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  • Dramatic moment car collides with full-speed train at crossing 00:23

    Dramatic moment car collides with full-speed train at crossing

    This horrifying footage shows the moment a car edged perilously close to a moving train and was smashed to pieces - sending the driver flying into a lamppost. The bizarre incident saw the vehicle slowly creeping through a closed barrier at a level crossing before bumping into the speeding locomotive. The early-morning collision immediately sent the car into a dangerous spin which ended with it hitting a lamppost and smashing to pieces. The tremendous force of the impact threw the driver from the window at Khuan Niang station in Thailand leaving him injured. CCTV footage of the incident has sparked questions about why the car hit the train, which was travelling from the capital Bangkok to Hat Yai - a city in the country's far south. Most collisions between vehicles and trains involve drivers ignoring barriers, flashing lights and other warnings before the locomotive arrives. But this time it was already heading past at full speed when the car struck. The barrier is said to have been working completely normally before the incident. Nobody except the driver was injured but the car has been written off with serious damage also caused to the train carriage. It was part of new rolling stock recently introduced to the line. The footage has been viewed across the globe after it was uploaded to a page for train enthusiasts on Facebook.

    2 weeks
  • Surveillance video of Michelle Robey who was shot by Chicago police 01:33

    Surveillance video of Michelle Robey who was shot by Chicago police

    The Chicago PD has released footage of a woman apparently attacking a CVS worker with a knife just before she was shot dead by police. Cops shot Michelle Robey, 55, in North Center on the night of February 10, while she was acting erratically and dangerously inside and outside the drug store. But Robey's sister says that there was no need for police to shoot the woman down, and is now suing them for using excessive force. The footage released by the police is taken from multiple cameras and only shows the events before and after her shooting - not the death itself. Camera in CVS show Robey throwing something at a cashier and shouting, before walking around shelves and knocking products onto the floor. A worker attempts to block the exit with shopping carts, but Robey then approaches with what appears to be a knife and swings it at the woman's head. The worker is able to fend her off and does not appear to be harmed. Robey then exits the store. The two other videos, each taken from a passing bus, show two officers stood over Robey's body, a little down the street from the CVS. Police say that Robey had been ranting in the bus stop outside the CVS when they were called at 5.45pm, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Officers say that she brandished the knife at them when they approached her, and that they attempted to stop her with a Taser twice, but it had no effect. She was shot by both police after she lunged at one of them with a knife, they said. Robey, who had a master's degree in psychology had raised her now-20-year-old son in Elgin, around 40 miles from Chicago, until around 2011, the Daily Herald reported. While living there she worked in homeless shelters and hospitals, and was given the Elgin Image Award in 2008 for her services to the city. 'She was very generous and always had big ideas,' said Gail Cohen, who - as Elgin's human resources director - nominated Robey for the award. 'She wanted to solve world hunger.' But in 2009 Robey began to show signs of mental illness, something that plagued her up until her death. She had three encounters with Chicago police in January and was hospitalized and released each time. Her most recent diagnosis was 'bipolar with schizoaffective disorder.' On March 28, Robey's sister, Anastasia, filed a suit in the US district court saying that the two officers, who were not named, violated her civil rights when they killed her. Their actions were 'objectively unreasonable under the circumstances,' the suit contends. It demands unspecified damages from the officers for excessive force, battery and wrongful death.

    2 weeks
  • 'Battle of Vindaloo' CCTV shows 22-person brawl in curry house 01:46

    'Battle of Vindaloo' CCTV shows 22-person brawl in curry house

    Diners who went for a birthday curry that ended in a restaurant brawl have now been served with a £52,000 bill. Dubbed in court as the Battle of Vindaloo, the meal descended into violence when a 'rowdy' party of 22 men were said to have clashed with staff at the Shozna Indian restaurant in Rochester, Kent. Punches and kicks were allegedly dished out by the diners while waiters, the chef and kitchen workers armed themselves with pots, pans and a broom to chase the group out. The fight was captured on CCTV and owner Jamal Ahmed described the footage as resembling a wild west movie, with startled customers leaping from their seats to avoid the trouble. Jamie Pettett, who was celebrating his 31st Birthday, his father, David, and younger brother Tom, were all charged with affray but were cleared in court on Tuesday, claiming self-defence. However, it emerged in court that owner Mr Ahmed plans to serve them with a claim for £52,100 whether they are convicted or not, and civil cases have a lower burden of proof. Trouble allegedly flared as Jamie Pettett was celebrating his 31st birthday with his father, David, younger brother Tom, and friends on July 31 2015. However during their trial at Maidstone Crown Court in Kent it was revealed that Shozna owner Mr Ahmed plans to serve them with a civil claim for compensation for an eye-watering £52,100 whether convicted or not. The restaurant in Maidstone Road was forced to close for the evening after the brawl, resulting in a loss of takings between £2,500 and £3,000. However, 44-year-old Mr Ahmed told the court damage was caused to chairs, tables, glasses, hot plates, picture frames, a window and carpet. The curry house boss also said walls needed repainting and he had to fork out £18,000 for an advertising package to 'restore the reputation' of his family-friendly eatery, which went on to win a top curry award three months later. But he denied during cross-examination by David Pettett's legal team that he had 'over-egged the pudding' and was simply after money. The trial heard the men had only been served their first drinks and poppadoms when they decided to leave, having accused staff of being rude and abrupt and 'throwing' bowls of curry onto their table. As the party was being ushered out of the packed restaurant, where diners included five off-duty police officers and several children, it was alleged Mr Ahmed was punched, kicked and thrown to the floor. His brother Jalal and chef Mohammed Hossain were also caught up in the melee. Self-employed roofer David Pettett, 56, Jamie Pettett, now 32, and Tom Pettett, 26, all from Chatham, Kent, denied affray and claimed they were either acting in self-defence or defence of their father. Mr Ahmed told the court he operated a no stag party or large groups of men policy but allowed the mixed-age party into his restaurant as it was early evening and they were smartly dressed. However, he said the group became boisterous and were twice spoken to before Jamie Pettett allegedly branded him 'arsey' and declared they were leaving. Mr Ahmed said he told them they did not have to pay their bill and was showing them to the door when a scrum developed and David Pettett tried to punch him several times. The restaurant owner also claimed he was kicked before being grabbed around his neck and thrown to the floor. His brother and his chef also ended up on the floor, with heavy steel hot plates being sent flying from a shelf. He said he suffered a black eye and bruising to his shoulder and back, as well as 'mental torture' from the incident. Mr Ahmed denied arming himself with any utensil during the scuffle. Prosecutor James Ross said at the start of the trial that what began as a verbal argument with 'finger pointing and dissatisfied gestures' at staff soon became a physical tussle. 'It was a moving scrum, a melee of people pushing, shoving and jostling. It involved more than the three people in the dock, it involved lots of people. 'A full grown, fully developed bit of argy-bargy developed and the three defendants joined in for no good reason.' Several of the birthday party also sustained injuries, including David Pettett who told the court he was struck to his right eye with a poppadom platter and hit with a hot plate. Another needed stitches to his head. Giving evidence, the father of three sons said his group were not 'over-boisterous' but the atmosphere in the Shozna changed as food was being served and curry was splattered over people's clothing. His group decided to leave but Pettett said an aggressive Mr Ahmed blocked his path and threatened to slit his throat. 'I leant forward and said 'Pardon?' and he said it again. As I moved forward an arm came up - I don't know whose arm it was - with a silver platter and smacked me in the right eye. I think it was a poppadom tray. 'My reaction was one more of shock than anything. I went to grab hold of him and my son had my other arm and pulled me back. It was like a melee and with the big surge everyone just got pushed in. 'Diners were being attacked with all sorts - hot plates, pots, pans, everything. They (the staff) just wanted to start hitting.' Pettett denied attacking anyone in the fracas and told the court he declined a solicitor following his arrest as he had 'done nothing wrong'. The Shozna was named the South East's Best South Asian Restaurant of the Year at the Asian Curry Awards, which were presented at the Hilton hotel in Park Lane, London, in November 2015.

    3 weeks
  • Hit-and-run driver mows down kid on bike in Ohio 00:49

    Hit-and-run driver mows down kid on bike in Ohio

    A vicious road rage case, caught on a surveillance video in Elyria, Ohio on Monday shows three teenage boys riding their bikes down a residential street when a van drives into them. One of the boys, seemingly being chased by a driver of a blue Dodge Caravan, jumps off of his bike, only to be hit by the van and followed onto a nearby home's front lawn. 'His knuckles made contact with the van, they were actually cut,' Elyria Police Captain Chris Costantino said, according to Fox47 News. His friend ran to help, saying something to the driver, before the van hit him too. According to police, the driver ran over his foot. The youngest of the three, just 14 years old, stood behind a parked car just a little further along on 9th street and managed to hide from the aggressive driver. The three boys told police that the driver was shouting at them from his car's window throughout the ordeal. 'He made reference to the fact he would run over the other ones too,' Captain Costantino said. The driver is described as a 'heavyset middle-aged man'. 'Obviously this is a person that we want to find and take into custody quickly before he harms someone else,' Captain Costantino said. 'I think that this person probably lives in this general area, so I hope someone will come forward quickly with information so we can get him identified, or maybe he'll turn himself in once this gets out.' According to Elyria police, the driver could be looking at a felonious assault charge.

    3 weeks
  • Video shows jailhouse attack by man accused of gunning down attorney 02:39

    Video shows jailhouse attack by man accused of gunning down attorney

    Video shows Raylon Browning clench the fingers of one hand into a fist and punch a fellow inmate four times in the face.

    3 weeks
  • Caught on camera: Man killed trying to warn drivers about vehicle pile-up 00:46

    Caught on camera: Man killed trying to warn drivers about vehicle pile-up

    Surveillance footage captured the moment two trucks hit a wall and blocked the way in a section of tunnel on the Huyu Highway between Chongqing and Shanghai. A man got out of his sedan car after seeing the pile-up ahead, to try and warn other drivers in the tunnel.

    3 weeks
  • Low-Life black man caught on camera stealing donation box meant to help sick children 01:09

    Low-Life black man caught on camera stealing donation box meant to help sick children

    The Choctaw Police Department has released video of a man stealing money that was meant to benefit sick children.

    3 weeks
  • Shocking footage of elderly man with cane beaten by thugs 01:20

    Shocking footage of elderly man with cane beaten by thugs

    A 65-year-old grandfather was twice assaulted overnight in north-west Sydney as he walked home from the Royal Easter Show. Norman Lewis says he was first assaulted by the train station by a man and a woman, reported 7 News. He headed to the police station to file a report, but just minutes after he left, at about 9pm, a group of six set upon him on Garfield Road East in Riverstone. Police say Mr Lewis was punched and kicked repeatedly and video shows him being hit with a walking stick or crutch, carried by one of his attackers. During the assault, he received a large gash to his forehead, as well as a cut lip and swelling. Mr Lewis says he was beaten over the head with the metal crutch, and he has also suffered broken ribs. 'Scumbags I suppose,' he said about his attackers. 'But they're only young. I don't know if they were on ice or just drunk... I don't know.' CCTV footage appears to show Mr Lewis being held still by members of the group at various points during the ordeal as he is beaten repeatedly. 'I thought I was in a bit of trouble - especially when that fella hit me over the head with a crutch or walking stick,' he said. He was taken to Riverstone Police Station and helped by officers until an ambulance came to pick him up. Mr Lewis was then taken to Westmead Hospital for further tests. A spokesperson for the hospital told Daily Mail Australia he arrived in a stable condition, was held overnight for observation and was discharged mid-morning on Wednesday. Police are appealing for witnesses to the assault, and urge anyone with information to contact Riverstone Police Station or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

    3 weeks
  • Robber threatens London shopkeeper with large kitchen knife 01:03

    Robber threatens London shopkeeper with large kitchen knife

    Terrifying footage of a shopkeeper being robbed at knifepoint has been released as police hunt the suspect. A member of staff was threatened with a huge kitchen knife as the robber emptied the tills of Costcutter in Kirkdale, Lewisham. CCTV footage shows the robber stuffing notes into a bag at two tills before fleeing. In the chilling footage, the victim appears visibly shocked and scared as he holds back while opening tills for the robber. The Metropolitan Police have appealed for information about the robbery on March 18. A spokesman said: 'While a staff member was working in the store in the early hours, the suspect entered the store and approached them with a large kitchen knife. 'The suspect pointed the blade at the 33-year-old victim and demanded money from the tills. 'The victim opened the tills before the suspect took £600 out of the tills.' Police described the suspect as a slim black man, in his late 20s and 6ft 2in tall. He was wearing a black hooded top with white writing on the front and back, dark blue jeans, black steel toe-capped boots and black gloves. Detective Constable Sacha Snell, from Lewisham CID, said: 'We are keen to identify the man in the CCTV footage so we can speak to him about the incident. 'We would also urge anyone who witnessed the incident or saw a man running away to contact us.' No arrests have been made and anyone with information can contact local police by dialling 101.

    3 weeks
  • Dramatic moment woman unsuccessfully attempts to snatch baby 01:06

    Dramatic moment woman unsuccessfully attempts to snatch baby

    A woman in China was caught on camera trying to snatch a two-year-old child from its pram. The woman walked up to the mother and child and started trying to remove it from the pushchair before getting into a fight with the parent on April 9 in Chengdu, reports the People's Daily Online. A large group of people came to the mother's aid and can be seen towards the end of the footage, beating the attempted child snatcher. According to reports, the woman named Liu Moumou is thought to be schizophrenic. In the footage, the woman can be seen approaching the woman and the pushchair. All of a sudden she tries to pull the child out of the pram. The child snatcher and the woman fight for some time as the mother tries to get control of her baby. After some time the child snatcher runs away. The footage then cuts to the woman lying on the floor as a mob of angry locals beat her. Police obtained the consent of Liu's family and sent her to the Fourth People's Hospital of Chengdu where she is currently receiving treatment for Schizophrenia. Liu's husband spoke with the child's family and apologised for the incident and according to reports, they have reached an understanding.

    3 weeks
  • Violent yobs attack a man with a MACHETE outside a pub 00:24

    Violent yobs attack a man with a MACHETE outside a pub

    A man was brutally beaten and slashed with a machete by a gang of thugs in a terrifying attack outside a pub. The 22-year-old victim was kicked to the ground after being ambushed by the crew in the doorway of the Old Crown Pub in Halesowen, West Midlands, at around 1.15am on March 25. He suffered multiple injuries during the savage assault and had to receive hospital treatment. West Midlands Police believe that the victim was deliberately targeted and are now hunting six men in relation to the attack. The incident was caught on the pub's CCTV and shocking 23-second footage, shows the victim running out of the pub in an attempt to flee the scene. A group of tracksuit-wearing thugs quickly arrive and kick and hit him before wielding their knives and slashing at his body. A police spokesman said: 'This kind of violence will not be tolerated. 'We strongly believe that someone knows who did this and that someone will have information that could prove vital to our investigation.'

    3 weeks
  • Bad Things Happen When You Throw A Cigarette Into The Sewer 00:13

    Bad Things Happen When You Throw A Cigarette Into The Sewer

    Sewer hole explodes after lit cigarette thrown in

    3 weeks
  • Man shocked as dining room table suddenly 'explodes' into tiny pieces in his bare hands 00:18

    Man shocked as dining room table suddenly 'explodes' into tiny pieces in his bare hands

    Hilarious CCTV footage captures the moment a man stares in confusion as his table shatters for no apparent reason

    3 weeks
  • Man collapses after being stabbed by gang of youths 02:10

    Man collapses after being stabbed by gang of youths

    This shocking CCTV footage shows a man collapsing in Huddersfield town centre after being confronted and stabbed by a gang of youths. The grainy footage from a nearby premises shows a group of teenagers congregating outside Dixy Chicken in Cross Church Street shortly before 8pm on Saturday, March 18. During the incident the victim, a 27-year-old man, was stabbed in the arm. ad been drinking in Revolution Bar and left the bar before being attacked by a group of youths. Police initially told the Examiner the fight started in the bar and ‘spilled outside’ but the footage shows the altercation appears to have started on Cross Church Street outside Dixy Chicken. The footage shows the victim leave the bar and go into Dixy Chicken. After he leaves the takeaway he becomes involved in an altercation with a gang of youths.Others appear to join the group, at which point the altercation escalates. The CCTV shows the victim was chased down the street towards the church and back down the other side of the road towards Revolution. Witnesses told he victim was given first-aid at the scene when he collapsed to the floor. Police confirmed enquiries are ongoing.

    3 weeks
  • Robbers Smash Into A Florida Gun Store With A Pick-Up Truck 00:53

    Robbers Smash Into A Florida Gun Store With A Pick-Up Truck

    Zephyrhills, FL, 9 April, 2017 - Just after 2 a.m. Sunday, a blue Toyota Tundra barreled through the front of “Sunshine State Armory” on Gall Boulevard in Zephyrhills. As the driver backs out, three men wearing hoodies dash in. They load up on guns and ammo. One man runs out with an armful of long guns. Zephyrhills Police are trying to see if this case is tied to similar crimes across the Tampa Bay area. ”We don’t know that. Certainly does seem to fit the M.O. to several of those,” said Capt. Derek Brewer. Like a smash and grab in Inverness, and another one in Tampa, and yet another heist in Lakeland. Captain Brewer would like stores to make it tougher for crooks to get in. “We don’t want them on the street. It’s a public safety concern. It’s a concern for us. So yeah, it’s a concern all around,” he said. At Sunshine State Armory, the front of the store is covered with plywood. Glass shards are still in the parking lot. We noticed people inside, going over paperwork. In the small parking lot, it’s a wonder they mustered up the speed to crash through. People who live nearby are worried. “They’re smashing and grabbing guns. What are the gonna do with the guns? And where are they gonna do it?” asked Sandie Mcilwaine. “That’s crazy. It’s crazy,” said Christian Texeira. “I can’t believe that happened like right where we usually go to eat. You never think it’s gonna happen,” said Liberty Hagan. The thieves ditched the stolen truck along some railroad tracks and set it on fire.

    3 weeks
  • Deer barrels over man getting out of truck in Canada 00:22

    Deer barrels over man getting out of truck in Canada

    A man was exiting his pickup truck in British Columbia when all of a sudden, a deer bowled him over.

    3 weeks
  • Shocking moment little boy falls through the gap at train station 00:44

    Shocking moment little boy falls through the gap at train station

    Watch the shocking moment caught on CCTV that a little boy falls through the gap between a train and the platform at a Sydney station

    3 weeks
  • Moment man jumps to his death from fourth-floor courthouse balcony before his trial 00:31

    Moment man jumps to his death from fourth-floor courthouse balcony before his trial

    The disturbing moment a man accused of repeatedly raping a 10-year-old girl and later killing her and her grandparents in a house fire jumped to his death from a courthouse balcony has been captured on camera. Robert Seman Jr, 48, was set for trial this week at the Mahoning County Courthouse in Youngstown, Ohio, over the deadly arson when he threw himself from the fourth-floor. Seman faced the death penalty if convicted of aggravated murder charges in the March 2015 deaths of 10-year-old Corrine Gump, 63-year-old William Schmidt and 61-year-old Judith Schmidt. A Youngstown Vindicator reporter who witnessed the incident said the 48-year-old's body was covered by a white sheet inside a marble rotunda, but his arms were visible as they were sticking out. In the short clip, Seman is first seen walking out of the courtroom with two officers. He then slows down, allowing the officer who was behind him to draw level with him. He then took three steps to his right, before throwing himself over the low railing. The two police officers are seen rushing to the railing desperately, before they make their way downstairs. People are seen emerging from the courtroom at the same time. Assistant Prosecutor Dawn Cantalamessa, who was leading the case against Seman, told the newspaper it was 'telling' that the accused opted to leap to his death instead of facing trial. The shocking incident was recorded on surveillance cameras inside the courthouse, and broadcast by WKBN. Prosecutors had claimed Seman torched the Schmidt's family home shortly before he was set for trial on the rape charges. Police discovered burns on Seman's body after his arrest over the gasoline-fueled arson. Seman had unwaveringly claimed he was innocent of both the murders and the rape accusation. The alleged rapes took place over a number of years while Seman was dating Corrine's mother, Lynn Schmidt. It emerged in March 2015, following the emergence of rape allegations against Seman, Schmidt and her daughter moved in with her parents, but she eventually headed back to her boyfriend's home. Investigators who searched the home after the fire found all three bodies on the second floor. They were out of their beds and the way they were positioned suggested they were trying to get out, Fire Chief John O'Neill told the Vindicator at the time.

    3 weeks
  • Newly Released Footage Shows the Massive Blast That Destroyed a Christian Church in Alexandria 00:21

    Newly Released Footage Shows the Massive Blast That Destroyed a Christian Church in Alexandria

    moku 2716 0

    This newly released CCTV camera footage shows the blast ripping through the walls of St. Mark's Church in Alexandria. This terrorist attack has already been recognized as an Isis attack after the terrorist group admitted it on social networks.

    3 weeks
  • Football star Ross Barkley being sucker punched in nightclub 00:13

    Football star Ross Barkley being sucker punched in nightclub

    Footage has emerged of what looks like Everton and England footballer Ross Barkley being punched in a Liverpool bar. The video is being widely shared on social media, and reported in the local Liverpool media, though as yet there is no confirmation it is Barkley. The Everton midfielder played for his club in a 4-2 victory over Leicester City on Sunday, and the Liverpool Echo are suggesting the CCTV footage is taken from the early hours of Monday morning.

    3 weeks
  • Incompetent thief runs into police station with stolen phone 01:07

    Incompetent thief runs into police station with stolen phone

    A thief was arrested seconds after snatching a woman’s mobile phone because he had accidentally ran into a police station. Surveillance footage, filmed on March 31 in China, shows the man sprinting straight into the Longgang District Police Station in Shenzhen while trying to run away from the victim. The man was caught on the spot and escorted into the station by officers. The clip, posted by Pear Video on Chinese social media on April 8, showed a woman playing on her phone as she waited by a traffic junction in Longgang district. A man suddenly approached the woman and snatched the mobile phone from her hands. The woman chased after him immediately, but she tumbled on the wet floor. He quickly ran past a metal gate of a compound, which turned out to be a police station. A police officer stopped him as the woman claimed that he had taken her phone. A police officer told a reporter from Pear Video that the suspect was not familiar with the neighbourhood, thus he ran into their police station without realising. The officer said: 'The suspect did not know that he had run into the police station. He was spotted by our colleagues immediately and was escorted into the station.' The suspect, surnamed Chang, had only arrived in Shenzhen recently, according to a report by state media China Global Television Network. The 38-year old man, struggling to find a job and a place to stay, is not familiar with the city, said the report. He has been detained on suspicion of theft. The man is believed to be a frustrated migrant worker who, like millions of others, went to Shenzhen to look for work. Shenzhen has the largest population of migrant workers in China, according to National Bureau of Statistics. Over 6.1 million of workers from rural area have moved to the manufacturing hub for jobs, accounting for nearly 60 per cent of the population.

    3 weeks
  • Pensioner and millennial engage in a 10-minute fistfight to get the same seat on a crowded Chinese bus 01:04

    Pensioner and millennial engage in a 10-minute fistfight to get the same seat on a crowded Chinese bus

    Passengers on a Chinese bus were stunned as they witness a fierce fight between a pensioner and a young woman because they wanted to sit on the same seat. Footage from Chinese media shows the two passengers started the brawl after both spotting an empty seat on a crowded bus during evening rush hours on April 5. Members of the public tried to intervene and break up the fight before the driver called the police.

    3 weeks
  • Mexican Pedophile Caught Inappropriately Touching Child 01:32

    Mexican Pedophile Caught Inappropriately Touching Child

    The faces of child rape, child tries to avoid being touch,moments later he picks up the girl and takes her to a dark alley, cameras alerted police who arrested him before rape.

    3 weeks
  • Moment one of two ISIS suicide bombers detonates outside Egyptian church 01:18

    Moment one of two ISIS suicide bombers detonates outside Egyptian church

    The King Slayer 18378 2

    An ISIS suicide bomber detonated outside an Egyptian church after being stopped from entering by three hero policemen in a double Palm Sunday massacre that killed 43 Christians. CCTV shows the fanatic, dressed in a blue pullover, being turned away from the main gate at St Mark's in Alexandria and being told to go through the metal detector. He then passes a female police officer chatting to another woman, and enters a metal detector before an explosion engulfs the area. The attack, which followed another devastating attack in Tanta, was thought to have been aimed at Pope Tawadros II, leader of the ancient Coptic church, who was worshipping in St Mark's at the time. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks. Christians make up around 10 per cent of Egypt's population and have repeatedly been targeted by Islamic extremists.

    3 weeks
  • Dumb Robber On A Bycicle Drops All The Money On The Street 03:05

    Dumb Robber On A Bycicle Drops All The Money On The Street

    Springettsbury Township Police Department Need help to Identify Robbery Suspect. Video of the suspect from the Member's 1st Credit Union robbery on Thursday April 6th. The video is from a business on S Albemarle St approximately 10 minutes after the robbery. Anyone with any information about this incident is asked to contact the Springettsbury Township Police through 911 or at 717-757-3525. Note: The dates of when bank was robbed on Thursday April 6th and and this video evidence was clearly recorded on Friday April 7th. It's not clear for the moment but it will be verified later...

    3 weeks
  • Driver Smashes into Street Lamp in South China 01:00

    Driver Smashes into Street Lamp in South China

    A driver in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region recently drove his off-road vehicle into a street lamp, after quarreling with his wife on the phone. Surveillance footage shows that at 02:10 of April 5, an off-road vehicle smashed down a street in Heshan City. The vehicle kept going for several meters before fully stopping. After police arrived, they found fragments of vehicle and lamp scattered everywhere on the road. The front of the vehicle was distorted severely, with its windshield broken and two airbags deployed. The lamp was smashed into pieces. The driver narrowly escaped with no injuries. He first refused to admit he was the vehicle owner, but later confessed the whole thing. "According to his account, he was driving northward along Renmin Middle Road and quarreling with his wife on the phone. When he passed the accident site, he was so agitated that he jerked the steering wheel. The speed was high so the vehicle smashed into the side of the road, then the lamp and a stone seat before stopping," said Ling Wanxian, police officer of Traffic Police Brigade of Heshan Police Station.

    3 weeks
  • Burglars Steal Guns From A Pawn Shop In Alabama 02:57

    Burglars Steal Guns From A Pawn Shop In Alabama

    Tarrant, AL, 4 April, 2017 - An investigation is underway after two men broke into a Tarrant pawn shop and stole 17 guns. The break-in happened about 2 a.m. Wednesday at Scott's Pawn and Jewelry at 1944 Pinson Valley Parkway, said Tarrant police Det. Sgt. Phillip George. Much of the burglary was captured on video, and investigators are now trying to identify the suspects. Police say the men gained entry to the building through a back door, and then entered into the main store room in the rear of the pawn shop. From there, they made their way in the main part of the store where they initially stole five rifles. The video shows the pair leaving with the long guns, and then returning for a second load. That time, George said, they shattered the display case and made off with 12 handguns. The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives is assisting in the case. In 2015, 21 guns were stolen from a different locations of Scott's Jewelry and Pawn - that one on Springville Road. ATF is offering a reward of up to $2,500 for information leading to an arrest in the case. The amount offered by ATF will be matched by the National Shooting Sports Foundation - the trade association for the firearms industry - for a total of up to $5,000. ATF and NSSF work closely together to curb the criminal acquisition and misuse of guns. George said a separate reward is also available through Crime Stoppers. Crime Stoppers offers a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction. Tipsters to Crime Stoppers can remain anonymous.

    3 weeks
  • How This Quick-Thinking Jeweler Locked a Suspected Thief Inside 01:59

    How This Quick-Thinking Jeweler Locked a Suspected Thief Inside

    The jewelry store owner who locked a 46-year-old woman in his vault after he says she tried to rob him is speaking out. Cops say the lady tried to snatch a fortune in dazzling gems.

    3 weeks
  • Bank employee saves hostage, takes down knife-wielding robber in S. China 01:14

    Bank employee saves hostage, takes down knife-wielding robber in S. China

    An employee at a Chinese bank put his own life on the line on Friday to help a customer who was taken hostage by a to-be robber. A knife-wielding man held a female customer as a captive during his attempt to rob a branch of the Agricultural Bank of China in the city of Nanning, south China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

    3 weeks
  • Arsonist Lights Himself On Fire Trying To Burn Down A Garage Full Of Cars in Sweden! 01:25

    Arsonist Lights Himself On Fire Trying To Burn Down A Garage Full Of Cars in Sweden!

    A man commits arson in a garage of cars in Stockholm, Sweden. The suspect on the run but injured as they set themselves on fire.

    3 weeks
  • Horrifying moment two hooded men armed with a sledgehammer carjack a Vauxhall Corsa 00:40

    Horrifying moment two hooded men armed with a sledgehammer carjack a Vauxhall Corsa

    CCTV footage captured the moment two brazen thieves armed with a sledgehammer carried out a carjacking in broad daylight. The hooded men can be seen walking calmly towards the Vauxhall Corsa in Sparkbrook, Birmingham before forcing a passenger out the car and speeding off. Horrified onlookers said the pair carried out the theft in mere seconds and said many just stood by and watched as they carried out the assault. The passenger gets to his feet and is lucky to escape serious injury as he desperately tries to open the driver's side door as the robbers speed off. The attack took place near a general store and housing for senior citizens. An eyewitness who has since viewed the footage said she is still in shock at what she saw. The 17-year-old said: 'The CCTV shows how quickly it happened. 'When I witnessed it time seemed to go in slow motion but the video shows it was over in a matter of seconds. The CCTV shows the carjacking from a different angle and you can't see the sledgehammer. 'He must have hidden it in his clothes before he used it to hit the victim.' The unnamed teenager, who dialled 999, said at the time that she was disappointed that people stood and watched the robbery. 'I'm still in shock and I'm still disappointed that people stood and watched, not just while it was happening but afterwards when the victim was pleading for help. 'I was down the road in the back of a car and wanted to get out and help but it was all over by the time we could do anything. 'It makes me think if something happened to me that people would just stand around and try and film it.' The driver is thought to have been inside a shop at the time. 'The boy had a couple of grazes on his hands and his eye was starting to swell up,' the eyewitness added. 'The driver of the car came out the shop and he was absolutely ballistic. He ran up the road to see if he could see the car. It was sickening and I felt like crying.' A series of carjackings in Birmingham and surrounding areas have led West Midlands Police to set up a special unit to tackle the crimes. It was revealed on Monday how there have been at least 20 such incidents in the space of just five months.Police have made a series of arrests and warned teenagers not to be 'coerced' into taking part in the crimes. West Midlands Police said: 'We have launched an investigation after a car was stolen on Palmerston Road, Sparkbrook on Sunday March 12. 'The driver of a grey Vauxhall Corsa had parked outside a shop at around 2.15pm. 'While he was away from the car, a man jumped into the driver's seat and assaulted the passenger.'

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  • Robber holds up store and terrorizes clerk at gunpoint in Philadelphia 01:53

    Robber holds up store and terrorizes clerk at gunpoint in Philadelphia

    Police in Philadelphia are on the hunt for a man who was caught on camera violently robbing a store and holding the owner at gun point on Thursday night. The suspect entered the store with a gun in hand, and grabbed a 29-year-old male employee and demanded money at gunpoint. Then, a second employee was ordered to the floor, and the suspect took the 34-year-old man's wallet containing $55.The suspect was seen waving the gun around frantically but no shots were fired and no injuries were reported during the incident. The incident occurred at the New Shop Express on the 6900 block of Old York Road around 8 p.m. The suspect fled the store on foot and was last seen heading east on 69th Street, then north on Broad Street. Police have described the suspect as a male standing 6 feet tall with a beard, and stocky build.

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