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  • Shocking moment massive brawl breaks out in a Canberra nightclub 00:15

    Shocking moment massive brawl breaks out in a Canberra nightclub

    A reveller seen dancing alone at a busy nightclub allegedly unleashed a barrage of punches at fellow partygoers just seconds later. The incident was captured on camera at Canberra's Mooseheads nightclub back in January, but police have renewed calls for witnesses to come forward. CCTV footage shows the alleged attacker dancing by himself at the bar shortly before a wild brawl broke out. Several punches appeared to be thrown, before the altercation came to abrupt end when other patrons and staff members stepped in. It is not clear from the CCTV footage whether anything was said to provoke the alleged attack. Police want to speak with the man over the alleged assault, but it was his dance moves prior to the brawl which sent social media into a spin. 'Hope he gets extra time for that dancing,' one wrote, while another said: 'The real crime here is his dance moves.' 'Poor guy was having a seizure and everyone thinks he was dancing,' yet another commented. ACT Police is urging anyone who witnessed the alleged assault, which left one man with facial injuries, to come forward. 'Police are urging anyone who recognises themselves in this footage from an assault at Mooseheads nightclub on Sunday 8 January to come forward and speak to police,' a statement read. 'The assault occurred around 4.10am and involved a number of people, resulting in a male victim suffering facial injuries.' The alleged attacker was wearing a long sleeved shirt, dark pants and white shoes.

    2 weeks
  • Shocking moment Muslim van driver mows down five men on a pavement in Leicester 00:30

    Shocking moment Muslim van driver mows down five men on a pavement in Leicester

    The King Slayer 1073 -2

    This is the horrific moment a Muslim van driver ploughed into five men sending them flying 'like skittles' after claims he was racially abused while fasting during Ramadan. Lugman Aslam, 26, can be seen mounting the pavement before smashing into the pedestrians, leaving two ending up on the bonnet. Leicester Crown Court heard Aslam attacked the group after he was involved in a fight with them in the city centre. In mitigation the court heard Aslam had been fasting for Ramadan on that day and for more than 20 days in total. Incredibly, nobody was killed or seriously injured in the attack which happened in Lee Street, Leicester, on the evening of June 28 last year. Aslam, of Leicester, admitted dangerous driving and attempting to inflict intentional grievous bodily harm. He was jailed for five years and banned from driving for four-and-a-half years at Leicester Crown Court on Monday. Recorder Justin Wigoder said: 'I have to take into account the way this incident came about. 'You reversed, not hard, into an individual which led to him and a group attacking you. 'That incident passed and they walked off. What you did after that is totally shocking. 'You quite deliberately drove your van at that group who were walking along the pavement. 'I've seen it on CCTV and you deliberately mounted the pavement and drove straight at them and right through the middle of them at speed. 'Some were thrown to the side and three were struck by your vehicle front-on, with one going over the bonnet and hitting the windscreen. 'It's quite remarkable that nobody was seriously hurt or killed and the only injuries complained of were bruises and scratches. 'One indication of the force of the collision was your windscreen was smashed - you claimed it had been hit by an animal when you got it repaired. 'You accept your intention, driving at them, was to cause serious injury and that's what makes this case so serious. 'The motivation was driving at them to get your revenge, to get your own back from the fact they'd assaulted you.' The Recorder added: 'I accept it was completely out of character. 'You're of very positive good previous character and I've received a considerable number of references setting out all the good that is in you. 'You're a good family man with a young daughter and I take that very much into account.' When shown the footage, delivery driver Aslam was shocked and could not explain his actions. Prosecutor Alexander Wolfson said the fact that they avoided serious injury was 'down to the design of the front bumper.' He said: 'The driving followed an altercation between the defendant and this group, not very far away from the incident (which happened outside the rear entrance of a Sainsbury's store). 'The defendant was reversing his van when there was contact with one of the group and there was an incident involving the group and the defendant, of a physical and violent nature. 'That was the catalyst for this piece of driving.' Nadeem Aullybocus, defending, said: 'He was fasting on that day and had been doing so for about 20 days when this happened. 'He's a hardworking, unassuming and quiet man, of small stature. 'He's never been involved in gang culture and was simply on his way to meet his wife and child when the encounter (with the five men) took place. 'Something happened out of the ordinary and he reacted in a way he can't explain. 'Clearly he saw red and went for these five people. He's been suffering from depression ever since. 'Others speak highly of him. He also does charitable work in the community.'

    2 weeks
  • Oh boy!: Bystanders help a mum deliver a baby boy on a road 01:50

    Oh boy!: Bystanders help a mum deliver a baby boy on a road

    Video footage has caught the incredible moment passersby rushed to help a woman who had gone into labour on a Chinese street. Passersby noticed the woman in intense pain on June 8 in Zhengzhou, central China's Henan province. When they realised she was in labour, they created a make-shift delivery room and the child was born some 10 minutes later. According to CGTN, the mother was attempting to get a taxi upon realising she had gone into labour. However once the taxi arrived, she was in too much pain. Passersby rushed to give her some privacy by using blankets and umbrellas while others called for an ambulance. Footage shows the moment onlookers joined forces to help the woman. The baby boy was born before the ambulance arrived and was taken to hospital with its mother to be given a check-up.

    2 weeks
  • Two Idiots Try To Thaw A Flammable Tanker Valve Using a Blow Torch 00:59

    Two Idiots Try To Thaw A Flammable Tanker Valve Using a Blow Torch

    These two brainiacs have earned themselves an all expenses paid trip to the afterlife.

    2 weeks
  • Passenger of Taxi Thrown Out After Collision 00:33
  • Telephone pole slams into motorcyclist in accident caught on cctv Philippines 01:33

    Telephone pole slams into motorcyclist in accident caught on cctv Philippines

    Telephone pole slams into motorcyclist in accident caught on cctv - Philippines Repairmen were fixing telephone wires when a pole suddenly broke, fell on a man's head, and also caught on fire.

    2 weeks
  • Naked man tries to break into home 01:11

    Naked man tries to break into home

    Police say a man was caught on camera trying to break into a Bethesda, Maryland home last month, and he wasn't dressed for the occasion. Actually, he wasn't wearing anything. Video Courtesy Montgomery County Police Department

    2 weeks
  • Fight on bus sends man through front windshield 00:33

    Fight on bus sends man through front windshield

    The King Slayer 1888 -1

    Surveillance video shows a wild, violent fight on a Kansas City bus. In the video, one man appears to be shoved into the bus’s windshield, breaking it and pushing it outward. The first man nearly falls out of the windshield before the bus driver opens the doors and the man exits. He briefly re-enters the bus before exiting again. Police were called, and one of the men was taken to a hospital for treatment of a cut. Police classified the incident as an aggravated assault. Video Courtesy Kansas City Area Transportation Authority

    2 weeks
  • Suspects Throw Avocados And Bananas At Bronx Store Clerk 00:46

    Suspects Throw Avocados And Bananas At Bronx Store Clerk

    The hunt is on for a pair of produce hurling attackers after a store clerk’s jaw was broken in an alleged assault-by-avocado at a deli near Yankee Stadium last month. Police say just before 5 a.m. on May 29, the two men started throwing avocados and bananas at an employee of Stadium Gourmet Deli on 161 Street in the Bronx following a dispute over a food order. Cameras inside the deli captured the brutal attack. One of the men hit an employee directly in the face with one of the avocados, causing him to stumble backwards as he’s hit with several more. The victim suffered a laceration and fractures to his face as well as a broken jaw, according to police. He was taken to NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln in serious but stable condition. The owner of the deli says the injured employee is new to the store and doesn’t speak English, so the suspects may have gotten frustrated with him. “This is not normal, how somebody try to give you service and you throw avocado, this is no good,” Hany Girgis tells CBS2’s Valerie Castro. “If you give order and you wait ten minutes, this is no reason to do what you do.” The suspects fled in a dark colored sedan in an unknown direction, according to police. The first suspect is described as a Hispanic male between 25 and 30-years-old, 5’7″ to 5’10” tall and 170 to 190 pounds. He was last seen wearing a black t-shirt, blue jeans, and multi-colored sneakers. The second suspect is described as a black male between 25 and 30-years-old, 5’7″ to 5’10” tall and 170 to 190 pounds. He was last seen wearing a white t-shirt, a blue vest, blue jeans, and blue and white sneakers.

    2 weeks
  • Lazy shopper drives into convenience store because it was raining 00:59

    Lazy shopper drives into convenience store because it was raining

    A shopkeeper in eastern China was stunned last week after a customer drove a Smart car straight into the supermarket he worked for to buy food. The customer asked the shopkeeper to pass over yoghurt and crisps before giving him the money and reversing out of the shop. The shopkeeper suspected the shopper didn't want to get out of the car because it was raining.

    2 weeks
  • Two women in cash raid on Birmingham post office 00:51

    Two women in cash raid on Birmingham post office

    Police have released CCTV footage of two female robbers wielding a knife and a meat cleaver during a raid on a post office. The pair used a milk crate to jam open the shutters at the premises in Haunch Lane, Kings Heath, Birmingham, shortly before 10pm on Sunday June 4. Staff members were forced to open the tills and the offenders snatched handfuls of notes before escaping. Detective Constable David Cockbill, who is leading the investigation, said: "No injuries were reported despite the use of weapons. However, the staff members have understandably been left very shaken by what happened. "We take all incidents of this nature seriously and we are doing all we can to trace those involved. As part of the investigation we´ve examined CCTV and audio of the incident and we are confident the two suspects are female. "We have chosen to release the clip to the public in a bid to help us identify the two people responsible."

    2 weeks
  • CCTV captures moment woman brazenly steals CHARITY TIN 00:48

    CCTV captures moment woman brazenly steals CHARITY TIN

    This shocking footage shows the moment a brazen thief heartlessly nicks a charity donation tin. The heartless woman was caught on CCTV swiping the collection pot from a restaurant counter before hiding it in her bag. She then fled the scene with the tin, which contained hundreds of pounds for Cancer Research.

    2 weeks
  • Shocking CCTV captures burglars in a home as mother puts child to sleep 01:03

    Shocking CCTV captures burglars in a home as mother puts child to sleep

    This is the harrowing moment a terrified mother screamed in horror when a gang of burglars broke into her home to steal jewellery worth thousands of pounds. The petrified mother had just put her two young children to bed when the men broke into her property in Ealing, west London. Video footage from internal security cameras inside her home showed the group enter the property through a patio door and walk through the kitchen. She came downstairs to see what was going and screamed when she was grabbed by one of the men. She was later pinned down while the burglars stole tens of thousands of pounds worth of jewellery from the house. The distressing footage was used to help catch the burglars, four of whom have been jailed for a combined total of 23 years. They were found to be responsible for 16 break-ins across London and stole hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of cash, jewellery and electrical equipment. Two of the men - Stephen Kelly, 22, and Danny Logan, 21 - were arrested in March 2016, after officers responded to an alarm activation at a different property in Primrose Hill. The burglars had caused an estimated £15,000 worth of damage to the home after they broke in and stole a steel safe, which was found abandoned in the garden. Kelly and Logan later were linked to a different burglary in Hampstead in February last year. The pair were bailed and the police investigation was widened to include Daniel Hill, 22, and Beau Abououf, 27, after officers looked at their phones. The men were linked to a further 14 burglaries at homes across London in Barnet, Brent, Camden, Ealing and Haringey between November 2015 and June 2016. In many of the break-ins, the group stole expensive designer watches and clothes as well as jewellery. Detailed analysis of mobile phone records revealed the communication between the group including images and videos featuring them flaunting the stolen goods. Abououf, Kelly and Logan were also subsequently charged with a robbery that took place at a house in Ealing on March 8, 2016. The horrific footage showed the men enter the woman's home and steal her jewellery. She bravely spoke about the incident afterwards. Meanwhile, a different CCTV at a property in Camden showed the men steal designer clothing and electrical items worth £89,800. Abououf was charged with conspiracy to burgle and one count of robbery and was convicted after a six-day trial at Harrow Crown Court in April. Kelly and Logan were also charged with conspiracy to burgle and one count of robbery. They both admitted conspiracy to burgle and denied robbery. They were found guilty of the robbery charge after a five-day trial at Harrow Crown Court. Hill admitted two burglary charges as well as the conspiracy to burgle. Abououf, of Camden, was jailed for eight years. Kelly and Logan, both of Camden, were jailed to six years each. Hill, of no fixed address, was sentenced to three years. Detective Inspector James Hale, of the Met's Trident and Area Command, said: 'These men were all professional burglars who committed crime in a highly organised manner to support a lavish lifestyle. 'They have shown a complete disregard for the victims of their crimes, many of whom have suffered severe financial and psychological damage. 'In most of the burglaries, the men targeted properties where they believed the homeowner was away, but, in one terrifying robbery, Abououf, Kelly and Logan stole jewellery from a house in Ealing after pinning a mother to the bed in front of her young child, who is still suffering psychological trauma more than a year later. 'I would like to pay tribute to this woman for her bravery in giving evidence in court during the trial. 'Thankfully, robberies of this kind in London are rare and this conviction sends a message that the Met Police will do all it can to pursue, apprehend and bring to justice callous criminals of this nature. 'We believe there may still be other individuals linked to this group who may have been involved in the conspiracy. 'I would urge anyone with any information about these men to call police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.'

    2 weeks
  • Shocking CCTV shows woman being robbed in her own home 00:39

    Shocking CCTV shows woman being robbed in her own home

    A partially sighted grandmother was robbed in her own home in a terrifying ordeal that has left her shaken. An 85-year-old great grandmother was attacked and dragged by her feet by two men who entered her Southall home and robbed her. Her daughter Darshan Jhutty said: 'I can't believe that anyone would have wanted to hurt my mum. 'She's elderly, she's vulnerable. She used to feel quite safe in her home, but not anymore.' She was attacked after two men knocked on her door at 2.30pm on a Wednesday afternoon in October, 2015. Her daughter said: 'She felt quite safe to just open the door. She didn't expect to be attacked in her own home.' Two men forced their way into the home and confronted her, grabbing her and pushing her onto the floor. They threatened her in Punjabi as they took off her jewellery. According to her daughter, the word they used means either to hit or to kill in Punjabi. She was dragged into the bedroom by her hands and feet. Ms Jhutty told the Crimewatch Roadshow: 'She must have been so so scared. Just even thinking about it scares us. 'I feel so helpless that we weren't there for her.' Avtar managed to stand up but could not stop them as they ransacked the house for 10 minutes. They took cash and then fled. Ms Jhutty added: 'Mum has got a larger than life personality, and she is fun, even all our friends call her "big mum".' The family moved to London from India in 1965 and have lived in Southall ever since. Her husband died in 2004 and she has lived on her own since then, with her family working hard to protect her independence. Ms Jhutty said her brother had a complex network of CCTV cameras installed in her home, but the day of the attack, they were not watching. DC Nicholas Strachan of the Met Police said: 'The level of violence used in this crime is completely and utterly disproportionate to what was stolen. 'The jewellery had sentimental value but its financial value was of no great significance. 'The long-term affects that this has had on Mrs Man and her family is incalculable. 'It is my feeling that they knew she was alone at the time and I would urge the community to come forward.' Ms Jhutty said her mother was not as confident as she used to be, refusing to put clothes on the washing line by herself, or sit in the garden alone, or even open the door when she cooks. In November 2015, Ashan Ali, who was 21 at the time, from Hayes, was arrested and later sentenced to nine years in prison for the crime, but he did not name his accomplice. DC Strachan described the other man involved as a Punjabi speaker, about 5'7-5'10 tall, with a large nose, and pronounced dark eyebrows. He believes he was between 17 and 21-years-old at the time of the offence, in October 2015.

    2 weeks
  • Melbourne man tackles 'African teen' after an attempted break-in 00:19

    Melbourne man tackles 'African teen' after an attempted break-in

    A young father who confronted and tackled a suspected thief in his garage while wearing nothing but his underwear and wielding a tyre iron has been praised as a hero.

    Brodie Reynolds confronted an 'African' teenager who was hiding from police in his Melton West home on Monday morning, detaining him until he could be arrested, according to 7News.

    The teenager was one of five 'African' youths who allegedly tried to break into a home in Brookfield before fleeing across a freeway and trying to hide from police on Haywood Grove, the publication reported.

    2 weeks
  • Thugs leave a man, 50, fighting for his life after beating him unconscious outside the National Gallery 00:05

    Thugs leave a man, 50, fighting for his life after beating him unconscious outside the National Gallery

    Shocking CCTV footage captured the moment a thug floored a man with a single punch from behind as he walked through London's Trafalgar Square. Seconds after crashing to the floor, the victim is violently kicked by another man as he lies motionless. Having carried out their cowardly attack outside the National Gallery, the two men are seen calmly walking away from the scene. The 50-year-old victim suffered serious injuries in the assault, Metropolitan Police said, and he remains in a critical but stable condition in hospital. Detectives from Westminster's Serious Crime Unit are investigating the attack, which occurred outside the National Gallery at about 0.40am on June 3. Metropolitan Police have now released the footage in a bid to identify the two men or to trace witnesses, with no arrests made in the investigation. The first suspect has a top knot hairstyle, full beard, red t-shirt, dark trousers and light-coloured shoes. The second suspect was wearing a black jacket with a white emblem on right shoulder and white writing with a picture on the rear. He was also wearing a white top under the jacket, dark trousers and dark shoes with white soles. Anyone with information is asked to contact Westminster Serious Crime Unit on 07500 766462; you can also tweet information via @MetCC.

    2 weeks
  • Psychic injured in restaurant car crash 'I didn't foresee it happening' 02:18

    Psychic injured in restaurant car crash 'I didn't foresee it happening'

    Psychic Blair Robertson was injured when a car smashed through a window in a restaurant, and he said 'I didn't foresee it happening'

    2 weeks
  • Man Tries To Kill Ex-Wife In Rio De Janeiro,Brazil 00:50

    Man Tries To Kill Ex-Wife In Rio De Janeiro,Brazil

    Jealous rage leads to attempted murder Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    2 weeks
  • The moment hooded robber attacks elderly woman aged 77 00:39

    The moment hooded robber attacks elderly woman aged 77

    CCTV footage has revealed how a thief hid in bushes before jumping out on a pensioner and slamming her to the ground.

    The 77-year-old was left with a dislocated shoulder after the criminal pounced on her in an alleyway before making off with a necklace.

    The cowardly attack, which took place in Crystal Palace, south east London, left the pensioner 'frightened and in enormous pain'.

    Police investigating the robbery have released CCTV in the hunt for the suspect after the vile robbery at about 12:20pm on September 30.

    Footage shows the woman being approached by a man who lunged at her without warning, knocking her to the ground and then running off. The force of the unexpected attack caused the victim to fall and land awkwardly, dislocating her shoulder, before members of the public rushed to help her.

    About ten minutes after the attack, the woman was found by police and she told officers that the necklace she had been wearing was missing. The victim was taken to a hospital in south London by the police, as there were no London Ambulance Service vehicles available, police said at the time.

    The suspect is described by police as either a white or Asian male, aged 25-35 years old, wearing a blue jacket, red shorts with a distinctive white strip at the side, and white socks and flip flops.

    PC Andrew Garland, from Croydon Police, added: 'This was a cowardly attack on an elderly lady that left her frightened and in enormous pain. 'We are asking the public to help us find this man so we can bring him to justice.'

    2 weeks
  • Deer SMASHES through paint store window, nearly hitting worker 00:29

    Deer SMASHES through paint store window, nearly hitting worker

    Security cameras caught the bizarre moment a confused deer crashed through the window of a paint store in Pennsylvania, nearly colliding with an employee.

    2 weeks
  • Horrific moment woman is dragged down street by moped thieves 00:13

    Horrific moment woman is dragged down street by moped thieves

    This is the horrific moment a woman is dragged down the street by a moped, after she refused to let go of her handbag while being mugged by thieves. The woman was pulled down Hassocks Road in Wimbledon for yards.

    2 weeks
  • Pregnant Woman Dragged By Alleged Car Thieves 00:26

    Pregnant Woman Dragged By Alleged Car Thieves

    The woman says she was dragged by the pair of thieves after they allegedly stole her car at a gas station in Indiana.

    2 weeks
  • Father and son threatened with a chisel by two hooded thugs 01:12

    Father and son threatened with a chisel by two hooded thugs

    A father and son were threatened by two thugs armed with chisel and a gun while at a petrol station. Shane Gundry, 55, and his 12-year-old son, Treye, had stopped at a gas station in Lockyer Valley, in south-east Queensland, when two men of Aboriginal appearance pulled out weapons and demanded he hand over his keys. The man's terrified son was still in the car when the armed bandits forced their way into the vehicle, but was able to get out and join his father as the thieves sped away, Nine News reported. It is believed the two man had driven to the service station in another stolen car before they made off with Mr Gundry's blue Ford Falcon with Queensland registration 813TYX. One of the men was armed with the chisel while the other produced a gun from his pants which they used to threaten the father as he tried to pay for his petrol. CCTV footage of the service station on Warrego Highway at Helidon shows the hooded thugs ambush Mr Gundry at the fuel bowser before he ran to the passenger door to free his young son. 'A car can be replaced, but I can't replace my son,' he told Nine News. A shaken Mr Gundry called his daughter, Peggy, in tears after the harrowing ordeal, and she later posted an emotional plea on Facebook with a picture of her father's car in the hope someone may spot it. The two men are described as Aboriginal in appearance, aged in their 20s and were wearing hooded sweatshirts. They had also attempted to steal a woman's car at the same petrol station but she was able to run back into the store with her car keys and called the police. Briony Summers said she refused to hand over her keys and watched as the father and son drove into the station and were robbed. 'I was defiant and wouldn't give them my car, or my keys, I rang the police and was on phone to them when Shane and son pulled up at the service station,' Ms Summers said. 'It all happened so quick and in a matter of minutes. Shane was shaken, broken, scared, but he held his composure for his son.' Queensland Police say the thieves headed westbound on the Warrego Highway and warn anyone who sees the vehicle or men not to approach them but to contact police immediately.

    2 weeks
  • Bizarre moment brazen thief steals large artwork off the wall 01:00

    Bizarre moment brazen thief steals large artwork off the wall

    A man has been caught on CCTV struggling to steal artwork off the wall of a restaurant before finally running off with it into bushland. Police are investigating after a 25-kilogram portrait was stolen from a restaurant in Middle Swan, in Perth's northeast, about 5.30pm Saturday. The bizarre moment was filmed by a restaurant security camera and shows the man struggled for up to a minute to take the artwork off the wall. In the footage, the man wearing a collared shirt and glasses approaches the artwork, turns his back to it and starts talking to another man. He then scans the room for staff before making his first attempt to steal the portrait. The man quickly aborts the attempt and walks away, but shortly returns while a group of people look on. He can be seen frantically pulling at the artwork while frequently checking over his shoulder. The artwork will not budge and he is forced to abort the attempt again and acts nonchalant. But he goes in for one more attempt - this time yanking at the portrait with more force and successfully pulling it off its brackets. He then struggles under the weight of the artwork before running away with it. The restaurant owner's daughter, Amy-Joy Walker - who was in the kitchen at the time - said the man belonged to a 'rowdy' and 'rude' group who came in after a wine tour. 'When he got it off and ran, [my wait staff] said "you've got to be joking". She chased him out the door and then came and got me,' she told WA Today. Ms Walker said she saw him run across the road with the artwork and into nearby bushland. 'That's when I thought "there's no way I'm going to catch up with him now" - so I just grabbed my sous chef and got in the Jeep, and went off-road looking for him,' she said. Ms Walker told WA Today they caught up with the man who dropped the artwork in bushland and ran off.

    2 weeks
  • Graphic: Police fatally shoot mentally ill man holding knives 00:53

    Graphic: Police fatally shoot mentally ill man holding knives

    Three Oklahoma law enforcement officers fatally shot a black man who was carrying two knives while trying to pick him up for a mental health issue on Friday. Tulsa County sheriff's deputies were attempting to pick up 29-year-old Joshua Barre near his house, but the man walked away and to a nearby convenience store instead, Tulsa police spokesman Leland Ashley said. Two deputies and a Tulsa police officer, all unidentified as of yet, opened fire before Barre could enter the store when they discovered that he was carrying two knives and became concerned about the safety of the people who were inside the business, Ashley said. Surveillance camera footage shows Barre entering the Super Store convenience store at 46th Street North and Martin Luther King Blvd. and being shot almost as soon as he enters and falling limp to the floor. He was pronounced dead at the hospital. The deputies who fired the shots are white and the police officer is black. All three have been put on routine administrative leave. It's not clear how many times Barre was struck. Ashley said authorities are reviewing footage believed to have been recorded by police dashboard and store surveillance cameras. He said an officer's body camera also might have captured what happened. Deputies had gone to Barre's home several times since a civil mental health pickup order was issued May 31, police and the sheriff's office said Friday night in a joint statement. On June 1 and 7, he made threats about what he would do if they forced their way inside his home and they left since he was no immediate threat to the public, according to the statement. On June 5, they couldn't find him. It was different on Friday, when four 911 callers reported seeing Barre walking the streets with two large knives and threatening people, the statement said. When Barre approached the convenience store, deputies ordered him to stop. A deputy used his stun gun on Barre, but it 'had no effect,' the statement said. Deputies and a police officer began shooting when Barre opened the door to the store to go inside. The shooting triggered a protest on a city street. Dozens of residents gathered at an intersection near the store within minutes of the shooting on Tulsa's north side. Some shouted, 'Hands up, don't shoot!' At least two dozen officers and deputies wearing riot gear assembled in the store's parking lot. The crowd of residents eventually dispersed. Some residents questioned why officers didn't use less lethal means to restrain Barre, given his fragile mental state. The shooting comes about three weeks after jurors acquitted a white Tulsa police officer of manslaughter in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man, Terence Crutcher, 40, last September. The verdict in favor of Betty Jo Shelby, who was allowed to return to the force, sparked peaceful protests and calls from community leaders and family members of Crutcher to demand more accountability from the police. Civil rights groups called on police and the sheriff's office to turn the investigation of Friday's shooting over to an independent agency. Not doing so 'will continue to erode the already fragile trust that exists' between law enforcement and the community, said Ryan Kiesel, executive director of Oklahoma's American Civil Liberties Union chapter. 'It is absurd to ask the residents of Tulsa County to trust a system that has demonstrated a clear pattern of immoral and unethical behavior to investigate itself. 'That conclusion might be different if today’s killing were an isolated incident, but it is not. Indeed, both the [Tulsa Police Department and the Tulsa County Sheriff’s office] have a track record of dehumanizing and killing people they are supposed to protect and serve,' said the group in a statement. Cleo Harris, who stood behind the yellow tape that authorities used to cordon off the scene, said blacks like him who live on the city's north side are fed up with what they perceive as a double standard in how the city is policed. 'People are upset, they're tired,' the 50-year-old Harris said. 'Black residents in north Tulsa want to be treated the same way (police) treat residents on the south side.' Barre's next-door neighbor, Angelica Hearn, 33, said: 'He didn't bother no one. The police should've sent someone equipped to handle this.'

    2 weeks
  • Pervy Red Sox fan takes upskirt shots and runs 00:42

    Pervy Red Sox fan takes upskirt shots and runs

    A man in Iowa took several upskirt shots of a woman while she shopped. The Cedar Falls Police Department and Cedar Valley Crime Stoppers is now looking for the suspect, who was seen wearing a Boston Red Sox hat and shirt.

    3 weeks
  • Video shows turf war that terrorized New York neighborhood 00:38

    Video shows turf war that terrorized New York neighborhood

    12 alleged gang members were arrested after a turf war that terrorized a Brooklyn neighborhood. Surveillance video shows shootings in broad daylight, children running for their lives and bus passengers ducking for cover. Video Courtesy NYPD

    3 weeks
  • Aboriginal men smash a bottle at female attendant's head In Queensland, Australia 00:39

    Aboriginal men smash a bottle at female attendant's head In Queensland, Australia

    Aboriginal men smash a bottle at female attendant's head - Queensland, Australia Police are investigating an armed robbery that occurred overnight at a bottle shop in Chermside. At 6.20pm, two men walked into a bottle shop on Gympie Road and selected a number of bottles of alcohol from the counter area. A female attendant was approached the pair and one of the men has struck her on the head with a bottle before they fled the scene on foot with a number of bottles of alcohol. The 23-year-old woman suffered a cut to her head and was taken to hospital for treatment. One man is described as being Aboriginal in appearance, around 180cms tall with a solid build and was last seen wearing a short-sleeved grey, red and white shirt and a red baseball cap. The second man is described as being Aboriginal in appearance, around 175cms tall and was wearing a black baseball cap and a Queensland Maroons jersey. The third man remained outside. Location: Chermside, Queensland, Australia

    3 weeks
  • Woman Texting Falls Through Cellar Door! 00:22

    Woman Texting Falls Through Cellar Door!

    A woman walking down a Plainfield, New Jersey street tripped over an open cellar door and tumbled into a basement Thursday. As CBS2’s Andrea Grymes reported, the woman’s son said he is grateful his 67-year-old mother wasn’t killed. He emphasized that when people watch the video, it is important to know that his mother is legally blind and diabetic. To many, the video looks like a hard lesson in distracted walking

    3 weeks
  • Shocking moment passenger crashes bus by jumping into driver's lap 00:41

    Shocking moment passenger crashes bus by jumping into driver's lap

    Nine passengers have been injured in China after one man took control of a coach by force before crashing it, according to local reports. Surveillance footage shows the moment when the male passenger leaps into the driver's seat and grabs the steering wheel. A 31-year-old man has been arrested in relation to the case. His motive remains unknown.

    3 weeks
  • Thief posing as OAP caught on CCTV stealing charity box 00:53

    Thief posing as OAP caught on CCTV stealing charity box

    This is the moment a brazen crook disguised with a flat cap steals a charity collection box from a bakery - after pretending to queue for a loaf of bread. Footage of the theft was caught on the shop's CCTV which shows the crook browsing the shelves before snatching the tin and shoving it in his coat. The man, who was wearing glasses and a flat cap, then rushes out of the Myers Bakery in Horncastle, Lincs. Police are now appealing for witnesses to come forward to catch thief who struck at 11am on May 17. CCTV shows the man grab the charity box, which was full of donations for leukaemia and lymphoma research, from the counter at the back of the shop.

    3 weeks
  • Woman arrested for stealing donations from Catholic Church 00:52

    Woman arrested for stealing donations from Catholic Church

    A woman in Polk County was arrested on Wednesday after being caught on surveillance video stealing clothes that had been donated to Saint Anthony Catholic Church in Lakeland.

    3 weeks