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  • Stockholm Terror Attack: Panicked shoppers pile into store as deadly truck chases them 00:20

    Stockholm Terror Attack: Panicked shoppers pile into store as deadly truck chases them

    Police have arrested a terror suspect who has confessed to ramming a truck into shoppers in Stockholm, killing at least five people. The man went on the run after fleeing the scene following a chaotic shootout. The suspect, who was 'lightly injured', was arrested in Marsta, a suburb north of Stockholm. Members of the public contacted police after he was seen acting strangely. A police spokesman said: 'One person has been arrested who may be connected with the incident.' The hijacked vehicle crashed into a packed shopping centre and burst into flames. Three men jumped out from the lorry and opened fire before trying to stab pedestrians, witnesses said. Two men were tackled to the ground and arrested - but a third suspect went on the loose - immediately making him Europe's most wanted man. Police released CCTV of the man wearing a green jacket, white shoes and a grey hoodie. Police have confirmed the arrested suspect resembles the man in the photos they released earlier. Stockholm's Central Station was shut down. The tube network was also closed amid fears the suspect was hiding underground but has now been cleared to open, according to Stockholm's public transport authority. Officers said the vehicle crashed into a group of people on the street outside a shopping centre in Klarabergsgatan after racing down six streets at about 3pm local time. Hundreds of shoppers were seen fleeing for their lives after the articulated lorry rammed into the corner of the building. Horrifying images of the aftermath show blood smeared on the roads and bodies covered by blankets. Police say 15 people were injured. Stockholm Police said they were questioning two people in relation to the attack, but said they were not currently suspected of criminal activity.

    3 weeks
  • Absentminded woman almost flattened by an electric train 00:33

    Absentminded woman almost flattened by an electric train

    One lucky woman in Auckland, New Zealand barely missed getting hit by a train. Security camera footage shows the pedestrian looking in the opposite direction of the train, before crossing the tracks. In response, Auckland Transport is now pleading with citizens to be more aware of the new, quieter electric trains.

    3 weeks
  • Woman using the crosswalk survives after a hit and run by a van 00:13

    Woman using the crosswalk survives after a hit and run by a van

    Police on Wednesday were searching for a hit-and-run driver who left a woman severely injured after striking her in Van Nuys. The incident occurred around 7 p.m. on March 22 on Vanowen Street near Sunnyslope Avenue, according to L.A. Police Detective Bill Bustos. The survivor, Penny Casbon, told KTLA she was on her way to church but can't remember much else about the day of the accident other than briefly waking up inside an ambulance and someone telling her she had been hit by a car. Surveillance footage shows Casbon walking in a crosswalk when a white van drives right into her, rolling her onto its hood where she was carried for a while before falling in a street. The driver never stopped. Casbon is still in the hospital after two weeks with severe bruising and many broken bones.

    3 weeks
  • Hothead assaults confused man suffering from Parkinson's 00:30

    Hothead assaults confused man suffering from Parkinson's

    A horrifying video from Florida shows a young man assaulting an older man suffering from Parkinson's disease. Kevin Mena thought the older man was trying to break into his car, but actually, the Parkinson's sufferer had just gotten confused over which car was his daughter's.

    3 weeks
  • Caught On Camera: $21,500 Stolen From ATM Maintenance Worker In Bronx Attack 00:29

    Caught On Camera: $21,500 Stolen From ATM Maintenance Worker In Bronx Attack

    NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Two thieves made off with $21,500 after a violent attack on the owner of an ATM maintenance company in the Bronx earlier this year, authorities say. Surveillance video shows the two men approaching the 27-year-old worker on Buhre Street and ripping a bag containing $48,000 out of his hand, spilling cash across the street at around 12:45 p.m. on March 8. A struggle ensued. One suspect punched the victim in the face while the other grabbed a bundle of cash authorities say is worth $21,500. The victim was treated on the scene by emergency medical personnel. Authorities say the maintenance worker had just withdrawn the cash from a nearby ATM. Police say they are not yet sure whether the victim was targeted. Surveillance video of the attack can be viewed above.

    3 weeks
  • Video shows shooting of Walmart loss prevention officer 02:04

    Video shows shooting of Walmart loss prevention officer

    The loss prevention officer ran out the door of the Walmart to confront a man who stole several DVDs.

    3 weeks
  • Man Loses His Mind After His Credit Card Is Declined! 01:23

    Man Loses His Mind After His Credit Card Is Declined!

    Detectives are searching for a man who became "violent and destructive" at a Santa Ana 7-Eleven after his credit card was declined while buying a bag of candy.

    3 weeks
  • Disturbing video shows healthcare provider slapping disabled man 00:31

    Disturbing video shows healthcare provider slapping disabled man

    A hidden camera captured the horrific moment a ventilator-dependent paralyzed man is assaulted inside his bed by a former registered nurse. Dorothea Harvilik has been indicted for allegedly slapping and manhandling the 26-year-old disabled man in New Jersey. The 64-year-old woman who is from Saddle River faces up to 18 months in state prison if she is convicted of the fourth-degree assault charge. Officials say the patient's mother had suspected that her son was being mistreated after she noticed scratches on his hands so she set up a hidden camera inside his room. The disturbing video begins by showing the a pillow being placed apparently roughly under the patient's head before the woman appears to slap the patient. The patient's mother showed the video to the nurse's employer, a Teaneck home healthcare agency, and they immediately fired the nurse. The agency then notified the state Division of Consumer Affairs and the board opened an investigation.The alleged abuse happened sometime before November, and the State Board of Nursing permanently revoked Harvilik's license shortly after. Harvilik did not admit liability in the case. She is barred from applying for reinstatement. 'The horrifying images of Nurse Harvilik striking this defenseless patient and wrenching his head as she tended to him, underscored our need to ensure that all New Jersey families, regardless of their income, have access to state-of-the art technology they need to watch over their loved ones,' New Jersey Attorney General Christopher Porrino said in a statement. 'As this indictment shows, hidden cameras not only expose patient abuse, they can provide the 'smoking-gun' evidence that helps bring abusers to justice.' The video was first released in December 2016 when the state announced the 'Safe Care Cam' program that allows residents to use free, micro surveillance cameras for 30 days if they suspect someone is being abused by a caregiver. Anyone who suspects a loved one is being abused by an in-home caregiver should not be left to feel helpless or without recourse,' Porrino said in discussing the program. 'Cameras don't lie, and the abuses they've revealed are shocking. But a quality micro-surveillance camera is expensive and many people simply can't afford them. 'So we're offering the use of these cameras free of charge to those who wish to confirm that their loved ones are safe and well cared for in their absence. 'We hope that the Safe Care Cam program will provide peace of mind for family members, while at the same time serving as a strong deterrent and reminder to unscrupulous care providers that we will prosecute their cases aggressively.' Patients who believe that they have been treated by a licensed health care professional in an inappropriate manner can file an online complaint with the State Division of Consumer Affairs by visiting its website or by calling 1-800-242-5846.

    3 weeks
  • Shocking moment a double-decker tram overturns injuring 14 people 00:17

    Shocking moment a double-decker tram overturns injuring 14 people

    Surveillance footage has emerged showing the heart-stopping moment when a double-decker tram toppled over in central Hong Kong. The driver of the tram, who is 23 years old, was arrested on Thursday on suspicion of dangerous driving. Five women and nine men including the driver were injured, with some taken to hospital, according to police. The incident, rare for the city's highly efficient public transport network, occurred around midnight on Thursday local time in the city's Central district. A police spokesman said the driver, surnamed Lo, was being questioned. Lo is said to have been a tram driver for a year and a half. The footage, released by Hong Kong news website Apple Daily, shows the vehicle veering to the right before toppling over on Des Voeux Road Central near the HSBC headquarters. The tram was travelling towards Sai Wan. It remains unclear how many passengers the vehicle was carrying at the time of the accident. Another news footage from local TV stations showed firefighters at the scene, and one person wearing an oxygen mask while being carried out of the flipped tram on a stretcher. Images taken by an AFP photographer on site revealed the tram being turned right-side-up shortly afterwards. Speaking to the press, Cheng Chit Fai, the Chief of Wan Chai Fire Service Department said fire brigade arrived within three minutes after the accident occurred. The authority dispatched five fire engines, nine ambulances, 51 firefighters and medics to the scene. Among the 11 injured passengers, 11 were were taken to the Queen Mary Hospital and Ruttonjee Hospital, according to Mr Cheng. Most of them are said to sustain scratches, and one passenger suffered neck and shoulder injuries. It is suspected that the tram has de-railed, hit the tram station before toppling over, according to Chiu Shung Hei, the Senior Inspector of Hong Kong Island Traffic Accident Investigation Division. Mr Chiu spoke during the same press conference that the police have launched investigation on the road design and any obstacles in the tram tracks. The police are set to confirm whether or not the tram was speeding. Latest reports by local news websites Apple Daily and HK01 said the driver has been released on bail. In response to the claim that the tram had hit a bus, Mr Chiu said that the police are still investigating, but according to passengers on board, they hadn't seen any bus driving around when the accident happened. It is the second incident on Hong Kong's public transport network this year, usually regarded among the safest and best infrastructure systems in the world, with accidents uncommon. Seventeen people were injured in February when a fire engulfed a subway train, triggering the evacuation of Tsim Sha Tsui station - a major hub - during rush hour and causing chaos on the platform. Police later arrested a man for arson.

    3 weeks
  • Thief caught on CCTV and dashcam tries to return stolen goods 01:26

    Thief caught on CCTV and dashcam tries to return stolen goods

    A blundering thief had a You've Been Framed moment - when he was filmed on the dashcam he was trying to steal. The hooded crook was breaking into a car before he noticed he was being recorded by CCTV and tried to replace his stolen haul. But as he tries to put back the dashcam he accidentally turns the camera towards his own face. Police are now trying to track down the thief after the bungling break-in attempt in Canton, which is in the Welsh capital Cardiff. The would-be victim, Steven Camilleri, 39, installed the CCTV outside his home a year ago but said this was time he had been forced to watch it. Shop worker Steven believes the thief tried to steal also car adapter set before returning it. Steven said: 'He broke in and stole some things but after realising he was caught on CCTV he put them back. 'One of the things he took was a dashcam. As he put it back it caught a lovely picture of his face. 'A car adapter set we bought while on a trip to France was also taken and then put back. 'It's a bit worrying knowing that this person targeted our car, which was parked right outside our house.' Steven is now hoping the footage will lead police to identifying the man. He said: 'I couldn't believe it when I watched the footage. It is unbelievable. 'I haven't had anybody come forward yet but I am hoping that he will eventually be caught.' CCTV footage shows the hooded villain noticing he has been seen by the cameras - and putting a hand over his face. He then goes back to the car and returns various items - including a dash cam device he had removed. And when he replaced the dashcam inside the vehicle he pointed the camera directly at his own face. A spokesman for South Wales Police said they were made aware of the incident at 9.30am on Wednesday, March 22. They are appealing for information.

    3 weeks
  • Shocking moment tyre bounces across road and knocks person out 00:12

    Shocking moment tyre bounces across road and knocks person out

    This is the shocking moment a rogue tyre knocks a man to the ground. The bizarre incident, captured on CCTV, sees a man calmly walking along a street. Then, out of nowhere, a tyre appears rolling down a steep road. It bounces once across the street before hitting the man straight in the head, knocking him to the ground like a ragdoll. Shocked pedestrians quickly turn to look at the scene. It is unclear where the footage was filmed or if the man survived.

    3 weeks
  • Thug kicks victim's head like a rugby ball 00:39

    Thug kicks victim's head like a rugby ball

    Charles White was attacked after he became involved in an argument with a gang of six or seven in Dorking, Surrey on October 17. Charlie Clark, 19, and co-defendant Luke Boswell, 18, were part of the vicious group that struck at around 1am. Boswell, who had been drinking heavily, threw the first punch, hitting Mr White in the face. On shocking CCTV caught at the scene, the whole group can be seen punching Mr White, with Boswell knocking him to the floor before kicking him in the head. Moments later, a stranger, Jack Lunn, approached Clark to get an explanation about what happened to Mr White. He was punched unconscious before being kicked in the head. Mr White suffered a fractured cheek bone, a black eye and broken nose from the attack. Remarkably, Mr Lunn did not suffer serious injuries. Clark, of Buckland, Surrey, was jailed for three years on Tuesday at Guildford Crown Court, after being convicted of causing grievous bodily harm, and attempted GBH. The attempted GBH was after he kicked Jack Lunn in the head as he lay on the ground, having already punched him unconscious. Boswell, of Dorking, admitted causing GBH and affray, and was handed a 12-month detention order because he was 17 at the time. Investigating officer DC Helen Simon, of Surrey Police, said, ‘This result finally delivers justice for the victims, one of whom suffered significant injuries but has thankfully now made a full recovery. ‘These were unprovoked and unnecessary attacks clearly catalysed through alcohol and there is no excuse for the behaviour of these men. ‘Surrey Police deals with incidents of this nature extremely seriously and a thorough investigation led to this conviction.’

    4 weeks
  • Police officer fights for his life as burglar attacks, tries gouge his eyes out 00:33

    Police officer fights for his life as burglar attacks, tries gouge his eyes out

    BRADENTON, Fla. - For more than two minutes a Bradenton Police officer gave everything he had to fight off a burglar trying to get his gun, and gouge his eyes out. Lt. William Weldon was responding to a burglar alarm at Joyeria Latina (Latin Jewelry) store on the 2400 black of 9th Street West on Sunday morning. Around 3:57 am, surveillance video shows the burglar break through the front glass door and start ransacking the business. Minutes later, video shows Weldon come through the front door, gun drawn. At first the burglar, identified as Isaac Hernandez, appears to give up. As Weldon holsters his gun to cuff him, the video shows Hernandez begin to fight the officer. Hernandez puts Weldon in a headlock and the two begin to fight in the middle of the store. For more than 2 minutes the officer struggles. Hernandez, according to police was trying to go for Weldon’s gun and gouge the officer’s eyes out. This guy he didn't want to give up,” Paola Suarez said. Suarez runs the store with her mom, who is the owner. “He was hitting the cop and hitting him, hitting him, and hitting him. The officer got so tired. We can see it in the video we feel so bad about it. Thankfully, Weldon is able to get the upper hand on the burglar pull out his gun and knock him to the ground. “Somehow the cop was able to hit him in the head and left him on the floor,” Suarez said. Weldon was treated at an area hospital and released. Suarez said she is grateful the officer is back home with his family. “We appreciate it and we would like to see him we are going to find out who he is,” Suarez said. Hernandez was charged with Aggravated Battery on Law Enforcement and Burglary. He is being held on a $12,000 bond.

    4 weeks
  • Police release surveillance video taken during armed robbery at pawn shop 02:35

    Police release surveillance video taken during armed robbery at pawn shop

    OKLAHOMA CITY — Police are investigating an armed robbery Saturday morning at a pawn shop in northwest Oklahoma City. According to police, two men armed with handguns robbed EZ Pawn at Northwest 59th Street and North May Avenue. The two broke the glass jewelry counter. Police said one man was wearing a white bandanna, and the other one was wearing a black hoodie. Police released a surveillance video taken during the incident.

    4 weeks
  • Dumb Shoplifter Gets Trapped In Store 00:19

    Dumb Shoplifter Gets Trapped In Store

    Woman gets locked in while trying to steal clothes

    4 weeks
  • Disturbing footage of attempted child abduction in Philadelphia 00:21

    Disturbing footage of attempted child abduction in Philadelphia

    The disturbing moment a man appeared to try to abduct a baby from a stroller has been captured on camera. Surveillance footage recorded on Sunday at a Dunkin' Donuts in downtown Philadelphia shows an unidentified man reaching into a stroller inside the store. The short clip starts by showing the man stand up from a chair near a window of the store, before he takes a few steps towards the stroller - which was behind a woman waiting in line. The man then reached down into the stroller and appeared to grab the baby, and looked like he was about to lift the child out of the pram. However, the woman quickly spun around and shielded the baby from the man, before another male customer stepped in and heavily shoved him towards the wall of the store. A few seconds later, the woman was seen leaving the store with her stroller. The would-be abductor was then also filmed walking out into the street. The woman and the second man - thought to be the baby's parents - had their faces blurred in the clip. Philadelphia Police released a statement when it published the video, calling on anyone who knows the man to come forward - as well as the people who had their faces blurred. 'Even without the parents' cooperation, we would verbally review this with the district attorney's office,' Captain Sekou Kinebrew said. 'But I tell you, it would be very difficult because it's not uncommon that people approach people with children and say, "oh, what a cute kid". 'We don't believe at all this is what happened here. The video certainly supports something completely different.'

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  • Brazen thief steals packages from home with child by his side 02:15

    Brazen thief steals packages from home with child by his side

    A man and a little girl were caught on camera stealing packages from the front doorstep of a home in a suburb of Chicago. The two strangers, one of whom appeared to be no older than a first-grader, were seen getting out of a car, walking up to the porch and removing a couple of boxes that were for the homeowners, Ray and Esther Brown. It happened last week just after 4pm in Chicago's Beverly neighborhood. The adult and the child alongside him swiped the boxes in broad daylight. The packages contained some cosmetics and a replacement part for a toilet, together valued at less than $500. For security, the Browns have a camera on their doorbell which automatically starts to record whenever someone approaches. The recording even streams directly to a smart phone and the couple were able to witness the thefts as it was occuring. 'I came in the house first and he said where are the packages and I said well there are no packages, why are you tripping over these packages and he said because I saw that they were delivered,' said Esther Brown to Fox32. The Browns noticed that the little girl had a backpack on and looked to have been picked up from school by her criminal companion. The couple say they hope that the suspect is caught and arrested and that the youngster is taught a lesson. 'I'm sure they were be very disappointed by the time they came home and open those packages and saw what the date of a theft that was, was it really worth the effort and certainly once they see this aired, they probably will realize oh my God we did all of that for what?' Esther said. 'I thought it was brazen and bold, I mean it wasn't even dark, the sun was still up, and to walk on the porch, I felt violated,' husband Ray said to Fox32. 'I felt violated till you see the child, then you feel heartbroken, like why would they bring the child up to the crime.' The Browns hope the little girl will also be given some important lessons to steer her away from a life of crime. They do not believe she is from the area because she was not wearing the uniforms of any of the local schools. 'I was very alarmed to see the baby, the little girl, I didn't care about the packages but it was that little girl that I felt was being corrupted,' Esther said.

    4 weeks
  • Passengers are thrown out the window in shocking bus crash 00:17

    Passengers are thrown out the window in shocking bus crash

    At least 11 passengers were injured when a bus lost control and hit a barrier in the middle of a highway in Shenzhen, China, on March 31. CCTV footage from the driver's seat shows the moment of impact which sent several passengers out of the front window. Shenzhen policemen said that the cause of the incident was due to wet weather and high-speed driving.

    4 weeks
  • Baby escapes injury as a brick is thrown at a bus window 00:31

    Baby escapes injury as a brick is thrown at a bus window

    This is the dramatic moment a brick thrown by yobs shattered a bus window just inches away from a nine-month-old baby sleeping in a pram. Police said the horrifying incident in Sheldon, Birmingham - which happened in broad daylight - could have been 'a lot worse' and are appealing for witnesses. The mother can be seen obliviously sitting on the bus with no idea of the imminent danger facing her child in video of the incident released by police. Suddenly the yobs throw a stone at the window smashing it to pieces - but fortunately it does not shatter meaning the infant is protected from falling glass. The horrified woman quickly rushes to protect the baby with the help of other shocked passengers. It took place on the X1 bus on the Coventry road in Sheldon between 3.35pm and 3.45pm on Sunday 29th January this year. PC Shaun Hickinbottom of West Midlands Police said: 'Although no one was hurt, a nine-month-old baby narrowly escaped injury and it is clear that this incident could have been a lot worse. 'We are currently appealing for anyone who recognises these three people to get in touch.' Anyone with information is asked to contact PC Shaun Hickinbottom on 101 extension 803 6275 or and quote crime reference number 20BE/20478D/17.

    4 weeks
  • Students robbed at gunpoint while walking home from school 00:44
  • Man glassed in the face in a bar in Soho 00:10

    Man glassed in the face in a bar in Soho

    A man was attacked with a broken glass in a bar in Soho, leaving him with cuts across his face. CCTV caught the moment the victim was attacked at Be at One bar in Greek Street. The suspect is described as in his late 20s, 6ft tall wearing a long sleeved shirt and light coloured trainers. This is a shocking incident that has left the victim very distressed. We are keen to identify his assailant shown in the CCTV footage so we can speak to him about the incident. We would also urge anyone who witnessed the incident to contact us. – DETECTIVE CONSTABLE EDWARD COLENBRANDER, WESTMINSTER CID Anyone who recognises the suspect can Westminster Police on 101 or tweet via @MetCC. Alternatively, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

    4 weeks
  • Caught On CCTV: Flying Mattress Hits Biker, But Also Saves His Life 00:15

    Caught On CCTV: Flying Mattress Hits Biker, But Also Saves His Life

    NEW DELHI: A large mattress that was not properly secured to the back of a truck caused a motorcycle accident but also broke the biker's fall in Australia. The entire incident was captured on a surveillance camera. Aaron Wood was riding his motorcycle through a tunnel in Brisbane, Australia last week when one of two mattresses flew off the back of a truck in front of him. He swerved to the next lane but the mattress got lodged in the front tyre of his bike, causing it to flip up briefly. Luckily, he landed on the mattress, which broke his fall. The driver of the truck drove away without stopping. Mr Wood was able to walk away from the accident with only a few minor cuts on his hands.

    4 weeks
  • Terrifying moment jewellery store is robbed hammer wielding men 00:46

    Terrifying moment jewellery store is robbed hammer wielding men

    A gang of five masked thugs armed with hammers have robbed a Melbourne jewellery store in broad daylight - the shop's second attack in three months. Five bandits burst into the H & H jewellery outlet in Elsternwick as terrified customers shopped about 3.10pm on Tuesday afternoon, police say. The men used metal poles and hammers to violently smash counters and display cabinets before stuffing jewellery into bags and running out.They then jumped into a white Jeep and fled the scene at high speeds. The five men remain on the run. Four staff and two customers were in the store but no injuries were reported. A man from a nearby toy store was seen on CCTV trying to stop the men as they fled but he was pushed to the ground.Witness Marcelle Lhuillier said people were shoved out of the way as they stormed the store. 'They ran out and sort of pushed me out of the way but the guy from Toy World copped it more than me, Ms Lhuillier told the Nine Network. 'They were just on a mission, just getting in and getting out very quickly.' It's the second attack on the store this year. It was targeted in January 4 by three men armed with a gun and a machete. In that robbery, staff were threatened and the men stole jewellery before leaving the scene in a car without registration plates. The gun was later aimed at a woman watching the three men flee in a getaway car. Tuesday's raid comes less than a fortnight after three machete-wielding robbers stormed a Canterbury jewellery store in another repeat attack. Police said in January the wave of jewellery store robberies across Melbourne may be linked to an organised network of crime gangs.

    4 weeks
  • Surveillance video shows armed intruders break into Texas home 00:49

    Surveillance video shows armed intruders break into Texas home

    Three men were caught on tape breaking into a Texas home with guns drawn on Saturday. The men, who are seen in surveillance footage but remain unidentified, appeared to have been looking for someone when they invaded the home in Pearland, near Houston. The home's owner, Viet Vo, told Click2Houston: 'I mean they're going around with the guns drawn, just looking for somebody to shoot, that's what it looks like to me.' Vo, his wife Kathy and his three children were celebrating his Kathy's birthday and so were not at the home, in the 11400 block of Harris Avenue, ABC reported. Normally, the family would be home on a Saturday night. The intruders kicked open the home's back door around 6.40pm and walked around the home's first floor multiple times and briefly went to the second floor. Their intrusion launched the home's alarm system and the trio fled - but not before a neighbor, who heard the alarm, was able to see their getaway vehicle. They escaped in a white Ford and did not steal any items from the home. Vo told ABC: 'It looked like their intention was not just burglarizing the house. They came in full force. It was scary just looking at the video.' He added to Click2Houston: '[Police] told me they don't think it was a normal robbery. They think it's a setup.' Individuals who have any information about the case are asked to contact Pearland police.

    4 weeks
  • Psychiatric patient stabs patients to death with chopstick in China 01:03

    Psychiatric patient stabs patients to death with chopstick in China

    A mentally ill man has killed three hospital roommates by stabbing them with a chopstick. The attacker, who is diagnosed with schizophrenia, untied himself from his hospital bed before carrying out the assault on four women in Henan Province, central China, in February. Only one woman survived the stabbings and all three others died of head injuries.The shocking incident took place on February 24, but was only reported by media last week. According to Chinese newspaper The Paper, the attacker, surnamed Yang, was admitted into the Luoning Public Hospital in Luoyang on the day of the attack. The hospital classified his condition as 'critical'. It also said that Yang was 'an imminent danger to himself and the others'. The hospital required one of Yang's family members to accompany the patient. Mr Yi, Director of the hospital, told The Paper that Yang had been allocated to stay in a ward where all patients had severe mental disorders and 'rely on the support of carers significantly'.According to surveillance footage, a hospital carer tidied the ward and arranged the duvets for the patients at 8:16pm. Yang was lying on his bed at the time, with his hands and feet strapped in protective limb holders. Five minutes later after the carer left the ward, Yang started to untie the restraints on his limbs. He eventually got off the bed. The reporter from the The Paper also said that his brother, who was looking after Yang in the hospital, went out to a nearby convenience store at that time to buy some milk powder for Yang. The video shows Yang picking up a chopstick from a coffee table in the middle of the ward and tying one of his shoes before going into a separate room in the ward. The surveillance camera did not capture Yang's activities in the other room. However, The Paper claimed that there were two patients staying in the other room and both of them were diagnosed with head injuries after Yang was captured. The two patients, surnamed Bai and Wei, later died.At 8:30pm, Yang went up to a third patient, identified as 63-year-old Yun, and stabbed her in the head with the chopstick, as the video showed. Yun allegedly died at the scene. Afterwards, he walked to the neighbouring bed, where a 43-year-old female patient, surnamed Zhang, slept. Yang also stabbed her in the head. Zhang sustained injuries on her head and in her left eye. But she was the only survivor among the four whom Yang attacked. One patient from the opposite row woke up after Yang attacked Zhang. Seconds later, two hospital carers rushed into the ward and brought Yang under control. The hospital confirmed that all straps had been functional and Yang had taken antipsychotic medication before being put to bed, said The Paper.According to, an affiliation to People's Daily Online, the hospital agreed to give 80,000 yuan (£9317) to the family of Ms Yun, who died from the incident, as compensation. In return, Ms Yun's family would have to agree not to file any complaints to any departments, including the ministerial departments. And Ms Yun's family have agreed. The hospital is still trying to settle with the families of Ms Bai and Ms Wei, who were also killed. The two families demanded that the hospital pay them 1,200,000 yuan (£139,000) each as compensation. Since the incident occurred, Yang has been moved into another ward. However, it remains unclear if he is sharing the ward with any patients. The Luoning County Public Security Bureau released a statement on April 1. The statement confirmed that three patients died at the Luoning Public Hospital as a result of Yang's stabbings. It confirmed that Ms Yun died at the scene while Ms Bai and Ms Wei died on March 5 and March 9 respectively. The police said they are carrying out further investigation. It also remains unclear if Yang would be hold accountable for his actions, or if any charges would be brought against him.

    4 weeks
  • CCTV shows yobs smashing up 38 vehicles at dealership in Notts 01:46

    CCTV shows yobs smashing up 38 vehicles at dealership in Notts

    Hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of cars have been destroyed after yobs went on the rampage at a dealership - with a SLEDGEHAMMER. A total of 35 cars and three camper vans were smashed by vandals during the attack in the early hours of yesterday morning (Mon). Dramatic pictures show rows of vehicles with their front and both windscreens smashed with shards of glass covering the bodywork. The rampage has caused hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage at Lowdham Cars in Gunthorpe, Notts. Owner Melanie Hibbitt said cars destroyed in the incident have a price range of between £4,000 and £40,000.

    4 weeks
  • Horrifying moment mother chucks newborn baby into a garbage 01:10

    Horrifying moment mother chucks newborn baby into a garbage

    This is the chilling moment when a 15-year-old mother from China boxes up her live newborn before disposing of the package in a dustbin. CCTV footage, captured at a residential building in the south-east China's Shenzhen, shows the teenager getting into a lift with the shoe-box sized container and some other bags on April 1. The newborn baby girl was later discovered by a cleaner in a waste container, with blood on her body but miraculously she was still breathing. Local policemen confirmed the mother to be a 15-year-old girl. Her identity has not been revealed. Her parents arrived and agreed to take the baby back home. The cleaner, surnamed He, told Southern Metropolis Daily that she was picking through card boxes at the garbage in Liutang residential area of Bao'an district when she had to do a double take. Explaining the series of events she told a reporter: 'I thought it was a doll when I saw the baby's leg. But then, I looked again and [saw] it was a live baby and there was blood on the baby's face and body.' Mr Liu, a neighbour who walked pass the garbage bin, said to Southern Metropolis Daily: 'The baby girl was placed inside a gift box, with blood all over her body. But there seemed to be a cut mark under her right eye, so we sent her to the hospital.' The baby was admitted to a maternity unit at Bao'an People's Hospital, weighing a light 2.65 kg (5.84 lbs) and with low body temperatures. Footage shows a young teenage girl wearing a yellow t-shirt and dungaree jeans, carrying a gift box, a red travel bag and two plastic bags into the lift. It is also suggested that she went straight to work after giving birth. Mr Chen, who works as a concierge at the apartment block, said that the girl had lived in the building for over a year. She is said to live alone and work at a beauty salon. Looking at the footage, Mr Chen said: 'She looks so calm as if she had never given birth. You can see from the footage that she is playing with her hair and looks into the mirror.' The mother is then seen walking through the door that goes to the garbage and later the onlookers found the baby girl in the exact same gift box. Bao'an police arrived on scene and looked for the new mother on the ninth floor. They found blood in the toilet and an unpleasant smell filling her apartment. The police has confirmed the new mother is a 15-year-old teenager and called her parents to a local police station, according to Southern Metropolis Daily. As the mother is underage, there are no laws or regulations applied to arrest or prosecution. The girl's parents agreed to take the infant to their home at Heyuan, Guangdong city.

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  • Moment carjacking victim sprays gasoline at her attacker 00:27

    Moment carjacking victim sprays gasoline at her attacker

    The King Slayer 29216 0

    A woman was captured on video attempting to fight back against a carjacker by dousing him with gasoline before she was dragged several feet as the man stole her car while she was pumping gas. William Tighe, 32, is being hunted by police in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, in suspicion for stealing a woman's car while she was pumping gas at a convenience store on Saturday night. Surveillance video posted to Tewksbury Police's Twitter account shows the woman spraying the suspect with gasoline and struggling with him before he sped away, dragging the woman several feet. The woman immediately ran inside the gas station, asking a clerk for help and to phone the police to report the stolen vehicle, reported WCVB. 'She said that her car got stolen, someone took off with her car,' a gas station attendant told FOX25's Jim Morelli. 'When she wasn't paying attention, pumping her own gas, he just hopped right in and tried to take off with it. He tried to close the door and she fought back.' The woman was taken to a hospital as a precaution. Police say her injuries appeared to be minor. Police were quickly able to track down the red Mazda 2007 around 90 minutes later in Lowell, Massachusetts, but weren't able to apprehend the suspect. Tighe fled from the vehicle on foot and escaped by making his way through a wooded embankment and area, before disappearing around the banks of the Merrimack River, according to police. The suspect was still at large as of Sunday afternoon. Police have an arrest warrant charging the man with carjacking and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. This isn't Tighe's first run-in with the law. He was arrested in December of 2014 for a high speed police chase while he was driving a stolen vehicle at 75mph, reported the Lowell Sun. He was apprehended after blowing out a tire then crashing into a police cruiser and hitting a guardrail.

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  • Horrific bottle attack on charity boss outside his office 00:06

    Horrific bottle attack on charity boss outside his office

    CCTV footage has emerged showing the moment a charity boss was bottled after confronting a man he says was selling drugs outside his office. Mohamed Nacer, director and founder of the Arab Advice Bureau in Islington, north London, was attacked outside his charity's office on Thursday evening. The dad-of-two, 45, told local press that he felt 'threatened' and unsafe because of drug dealers in the area but that 'no one wants to speak out'. In CCTV from a nearby shop Mr Nacer can be seen having a heated conversation with a man who is holding a bottle of Coca Cola. The suspect, wearing a white t-shirt, black puffer jacket and a dark cap, suddenly raised the glass bottle and struck his victim across the head before quickly striding away. Mr Nacer, wearing a green t-shirt, fell to the ground after being hit. He told the Islington Gazette that he had five stitches in hospital. He said to the paper: 'I have reported it [drug dealing] many times. But yesterday I went to speak to them telling them not to sell drugs there. 'He went into the shop and bought a bottle of Coke and hit me over the head with it. The glass smashed and I fell over.' A Met Police spokesman said: 'We were called to Seven Sisters Road at 5.28pm on Thursday 30 March following reports of an assault. 'The suspect had made off. We found a male who had suffered an assault. London Ambulance Service also attended. 'He was taken to hospital just as a precaution, but thankfully it wasn't serious.' There have been no arrests. Mr Nacer added: 'I feel very threatened. I chat to the shopkeepers and we don't feel safe in the area. I need to have my voice heard. 'The whole community is very scared. No one wants to speak out.' Mr Nacer set up the Arab Advice Bureau in 1998 to help welcome refugees who fled from Algeria to London in the nineties. The charity now promotes social cohesion for the whole community. On its website the charity says it 'has been noted for its outstanding achievements in the field of excellence, and that clearly reflects [Mr Nacer's] own personal vision of community cohesion and integration combined with a reawakening of the rich cultural heritage of the community.'

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  • Two masked men tried to abduct a woman outside her home 00:31

    Two masked men tried to abduct a woman outside her home

    A woman is furious after her fiancé was arrested for firing a gun as he reportedly came to her aid to keep her from being abducted. The woman's fiancé, Jeremiah Morin, is charged with deadly conduct over the incident in Montgomery County, Texas. The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office said in a news release that deputies responded on Friday to a welfare check. It said: 'Deputies learned that at approximately 11:45am, a 32 year old female arrived home with her two infant kids. 'The victim had just carried her 9 month old child into the residence and was exiting her residence to get her 4 year old child when she was approached by two black males in the door way of her residence. 'The two black males, wearing dark clothing, ski masks and gloves fought with the victim by placing her in a head lock and pulling her into the front yard of the residence.' The agency said that was when Moring 'discharged several bullets from inside the residence out and toward the suspect's in the front yard'. It said the suspects let go of the woman and started to flee. 'At that time, Morin exited the residence and went to the end of his driveway and then recklessly discharged 5 bullets at or in the direction of the suspects, as well as numerous habitations, vehicles and other buildings,' according to the release. Neighbor Joe Nichols told KTRK: 'It looked like they were trying to abduct her.' He recalled: 'It was strange. Just out of the blue attack on her. This was a gunfight, you know, at the O.K. Corral stuff. There were 10 to 12 shots fired.' Nichols commented: 'She's very lucky that he came out and had a pistol and he was able to defend her.' The sheriff's office said: 'During the entire investigation, Detectives with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Major Crimes Unit were met with resistance and a lack of cooperation from the victim and Morin as to the motive and details surrounding the attack. 'The victim and Morin refused to complete statements or file charges against anyone involved in the incident. 'Furthermore, the victim and Morin became upset with neighbors for notifying law enforcement about the shooting.'The sheriff's office said investigators got a warrant for the home 'and recovered two firearms, multiple bullet casings from the residence as well as video surveillance.' According to the agency, Morin, who was taken to the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Jail, is a Tango Blast gang member. The release said the a gang intelligence unit 'is investigating both the homeowner and alleged assailants for probable gang involvement'. Morin's fiancée told KRTK that Morin isn't involved with a gang. She told the station she is furious authorities arrested him, and the attackers escaped. She provided footage of the suspects attacking her to the local TV station.

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  • Police Officer Freaks Out After Meeting With A Rat In Hallway 01:05

    Police Officer Freaks Out After Meeting With A Rat In Hallway

    Funny meeting caught on surveillance camera in police station in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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  • Caught On Camera: Activist killed in police raid during Paraguay riots 01:22

    Caught On Camera: Activist killed in police raid during Paraguay riots

    A Paraguayan opposition political activist was shot in the head and killed when police raided his party headquarters during riots against a contested electoral reform, the movement's leader said Saturday. Rodrigo Quintana, 25, leader of the opposition Liberal Party's youth branch was shot as police searched the premises in the capital Asuncion, party leader Efrain Alegre told reporters. The interior ministry said in a statement that "the authorities are investigating the circumstances of the death, which is presumed to have occurred at the hands of a member of the National Police." Police raided the party offices after activists took refuge there during a night of riots, Alegre said. Furious protesters broke into the Congress late on Friday, ransacking lawmakers' offices and starting fires after senators approved a reform to allow the president to run for re-election. The unrest left about 30 people injured, including three lawmakers, according to firefighters and an opposition senator. Right-wing President Horacio Cartes is seeking to reform the constitution to enable himself to run for office again in an election in 2018 after his current term ends. His opponents say it will clear the way for a return to dictatorship in Paraguay, a South American nation of some 6.8 million people. Paraguay has banned re-election since 1992 in an attempt to avoid a return to dictatorships like that of general Alfredo Stroessner, who ruled from 1954 to 1989.

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