Obama Kisses The Pinko, Cuban Ring. A Dream From His Father.

Posted by moku 3 years ago in Politics
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By Platoon Sergeant Joe- The Obama has finally fulfilled one of his childhood dreams of his father, and by extension, his. He's kissed the golden ring of a Castro Communist dictator. Being tutored at a young age by American Communist Frank Marshall Davis in Hawaii, when The Obama was brainwashed in the ways of Marx and Engels, it was only a matter of time. When The Obama supposedly wrote "Dreams From My Father," was he talking about Barrack senior or Marshall Davis?

In either case, race and ideology was at the center of his being. Since day one of his administration, The Obama promised to close GITMO. He hasn't been able to do it unilaterally so he has systematically released terrorists closing it by forced attrition. To bad he couldn't hand GITMO to the Castro dictators as a parting gift.

This brings us back to his visit, after capitulating to the dictators in Cuba with a one sided deal blaming the United States for Cuba's misery, he lands in Havana overflying rusted fifties era Chevy's, Buick's and dreams. Meeting him at the airport were a delegation, non of which was the current dictator, Raul Castro, he was too busy shinning his golden ring for The Obama to kiss.

Unseen and unheard in the background where the many silent voices that cried out for freedom and human rights amidst the mockery that is at the heart of this trip. It's tantamount to an endorsement of the Castro's against who they call their enemy and who they blame for the Cuban people's misery. In a joint news conference today dictator Castro said the 'blockade' had to be lifted, The Obama stood there complacent and didn't rebut it. There has never been an economic blockade on Cuba, their misery stems from their Communist system, a system The Obama was taught at an early age was the way.

A simple question to ask yourself is, if The Obama's opening to the Communist dictators will help the Cuban people then why have so many lost their lives recently escaping that island prison when freedom was just around the corner? Far from it. The opening to Castro's Cuba is a closing of a dream for the Cuban people and for us who dream of a free Cuba someday!

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