show the shocking moment a person runs down more than 20 people at Times Square on May 18, 2017. Witnesses said the motorist mounted the sidewalk in a burgundy Honda sedan and sped along for more than three city blocks, knocking people over before the car hit a pole and came to rest at 45th Street and Broadway in Midtown Manhattan. Police who took the driver into custody identified him as Richard Rojas, 26, of the New York City borough of the Bronx. Initial reports of the incident brought to mind vehicle attacks on pedestrians in recent months in Britain, France, Germany, Israel and Sweden. Security camera footage showed the car slam into pedestrians who moments earlier were ambling along, some carrying shopping bags and others pushing baby strollers.

    1 week
  • Video of restaurant fight over noisy child sparks cyberbullying of protagonists 01:02

    Video of restaurant fight over noisy child sparks cyberbullying of protagonists

    Surveillance video footage of a fight that broke out in a restaurant in Dalian, northeast China last Friday after a university student appeared to kick a noisy child has divided opinion over who was to blame for the violent incident. With both the student and the four-year-old girl’s mother coming in for vicious criticism online since the clip went viral, the case has also highlighted a worrying trend for cyberbullying in China. While many have condemned the student, others have rebuked the child’s mother for responding with violence and her failure to control the child in the first place.

    1 week
  • Deadly consequence of reckless driving 00:41

    Deadly consequence of reckless driving

    Happened in Saudi Arabia. According to a few sources the man was killed.

    1 week
  • Pregnant clerk escapes injury after SUV slams into deli 00:58

    Pregnant clerk escapes injury after SUV slams into deli

    A pregnant woman and three other people escaped serious injuries after an SUV that police say was stolen crashed through a Philadelphia deli. Police said the suspect was driving a stolen 2017 Nissan Pathfinder about 100 mph when he lost control and crashed into several other cars before slamming into the deli. Philadelphia Police Department

    1 week
  • Truck smashes into railway bridge, splits it in half 00:23

    Truck smashes into railway bridge, splits it in half

    A truck driver was trapped inside his vehicle when an overhead bridge he smashed into collapsed on top of him Monday in Fushun, in northeast China’s Liaoning Province. The driver was passing under a railway bridge when the rear of his truck suddenly lifted up, splitting the bridge in half. Part of it fell on to the truck and the driver became stuck under the weight. Local police officers and firefighters were called to the scene after passersby were unable to remove the 54-ton piece of bridge off the driver. After about five hours’ work by about 100 people, the driver was finally rescued and sent to the hospital.

    1 week
  • Distressing: Boy trapped upside down in pool for over one minute 01:34

    Distressing: Boy trapped upside down in pool for over one minute

    Horrifying video footage has captured the moment a child nearly drowns while playing in a paddling pool at a play centre in China. The child was playing at Leyou Baobei swimming centre in Zhaoyuan City, China's Shandong province on May 17 when the incident occurred. It takes some 72 seconds for staff at the centre to realise the child is drowning.

    1 week
  • Electrical pole falls on motorcyclist In Bangkok, Thailand 00:19

    Electrical pole falls on motorcyclist In Bangkok, Thailand

    Bangkok, Thailand - Police are investigating what caused a large tree to fall on Soi Chit Lom, taking out an electrical pole which fell and killed a motorist Saturday morning. Nitchapat Somjet, 25, was riding a motorbike when she was killed at about 9:30am by the falling utility pole. The pole was knocked down by a large tree next to to Central Chidlom collapsed. Two others were injured and taken for treatment at a hospital. The street is currently closed due to the accident.

    1 week
  • Surveillance video shows fatal crash that cut car in half 00:30

    Surveillance video shows fatal crash that cut car in half

    A deadly high-speed crash was caught on surveillance camera in Southern California when a car lost control, took out a fire hydrant and smashed into two business on Tuesday, May 16, 2017. The hydrant split the car in two, throwing one side into the road and the other side into businesses that were closed at the time. Courtesy LAPD

    1 week
  • Video Shows an unknown man Setting a Mosque On Fire in Florida 02:29

    Video Shows an unknown man Setting a Mosque On Fire in Florida

    Deputies in Hillsborough County, Florida, are searching for a male suspect seen in a newly released surveillance video setting fire to a local mosque.

    The incident occurred on February 27, 2017 at approximately 2:00 a.m. local time at the Islamic Society of New Tampa in Thonotosassa. Hillsborough County Fire Rescue received a call just a few minutes later, around 2:09 a.m., about the fire. Firefighters put out the blaze and no one was hurt, though the building, commonly referred to as the New Tampa Mosque, suffered some property damage, officials said.

    Deputies from the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office released the video, she said, in hopes someone will recognize the person in the captured footage and come forward with any leads.

    1 week
  • Caught on camera: Deputy hits car during pursuit 00:16

    Caught on camera: Deputy hits car during pursuit

    A sheriff's deputy vehicle struck a car during a pursuit in the City Heights area.

    1 week
  • Muslim picked the wrong girl to harass, boyfriend DESTROYS him! 02:08

    Muslim picked the wrong girl to harass, boyfriend DESTROYS him!

    moku 29681 47

    A Brooklyn teen was brutally beaten outside a mosque early Sunday, but police don't believe it was a hate crime.

    The advocacy group Council on American-Islamic Relations says the 16-year-old victim was taking a break from late night prayers outside the Muslim Community Center on 3rd Avenue and 53rd Street when he was assaulted.

    He was punched, thrown to the ground, kicked in the face and stomped, according to CAIR.

    Mohamed Bahe of the Muslim Community Center said the teen heard his attacker saying "You f------ terrorist" and cursing while being punched.

    But police say there is no evidence the suspect hurled any slurs and there's no indication of any hate crime. According to police, the teen and another 17-year-old boy were riding their bikes in the area of the Muslim Center, and the 16 year old was approached by someone who accused him of harassing his girlfriend.

    Surveillance video shows the suspect punching the victim, knocking him off his bike, and then beating him on the ground. When the 17-year-old friend came to his aid, he was also attacked.

    Some of the mosque's own members agreed with police's findings that there was no hate crime.

    "I believe the motive was quite simple," said Ali Anwar. "The guy saw someone talking to his girl, he got upset and reacted irrationally."

    Anwar said he's seen the whole video, not just the portion showing the teen and his friend being attacked. He said a woman in the car parked along 53rd Street called to the young men on their bikes after leaving a late-night prayer service.

    "They were conversating with her twice -- once at the passenger side, once in the back," he said.

    There's no audio on the surveillance video but police said the woman claims the teens harassed her for about 40 minutes, calling her a hooker and trying to open the car door. That's when she called her boyfriend, seen in the video attacking the teens.

    1 week
  • Hi-jackers swipe SECOND car from family using keyless trick 01:29

    Hi-jackers swipe SECOND car from family using keyless trick

    The King Slayer 1618 -1

    Keyless car theives have stolen a Mercedes from a family's driveway - just weeks after an almost identical theft in the same area. Shocking CCTV showed a man apparently using a laptop to 'hack' a £35,000 car from outside a home in Grays, Essex last month. Now a second family have come forward to tell how they believe the theft of their Mercedes was carried out by the same men. Julie Bettles had returned from walking the dog on May 2 when she realised her husband's company car had vanished from their driveway in Gidea Park, Essex. The 43-year-old rang police while looking through CCTV and spotted two men saunter onto her driveway. Using the same method employed in the Grays theft, CCTV footage shows one hooded figure walking round to the driver's side of the white Mercedes while another holds a hand-held device up against the wall. Within seconds the car doors pop open and the pair drive off - despite the keys still hanging on a hook at the back of the house. Ms Bettles said she was stunned to spot one of the thieves appearing to wear the same jacket he did in CCTV footage shared by the victim of the Grays theft, Paige Foster. The manufacturing assistant says the theft of her and company director husband Mark's car has left her and her children fearing for their safety. Mother-of-two Ms Bettles said: 'Watching the CCTV footage back and seeing one of the men walk down the side of my house, probably to get better signal, made me feel really sick. 'It looks like he's carrying a small electronic device. 'What is the world coming to? I have a dog, CCTV and a house alarm and hang the keys out of sight at the back of the house and they still managed to steal the car. What more can you do? 'My kids were frightened to go to bed the night after it happened and asked whether the door was locked and the alarm was on. 'I was on edge lying in bed thinking about what had happened. Telling of her suspicions it is the same theives as the Grays theft, she added: 'He's wearing the same hoody and jacket with a scarf across his face. 'Everyone I've shown the CCTV stills to who have seen the other story say it's got to be the same person.' The Metropolitan Police have confirmed they were investigating the theft. No arrests have been made. A Mercedes-Benz spokesman said: 'We're sorry to learn about this customer's experience. 'All Mercedes-Benz vehicles have extensive security and anti-theft protection systems.'

    1 week
  • Man is SPAT on and BEATEN in a vicious attack at McDonald's 02:16

    Man is SPAT on and BEATEN in a vicious attack at McDonald's

    This shocking CCTV footage shows the moment a Somalian man was assaulted and spat at as he tried to eat a meal in McDonalds. The clip, released by Avon and Somerset Police, shows Kyle Purnell throwing his brown McDonald's paper bag at the victim, known only as Max, and his friend, before marching round their table and shoving him against the window. Max said he 'never thought something like that would happen to me in Bristol'. Purnell appeared before Bristol Magistrates Court in March, but the footage has just been released now. He pleaded guilty to two counts of assault by beating - but was found not guilty of two counts of racially/religiously aggravated common assault. The CCTV footage shows Max and his friend entering McDonald's in Avonmeads Retail Park, Bristol just after midnight on July 1 last year. As the two went to take a seat at the table next to where Purnell and his friend were sitting, Purnell can be seen throwing a chip at the two men. Purnell can then be seen getting out of his seat and walking towards Max and his friend, yelling at them and even spitting on them. He then marched round the table, pushed Max into the window and punched him. Max added that he came to Bristol from Somalia five years ago and thought he would be 'much safer' in the UK. 'The guy attacked me. He spat in my face,' he told the BBC. 'I never thought that would happen to me in Bristol. When I came to this country, I thought, "I am in the home of democracy".' Purnell was sentenced to a 12 month community order and was ordered to pay £75 compensation to the victim, as well as £85 to both the CPS and victim services.

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