Meet the World’s Tallest Teenager, Who’s Growing Six Inches Per Year

Posted by The King Slayer 3 years ago in News
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Broc Brown, a 19-year-old from Michigan, United States, has previously been named the world’s tallest teenager and currently measures 7ft 8ins. He was the official Guinness World Record holder before he turned 19, becoming too old for the 18-and-below classification. His incredible growth is a result of a genetic disorder known as Sotos Syndrome, or cerebral gigantism, which he was diagnosed with at the age of five. “It's a genetic disorder and there's nothing that can stop him from growing - I don't know if he will ever stop,” explained his mother Darci. The record-breaking teenager, who is growing at the rate of six inches a year, is on course to become the world’s tallest man. The current record is held by Turkish farmer Sultan Kosen who stands at 8ft 2ins. His mother added that Broc has towered over his peers from a very early age. “I'd say Broc was around 5ft 2ins when he was in kindergarten,” she explained. “When he got into middle school he was around 6ft tall and by high school he was 7ft tall - he could easily grow six inches in a year.” His condition affects around one in every 15,000 people but doctors are now confident that Broc will have a normal life span despite his health problems.

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