ISIS executioner beheads man for 'mocking' Islam(6 images)

Posted by moku 3 years ago in Terror
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Brutal images have emerged showing an obese executioner beheading a man for 'mocking Islam' in front of children in the ISIS' stronghold of Raqqa . 

The images were posted at the same time as the terror group shared pictures of its 'softer side' - showing militants handing out advice on giving to charity during Ramadan. 

It’s not the only execution to happen in recent days: another series shows a man's head sawn off with a knife. His supposed crime was 'pledging allegiance to the infidels'.

The pictures from the Raqqa murder shows a man sitting on a chair in a town square, surrounded by a crowd of men and boys, some who appear to be little older than seven or eight.

The fat executioner - who has a resemblance to fame ISIS executioner, The Bulldozer, twas captured by the Syrian army last month - is seen wielding the massive weapon, apparently taking off the man's head in one sweep.

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