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  • This Is Why We Need Extreme Vetting! Jordanian Who Came to the US in 2011 under Obama Arrested for Trying to Help Isis 01:44

    This Is Why We Need Extreme Vetting! Jordanian Who Came to the US in 2011 under Obama Arrested for Trying to Help Isis

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    Authorities arrested a Dayton, Ohio man Wednesday at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport after they said he attempted to help ISIS.

    FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force arrested 26-year-old Laith Waleed Alebbini and accused him of attempting to provide material support or resources to the foreign terrorist organization.

    Federal investigators said Alebbini, a citizen of Jordan and permanent legal resident of the U.S., attempted to travel to Syria, via a flight to Turkey or Jordan, in order to fight with ISIS against the Syrian leadership.

    Authorities became aware of Alebbini when he was arrested in January on charges of unlawful entry into the Turkish embassy in Washington, D.C. Those charges were dismissed, but he said, "You are going to regret this," while being escorted off the property, according to court records.

    The FBI and Secret Service interviewed Alebbini about the incident at the Turkish embassy. During the interview, he admitted to posting pro-ISIS videos on his Facebook page and said, "I am the perfect recruit for ISIS," the special agent said in court records.

    Alebbini also said he supported ISIS' desire for a united Middle East, but that he did not agree with their use of violence, the special agent wrote. However, Alebbini also said security at the embassy was lax and that "if I had a bomb on me, I swear to God, three embassies would have gone down."

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  • HEARTBREAKING: Muslim Converts Best Friend Threatened to Kill Him after Converting to Christianity 01:38

    HEARTBREAKING: Muslim Converts Best Friend Threatened to Kill Him after Converting to Christianity

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    This Muslim man's best friend threatened to kill him simply because he decided to leave Islam and convert to Christianity. Listen to the horror stories this man endured by his own friends who used his Facebook page as a promotion tool for Isis while also threatening him in the process.

    This is yet another example of how Islam does not allow anyone who disagrees with them to ever leave the religion like some sort of death cult, or Scientology.

    Many stories like this have been posted throughout the years but this one is one of the more heartbreaking ones because it wasn't just random strangers who were threatening him, it was his best friends!

    2 days
  • North Korea released ANOTHER propaganda video showing them attacking the United States after yet another failed ICBM missile test 02:28

    North Korea released ANOTHER propaganda video showing them attacking the United States after yet another failed ICBM missile test

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    North Korea further ramped up its belligerent rhetoric, releasing a new propaganda video that simulated strikes on the White House and a U.S. aircraft carrier.

    The nearly two-and-a-half-minute video — released by state-run outlet Arirang-Meari — put 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in crosshairs and showed a carrier in flames along with scenes of missile launches and jingoistic parade footage.

    Set to a soaring score, Wednesday’s military preening also featured four missiles assailing the USS Carl Vinson strike group — which the U.S. recently directed to the Korean Peninsula — as well as other short- and medium-range ballistic missiles, according to NK News.

    Threats of nuclear war made by top North Korean official Choe Ryong Hae at a parade last week play over the beginning of the video.

    2 days
  • Crypt Keeper Looking Professor Dissuades Kids from Joining in Unity with Trump Supporters during UC Berkeley Protests 05:32

    Crypt Keeper Looking Professor Dissuades Kids from Joining in Unity with Trump Supporters during UC Berkeley Protests

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    Listen to this anti-American professor who looks eerily like the crypt keeper from the old HBO show dissuade her students from joining in unity in support of America Donald Trump supporters during UC Berkeley protests.

    This is the mentality of these anti-American, anti-free speech leftist professors who consistently encourage violence against those who disagree with them and espouse hatred towards any ideology that runs counter to their own.

    2 days
  • RELIGION OF PEACE: Saudi Arabia Murders an Atheist Simply Because He Posted a Video Renouncing Islam 02:45

    RELIGION OF PEACE: Saudi Arabia Murders an Atheist Simply Because He Posted a Video Renouncing Islam

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    Saudi Arabia has sentenced an atheist to death for uploading a video in which he renounced Islam and the Prophet Mohammed.

    The man has been identified locally as Ahmad Al Shamri who is in his 20s and from the town of Hafar al-Batin.

    Saudi authorities first picked him up in 2014 after he uploaded the video showing men and women dancing which led to him being charged with atheism and blasphemy.

    After a lengthy appeal process, the country's Supreme Court ruled against him this week, effectively sending him to his death.

    In the original case against Mr Shamri, his legal team said that he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol and therefore technically insane, according to Erem News.

    Strict laws in the kingdom mean citizens turning their back on Islam can find themselves punished by harsh prison sentences.

    2 days
  • 'Paedophile' confronted for attempting to meet underage girls 01:02

    'Paedophile' confronted for attempting to meet underage girls

    A man who turned up to meet who he thought was a 13-year-old girl for sex has been jailed after he was greeted and filmed by paedophile hunters. Darren Heywood, 46, contacted the Facebook profile of 'Becka Johnson', believing she was a young teenager. But the account had been set up by paedophile hunters Guardians of the North in an attempt to snare those seeking sexual activity with children. Durham Crown Court heard how Heywood messaged 'Becka' to say she was his 'special girl' but told her to keep it secret. David Lamb, prosecuting, told the court how Heywood told Becka that he would love to be the first person to make love to her. Mr Lamb said: 'He went on to ask if she's ever had sex before and asked her if she would ever sleep with an older man if he has protection. 'He suggested kissing may lead one thing into another and again suggested that if he had protection would Becka sleep with him. 'He indicated to her that he would show her every sexual position possible and treat her like a woman, calling her his sexy baby, adding she had one sexy little body.' Mr Lamb told the court how Heywood started talking to the profile on January 15 and organised to meet the 'girl' 16 days later on January 28. Heywood bought a train ticket from his home in Stockton-on-Tees and travelled to Seaham, County Durham, where he was confronted by members of Guardians of the North and later arrested by police. Mr Lamb said: 'He admitted being responsible for talking to the Facebook account of Becka Johnson. 'He agreed, following suggestions from the police, he called her 'babe', 'gorgeous' and 'sexy'. His explanation for that at the time was he was just being polite.' Mr Lamb told the court that Heywood said he travelled to meet the girl as he didn't believe the account to be genuine, curiosity had got the better of him and he found it exciting. He initially ran away from Guardians of the North before being detained by them. Heywood admitted attempting to meet a child under 16 following grooming. Maria Tempow, defending, told the court Heywood married young and was in a violent relationship whereby he was the victim. She said this had led to him living in Stockton alone in shared accommodation where he became involved in this offending. Ms Tempow said: 'He's very remorseful, this was out of character for him. He says he was in a dark place, he was taking some drugs.' Judge Christopher Prince said he did not accept Heywood was remorseful. He said: 'You engaged in a period of 16 days attempting to arrange a meeting and have sex with what you believed to be a 13-year-old. 'How can you express remorse if you don't admit there is sexual motivation behind this offending?' Judge Prince sentenced Heywood to 16 months in prison. He also ordered him to sign the sex offenders register for 10 years and and abide by a sexual harm prevention order.

    2 days
  • Anti-vaxxer couple who snatched son from doctors blame 'evil' hospital 02:12

    Anti-vaxxer couple who snatched son from doctors blame 'evil' hospital

    The anti-vaccine parents who snatched their wheelchair-bound four-year-old boy from hospital were allowed to take him home after police found them. Marc Alexander Steven, 28, and mother, Jacinda 'Cini' Walker, 26, posted a series of videos hours after triggering a police search across two states when they took their son Chase from the hospital against doctors' orders. The couple appeared to be exhausted, alternating between tearful and angry as they talked about their son and their ordeal. They claimed it all began when they took Chase to an appointment at Lady Cilento Children's hospital in Brisbane because they were worried about his feeding tube. Child services then allegedly came and said to admit him or they would do it by force, so they took Chase and left about 12.30pm on Thursday. Police launched a search, saying there were serious concerns for Chase's wellbeing because he suffers from a serious medical condition needing urgent and ongoing medical attention. Chase and his parents were found in Newcastle about 5pm on Friday and taken without incident to John Hunter Hospital. It was not clear why they drove there but the Church of Ubuntu, which the couple are involved with, is based there and its co-founder Karen Burge was seen with them in the videos. After taking their sick son from the Lady Cilento and driving him 8.5 hours south to Newcastle, Chase was released to them and police said no charges would be laid. Once at John Hunter Hospital, Ms Walker sniffled as he sat hugging her son insisting he wasn't sick enough to be kept in hospital and 'just had a cold' like she did. 'You look at the camera Chase and tell the world how you feel mate, you tell ‘em I’m alert, I’m awake and I’m better than I’ve ever been,' she said. 'Truth is going to come out and everyone’s not going to be happy. It’s not nice to harass families, especially ones that are trying to heal their children and bring them love and joy in the world.' Less than an hour later Ms Walker gave a 10-minute angry rant to the camera in the hospital's car park where she raged against 'the system' she accused of trying to steal her son. 'They want to take my child and keep him in overnight with police standing around,' she said. 'I'm done I want my family back i'm over the fact that the system thinks they can do this to me. I don't care about the gag of two years prison, do it! 'You're not going to hurt my kid anymore... I'd rather go to jail than watch another family be destroyed like ours. 'If we don't stand up we should just roll over and give up and shoot ourselves in the back of the head because we need to protect our kids and no one is.' She alleged that a doctor at John Hunter Hospital said he was not urgently sick and if he were her patient she would let him go home and follow up two days later. 'I know my son's healthy, he's got a cold just like I do. If my son could speak, he'd say he's not sick and wants to leave,' Ms Walker said. 'I know my son better than anyone else in the world.'

    2 days
  • Shocking footage of an arrest involving pepper spray and a dog in NZ 01:46

    Shocking footage of an arrest involving pepper spray and a dog in NZ

    A routine traffic stop escalated into a man being pepper sprayed, wrestled to the ground by officers, and having a police dog maul his leg. The young man was in a car driven by his girlfriend when he said they were pulled over just as they stopped for petrol in Porirua, New Zealand. According to the man's girlfriend's sister, he got out of the car to buy cigarettes from the service station and ignored orders by a policeman to get back in the car. The man's girlfriend's sister claimed the officer then sprayed his face with pepper spray as he walked towards the service window. He said the spray did not kick in until he arrived at the window and the video begins as he is clutching his face in pain as the policeman stands by. 'He's going to be fine, as soon as he starts playing the game I'll give him a spray that makes it not hurt,' the officer was heard telling on of the women who went to help. 'He just pepper sprayed me for no reason,' the man said repeatedly. 'You've got no control, you don't own me.' The man then ran around the building pursued by the officer before burying his head in his girlfriend's shoulder on the other side. By now at least three more police cars had arrived at the scene, with one officer leading a police dog towards him. They surrounded him and ripped him from his girlfriend's grasp in an attempt to arrest him, but when he resisted they tackled him to the ground. 'Let go of me, I did nothing!' he screamed as he was set upon by a police dog that ripped one of the legs clean off his pants. The sisters and two female friends who were also present became increasingly upset throughout the video, repeatedly pleading with police to leave the man alone and accusing them of 'brutality'. 'If that cop was properly trained that whole situation should of been avoided, he was not angry or aggressive he just didn't listen and get back in the car,' the girlfriend's sister said on Thursday. 'At no point did he threaten or act aggressively, the only aggressive one was that cop who cant handle a simple situation without escalating it.' The woman claimed he had a 'chunk of flesh ripped out' of his leg, a damaged eye socket and extensive bruising, along with his thumb being numb for a week after the incident from the handcuffs. The man was charged with obstructing police, resisting police and two counts of assault on a police officer and will face court next week. He filed a formal complaint to the Independent Police Conduct Authority alleging excessive force, but admitted to ignoring the officer's request to stay in the car. He wants the assaulting police charges dropped and the use of force investigated, hopefully with the help of the service station's CCTV. 'We can confirm that a range of tactical options were deployed,' Kapiti-Mana area commander Inspector Tracey Thompson said, but did not confirm the use of pepper spray. 'While we have not been able to review the video mentioned, it is important to note that, as is often the case with brief video clips of this nature, it does not necessarily provide a full picture of what occurred prior to the event being filmed. 'As this matter is now before the courts, police are unable to comment further.'

    2 days
  • The moment Westminster knifeman is tackled by armed police 01:11

    The moment Westminster knifeman is tackled by armed police

    Armed police detained a man armed with a knife just yards from the Houses of Parliament today in a new Wesminster security alert. The suspect was tackled at the Westminsrer end of Whitehall at around 2.45pm. Shocked eyewitnesses say road were immediately closed amid a heavy police presence after reports of a man with a backpack with 'knives' falling to the floor. The incident comes just 36 days after six people were killed in a terror attack at the heart of democracy Eye witness Luke William said: "Armed police in Westminster holding a man with a backpack with what appears to be knives falling out on the floor. Stay safe."

    2 days
  • Spray and Pray Fail: Truck Bomb Penetrates Security Perimeter 02:19

    Spray and Pray Fail: Truck Bomb Penetrates Security Perimeter

    It doesn’t matter how well-armed or how much ammunition you have if you can’t put rounds on target. A frantic video shows an ISIS truck bomb speeding toward the cameraman’s position on a fortified perimeter. The unit uses the spray and pray technique, meaning they dump as much ammunition down range as possible without actually taking the fraction of a second to line up a decent shot. Within seconds, the SVBIED is approaching its blast kill radius and panic-stricken troops scatter in disarray.

    The attacking vehicle soon comes to a stop, and if you watch closely, you can see one of the ISIS members standing behind it, a split second before it detonates into a massive fireball. The attack itself seems to have limited effect but does well to point out the incompetency and lack of discipline within the defending unit.

    2 days
  • Hit-And-Run Victim Smashes Into Metal Pole 01:14

    Hit-And-Run Victim Smashes Into Metal Pole

    A pedestrian, Alejandro Ramirez, was hit by a car on the 700 block of west Broward Boulevard at 3:30 a.m. on April 8, 2017. Fort Lauderdale police want to find the white four-door car, which kept going. Ramirez was hospitalized with non-life -threatening injuries. Please call (954) 492-8477 if you have any information about this incident.

    2 days
  • BMW driver causes an accident after he loses control while overtaking another vehicle 01:03

    BMW driver causes an accident after he loses control while overtaking another vehicle

    A BMW driver causes an accident after he loses control while overtaking another vehicle. Maybe next time he'll think twice before performing an unsafe maneuver.

    2 days
  • Fleeing Biker Attempts to Jump Curb,Fails 00:40

    Fleeing Biker Attempts to Jump Curb,Fails

    Surveillance video shows the end of a high speed chase in Minnesota, after the fleeing biker hits a curb and crashes. The Minnesota State Patrol says the driver was previously seen riding dangerously at a high rate of speed, and refused to pull over for police. The biker was not seriously hurt in the crash and was subsequently arrested on various charges.

    2 days
  • Firefighters rescue boy stuck in crevice on sheer cliff 00:50

    Firefighters rescue boy stuck in crevice on sheer cliff

    Firefighters rescued a boy who got stuck in a crevice on a sheer cliff face in Lanzhou, northwest China's Gansu Province. The footage, captured on March 26, shows a firefighter abseiling down the cliff to bring the boy to safety. Local news said the boy had slid down the 100-metre-high cliff and got stuck in a crevice. He escaped his ordeal uninjured. Watch the rescue video.

    2 days
  • Disney ‘Miracle’ Actor Michael Mantenuto Commits Suicide At 35 00:44

    Disney ‘Miracle’ Actor Michael Mantenuto Commits Suicide At 35

    Actor Michael Mantenuto committed suicide on Monday.

    2 days
  • Bodycam Shows Female Cop Waving Gun in Air and Shouting Threats 04:18

    Bodycam Shows Female Cop Waving Gun in Air and Shouting Threats

    A Brusly Police Department officer resigned after a disturbing situation was caught on an Addis police officer's body camera last month. Addis officers were investigating a domestic dispute at a local business where a husband and his estranged wife worked. Addis officers resolved the situation. Then, Brusly Police Officer Shellie Maranto, arrived in a rage outside her jurisdiction. The body camera footage obtained clearly shows Brusly Police Officer Shellie Maranto approaching a group of officers at a high rate of speed in her unmarked police unit. She immediately exited the vehicle and began yelling, "The f****** c*** is going to jail. I'm going to kill her, the whore." Moments after Maranto arrives, she begins waving her Brusly Police Department issued service weapon in the air as she continues shouting profanities. "I'm going to kill her, the whore," Maranto said. "I don't care about going to jail. F*** my life. I ain't got kids. F*** it," Maranto is recorded saying. The domestic dispute at the Addis business occurred on March 31. Brusly Police Chief Jonathan Lefeaux told Chief Investigator Chris Nakamoto, that he was made aware of the body camera footage on Sunday, April 2, 2017. That's when Maranto was placed on administrative leave, and her department issued police items were taken away. Maranto resigned from the Brusly Police Department on Monday, April 3, 2017 according to Chief Lefeaux. He said an item was going to be added to the town council's agenda to have Maranto terminated that week. She resigned instead. "This puts a black eye on every other law enforcement officer in our town, and it's an embarrassment for the town and department," Chief Lefeaux said. Maranto started working for the Brusly Police Department three years ago as a school resource officer. She was then moved to an office position inside the department, but was given a department issued unit, according to Lefeaux. Lefeaux said she had no prior disciplinary history with the department, and he never heard Maranto use that type of language with that tone before. The West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office was called in to investigate the matter. However, in the middle of their investigation, the woman who Maranto was yelling about asked the WBRSO to drop their investigation. Charges have not been filed against Maranto, and charges have also not been ruled out. She is the sister-in-law of the woman she was calling out and the sister of the man.

    2 days
  • Two US Special Forces Killed In Anti-ISIS Raid In Afghanistan 01:32

    Two US Special Forces Killed In Anti-ISIS Raid In Afghanistan

    The fierce firefight happened overnight Thursday in the same ISIS stronghold in eastern Afghanistan where the US dropped the so-called "Mother of All Bombs.”

    2 days
  • POV GoPro Helmet Cam From A Day On A US Aircraft Carrier During Daily Military Operations At Sea 10:38

    POV GoPro Helmet Cam From A Day On A US Aircraft Carrier During Daily Military Operations At Sea

    POV GoPro helmet cam footage shows a day on the deck of a mighty US Aircraft Carrier during daily military operations at sea and gives a good look on what it is like to be operating on a aircraft carrier.

    2 days
  • Angry Wife Calls Up Her Cheating Husband & Goes Off On Him While Passengers On A NYC Bus Listen! 02:03

    Angry Wife Calls Up Her Cheating Husband & Goes Off On Him While Passengers On A NYC Bus Listen!

    Angry Wife Calls Up Her Cheating Husband & Goes Off On Him While Passengers On A NYC Bus Listen!

    2 days
  • Black, Racist Uber Driver Gets Mad At White Rider When He Complains About Air Freshener 02:16

    Black, Racist Uber Driver Gets Mad At White Rider When He Complains About Air Freshener

    Racist Uber Driver got mad at me being white and not able to handle her overwhelming air freshener. I rolled down the windows... .

    2 days
  • Parents Attempt To Coach Daughter During Trashy Fight In The Woods 01:43

    Parents Attempt To Coach Daughter During Trashy Fight In The Woods

    The girls look like the fight is going to stop until the Mom says she will beat her daughter’s ass if she stops! Parents lines include: Fuck up her face before prom! and “hit her with a hook to the face!” The girl in the red at one point ask: “Why do you have all these parents with you?” Girl: “Because you dumb cunt…” Mom: “She don’t need your help!” Dad: “LOCK HER LEGS!”

    2 days
  • German solider disguised as Syrian refugee arrested over suspected attack plot 02:49

    German solider disguised as Syrian refugee arrested over suspected attack plot

    A German Army officer arrested on suspicion of plotting an attack had procured a firearm and registered himself as a Syrian refugee, prosecutors said. He might have attempted to put the blame for the possible assault on migrants, local media reported.

    2 days
  • Cornered ISIS Fighter Blows Himself Up 00:44

    Cornered ISIS Fighter Blows Himself Up

    Iraqi police are injured as an ISIS jihadist blows himself up when the police retake a base in the city of Mosul in northern Iraq. April 2017

    Go-pro video released by the Iraqi Police shows policemen surrounding a jihadist lying in a field south of Mosul. As they moved in the man detonated his suicide belt sending officers flying. This incident happened when ten fanatics infiltrated a Federal Police helicopter base.

    The rest of the video is the Iraqi police finishing off the remaining ISIS fighters with mortars and heavy machine guns.

    3 days
  • Cops brutally assaulted by inmates in a Chicago prison 01:33

    Cops brutally assaulted by inmates in a Chicago prison

    Cook County Sheriff Thomas J. Dart is seeking attempted murder charges on three maximum security inmates who attacked two correctional deputies. At approximately 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday April 26th 2017, three detainees repeatedly punched two correctional deputies in a housing tier in Division 9, the super maximum facility. The deputies were taken to area hospitals for treatment. One deputy had a fractured orbital and the other lost consciousness and was kept at the hospital overnight for observation. Two of the detainees under investigation for Wednesday’s attack – 19-year-old David Bush and 20-year-old Taiwan McNeal are being held on charges of attempted murder for allegedly shooting an off-duty Oak Park Police officer in 2015. The third detainee, Terrence Lynom, 20, has been in Cook County Jail since 2014, on attempted murder for allegedly shooting a 6-year old-girl while she rode her bike in the Roseland neighborhood. Each of the three detainees has had more than 20 court continuances on their original cases. Lynom has had 36 continuances. All three have had multiple disciplinary incidents issued since they have been in custody. Sheriff Dart is working with the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office to seek attempted murder charges for the detainees involved in attacking the correctional deputies. The investigation is ongoing.

    3 days
  • Shocking footage of a Delta plane's engine ON FIRE in air 01:00

    Shocking footage of a Delta plane's engine ON FIRE in air

    A Delta Air plane's engine reportedly caught fire today after taking off from the Chinese capital. The plane, which was carrying 227 passengers, had to turn back to the Beijing Capital International Airport before making an emergency landing. One passenger described to Beijing News that she had heard a loud bang before the plane 'lost balance' mid-air. It's understood that all passengers and cabin crew are safe and uninjured. A statement issued by Delta Air Lines to MailOnline said that Delta flight 188 'experienced an issue with its engine shortly after takeoff'. The statement said that as a precautionary measure, the flight crew elected to return to Beijing. DL188 departed Beijing at 4:33pm local time, 17 minutes ahead of the schedule, according to the company's website. It was expected to arrive in Detroit at 6:35pm local time. Speaking to Beijing News, an unnamed female passenger said that she heard a loud bang while the plane was flying mid-air. She then said that she felt the aircraft was losing balance. 'It was hard to tell whether it was going up or dropping. Then we heard the captain announcing that we were to turn back.' The same passenger said after the plane had landed, it was surrounded by 'many fire engines and ambulances'. A video clip taken by an eyewitness on the ground shows flames bursting from the right engine as the plane flew over. The aircraft landed safely under power of both engines and taxied to the gate, according to the airline. The company also said that it's re-accommodating customers on another aircraft from the Narita International Airport in Japan, which will depart Beijing 24 Hours after its originally scheduled time. Overnight accommodation in Beijing is said to have been arranged for the affected passengers.

    3 days
  • Thief caught on CCTV crawling Mission Impossible-style during burglary 02:14

    Thief caught on CCTV crawling Mission Impossible-style during burglary

    This is the bizarre moment a Mission Impossible-style raider was caught on CCTV crawling across the floor of a village pub during a late night burglary. The crook was seen wriggling between bar stools and tables to avoid triggering the alarm system in the third break-in at the pub in 18 months. The latest raid took place at Smithy’s Marina Bar in Shardlow, Derbys., just before 3am on Wednesday (26/4). The thief used tools to force open the door and removed steel bars from the windows.

    3 days
  • 12-year-old girl viciously beaten in middle school bathroom 00:20

    12-year-old girl viciously beaten in middle school bathroom

    The shocking moment a 12-year-old girl was beaten by a bully and left with severe head injuries in a school bathroom has been captured on camera. Cell phone footage shows the brutal attack on the youngster taking place at Crosby Middle School in Louisville, Kentucky. Hollie King, the girl's mother, told Wave3 her daughter was bashed and left bloodied on the floor on April 14 at around 11am. King's daughter, who has not been named, is seen being slapped across the face by another student at the start of the short video. The girl then pulls her down, and begins unleashing punches on the back of King's head. A few seconds later, the bully appears to drag the 12-year-old until she drops to her knees. At that point, the attacker is then seen delivering another series of blows to the face. 'When I took her to the emergency room, they told me she’s lucky she didn’t have internal brain bleeding,' Hollie King said Wednesday. The 12-year-old reportedly suffered a separated shoulder, in addition to a number of head wounds, in the attack. King has also blasted the middle school for not acting quickly enough, claiming she and her daughter's father were not told about the attack until Monday - 10 days after the incident took place. The furious mother told Wave3 she was then not shown the video until Wednesday, at which point they filed a police report against their daughter's alleged attacker. The King family is now joining up with seven others from the school as part of a lawsuit claiming Crosby has not done enough to create a safe environment for students. The suit, which was filed in December last year, claims there is a 'survival of the fittest' environment at the school on account on bullying being allowed to take place. Teddy Gordon, the lawyer representing the families, told reporters on Wednesday: 'No children, no grandchildren are safe at Crosby Middle.' Wave3 claims the school had the highest number of suspensions for students in the Jefferson County Public School system, with 421 pupils punished. The lawsuit is seeking damages from Jefferson County to cover medical and psychiatric bills, as well as the cost of switching children into private schools.

    3 days
  • Tradies attack father of girl after they wolf-whistle at her 01:50

    Tradies attack father of girl after they wolf-whistle at her

    Two Queensland tradies have been charged with assault after wolf whistling at a 15-year-old girl walking past their building site, and then attacking her father when he came to her defence. Brothers Bodie and Kai Lajunen were working at a site in Bundall, on the Gold Coast, when the 15-year-old neighbour walked past, reported Nine News. CCTV footage shows the father walk up to one of the brothers in an attempt to defend his daughter, before the second brother joins and the two men attack him, breaking his hand and leaving it in a sling. On Tuesday, the brothers were found guilty of assault but were pictured laughing at cameras as they left court, and giving the double thumbs up. The pair have insisted to Nine News that they did nothing wrong. Bodie Lajunen said: 'He didn't need to defend her, she wasn't in any danger.' 'I had a little whistle at the girl walking past,' he said and then shrugged his shoulders. 'I know I'm not a sleazebag and that I'm not going to be whistling and doing that to a minor so it didn't really phase me too much.' When challenged about what he said he replied: 'No, I didn't wolf whistle at her' 'She (the girl) yelled out, do you guys want some hot chips and I said yes please and her boyfriend just told me to f**k off, he yelled it out at me, and I just laughed and did the same gesture to him. In the footage, it shows the girl's father then stepped in to have words with Bodie. 'He kept saying that it was a sleazy thing to do and I basically laughed at him, I just said f**k off and leave me alone mate.' Bodie's brother Kai Lajunen admitted to Nine News that he pushed the girl's father. 'I pushed him, I had a rum in one hand so it wasn't an aggressive push.' But at one point in the CCTV footage, Kai is seen slapping the girl's father in the face. Despite the footage and witnesses, Bodie and Kai maintained their innocence. 'I would be sorry if I had done it to a 15-year-old girl and she was offended by it, like, I don't even think she was offended by it,' Bodie Lajunen said.

    3 days
  • Horrifying moment an eight-year-old boy is hit by a car 00:31

    Horrifying moment an eight-year-old boy is hit by a car

    An eight-year-old boy has been the victim of a hit-and-run attack after he was struck by a vehicle while crossing the road. The young boy was crossing Benowa Road on the Gold Coast in Queensland when he was hit by an orange hatchback. CCTV footage shows the car stop for around 15 seconds before driving away and leaving the injured boy at the scene. The boy - who appeared to be on his way to school - then limps to the other side of the road as the car speeds away before he headed back in the opposite direction. Police have released footage of the incident which happened at 8.15am on Thursday morning in the Gold Coast suburb of Benowa and are appealing for the driver involved to come forward. The boy was taken to the hospital with a non-life-threatening leg injury. Acting Senior Sergeant Josh Gunter said it was 'very concerning' that the driver of the hatchback failed to provide assistance to the child or contact appropriate emergency services. 'Anyone involved in a traffic incident like this is obliged to stop at the scene and render assistance,' he said. 'I would encourage the driver of the vehicle involved or anyone who may have witnessed the incident to come forward and speak with police. It is also a timely reminder for drivers to be vigilant in and around school zones.' Police are also appealing for anyone who may have dash cam footage of the incident to contact police or Crime Stoppers.

    3 days
  • P-plater verbally abuses motorcyclist after rolling towards him 00:47

    P-plater verbally abuses motorcyclist after rolling towards him

    A motorcyclist with a camera on his helmet filmed the moment a P-plate driver got out of his car and launched into a foul-mouthed tirade in the middle of a busy road. The motorcycle rider sat in traffic on a NSW road and watched as the blue Hyundai Excel slowly began to roll backwards in GoPro footage posted to Facebook. 'Sitting in traffic, he starts rolling back toward me. I beep him to to let him know that I'm behind him, and he decides that I'm deserving of some of his mouth juices while he berates me,' the driver of the motorcycle said. The angry driver then sticks his arm out of the window in confusion as the motorcyclist - named Daniel - yells out: 'You're rolling back, mate.' 'Get your brakes on, you're stopped and you're rolling back and I'm right behind you,' he said. The P-plate driver then gets out of his vehicle and walks towards the biker as a white car travelling on the other side of the road beeps at him. In a fit of road-rage, the man then argues: 'You wait c***, did I hit you? Did I f***ing hit you?' He then walks back to his car as the motorcyclist mutters: 'You're a d***head.' The camera owner shared the footage on the popular dash cam Facebook page, and the incident was met with varied responses from commenters. Some Facebook users sided with the motorcyclist and argued the p-plate driver's rant was unwarranted. 'I'm going to exit my vehicle to intimidate the rider behind me because my pride has been hurt by a simple honk,' one man wrote. Another said: 'This is pretty standard on Aussie roads these days. Definitely no more waves of sorry etc it's just arrogant angry wankers. "Beeping really upset me".' But others said the motorcyclist was being too precious about his space on the road and claim he was overreacting. 'He rolled about 30cm. Just a slight overreaction from the guy on the bike,' one person said. 'Come on... how long has this guy been riding? He barely rolled back, there was plenty of room and go round him on the left. What are you doing sitting in traffic like a car?' another wrote.

    3 days
  • Irate driver confronts cyclist who crossed road in front of car 00:23

    Irate driver confronts cyclist who crossed road in front of car

    The driver said he 'just about stopped' before hitting the cyclist but did hit the back of the bike in the incident in Pelsall in the West Midlands.

    3 days
  • Disturbing footage of girl bullied into fight in front of crowd 00:42

    Disturbing footage of girl bullied into fight in front of crowd

    Distressing video footage has emerged of a young girl being forced into a fight before being viciously assaulted as a group of teenagers look on. The clip recorded in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, shows a crowd jeering as one girl is pulled to the ground by her hair before being repeatedly punched in the head. The video has since amassed tens of thousands of views after being posted on social media and police have launched an investigation. The assault shows a girl being followed by another with blonde hair. The attacker tries to goad the girl into fighting her but she refuses and attempts to walk away. From the footage, it appears the two had intended to fight but the alleged victim says she 'is not bothered' as the attacker replies 'look how much f****ng s**t you are going to get yourself into.' At one point, the alleged victim appears to say she has 'lost' but is told to say it louder for the crowd to hear. After several horrifying minutes a woman drags the girl away from the crowd. The footage was uploaded to Facebook and has prompted fury from social media users. The Facebook user who posted it wrote: 'Everyone share this and let it get seen to everyone! hate bullies but this is nasty, no one should get told to say things and make them look so low, making them fight is disgusting.' The video has since been viewed more than 700,000 times since it was posted on April 26. A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said: 'Police have issued warnings and given educational advice to two teenage girls following reports of an altercation in Doncaster. 'The incident is said to have taken place on Wednesday 26 April at a park in the Woodlands area. 'A number of other young people were also present. No one was seriously injured during the incident.' Writing on Facebook, Claire Sivewright said: 'This is shocking. poor girl was clearly scared. Parents must be proud as anything (sic).' Another user, Princessemily Chanel wrote: 'I feel so sorry for that poor girl vile bullies want a good slap.' Nat Mooncat said: 'This makes me physically sick I went through a similar traumatic experience in my teens I am now 47 and still traumatised to this day by it. The crowd and the girl needs to be arrested.'

    3 days
  • Liberal protestor calls Jewish holocaust victims 'cowards' at university rally 02:55

    Liberal protestor calls Jewish holocaust victims 'cowards' at university rally

    Shocking footage has emerged of a pro-Palestinian protestor claiming 'all Jews are cowards' during a rally against the Israeli ambassador's visit to a London University.

    The clip shows a well-dressed man saying: 'Why did six million Jews go into Hitler's gas chambers? Like lambs for the slaughter, naked? Because you Jews are cowards!'

    The vile anti-Semitic rant was caught on camera outside the School of Oriental and African Studies in London during a rally protesting against Israeli ambassador to the UK, Mark Regev, speaking at the university last night.

    The unnamed man is not a member of staff or a student at SOAS, a spokesman told MailOnline.

    He made the vile comments after he was asked by UCL student Sol Schlagman, 20, to define Zionism.

    Mr Schlagman, who studies history, politics and economics, told MailOnline: 'He was the first person I spoke to at the 'Israeli Apartheid Rally' said this in answer to 'What is Zionism?'

    'People still believe this conflict has nothing to do with anti-Semitism. I think it might have.'

    He added that there are long-running tensions on both sides and that some students feel intimidated by the atmosphere on campus at times.

    Mr Regev still spoke at the event, organized by SOAS Jewish Society, last night despite the presence of around 200 protestors outside.

    The protest, which was called Apartheid Off Campus by organizers online, described Mr Regev as 'the public face of Israeli barbarism.' A counter-protest was also held.

    The Jewish News website reports that as the protestors outside could be heard chanting 'Free Palestine, free Palestine', Mr Regev told the audience of 60: ''I would like to tell them a secret. Israel is not going away. Israel is not going anywhere.'

    SOAS Registrar Paula Sanderson said: 'There is no place for hate speech on the SOAS campus and freedom of speech does not permit the expression of racist or anti-Semitic views.

    'We condemn unreservedly the comments that were made by the person shown on the video – he is not a student or staff member at SOAS. 'If there is any report of hate speech or anti-Semitism by any member of the SOAS community we will investigate that and take action.' Students and staff at SOAS and other universities had called for the visit by Mr Regev to be called off.

    More than 150 academics from Soas and other British universities wrote to the institute's director Valerie Amos urging her to cancel the event. The letter said: 'We fear that if this provocative event proceeds as planned, it will cause substantial distress and harm to many of our students and staff who are, have been or will be affected by the actions of what a recent UN report refers to as the Israeli 'apartheid regime'.

    'The event could further cause serious tension on campus and result in a charged atmosphere that will be detrimental to the wellbeing of all faculty, staff and students.

    3 days
  • Horrifying moment SUV smashes into car park killing security guard 00:17

    Horrifying moment SUV smashes into car park killing security guard

    Video footage has caught the horrifying moment an SUV slams into a security guard before crashing through an office in Beijing. The incident took place just after 5pm on April 26 in the Huamao Shopping Centre in Beijing. Footage posted to the People's Daily Online's Youtube page shows the moment the vehicle smashes through the wall of the office which was located next to the shopping centre's car park. Surveillance footage caught the vehicle mowing a woman down before then crashing through the wall of an office. It was going at full speed before it hit the woman. The video then cuts to three people sat in an office next to the car park. All of a sudden, the vehicle comes smashing through the wall. According to police, the woman hit by the vehicle was killed on the spot. The three in the office survived. Two of them were diagnosed with a head trauma. Witnesses said the driver of the car was a woman and she was wearing two-inch-heels which caused difficulty when turning. It's thought that she may have got stuck on the accelerator causing the vehicle to go out of control.

    3 days
  • Shocking moment player knocks out referee during match 00:13

    Shocking moment player knocks out referee during match

    A French rugby league player is facing a ban for life after knocking a referee out cold before attacking opposition players in an incident that has shocked the sport. The man - who French media have refused to identify - was playing for Saint-Esteve in a French Cup match against Toulouse at junior level when the incident, which was caught on camera, took place. Referee Benjamin Casty, brother of Catalan Dragons star Remi Casty, was attacked after sending the player to the sin-bin for making an obscene gesture to the crowd. Footage shows the referee fall to the floor then lie motionless after a single punch from the player, believed to be aged 21. When the opposition ran to confront the rampaging lout, he responded by throwing a flurry of punches at another player before he was finally hauled down and subdued. The game was abandoned. St-Esteve president Christian Cozza later revealed that the player had already been suspended earlier this season and claimed he did not want him to play in the match. Cozza also announced his resignation in response to the incident. He said: 'This player had already been suspended four games earlier in the season and I did not want him to play.' Casty was taken to a nearby hospital where he was treated for injuries to his cheekbone and miraculously avoided a broken jaw. The president of the French Federation, Marc Palanques, has already called on the player to face an 'uncompromising' punishment with many calling for a ban for life. He said: 'I hope that the National Disciplinary Commission, who will meet on Wednesday, will be uncompromising.'

    3 days
  • Mum pulls gun on barber who takes too long to cut son's hair 01:23

    Mum pulls gun on barber who takes too long to cut son's hair

    A mother pulled a gun out on a barber who was taking too long to cut her seven-year-old son's hair - telling them 'for a $6 haircut, you're doing all this?' Police are now desperately looking to trace the woman who was seen on CCTV footage removing the pistol from her handbag. She was waiting at The AllState Barber College in Cleveland, Ohio, but took exception to the time it was taking, according to a witness. After the disagreement, she grabbed her purse and pulled out a black Glock 9mm pistol, according to News 5 Cleveland. Marilyn Medina, a barber college instructor, said: 'I was afraid. You never know the intention she had, if she was really going to shoot, if she was really going to do something.' She added that the woman - who has not been identified - told staff members: 'For a $6 haircut, you're doing all this?' Police are still trying to locate the woman who eventually left the barber shop with her son.

    3 days
  • Mother tries to kick her pregnant daughter on Jeremy Kyle 00:28

    Mother tries to kick her pregnant daughter on Jeremy Kyle

    In what might have been one of the most explosive episodes to date, Jeremy Kyle's bouncer had to stop a mother from kicking her pregnant daughter. Today's episode of the show saw Lisa accused by her mother and sister of taking cocaine - despite being 26 weeks pregnant. While the family were screaming and swearing during a row backstage, mother Claire attempted to kick her pregnant daughter. Luckily Jeremy's quick-thinking bouncer stepped in to prevent the attack. Lisa, who is expecting her first child, was on the show because her family believe she is putting her unborn child in danger by taking drugs. The episode, which was filled with expletives and loud screaming for its entirety, escalated quickly when Security Steve had to step in. After the dramatic near-miss, Jeremy said: 'You do that, then we’re going to get in trouble.' It seems her sister Lauren had also tried to lash out, although it wasn't captured on camera. But Jeremy was heard asking her: 'Did you try and kick her then? Did you? Oi, listen to me. 'I will have you like… gone. You don't kick out at her, if you have an argument to make you make it verbally not physically. Do you understand?' He then asked Lauren: 'Do you care about that child? Then you don't kick her do you?' The show ended with Jeremy asking Lisa: 'What do you want?' Crying, she replied: 'To be left alone by them. All they've done is threaten me all the time Jeremy. 'And I've been telling them "just leave me alone, let me get on with my life and make my own mistakes".' As the segment continued, viewers flocked to Twitter to share their concern about the family's actions. While some were concerned by the attempted attack by Lisa's mother and sister, many had little sympathy for her. Describing the episode as 'horrible' one viewer insisted there's no excuse for taking cocaine, drinking alcohol or smoking during pregnancy. Others despaired over the fact that so many people are 'desperate' for children, while Lisa doesn't seem to appreciate how lucky she is to be pregnant.

    3 days
  • Couple films Everest avalanche as it comes towards them 00:32

    Couple films Everest avalanche as it comes towards them

    A terrified couple thought it was 'the end' when they saw an avalanche hurtling towards them while trekking at the bottom of a steep valley near Everest. Holly Cowie, from London, and Axel Haudiquet, from France, were hiking near Langtang Village in Nepal when they were caught in the avalanche trigged by an earthquake. As the pair ran under a tree for safety, they captured terrifying footage showing the earth shaking and a cloud of dust rising into the sky before the avalanche hit. Speaking to the Smithsonian, two years after the incident, Holly said: 'There was a loud roaring. 'I looked back up the valley towards Langtang, the village itself, and could see a big cloud approaching. 'Amongst this, the roar of the wind. It then went dark.' The couple's footage shows the mountainside shaking violently as the earthquake got worse. Looking up the mountain, a large cloud of smoke rises through the trees and rocks fall down the crags. Holly and Axel scrambled behind a tree and clung on to the branch in a bid to protect themselves. The couple were submerged in dirt and debris when the avalanche hit and the pair feared for their lives. Axel said: 'I remember seeing the leaves of the trees shaking. 'I didn't know what it was. And then the earth moved. 'For a second I thought "oh cool, it's an earthquake." First time in my life I experienced an earthquake. 'We were probably in the worst place you want to be for an earthquake because we were at the bottom of a steep valley. 'Then I realised something was coming towards us. 'I couldn't see Holly and I had no idea where I was. That's it. It's the end. I was terrified.' Holly and Axel had arrived in Nepal ten days earlier and were caught in the 7.8 magnitude earthquake. The earthquake and avalanche killed around 9,000 people on April 25 2015, destroying Langtang Village. She told MailOnline in 2015: 'I didn't think earthquake, I don't know what I thought it was. We ran a bit left and then right, it was hard to know where to go as we couldn't see anything coming for us. 'Luckily my boyfriend twigged what was happening and we ran for a bush and knelt behind it. 'It was really noisy and things were falling all around us. A big stone fell next to us and split in two. 'It was really calm when the earthquake stopped shaking but we knew we weren't safe and ran to a bigger tree. 'When I looked up the valley there was a billowing brown cloud coming straight for us down the valley. I had no idea what it could be.' After the the couple found their guide, they made their way down the mountain and found other tourists who were badly injured, including an Australian believed to ahve broken her back. Holly said she burst into tears when she was offered a chocolate bar and when they reached the British Embassy in Kathmandu. The couple had planned to spend a few weeks in India but cut their trip short because of the earthquake. Holly said she had a white scarf given to travellers for luck tied to her backpack also survived the quake.

    3 days
  • The moment a Muslim woman in burka is slammed by police after being shot in London 00:20

    The moment a Muslim woman in burka is slammed by police after being shot in London

    The King Slayer 1274 -1

    The 20-year-old Muslim woman was shot by police as they foiled an 'active terror plot' was taken away on a stretcher in her blood-soaked burka yelling: 'Don't touch my body'.

    The suspect screamed 'get off - do not touch me' as they tried to strip off her clothes and treat her wounds after the raid in Willesden, north London, at 7pm last night.

    Dramatic video footage shows the moment elite Met officers smashed through the door, ran up to the first floor flat and then threw in CS canisters before 'at least six' shots rang out including two that shattered an upstairs window.

    Neighbors heard a woman 'screaming' inside before the young suspect lay on the pavement bleeding from her arm and stomach while still wearing her burka.

    One said: 'Doctors were trying to help her. She was shouting: "Do not touch me, do not touch my body".'

    Another witness who saw the raid's aftermath said: 'They brought down a lady in a black burka. She had been shot the paramedics stripped off her clothing to get access to the wounded areas.'

    The woman - believed to be the first female terror suspect in UK history to be shot by police - was rushed to the hospital where she remains in a serious but stable condition and is too unwell to be arrested under the terrorism act.

    Five people linked to the flat including a 16-year-old boy and a couple, both 28, have been held over alleged terror offenses. A woman, 43, was held in Kent.

    Metropolitan Police deputy assistant commissioner Neil Basu said today that the raids meant an 'active' terror plot had been foiled - but had nothing to with the arrest of a 27-year-old with a 'rucksack of knives' grabbed on Whitehall yesterday.

    Residents of Harlesden Road say that the property was being watched on the morning of the raid and MI5 were also 'heavily' involved in the operation, a security source told MailOnline.

    A 16-year-old boy and and a 20-year-old woman were arrested inside the Willesden house and a man, 20, was arrested nearby. A couple, both 28, were held last night as they arrived home. Simultaneously a woman, 43, was arrested at an address in Kent.

    All were held on suspicion of the commission, preparation and instigation of terrorist acts - but the shot woman is currently too ill to be arrested.

    Ruth Haile 40, who has lived in the area for nine years, said: 'I heard a shot and I looked out my window and there were dozens of police.

    'The woman was being arrested, she was on the floor wearing a long dress and covered in a head scarf.

    'She was shouting, 'Do not touch me, do not touch my body.'

    'She was injured, she had a wound on her right side and doctors were trying to help her. There was a bandage on the wound.

    'She was lying in the street and there were about five or six police around her, some of them were carrying guns.

    'She was shouting 'No, no, no', she was shouting with an accent.

    'Police were cutting her dress and she was shouting at them, shouting 'No, no, no'. 'That was the first time I had seen her, you could see through the front door and there was blood everywhere.' Maxine McKenzie, who lives up the road from where the swoop took place, described hearing 'gunshots' and saw a woman being taken away in an ambulance.

    The 48-year-old said: 'I saw lots of police officers, different kinds of police officers... a lot of frenetic police activity and then they very quickly put the cordon up and then very quickly after that an ambulance arrived.

    'A woman was being led away so she was led down the street... she was then restrained - they put restraints on her behind her back - and took her off. Then we saw the injured person being taken out of the house on a stretcher and being put into an ambulance. She was sitting upright and had oxygen on - I couldn't tell if she was conscious or unconscious.'

    3 days
  • Calm cashier keeps his cool as armed robber threatens him with gun 01:22

    Calm cashier keeps his cool as armed robber threatens him with gun

    During an armed robbery at a Jimmy John's, one cashier shockingly kept his cool under extremely stressful circumstances. The sandwich shop located on 3900 Broadway in Kansas City, Missouri, was held up around 9pm on Wednesday by a man wearing a light blue sweatshirt. It appears that something another worker said agitated the robber, who pulled a handgun from his sweatshirt and demanded the cashier to empty the register. In a situation that would generally cause panic, the employee seems completely calm as he removes his plastic gloves, throws them away, then slowly begins stacking up cash to hand to the man. At one point, the robber can be seen pointing the gun directly at the cashier's head, in the footage obtained by Fox 4 KC. Commenters online theorized that when the man cocked his gun, he appeared to have jammed it, which would have disabled its ability to fire. Some speculated that perhaps that was why the cashier seemed unconcerned - if he was aware that he wouldn't have been shot if the robber had tried. Regardless, his ability to keep his wits about him under the circumstances was surprising to many. Police are still on the lookout for the man in the light blue sweatshirt, and anyone with information on his whereabouts are encouraged to call the anonymous TIPS Hotline at 816-474-TIPS (8477).

    3 days
  • This GORGEOUS Italian Model And Miss Italy Finalist Was Acid Attacked By Her Boyfriend. What She Looks Like Now Will SHOCK you! (14 IMAGES) 14 Images

    This GORGEOUS Italian Model And Miss Italy Finalist Was Acid Attacked By Her Boyfriend. What She Looks Like Now Will SHOCK you! (14 IMAGES)

    moku 16743 -4

    An Italian model, Gessica Notaro, who was also a former Miss Italy finalist, appeared on Canale 5’s Maurizio Costanzo show, where she revealed her horrific facial scars after she had acid thrown in her face by her ex-boyfriend.

    The 27-year-old, from the northern city of Cesena, was allegedly ambushed by her ex-boyfriend, Jorge Edson Tavares, and said she spent two months “imprisoned” in the hospital while she was receiving treatment.

    “While the acid ate away at my face I was on my knees praying," she told the talk show host. "I prayed to God: take away my beauty but at least leave me with my sight.”

    Ms Notaro now has a year-long wait until she is well enough for plastic surgery.

    She added: “I can't live life as I used to. I can't go out in the sun, am constantly trapped in this mask and my face hurts all the time. I have to spend all my money on medication – every half hour I need eye drops and I have to moisturize my skin constantly. I cannot do my job because I can't go in the water."

    3 days
  • Referee Destroys Boxer For Not Following The Rules 02:08
  • Chinese Soldiers Have Unique Way Of Training For War 03:11

    Chinese Soldiers Have Unique Way Of Training For War

    The Chinese military is preparing for what looks like, Operation Playground!

    3 days
  • Man Explores an Abandoned Funeral Home And Discovers Bodies Still In Caskets 01:29

    Man Explores an Abandoned Funeral Home And Discovers Bodies Still In Caskets

    "Here's some footage of Memorial Mound, a funeral home and mausoleum located in Bessemer, Alabama. Information quickly spread across various online forums that bodies remained inside, which lead to the place being ransacked and vandalized; according to a news report, the skull of the skeleton you see at the end of the video was not there when authorities finally removed the bodies and boarded the place up. "

    3 days
  • 11yr old Brutally Beaten at an Islamic School in Malaysia, Loses Both Legs, Dies 8 Images

    11yr old Brutally Beaten at an Islamic School in Malaysia, Loses Both Legs, Dies

    moku 4861 1

    A Malaysian boy who had both legs amputated after allegedly being repeatedly beaten by an assistant warden at a private religious school has died.

    The boy's mother, Felda Wani Ahmad, claimed that her 11-year-old-son, Mohamad Thaqif Amin Mohd Gadaffi, was beaten numerous times by a warden at the Islamic ‘Tahfiz’ boarding school he attended during separate incidents in March, according to The Straits Times.

    Ahmad said the abuse was highlighted when her son begged her to remove him from the school as he could not take the punishment any longer.

    "On March 31, I came to visit my son and decided to bring him home here in Johor Baru as he was looking very weak and worried," she told reporters, adding that her son was also suffering from a fever as a result.

    In addition, Gadaffi suffered blood clots in both his legs which led to them being amputated in an operation at the Sultan Ismail Hospital (HSI) on Friday. This, in turn, led to the young boy falling into a coma.

    3 days