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By Zack :

Protests highlighting discrimination against the LGBT Community took a new turn with the popular porn site XHamster categorically denying access to its site for the State of North Carolina.

NC residents will now have to look for their pleasures elsewhere, and certainly not avail them from XHamster. Access to this site has been blocked for the State of North Carolina, as a backlash to the infamous ‘bathroom’ law that imposed ‘unfair’ constraints on the LGBT community there.

NC has been drawing considerable flak for its HB2 Law, which has been deemed anti- LGBT by critics. This law, as we remember from March, 2016 prohibits the use of common bathrooms and lockers unless the user is of the same certified biological sex.

North Carolina has been at the receiving end of numerous protests against this Bill. First it was the payment gateway giant, PayPal, deciding not to go ahead with its proposed new global operations center in the state, followed by Bruce Springsteen cancelling his concert in Greensboro. Rallies in Raleigh have often been occurring to show solidarity against the HB2 Law as well. This law also overrides any by- laws that local governing bodies may try to enact in order to protect the rights of the LGBTs.

While protesters have been shouting themselves hoarse, asking for repeal of this law, supporters are justifying it as an extension of the freedom of religion.

According to statistics, NC residents have been avid subscribers to XHamster, and withdrawal of access to the site will really hit them where it hurts the most.

Mike Kulich, the XHamster spokesman is quoted on the Huffington Post as saying, “We have spent the last 50 years fighting for equality for everyone and these laws are discriminatory which XHamster.com does not tolerate.”

According to Kulich, the anomaly is that while the North Carolinians are discriminatory towards the LGBT Community, vide the passed law, they are more open about their own porn searching, with the terms ‘Transsexual’ and ‘Gay’ being searched hundreds of thousands of times since March.

In a bold move, XHamster.com plans to replace its web page with a petition for signatures against the infamous Bill, as declared by Kulich.

As debatable as the Donald Trump ad on the XHamster “big cock” search page may be, Kulich was very clear in making XHamster’s loyalties known publicly - The Company does not support all of Trump’s policies, and it “will continue to support equality regardless of who gets elected.”

In retrospect, it seems most likely that the North Carolina legislators are in for some soul searching, as in all probability this protest by XHamster.com will have the ‘porn’ audience up in arms alleging deprivation.

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