Black Lives Matter plants to terrorize the Republican Convention, they even issued a riot gear guide, in Arabic!

Posted by Ezra 3 years ago in News
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The Black Lives Matter terrorists have finally unveiled themselves as real terrorists. One of their leaders who goes by Brown Blaze on twitter posted this image, notice something strange? It's in both English AND Arabic. Why is this strange you ask? Well some of the top financers of the Black Lives Matter movement happen to be Muslims (known as the Muslim Brotherhood, whom also were on the terrorist watchlist until Obama removed them, then hired several to his cabinet) who have openly admitted their goal is to create a race war in the USA in order to limit the USA from getting involved in their attempts to takeover Europe. The top donor to the Black Lives Matter movement also happens to be the man who once said "Destroying America Will Be the Culmination of my life's work." during an interview with an Australian newspaper.

Despite the clear end evident ties to terrorist groups and folks such as George Soros who has been hellbent on destroying America for decades now, the image itself is all the proof you need to see that this is a terrorist group and fits the actual definition of terrorism, which is using intimidation and violence in order to achieve a political objective. Does the people of the USA need any more proof this group is ramping up its acts of violence? After causing riots around the country based on false narratives, now they plan to attack political parties conventions, this is terrorism. These are terrorists, and need to be labeled as such.

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