PERV PALACE? "Get to Test the Dolls" A look at the Worlds First Sex Doll Showroom in Vienna

Posted by moku 1 year ago in News
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A SEX doll showroom has opened in Austria enabling randy customers to “test the quality” of the plastic women before making a purchase.

The shop Companion is situated in the sophisticated European city of Vienna - home to the music of Mozart and brothels filled with mannequin prostitutes.

The exclusive showroom opened after a doll hooker named Fanny became the toast of the Austrian capital by outperforming her human rivals.

The kinky dolls, made from flesh-like “platinum” silicone, cost as little as £1,700 while a top of the range model will set customers back £6,700.

Lonely clients can choose from a variety of 40 different faces, nine body sizes, eight eye types and four skin colours.

Hair, fingers, nails and lips can also be fully adjusted to the sexual wishes of each individual client.

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