UK: Two jailed for putting bacon on mosque door, “attack on England”

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Kevin Crehan got a year in prison and Mark Bennett got nine months for putting bacon on a mosque door and shouting abuse at a Muslim. Bacon and a shout — how horrible! How many people were killed? How many wounded? Was it as many as were murdered by Islamic jihadists in the name of Islam and in accord with its teachings in Nice, or Orlando, or Brussels, or Paris, or San Bernardino, or Chattanooga, or in London on 7/7?

What? No one was killed at all? Well, surely Crehan and Bennett boasted about their imminent conquest and subjugation of Muslims by non-Muslims, right? After all, the Islamic State and other jihadist entities routinely boast of their imminent conquest of the U.S. and the West — and Crehan and Bennett are the flip side of ISIS, “right-wing extremists,” right?

Certainly Crehan and Bennett demonstrated boorish behavior. But prison time? The fact that they were jailed only shows how much Theresa May’s shattered, staggering dhimmi Britain is afraid of offending its new Muslim overlords. Would they have gotten this much jail time if they had shouted abuse at Christians? Theirs was an attack on breakfast, maybe, but an attack on England? No, that was on 7/7, and more are to come.

Crehan and Bennett were stupidly and boorishly demonstrating the frustration of non-Muslims in England with the government’s suicidal policies. The governments of the West should note that frustration and deal with the concerns of people who are worried about jihadis streaming into their countries. The Western elites are rushing headlong down a path toward civil war.

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