Wave goodbye folks, these are 19 celebs who are leaving the US because of Trump

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1. Jon Stewart-yawn

2. Chelsea Handler-who?

3-Neve Campbell-Party of zero

4. Barry Diller- Big Angry Cheese

5. Lena Dunham-Faux Rape Victim

6. Keegan-Michael Key-...and Peele

7. Al Sharpton-Mobile race-riot starter

8. Eddie Griffin-17th century comedian

9. Spike Lee-Part time director, full time complainer

10-Samuel L. Jackson-Voted for Barry ONLY because he was black

11-Cher-Crusty thong

12-George Lopez-Mexico?

13-Barbra Streisand- Aneurysm

14-Whoopi Goldberg- Back to medusa's coven

15-Miley Cyrus-Porn-pop star 16-Amy Schumer- 100% would not bang 17-Bryan Cranston-Breaking Bad-To good to zing

18-Ruth Bader Ginsburg-Not if the Death Star finds Darth Bader first

19-Rosie O'Donnell-Trump's ONLY pig

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