17-year-old pro-Trump actor gets fired after his "Polarizing" Conservative beliefs are Revealed

Posted by moku 2018 years ago in News
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It seems that viewpoint discrimination is all the rage in the era of Donald Trump. On Tuesday, Infowars Editor-in-Chief Paul Joseph Watson posted a video in which he interviewed Lukasz Dusza, a 17-year-old aspiring actor who said he was fired from the agency representing him over his “polarizing” conservative views.

According to Dusza, he was given an opportunity to work with an unnamed agency that represents entertainment industry talent about 18 months ago. He further said that “during this time, [he] developed a presence on social media” where he began sharing his political views.

Specifically, he said, the agency did not like a photo he had on Facebook, which was a photo of President Trump captioned, “My president.”

Last week, he said, he received an email informing him that his contract had been terminated due to his “polarizing views.”

“It’s important to remember that ‘polarizing’ to the left is anything factual that they can’t agree with,” he said.

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