Is Hillary Clinton being injected with this in order to stop her seizures?

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For months now the political world has been speculating Hillary Clinton's health is not as good as her checkup claims.

A few years back (2012) Hillary Clinton fell smashing her skull against the wall which subsequently resulted in a blood clot. Hillary was said to be found motionless on the floor in a pool of her own blood when help arrived. According to a former Secret Service agent this was not uncommon for Hillary Clinton.

The following month Hillary Clinton was basically hiding from the media in order to not reveal the damage that had been done. Clinton was said to have a massive hematoma according to those close to the family, as well as former Secret Service agents who were on grounds to witness the aftermath of Hillary's fall.

Since the fall Hillary Clinton has been known to require help while walking upstairs, walking down ramps, as well as help climbing on stage during her rallies.

In 2005 (before the fall ) Hillary Clinton actually fainted during the Social Security speech in Buffalo.

In 2011 Hillary Clinton took a hard fall while boarding a plane after waving to the media.

In 2012 Hillary Clinton salt NFL concussion advice.

Hillary Clinton is also been known to wear what is called special prism glasses, as she is been known to suffer from spells of dizziness.

Hillary Clinton has also been known to have coughing fits that have lasted several minutes at a time, even stopping rally short.

Hillary Clinton has a hole in her tongue, which according to expert suggest that she has had some sort of cancer biopsy recently done.

Hillary Clinton has also went two hundred and 50 days without having a single press conference.

Which brings us to today where Hillary Clinton's "handler" was seen carrying what doctors have described as a autoinjector.

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