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Daily police videos including shootings, robberies and the Black Lives Matter situation - Page 2

  • Cell phone video shows the moment that three Harris County Deputies returned fire 00:54

    Cell phone video shows the moment that three Harris County Deputies returned fire

    Houston, Texas – Cell phone video shows the moment that three Harris County Deputies returned fire. Harris County deputies were working in uniform at an off-duty security job for Johnny B’s Outlaw Saloon at around 2 AM Friday morning. A fight broke out in the parking lot, and then a man drove up in a blue Cadillac and opened fire. It’s not clear at this time who he was shooting at. Three Harris County deputies ordered him to drop the gun, and when he continued to fire, the deputies gave him a premium leaded fill-up. The 27-year-old man died from copious blood leakage. The three deputies have been placed on leave while the shooting is being investigated, according to Click2Houston. A large number of witnesses were present at the time. One witness told KHOU, “We just heard shots, we were here with some friends,” said Ralph Banda. “We hid by the brick wall, and we heard the return fire.” Nobody besides the shooter was reportedly hurt during this incident. It’s not clear if the passenger was arrested after he was detained.

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  • Louisiana Cop Threatens To Fight Handcuffed Teen For Spitting On Him!! 03:36

    Louisiana Cop Threatens To Fight Handcuffed Teen For Spitting On Him!!

    A cell phone video of a Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s deputy shouting obscenities at and threatening to fight an aggressive, but handcuffed man in the back of a patrol car has gone viral. The video was posted to Facebook yesterday afternoon by Frankie Duplantis and it shows deputy Joseph Cehan cursing at a man who has been identified as Christopher Verdin Jr., 18, of Dulac. Verdin was shouting obscenities at the officer and reportedly was spitting on him as well. In the video, Cehan curses at Verdin repeatedly and asks if Verdin wants him to take off the handcuffs and his badge and “see what you can really do?” He then pulls Verdin out of the car and proceeds to, according to Duplantis in the video, take off the handcuffs. What happens next is harder to see because a second deputy makes Duplantis turn away and tells him to “go over there with that phone.” Cehan and Verdin can still be heard cursing at each other. When Duplantis moves to try to continue filming, the second deputy continues to try to block his view. Terrebonne Parish Sheriff Jerry Larpenter said the deputy was trying to stop Duplantis from approaching Verdin. According to a statement from the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office, the deputies were called to 7077 Grand Calliou Road by Verdin’s mother, who said her son was on crystal meth, had a gun and had shot at her dog and hit the dog over the head with a crescent wrench. Duplantis said Verdin was not kicking and spitting and had his hands cuffed behind his back when the deputy started shouting and cursing at him and that’s when he decided to start filming. “I’m not against the cops, I just don’t think they handled that right,” Duplantis said. “I’m not saying (Verdin) didn’t do some of the things they said, I’m just saying they shouldn’t have done some of the things they did.” Duplantis’ daughter, Frankie Jo Duplantis, Verdin’s girlfriend, also said that Verdin wasn’t on crystal meth and did not shoot at the dog like his mother said. Larpenter confirmed that the dog did not get hit by any bullets and did not need to be taken to a veterinarian. When deputies arrested Verdin, they reportedly found a .45 caliber handgun with an extended clip in his waistband. The Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office said Cehan’s choice of words was “not very professional and does not reflect the integrity of the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office.” Larpenter said Cehan’s behavior after the arrest was not acceptable and was not following protocol. He also said Cehan should not have removed the handcuffs while arguing with Verdin because it put him and others at risk. “He did a great job arresting the suspect and getting this guy shooting a .45 caliber handgun off the streets,” Larpenter said. “His actions don’t justify what he did though. We don’t operate like that.” Larpenter added that the sheriff’s office will be doing an internal investigation starting Monday morning and will be watching the bodycam footage to determine what actions should be taken. Verdin was arrested for illegal use of a weapon, illegal carrying of a weapon and aggravated cruelty to an animal.

    2 weeks
  • Driver Claims Excessive Force Following Arrest 02:21

    Driver Claims Excessive Force Following Arrest

    Dashcam video shows the arrest of James Edward Cicco by Beaver Police Patrolman Jeffery Wijnen, following a traffic stop gone wrong. The officer claims James attempted to flee from a traffic stop and resisted arrest. James claims he was attempting to find a safe place to pull over, and that the officer used excessive force against him. Legal proceedings are currently underway

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  • Paramedics frantically trying to save life of man, 40, who was fatally tasered by police after 'biting an officer and trying to steal his gun' 00:20

    Paramedics frantically trying to save life of man, 40, who was fatally tasered by police after 'biting an officer and trying to steal his gun'

    Paramedics battled to save the life of a 40-year-old man, who died after being tasered by police following a confrontation. Shocking footage captured by a passerby shows paramedics working to help the indigenous man, being held down in the East Perth Officeworks car park. Police say they were driving past the Officeworks on Lord Street when they were waved down by a member of the public who was with the man, who required urgent medical assistance. But when they tried to help him, he allegedly became aggressive and a struggle ensued, resulting in police having to call for back-up and two officers being injured. The unidentified man allegedly tried to grab a gun from an officer and repeatedly tried to bite another officer's arm, Perth Now reports. Another officer received cuts, scratches and bruises trying to restrain him. The taser was used to restrain the man and police say he became unresponsive, with witnesses claiming the man took some time to become affected. During the struggle, customers were kept inside the office supply store for safety. When they emerged - they came across paramedics attempting to save the man's life. He was rushed to Royal Perth Hospital but was unable to be saved. The Major Crime Squad and Internal Affairs Unit is investigating and wants to speak to a man who visited Perth Police Station on Friday and said he had information that could assist the investigation.

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  • Sheriff's Deputy Finds Suspect On The Toilet & Asks Him Why He's Sitting Down To Pee! 01:11

    Sheriff's Deputy Finds Suspect On The Toilet & Asks Him Why He's Sitting Down To Pee!

    On a Live PD episode a sheriff's deputy finds a suspect on the toilet & asks him why he's sitting down to pee. The man was arrested for posting guns on Facebook.

    2 weeks
  • Suspect Somehow Escapes After Dramatic Chase 02:42

    Suspect Somehow Escapes After Dramatic Chase

    Seattle Police are searching for a robbery suspect after a high speed chase which ended in a crash. The driver reportedly fled on-foot after the crash, but officers didn't see the direction he fled. It's possible the suspect may have crawled out the passenger-door without authorities noticing. Police called in a special unit to clear the vehicle but when police entered the suspect was long gone. The driver is described as a 27-year-old male of Asian descent.

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  • Lingerie model crashes BMW into house after high-speed chase 02:03

    Lingerie model crashes BMW into house after high-speed chase

    A mother who took her friend's BMW and raced it 'like a lunatic' during a 91mph police chase shouted 'you're joking' as she was jailed for four months. Yasmin Katir, 27, put her head in her hands and exclaimed 'I'm going to jail? Oh my God' as she was led away from the dock. Judge Sean Morris told Katir that being a mother did not give her a 'get-out-of-jail-free card' and that he needed to send a message to the public about dangerous driving. Jailing her for four months, he told Katir: 'Anyone who drives like a lunatic when there are blue lights behind must understand that they put life at risk. 'I'm not bothered about your life. I'm bothered about innocent lives and a policeman's life. You are so lucky that you are not here on a manslaughter charge. You could so easily have been.' He added that the video footage of the police chase was 'terrifying'. 'I've just watched a video where you are flying around corners at 50mph, where you wouldn't know what was coming the other way, going around small roundabouts at 60 and doing 79 in a 30mph zone. 'The public need to know this. If people don't stop when required to do so by police and choose to drive dangerously at speeds putting people at risk, then the courts will lock them up. ''I'm reducing it because you are a mother, but that doesn't give you a get-out-of-jail-free card.' During the hearing, the court was told how Katir, of Stockton, had taken her friend's £9,500 BMW after she had been at his house. When he discovered the car was missing the following day, the car owner tried to contact Katir. When he could not contact her, he reported her to police. Police then tracked down the BMW and started pursuing Katir. The court heard how the driver started speeding in the 30mph, soon hitting speeds of around 60mph and eventually reaching 91mph. During the chase, Katir drove onto a grassed area before crashing into a house, where she damaged the walls. When officers caught up with her caught, Katir claimed she was egged on by a passenger and said she was 'very sorry'. She admitted dangerous driving, aggravated vehicle taking and having no insurance. Katie initially claimed he gave her permission to take the car, but the owner said there was no such agreement. Kate Dodds, defending, said: 'She that night made an extremely foolish decision. 'She chose, with the encouragement of her passenger, to drive faster and faster in a way that was clearly extremely dangerous. 'The driving happily didn't result in any serious injury to anyone... simply through good fortune. She was not under the influence of alcohol.' She said Katir was the primary carer for her two-year-old child, had taken professional and medical support and was now 'in a much more positive place'. She argued a jail term would have far-reaching consequences for Katir and her family.

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  • Suspect, Police Trade Gunfire in Trenton 00:49

    Suspect, Police Trade Gunfire in Trenton

    A standoff continued through the night in New Jersey's capital city between police and the man barricaded in a home. Trenton police say the man exchanged gunfire with officers, killing one person, after US Marshals tried to serve a warrant. (May 11)

    2 weeks
  • San Francisco police release video of deadly shooting at town hall 01:39

    San Francisco police release video of deadly shooting at town hall

    Video footage shows a man shot dead by San Francisco police last week at a Subway store. The body-cam and surveillance videos were released at a town hall meeting, marking the first time in city history that the public has been able to view body camera footage of a fatal SFPD officer-involved shooting.

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  • Oklahoma cop points tazer at Gary Duckworth over ticket 02:02

    Oklahoma cop points tazer at Gary Duckworth over ticket

    Gary Duckworth interjected from his lawn during a traffic stop while his friend Kali Wood received a parking ticket for stopping her car in a no parking zone in North Enid, Oklahoma this week. Wood was driving home when she saw Duckworth outside mowing his lawn and stopped to talk with him while she kept her car running with her foot on the brake, according to NBC's KFOR. The officer approached the vehicle, assessed the situation and issued her a $25 citation for stopping in the no parking zone, and Duckworth's interaction with the officer ended in the officer pointing his Taser at the man. 'It really angered me to feel like that I can’t even be out mowing my own front yard and, when a neighbor drives by and honks, that I can’t step out and speak to them without feeling that I’m getting harassed by the police,' Duckworth said. 'I was sitting there watching somebody I know for a fact would never hurt a fly and is one of the best people I know getting a Taser pulled on him because he was asking questions,' Wood said. The officer's first-person perspective camera captured the incident as it unfolded. Duckworth said he tried to explain to the officer on Wood's behalf that her car was not actually in park. 'I mean, her car’s running. We’re just talking,' Duckworth said to the officer. 'You can come to court and tell the judge,' the officer said. The officer then handed over an electronic device to capture Wood's signature and gave her the citation. 'What’s the court date?' Duckworth asked the police officer. 'I’ll explain it to her,' the officer said. 'She’s the one getting a ticket.' 'You can’t even answer my question?' Duckworth asked. 'Sir, I owe you nothing. You’ve been nothing but rude to me since I got here,' the officer said. The officer's camera then showed Duckworth step around Wood's vehicle and approach the officer. 'Back up, or you’re going to jail,' the officer said. “Really? Duckworth asked. 'Yeah, really. Back up,' the officer said. The officer then pulled out his Taser and pointed it at Duckworth, but did not deploy the weapon at any time. The officer then went back to his patrol car, but Duckworth advanced again, causing the officer the react by pointing the Taser at him another time. North Enid Police Chief Rick Dominic supported his officer's actions. 'My officer didn’t shoot him with the Taser. He backed up to his car and, as soon as he holstered, if you watch the video, the guy advances again. And, so you don’t know what they’re going to do,' Dominic said. The officer used a legitimate escalation of force by starting with verbal commands, according to Dominic. A police committee of four North Enid citizens also reviewed the video and felt the officer acted appropriately. 'Their response was that he followed department policy and acted within his training,' Dominic said. Wood said she would have complied if she had been given a warning by the officer. She plans to pay the ticket, she said.

    2 weeks
  • Moment bystander is shot by gunman during standoff with police 01:06

    Moment bystander is shot by gunman during standoff with police

    A bystander has been killed and three police officers injured in an ongoing standoff with a New Jersey sex offender who has barricaded himself inside a house. Tyleeb Reese, 35, opened fire on US Marshals and sheriffs' officers when they came to arrest him for sexual assault at 6.20am on Wednesday at a home in Trenton, New Jersey. He was previously jailed for sexual misconduct involving a minor. Richard Powell Jr., a 56-year-old who lives one street away, was injured when the first shots were fired on Wednesday morning. He later died in hospital. Three Mercer County officers have been injured during the standoff. It is not clear whether they were hurt on Wednesday morning or if they were struck at night when Reese opened fire again at around 11pm. None suffered life-threatening injures and were released from hospital shortly after being admitted. Shocking footage recorded by a neighbor showed the first gunfire in which Powell Jr. was hit. He lay motionless on the street behind a car while police fired back at Reese before frantically dragging his body out of the crossfire when the bullets stopped. SWAT teams dressed in riot gear remain at the scene with a negotiator who is trying to coax Reese out of the home. Reese is wanted by officers from the US Marshals New Jersey regional fugitive task force went to the home to serve a warrant for a sexual assault arrest on Wednesday morning. Authorities have not revealed how long he had been on the run from them for beforehand. In 2010, he was jailed after admitting sexual misconduct with a child. Three years later, he returned to jail for just over a month for not registering as a sex offender, The Trentonian reports. Details of his most recent alleged crime have not been released. A police negotiator was heard pleading: 'Please Ty, come out' on Wednesday night as the standoff continued. They sent a cell phone attached to a police robot inside the home to communicate with him earlier in the day. The gunman asked for medical help to treat a leg injury after the second round of gunfire but was refused. It is not clear who lives at the home where the standoff is playing out. A middle-aged woman in a robe was escorted out of a property next door on Wednesday. Other residents have been told to stay inside their homes.

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  • Elderly Driver Plows into a Couple Leftist Blocking Road, Cops Arrest the Protesters and the Crowd goes Bonkers! 03:09

    Elderly Driver Plows into a Couple Leftist Blocking Road, Cops Arrest the Protesters and the Crowd goes Bonkers!

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    A protest by a group calling themselves “All Cops Are Bastards” was the site of some seriously sweet justice.

    During the protest in Denver, the group was trying to stop traffic to protest … well, cops, we suppose.

    When one car tried to dodge the protesters, one of them jumped out in front of the car and was tapped by the bumper.

    The cameraman – one of the protesters – freaked out on the driver and ordered him to stay put while … well, while they called the police. The driver complied, pulled over and got out of the car.

    Within seconds, the police arrived and the cameraman began telling the driver how lucky he was that the police showed up so quickly – we suppose because they would have physically assaulted him.

    But in an awesome twist, the police arrested the man who was hit by the car for blocking traffic. The camera is dumbfounded. “What the f**k?” he keeps repeating.

    Later, the cameraman berates the police, asking them why they’re not arresting the driver, who they eventually let go.

    The crowd screamed at the police, waved banners and flags and berated the police.

    Toward the end of the film, the cameraman was apparently arrested. “Hey bro with the mask,” one officer said, pointing at the cameraman. “We’re coming for you.” It is illegal to engage in demonstrations or protests with a mask on in many areas.

    And they arrested the masked moron, and that was the end of the broadcast.

    2 weeks
  • Portuguese Off-Duty Cop Chokes Crazy Client Until He Passes Out Live On Facebook 03:14

    Portuguese Off-Duty Cop Chokes Crazy Client Until He Passes Out Live On Facebook

    The officer, who was not on duty, immobilized him with the technique "killing the lion" (consists of grabbing the opponent in the neck, behind the back, with asphyxiation), when the citizen filmed with the mobile phone, live for Facebook. The images went to social networks. The GNR(Portuguese National Police) said that the detainee took an "improper and offensive attitude" with the officials of the Finances and said that "in view of the circumstances witnessed in the images released, it was decided to open a process of investigation to ascertain the circumstances of the detention of the citizen, For clearance of any liabilities

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  • Police uses spike strip to stop drunk driver 01:02

    Police uses spike strip to stop drunk driver

    In Estonia, Police had to use spike strip to stop DUI driver. Car stopped few kilometres away from the point of usage, and the driver was aggressive towards police so the police had to use force.

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  • Dashcam Shows Teenager Roll Car After Police Chase 01:06

    Dashcam Shows Teenager Roll Car After Police Chase

    Dashcam shows an intoxicated teenager crash and roll his car following a short police chase in Lithuania. Police attempted to pull the suspect over moments prior, but the driver refused and sped off. The driver has since been taken into custody.

    2 weeks
  • Body Cam Englewood Officer Involved Fatal Shooting 10:08

    Body Cam Englewood Officer Involved Fatal Shooting

    ENGLEWOOD, Ohio--- Englewood Police released monday body camera video of an officer involved shooting on February 5 in the parking lot of former Englewood Inn. The video Footage Shows the struggle Officer Tim Corcoran went through with suspect Shelly Porter III before Corcoran was forced to fire his weapon in defense of his own life. Porter died as a result of the shooting. Corcoran was cleared of any wrong doing following an investigation of the shooting by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, which reviewed the body cam footage and all evidence related to the incident. Corcoran had observed Porter earlier in the day at various times in multiple parking lots of hotels in the area. Due to a series of vehicle break-ins that occurred in that area and concerns of additional break-ins, Corcoran stopped to conduct a “field interview contact” with Porter in the rear parking lot of the Hampton Inn at 180 Rockridge Road. Corcoran observed Porter sitting on the grass near parked vehicles.

    3 weeks
  • Dashcam Shows Out-Of Control Vehicle Strike Police 00:49

    Dashcam Shows Out-Of Control Vehicle Strike Police

    Dashcam video released today shows a vehicle strike a police officer and a stranded motorist in 2015. The collision causes the stranded vehicle to roll over and almost crushes the police officer. The Abilene Police Department would like to remind the public to always slow down and move over while passing a police stop.

    3 weeks
  • Graphic video shows Pittsburgh cops punching man on street 00:10

    Graphic video shows Pittsburgh cops punching man on street

    Shocking video shows the moment a white police officer kneed and kicked a black man while he was down on the ground. The video was recorded by Damian Trott, 24, who was in Pittsburgh celebrating his college graduation with his girlfriend early Sunday when the ruckus broke out. The 10-second video shows one officer on top of the suspect, identified as 26-year-old Nathan Stanley III, who is face-down on the ground. Another officer knees and then kicks Stanley in the face, causing his head to twist 180 degrees. After the video ended, Trott says officers pulled Stanley up and he had blood streaming down his face. He told CBS Pittsburgh that he thought the arrest was 'excessive'. 'You had some people crying, people begging the police to stop. It was really just mortifying to watch somebody do that to another person,' Trott told WTAE. The officer who arrested Stanley, Officer Raymond Toomey, explained in a criminal complaint that he was called to The Flats on Carson bar around 2am on Sunday because of a man who threatened to 'shoot ya'll up'. Toomey said he told Stanley to leave, but that the man - who had a 'strong odor of alcohol' - refused to follow his orders and became belligerent. 'He made a motion that resembled a gun being shot with his hand passed my head towards The Flats bar security and said, "Don't worry I got somethin for ya'II." 'I then told [Stanley] that he was under arrest and to place his hands behind his back. Doe stated, "(Expletive) you, I don't have to do (expletive)," and began to reach towards his waistband area with his right hand and said "I got somethin for you too." 'Given the previous threats by [Stanley], his aggressive demeanor towards myself and bar security, and the manner in which he reached for his waistband area with his right hand, I greatly feared that an attack was imminent at the time and I did not know what Doe's capabilities were,' Toomey wrote. Toomey says he tried to arrest Stanley but that he resisted. The bar security guard tried to help him, but was unsuccessful. That's when another cop, Officer Welsh, arrived on the scene to aid the arrest. Toomey says that Stanley tried to choke him so he hit him with two closed-fist punches to the suspect's midsection and then another two hits to the face. He was eventually able to sweep Stanley's legs to the ground and while he was on the ground, Toomey says he 'delivered one knee strike and one kick to [Stanley's] facial area out of fear that [Stanley's] arms were underneath his body because he was still attempting to reach towards his waistband for a weapon'. Shortly after, Toomey says he was finally able to get Stanley in handcuffs. After the incident, no weapon was found on Stanley's person. Toomey noted that the crowd was not helping the situation. '[Stanley] continued to scream profanities and encourage the crowd to cause violence towards officers on scene to the point where a crowd began to form a semi-circle around PO Welsh and I,' Toomey wrote. According to public records, Stanley was booked into the Allegheny County Jail on charges of aggravated assault, public drunkenness and disorderly conduct. He was released after posting $10,000 bail. His next court appearance is scheduled for May 18. Trott told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that he released the video of the incident in hopes of 'building a better relationship between police and the citizens they are supposed to be protecting.' A Pittsburgh police spokesman refused to comment on the exact incident, but said that they are 'investigating' the arrest. Anyone who witnessed the arrest is being asked to contact the City of Pittsburgh Office of Municipal Investigation to give their account of events.

    3 weeks
  • Dominican Policeman Accidentally Shot Own Partner 01:05

    Dominican Policeman Accidentally Shot Own Partner

    Dominican Republic-- The video shows captured by a bystander, a Military Policeman returning fire at a suspect accidentally shot one of his own during an operation.

    Immediately after being hit the policeman that was still conscious and on his feet, start running back to take cover and looking for help. A motorcyclist taxi is seen coming toward the policeman offering transportation to a near hospital. both are seen leaving in a hurry.

    There is no information about the condition and the gravity of the injuries of the policeman available at the moment.

    3 weeks
  • Body cam captures dramatic ending to police chase 01:19

    Body cam captures dramatic ending to police chase

    A Newcastle police officer’s body cam captured a dramatic ending to a multi-city police chase, as the officers took down the suspect inside a Walmart store.

    3 weeks
  • Dashcam: Cop Charged With Punching Teen Girl Acquitted 07:43

    Dashcam: Cop Charged With Punching Teen Girl Acquitted

    A St. Paul Police officer will not go to jail for punching a 14-year-old girl in the face while she was handcuffed. Officer Michael Soucheray II was facing a charge of misdemeanor assault in the incident, which could have carried a sentence of 90 days in prison. He was acquitted Thursday after a trial. Prosecutors say the incident started when police responded to a call of a disturbed teen at a local shelter, who was reportedly threatening suicide. When they arrived at the scene, they put the 14-year-old girl in handcuffs after she refused to go to the hospital and became agitated. While putting her in the back of the squad car to take her to the hospital, she reportedly spit in Soucheray’s face. According to the criminal complaint, Soucheray responded by hitting the girl in the face with an open fist twice and grabbing her bay the face and neck area. His attorney, Peter Wold, said the girl’s actions constituted assault, and Soucheray acted in self defense. “In that video, you cannot see his fist strike her face,” said Wold. He said Officer Soucheray used a police technique called “startle flinch response.” He said it’s when the officers fakes like he’s going to punch someone in the face. He said the subject instinctually flinches, freezes and turns their head. “The jurors saw in slow motion, frame by frame the fist did not touch her face. The act did what it was intended to do and that made her flinch, made her pause, made her stop,” he said. “She had a booking photo taken 20 minutes later. Not a mark, not a scratch, not even a blemish on her face.” Wold said the incident was a learning lesson for the girl in that she now knows she can’t manipulate a situations like the one that had occurred. “She hasn’t had an easy time getting to be 14 (years old) and hopefully life’s going to be a lot easier in the next 14 years for her. We wish her the best,” he said. He added that Officer Soucheray is anxious to put this stage of his life behind him and get back to his job. “He loves being a cop. And he’s a good cop,” he said.

    3 weeks
  • Dude Got Pulled Over By A Cop And Confessed To Being Tired, But Wasn't Expecting This Response! 02:16

    Dude Got Pulled Over By A Cop And Confessed To Being Tired, But Wasn't Expecting This Response!

    Dude Got Pulled Over By A Cop And Confessed To Being Tired, But Wasn't Expecting This Response!

    3 weeks
  • Video Of North Carolina Cop Arresting Black Woman During Traffic Stop Goes Viral!! 08:27

    Video Of North Carolina Cop Arresting Black Woman During Traffic Stop Goes Viral!!

    WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – A video posted to Facebook shows a physical confrontation between a woman and a Winston-Salem police officer. The video was recorded by Da'ton Edwards and shows 24-year-old TeKara Williams, who says she was pulled over for driving 51 mph in a 35 mph zone. In the video, you can hear the officer, identified by police as Officer J.C. Carter, saying she is being uncooperative. Williams says the officer asked for the keys to the car she was driving, which she said belonged to her grandfather. Williams refused to give the officer the keys. “He asked for them and I told him no, and told him why, because it’s my grandfather’s car,” Williams told FOX8. Williams is taken to the ground off-camera, while her two children were in the back of the car. Williams is then put in handcuffs. “He was like, ‘give me your other arm,’ and I told him no, and he was like, ‘OK,’ and that’s when he slung me to the ground,” she said. It remains uncertain what happened before Edwards started recording the video. “Had he explained to me like, ‘this is why I’m doing this Miss Williams,’ I would have been more compliant, but you were just doing it,” Williams explained. “So, it was alarming, I acted as any other human being, on the defense like, ‘hold on, wait, let’s talk this out, let me see what’s going on.’” Police said it happened at about 9:15 a.m. Wednesday on Motor Road near Old Walkertown Road. Williams has been charged with resist, delay or obstruct an officer. She says she is seeking legal counsel. Williams also faces charges of speeding (51 in a 35), driving with a license revoked, displaying a revoked registration plate, driving without insurance and failure to notify the DMV of an address change. Police said Williams received minor injuries, but refused medical treatment. She was placed in the Forsyth County Law Enforcement Detention Center under $1,000 secured bond and was immediately released to a relative. Winston-Salem police released a statement about the incident, which reads in part: Although the social media video only shows a portion of the encounter midway through the incident, upon his initial approach Officer Carter introduces himself to Ms. Williams by name and told her why she was being stopped. As Officer Carter told Ms. Williams of the license plate “pick up order” and attempted to have her turn off the vehicle and hand him her keys, Ms. Williams became confrontational. Officer Carter gave Ms. Williams numerous opportunities to comply with his directives, which she refused. As Officer Carter was attempting to place Ms. Williams under custodial arrest he was met with physical resistance from her. “I’m not scared of cops or anything, and I’ll try to like, you know, let my daughter know they’re here to protect and serve, but they do have jobs and protocols that they have to follow as well, they just should go about it in a different way,” Williams added. Ed McNeal, City of Winston-Salem Marketing and Communications Director, says the police chief and staff have reviewed the video posted on Facebook, as well as the body camera video from the officer and they're still investigating. City Manager Lee Garrity has also seen the video posted to Facebook, according to McNeal. Mayor Allen Joines has seen the video posted to Facebook, but says he is prohibited by law from viewing the body camera video. Joines says he may release a statement at a later time, but wants to give the police department a chance to investigate the incident. "We are anxious to get all the facts out to the public as soon as possible," Joines said.

    3 weeks
  • Police arrest three men at gunpoint in Birmingham 01:51

    Police arrest three men at gunpoint in Birmingham

    This is the dramatic moment armed police arrested three men at gunpoint after swooping in on a vehicle which contained class A drugs and a knife. Two police vehicles stopped a black Alpha Romeo after shooting its tyres and pointed their guns at those in the vehicle before arresting three men. Video footage of the tense moment was captured by Mohammed Jehad, 23, who said eight armed officers were part of the operation in Edgbaston, Birmingham. Officers then recovered class A drugs and a knife from the vehicle and the men were driven away in the police cars. Mr Jehad, from Solihull, West Midlands, said: 'It was quite dramatic. I had just popped into Select Express to get a drink and when I came out saw four unmarked police vehicles and a marked police car which stopped a black Alfa Romeo. 'Armed police then got out of the vehicles and were pointing the guns at the car. There were about eight armed officers. 'Three men then got out of the vehicle and were arrested before being put in police cars. Officers were searching the car including the boot and then another car with detectives turned up. 'The road was blocked while the arrests were made and we weren't allowed to move. It was very dramatic.' A West Midlands Police spokesman said :'Three men have been arrested after a car containing Class A drugs was stopped on the Hagley Road on Wednesday. 'Police stopped the car on the Hagley Road, close to the junction with Monument Road at 11.30pm. 'As part of the operation, vehicle tyre deflation rounds were discharged directly into vehicle tyres by trained firearms officers. 'A quantity of drugs and a knife were recovered from the car. Two men, aged 23 and 28 were arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply a controlled substance. 'A 22-year-old man was arrested for possession of a bladed article. All three are currently in police custody and will be interviewed by officers in due course. Enquiries are on-going.'

    3 weeks
  • Deputy fired for waving weapons around imitating Training Day scene 00:16

    Deputy fired for waving weapons around imitating Training Day scene

    A Florida sheriff's deputy was sacked after officials say he waved his firearm and stun gun in the air while quoting lines from Denzel Washington's character in Training Day, a movie about a corrupt law enforcement officer. Lake County Deputy Dean Zipes was fired on April 21 after an internal investigation over the incident that occurred around 4am on February 16, according to the Orlando Sentinel. Zipes was caught on police dash camera footage waving the weapons around. Authorities say Zipes rubbed his pistol and Taser together in the direction of a convenience store in front of a police trainee. An internal affairs review says the action replicates a scene from the 2001 movie starring Washington as corrupt narcotics officer, Alonzo. Zipes told investigators that he was just trying to be funny and he was also on edge because of an armed robbery his sector responded to that night, according to the Sentinel. 'I am not a rogue, reckless, dangerous, insane guy that slipped through the cracks at the hiring process and somehow got a gun and a badge,' he told investigators. The scene that Zipes allegedly reenacted was the one in which Washington confronted a rape suspect in the movie. Washington's character first pulled out a knife and held it to the suspect's bloody face in the movie before pulling out his two pistols and pointing them in the man's face. Although it's unclear what Zipes said during the incident that got him fired, the actual profanity-laced Washington scene goes a little something like this: 'You told me to s**k your d**k b***h. Ain't that what you told me?' Washington says to the suspect before pulling out the weapons and rubbing them together. This isn't the first incident that Zipes has been involved in, according to the Sentinel. The internal affairs review says Zipes twice pulled his firearm in an office setting and voiced racial slurs. He also reportedly made a motion to draw his gun at a pizza delivery boy and became upset after not receiving free Starbucks coffee. In response to the incidents, Zipes told investigators that he's 'just a guy going through some stuff'.

    3 weeks
  • Body Cams of Woman Car Nap Lead to Her Arrested Guntersville Police 30:39

    Body Cams of Woman Car Nap Lead to Her Arrested Guntersville Police

    Guntersville is a city in Marshall County, Alabama- A woman is claiming Guntersville Police unlawfully arrested her for sleeping in a public park inside her car and refusing to show identification. Guntersville Police body cameras video shows 3 Officers and a lieutenant's interactions with Kristy Landry, who is now facing many charges as obstruction of justice, criminal trespass, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. The Police Officers in the video tell to Kristy Landry they received a call that said a person saw woman asleep in her car, and called police to check to see if Landry was alright. Officers responded to the call, and woke Landry up, demanding identification. Guntersville Police told Landry she had to hand over her ID due to Alabama Article 15-5-30, which states identification is required from anybody reasonably suspected of committing a felony or other public offense Then, police said she was violating the city's loitering ordinance by sleeping in her car. "It's a scary situation being accosted for nothing. At least if I had done something wrong, I would have some guilt about it. But here I am, being dragged out of my car," said Landry. After police called for backup, Landry eventually handed over her ID. After officers found she had not warrants, they let her go. But then the lieutenant changed course, placing Landry under arrest for obstruction of justice. As shown in the body-cam videos, police had to physically pull Landry from her car, and it took all four officers to get handcuffs on her and place her in the back of the squad car. Kristy is no stranger to the law, but not because she's had past run-ins. Her father, Buddy Caldwell, served as Louisiana's attorney general from 2008-2015. "No crime was committed! This case should be thrown out as a matter of law," said Caldwell. The former Louisiana Attorney General also said the term loitering is ambiguous, especially in this particular case. "You could say that loitering in a public park of this kind is what you're supposed to do. You're supposed to wander aimlessly, or go around and enjoy a park," said Caldwell. Guntersville Police declined to go on camera since it is an ongoing case, but did tell WAAY 31 they have responded to similar calls at the same park that ended up being more dangerous situations. Landry is fighting to get the charges dropped, and has an upcoming court hearing on April 19.

    3 weeks
  • WTF OF THE DAY! Cop pulls over as Muslim prays to Mecca IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HIGHWAY! Ends up joining him! 00:50

    WTF OF THE DAY! Cop pulls over as Muslim prays to Mecca IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HIGHWAY! Ends up joining him!

    moku 4167 -4

    We are not sure which country this is from due to the license plate being blurred out, however, what we can say is that it's absolutely appalling a police officer would stop in the middle of a busy road in order to pray alongside a Muslim man.

    Not only that, it appears as if another driver actually stopped as well in order to take place in the roadside pray in session. Due to the staggering amount of roadway accidents this is nothing more than yet another example of how Islam could be causing crashes in order to abide by their ridiculous praying schedule.

    3 weeks
  • Police Chase Intoxicated Driver Off-Road 02:07

    Police Chase Intoxicated Driver Off-Road

    Dashcam video shows Latvian police pursue an intoxicated driver last week. Police initially tried to pull the suspect over, but he refused and fled. The chase soon ended after the driver ventured off road and found a dead end. He was then arrested and charged with intoxicated driving and driving without a licence.

    4 weeks
  • BREAKING! BATTLEFIELD PARIS: May Day Protesters do the Unthinkable. Set Cops on Fire During Protests! 03:24

    BREAKING! BATTLEFIELD PARIS: May Day Protesters do the Unthinkable. Set Cops on Fire During Protests!

    moku 9680 -9

    INSANE footage shows a Paris Police officer being engulfed in flames after a Molotov Cocktail is thrown by anti-Le Pen protesters.

    Radical leftist groups from around the world have taken advantage of groups such as Antifa and other communist and socialist groups outrage by using their anger in order to attack their opponents as well as those in authority positions. Today is yet another example of leftists uniting to cause terrorism in cities around the globe.

    4 weeks
  • BATTLEFIELD ITALY: Italian Police Battle Made a Protesters with Batons against Flagpoles 01:42

    BATTLEFIELD ITALY: Italian Police Battle Made a Protesters with Batons against Flagpoles

    moku 237 0

    Dozens were injured when riot police clashed with protesters observing May Day on the streets of Turin on Monday.

    The sides were involved in a stare down before brawling. The riot police used truncheons and pepper spray, while the protesters responded with flagpoles, eggs, and smoke bombs.

    International Workers’ Day, or May Day, is marked around the world on May 1 with strikes, protests, commemorations, and celebrations.

    4 weeks
  • Bystanders Help Overpower A Man Who Turns Aggressive After Police Ask Him To Clear An Intersection 02:17

    Bystanders Help Overpower A Man Who Turns Aggressive After Police Ask Him To Clear An Intersection

    Seattle, WA, 28 April, 2017 - A police officer was trying to get a man to clear an intersection at Pike Place, Seattle, when things became physical.

    4 weeks
  • Dashcam Officer Involved Fatal Shooting at Columbus Gas Station 02:43

    Dashcam Officer Involved Fatal Shooting at Columbus Gas Station

    COLUMBUS, Ohio- Columbus police say an officer opened fire as he tried to apprehend a suspect, later identified by police as 32-year old Jason Christian, around 5:30 Wednesday night. Sgt. Rich Weiner says two officers had been tracking Christian who he says was wanted on warrants from Whitehall. They say he was also wanted on suspicion of thefts of items from inside several motor vehicles. Weiner says when officers got Christian to pull over at the Mobil lot, they approached his car to inform him he was under arrest. As an officer tried to remove him from the car, Weiner says Christian tried to drive off, dragging the officer. He says at one point the officer was hit by another vehicle in the same lot. "The officer fired his weapon, and struck the suspect, at that time both the suspect and the officer rolled out of the car into the parking lot." Police say Christian was taken to Grant Medical Center where he later died. The officer, who's name hasn't been released, was also taken in for treatment of minor injuries, and is expected to be okay, according to Weiner. Weiner says the officer fired multiple times, but it's not clear how many hit Christian, who he said wasn't armed. A second officer helping during the traffic stop wasn't hurt. Detectives say surveillance images from the Mobil lot that captured the ordeal will be used as part of the review of the investigation.

    4 weeks