Washington Post/ABC poll has Hillary up by 4, but it's rigged, here's how

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in Politics
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In a year where the corrupt, Washington establishment machine has been exposed through Wikileaks, where elections are fixed to get the establishment candidate the victory, the debate questions handed to her illegally. In an election year where the corrupt media hides the damning Wkileaks info while hyping fake, debunked sexual assault stories about Trump, so too should you be skeptical about the poll numbers

Whenever you read a poll, click on the methodology link and then scroll to the bottom to find the weighting of the poll. This means how many Dems, Republicans and Independents they asked in their sampling.

In this latest Washpost/ABC poll, they result gives Clinton a +4 edge on Trump BUT the sampling shows a +8 to Democrats.

In a year where Trump is filling stadiums with tens of thousands every day with thousands more waiting outside while Hillary can't even fill a school gym with 500, do you really think that the Democrats are so fired up, they will show up at a +8% clip on Nov 8th?

Of course not. No one can truly know how the turnout will be but in most years, It's within 3-4%.

This is just another attempt from the corrupt media to discourage turnout from the party they despise and work in against in concert with the Clinton machine..

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