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Daily police videos including shootings, robberies and the Black Lives Matter situation - Page 2

  • Police officer uses 01:43

    Police officer uses "civil forfeiture" to take all of the money out of a hot dog vendor's wallet

    BERKELEY, Calif. (KTVU) - When fans come out, so do the street food vendors. Outside of Saturday’s UC Berkeley game, Cal alum Martin Flores captured cellphone video of a campus police officer citing a street food vendor and going through his wallet before confiscating the cash inside. The video is being shared thousands of times on social media with angry comments over the police officer taking the vendor’s money. “[This] visible evidence of a police officer going and taking this man’s hard earned money infuriates me,” said Cal senior Kenny Zhang, who saw the video this morning on Twitter. UC Berkeley Police said they were cracking down on unpermitted, unregulated street food vendors. Police said only the man in the video was cited on Saturday. Cal student Brooke Lisowski said she was at the game and bought two hot dogs from a different street vendor. “I didn’t go to that specific guy, but there were like eight different ones all along Piedmont,” said Lisowski. Flores said he was in the process of buying three hot dogs when the officer stopped the transaction. Flores said he started recording the officer, because he felt the vendor was being unfairly targeted, while other vendors were ignored and he said witnessed cases of drinking alcohol in public and jay walking that went without a stop from officers. “I do think the police get a lot of hatred here at Berkeley, I feel a lot of people blow things that they do out of proportion, but yes, that film obviously looks kind of bad. He’s going through his wallet and I don’t think he has a right to do so,” said Lisowski. UC Berkeley Police said they do have that right – if there is an arrest, or in this case a citation, officers can confiscate money. KTVU was told by police the vendor’s money was booked into evidence. The students KTVU spoke to, however, said police should focus their efforts elsewhere. “Actually seeing it on camera makes me so angry. Just seeing where their priorities are as opposed to campus assaults and robberies,” said Zhang. “This is where their priorities are – arresting innocent civilians doing nothing but selling food on the streets.” “They’ll see a guy selling a hot dog and it’s kind of their own risk if they want to buy it and eat it,” said Lisowski of her friends that know the street vendors’ food hasn’t been inspected by health inspectors. UC Berkeley Police said the incident is under investigation.

    2 weeks
  • COMPILATION OF CRAZINESS! This Is the Type of Insanity Police Are Forced to Put up with from High and Drunk People 12:57

    COMPILATION OF CRAZINESS! This Is the Type of Insanity Police Are Forced to Put up with from High and Drunk People

    moku 405 1

    If you thought for one second that cops have an easy job, THINK AGAIN!

    Watch this compilation showing just how many crazy people are forced to put up with due to too much alcohol and drug consumption.

    2 weeks
  • CULTURAL ENRICHMENT: African migrant to Italian police 02:20

    CULTURAL ENRICHMENT: African migrant to Italian police "I have no money, do not touch me, F*ck you, I'll kill you!"

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    Chaotic scene unfolded as a group of African migrants attempted to illegally board the train heading from Rome to France without a ticket.

    After numerous encounters with several police the African migrants began assaulting the police officers and refusing to comply with any demands issued by them.

    At one point the African migrants began assaulting the police in order to flee them and avoid arrest and possible deportation.

    2 weeks
  • Man Fatally Shot After Tackling Police Officer! 02:10

    Man Fatally Shot After Tackling Police Officer!

    William Porubsky tried to steal a Stow police vehicle, grab an officer’s stun gun then tackled Patrol Officer Robert Molody before he was fatally shot.

    2 weeks
  • Libtard millennial REFUSES To Comply with Cops, It Doesn't End Well for Her 06:12

    Libtard millennial REFUSES To Comply with Cops, It Doesn't End Well for Her

    moku 2342 8

    If you'd like to see what happens when a Libtard millennial thinks she's smarter than the police that are attempting to see her license because of her back lights being out, watch this video.

    Listen to this supposed law student give cops every reason in the book not to provide evidence that she is who she says she is.

    Needless to say, it doesn't end well for her after a slew of cops arrive in an attempt to bargain with the woman into giving up her information.

    2 weeks
  • Car Drives Wrong Way Down Motorway And Crashes Into Police 00:33

    Car Drives Wrong Way Down Motorway And Crashes Into Police

    Footage has captured the shocking moment a disqualified driver in a stolen car smashes into a police vehicle after speeding at 110mph the WRONG WAY along a motorway. James Honey fled the damaged vehicle but his desperate attempts to escape justice came to an end when officers tackled him to the ground at the roadside. Honey was first spotted by police on the M6 in Cumbria using a stolen Seat Leon car at around 1.30am on July 29 this year, a court heard. When officers tried to stop the 25-year-old the ‘panicked’ and fled down the M6 towards Lancashire at speeds reaching 100mph.

    2 weeks
  • Van 00:31

    Van "used as a weapon" to deliberately ram police car injuring two officers during terrifying high-speed chase

    A white van was "used as a weapon" to deliberately ram a police car during a terrifying high-speed chase through the streets. The Ford Transit driver was caught on dashcam racing through Salford, Greater Manchester, repeatedly slamming on the brakes in the hope officers would crash into the back of it, police said. Two officers were hospitalised following the smash, which was captured on a dash-mounted camera on the police car. The van is seen quickly turning around in the road before driving at speed directly towards the unmarked patrol car, as it reversed. Photos released by police show the crumpled front end of the grey Audi following the chase, which began just before 3.15am on September 5 when officers gestured for the vehicle to pull over . A 21-year-old woman, believed to have been a passenger in the van, which had false number plates, has been arrested on suspicion of theft of a motor vehicle. Officers are still hunting the man believed to be the driver, who was captured on a shop's CCTV camera, wearing dark shoes and trousers, and a black hooded jacket. Sergeant Danny Kabal, from Greater Manchester Police, said: "The driver of the white Transit van intended on doing some serious damage and didn't care if he was putting innocent lives at risk. "The van was used as a weapon against police officers, who are only there to keep the streets of Greater Manchester safe. "Thankfully, the officers involved will recover from their injuries, and no members of the public were caught up in the incident but we could have been dealing with an entirely different situation." He added: "Anyone who thinks it is okay to use a van as a weapon against anyone needs removing from the streets and bringing to justice and we won't stop until we find this man."

    2 weeks
  • Texas Woman Steals Police Car Then Crashes It During Chase 02:36

    Texas Woman Steals Police Car Then Crashes It During Chase

    Law enforcement officials have identified the chase suspect as Toscha Sponsler, a 33-year-old Alto native who is now under arrest with multiple charges, aside from her unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. Police report that the call that originated this incident was for a suspicious person and/or possible shoplifter at Ulta. Sponsler left the store on foot and eventually was put under arrest near South First at Loop 287. She was handcuffed behind her back and buckled up in the back of a police unit to be taken to jail when she slipped out of one of the handcuffs, was able to get out of the seatbelt and climbed through the vehicle's sliding partition window. After getting through the window, Sponsler gained access to the driver's seat. While she was trying to escape, officers were standing behind the car, searching through a backpack and purse Sponsler had tried to ditch when the police vehicle almost backed into them and drove away. The suspect led police units on a chase down Loop 287 at Tulane to Whitehouse and to various other roads at speeds that reached roughly 100 mph, almost making a head-on collision with two Lufkin officers, Constable Chad Wilson and several other drivers. Police officers reported seeing her continuously reaching and fumbling for the officer's shotgun, which is mechanically locked inside the unit. Multiple law enforcement agencies joined the chase with DPS leading them. Shortly after, troopers used a pursuit intervention technique maneuver to spin Sponsler out close to state Highway 63 at the 69 south intersection. Sponsler then left the road and crashed into a tree at 6:03 p.m.. A medical unit was called out to the scene, but Sponsler declined further medical treatment before she was taken to jail. Law enforcement officials found Sponsler in possession of a felony amount of methamphetamine after she was arrested will charge her additionally with escape, evading on foot, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, possession of a controlled substance and aggravated assault of a police officer. The police unit, a Tahoe, was damaged heavily and is likely totaled. No one was hurt during the chase and police say that the incident will be further reviewed to make sure the best practices were met. The incident is still under investigation.

    2 weeks
  • NOT IN OUR COUNTRY! Finnish Police Go SAVAGE MODE on Muslim Migrants Blocking Roads, DEMANDING Asylum 00:11

    NOT IN OUR COUNTRY! Finnish Police Go SAVAGE MODE on Muslim Migrants Blocking Roads, DEMANDING Asylum

    moku 3257 1

    Over 60 percent of the migrants who arrived in Finland last year are likely to fail in their asylum pleas, meaning that around 20,000 of them will be deported, the Finnish Interior Ministry said.

    Paivi Nerg, the Interior Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, told Reuters, “20,000 is the estimate we are working with at the moment, but the number of asylum seekers who decide to return voluntarily could change it.”

    In an interview with AFP, Nerg said that 65 percent of the 32,000 migrants who arrived in the country last year “will get a negative decision.”

    It’s a normal percentage of refusals, she explained, adding that it’s only the overall number of asylum seekers that has grown.

    In 2014, for example, just 3,651 people applied for asylum in Finland, of which 56 percent were declined.

    Last year, the Finnish government tightened the process for granting asylum to refugees from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia, citing the improved security situation in some parts of those countries.

    Iraqis make up nearly two-thirds of all the migrants seeking asylum in Finland, and two flights have been chartered to transport deportees back to Iraq in the following months, she said.

    Nerg said that some 4,000 asylum seekers have already withdrawn their applications voluntarily and the authorities are hoping more people will do the same.

    Another 2015 law envisaged a voluntary return model, in which Finland pays up to €1,000 for every migrant’s ticket home.

    The legislation has been criticized by many in Finland, but Nerg said that it’s more cost-efficient than deportation.

    “If one is expelled by force, it’s up to the Finnish state to pay for the flight and police officers guarding it. It’s a lot more expensive,” she told the Helsingin Sanomat paper.

    According to the Permanent Secretary, separate transit centers will be established for those leaving Finland voluntarily and for those being deported.

    All of last year’s asylum applications will be processed by the end of August, she said.

    2 weeks
  • Speedy 79-year-old driver takes police on 93mph chase ending on a golf course 02:27

    Speedy 79-year-old driver takes police on 93mph chase ending on a golf course

    A speedy 79-year-old driver took police in upstate New York on a wild high speed chase that ended on a golf course. Freddie P. Maliwacki Sr. was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment and criminal mischief for the incident that happened on Tuesday. He is currently being held in Broome County jail without bail, Press Connects reported. The elderly man was driving a 2010 Toyota Corolla when he was clocked doing 93mph on Interstate 81 near the town of Kirkwood by New York state police trooper.

    3 weeks
  • Dashcam Captures Dramatic End to Utah Police Chase 00:57

    Dashcam Captures Dramatic End to Utah Police Chase

    Dashcam video from Cache County police shows the moments when 26-year-old Marcos Torres collided into a large truck on July 26th. The collision left Marcos killed, and another driver in critical condition. According to authorities the suspect had refused to pull over and instead accelerated forward moments before the collision occurred.

    3 weeks
  • Chinese Policeman body-slams woman carrying baby girl to the floor in horrific assault caught on camera 00:47

    Chinese Policeman body-slams woman carrying baby girl to the floor in horrific assault caught on camera

    A policeman has been filmed body-slamming a woman carrying a baby girl into the pavement in a horrific assault.

    The footage - filmed in Shanghai, China - shows the officer arguing with the woman before she appears to shove him.

    He the brutally retaliates by slamming her into the concrete while she is still holding her young baby.

    The young girl looks dazed and distressed as the policeman and a colleague pounce on top of her mum.

    Meanwhile, a stranger rushes over to the child and helps her to her feet.

    In the footage, the child can be seen crying as the woman thrashes on the floor while the two officers attempt to restrain her.

    The young girl attempts to run towards her mum but is held back by concerned onlookers.

    Chinese news website reports the woman was being interrogated by the officers over a parking violation.

    The officer in question has been suspended pending an investigation.

    The shocking footage has gone viral in China with massive condemnation of the officer's aggression.

    One user wrote: "No matter what she does you also can't do this to a child."

    Another added: "Police have a problem."

    3 weeks
  • Baton-wielding riot police charge towards group of migrants at Barcelona metro station after 'one failed to pay his fare' 00:30

    Baton-wielding riot police charge towards group of migrants at Barcelona metro station after 'one failed to pay his fare'

    Riot police armed with batons and wearing helmets were filmed racing towards a group of men at a metro station in Barcelona. The clash between officers and the men, who are reported to be migrants , kicked off after one allegedly tried to board a train without paying. The group of migrants in the video were accused of selling items on the street illegally, close to the Spanish city's Plaza Cataluna station. According to local reports, the accused man argued with a security guard who tried to stop him from jumping on the train then called police for back up.

    3 weeks
  • Police Battle Armed Thugs In Call Of Duty-style Shootout 00:48

    Police Battle Armed Thugs In Call Of Duty-style Shootout

    Army assault squads and police have taken part in a Call of Duty-style gun battle with around 100 members of a criminal gang. Astonishing footage of the broad daylight fight was caught by a camera strapped to a cop's head as he walked into the mayhem. Like something out of the popular video game, the showdown saw the cops and military units blasting hundreds of rounds at the gang in Madera, in Chihuahua state, Mexico.

    3 weeks
  • Bodycam Shows Man Fatally Shot By Cops Swinging Bat At Officer 01:49

    Bodycam Shows Man Fatally Shot By Cops Swinging Bat At Officer

    Police released video Wednesday showing a man swinging a baseball bat at a police officer before being fatally shot outside a federal courthouse in southern Indiana. Evansville police released security camera video showing 55-year-old Ricky Ard smashing two of the courthouse’s front door windows Tuesday morning, along with video from an officer’s body camera. The videos show at least two courthouse security officers drawing guns but not following Ard as he stayed outside the building and walked away. Other angles show him starting back toward the building after a city police officer arrived. That officer, identified as 11-year police force veteran Kenny Duschke, yelled at Ard and tried to hit him with a stun gun before the man charged at the officer with the bat. The video shows the officer backpedaling and firing about a half-dozen shots. Evansville police spokesman Sgt. Jason Cullum said during a news conference that Duschke appears to have acted appropriately to defend himself. “When he made the decision to chase after the officer and attempt to strike him with a deadly weapon, unfortunately, he created a situation that led to his own death,” Cullum said. Cullum said Ard had visited the Winfield K. Denton Federal Building on Monday and expressed “concerns about the government.” The building includes federal court offices and other federal agencies. Cullum declined Wednesday to discuss Ard’s complaints. Ard returned about 11:20 a.m. Tuesday to the courthouse in the city along the Ohio River, according to police. Cullum said a courthouse security officer also shot at Ard, but videos didn’t clearly show when that happened. One of the security officers told Duschke to use a stun gun on Ard, but it was “ineffective,” Cullum said. “We know that one of the probes did make impact because as he ran after the officer you can actually see the Taser dragging on the ground behind him, because the probe was either in his clothes or in his person and the wires were still attached to the Taser,” he said.

    3 weeks
  • Cop brutally grabs, arrests nurse for following hospital rules 01:47

    Cop brutally grabs, arrests nurse for following hospital rules

    After a University Hospital nurse calmly explained to him why she couldn't legally allow him to draw blood from an unconscious patient, a Salt Lake City police officer chased, grabbed, and arrested the nurse.

    3 weeks
  • EXCESSIVE? King County Cop Holds a Motorcyclist at Gunpoint Simply for the Way He Was Driving 03:38

    EXCESSIVE? King County Cop Holds a Motorcyclist at Gunpoint Simply for the Way He Was Driving

    moku 1677 0

    Via the OP:

    This is a clip from an interaction I had with a man on 8/16/17 who claimed to be with the King County Sheriffs Department.

    After discussing with several attorneys I have decided to file a complaint with the King County Sheriffs department, Office of the Ombudsman, Office of Law Enforcement Oversight, and release this video in an effort to bring additional awareness to the actions of those who are charged with our protection.

    I am still conducting an independent investigation and will make a follow up video once it concludes.

    I want to thank the Law Enforcement Officers who have reached out to me with support, it's very assuring to know that so many of you agree with the inappropriateness of this interaction.

    I'd also like to thank Sheriff John Urquhart for coming out against this behavior without hesitation.

    3 weeks
  • LIBTARDS OUTRAGED after an Atlanta Police Officer Sarcastically Tells a Woman 03:32

    LIBTARDS OUTRAGED after an Atlanta Police Officer Sarcastically Tells a Woman "Remember, We Only Kill Black People" During A Traffic Stop!

    A Cobb County police lieutenant has been moved to administrative duty for making what the department deemed were “inappropriate racial comments” during a traffic stop. The footage shows a white female driver pulled over during a DUI traffic stop telling Abbott that she was scared to move her hands in order to get her cellphone because “I’ve just seen way too many videos of cops ... ” At that point, she is cut off by the officer. “But you’re not black. Remember, we only kill black people”. Abbott will remain on administrative duty pending the outcome of the investigation.

    3 weeks
  • Police Body Cam Officer Involved Shooting Albuquerque Woman 04:26

    Police Body Cam Officer Involved Shooting Albuquerque Woman

    The King Slayer 1727 -1

    ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico ---- Albuquerque police had just started talking to a suicidal women when the woman got out of her car and pointed what appeared to be a gun at police, according to on-body camera footage of the shooting that police released on Monday. Officers opened fire with a rifle and a gun that shoots foam bullets. A rifle bullet hit Danielle Sudlow, 21, in the knee and she was injured. Officer Morgan Franklin, who has been with the department for 12 years, shot Sudlow in the knee, said Celina Espinoza, a police spokeswoman. Albuquerque police officials had previously described the Aug. 8 shooting and said Sudlow had pointed a gun at police prior to getting shot. Espinoza said in an email that a 9 mm Taurus was found at the scene. According to a criminal complaint, Sudlow on Aug. 5 had tried a similar tactic in an attempt to get police to shoot her. She had held a wallet the way someone would hold a gun and pointed the wallet at police, who didn’t shoot her. Sudlow was then treated at University of New Mexico Hospital until she was released from the hospital about three hours prior to being shot by an Albuquerque police officer. “She was released … despite an Albuquerque police detective informing the staff she was still suicidal,” the complaint said. Video of the shooting made by officers on scene shows numerous police officers surrounding Sudlow’s car, which was parked near Rainbow and Irving NW in Albuquerque. Just as an officer with crisis intervention training started to talk to her over a loudspeaker, Sudlow got out of the car and pointed what appears to be a gun in the video at officers. Two shots are then heard and Sudlow falls to the ground, according to the video. “I’m sorry, I just really wanted to die. I wanted you to kill me,” Sudlow tells officers as they are taking her into custody. Police said is was a gun that Sudlow pointed at officers before she was shot. An officer in the videos collects a note that was found in at the scene. When asked to describe the note, the officer said “43-1,” which is the code that police use to describe a suicide. “Basically she’s sorry, please forgive,” the officer said, describing the note. An arrest warrant for five counts of aggravated battery against a police officer with a deadly weapon has been issued for Sudlow’s arrest.

    3 weeks
  • Jury Convicts Chicago Cop Of Excessive Force For Firing 16 Shots At Car, Wounding 2 Teens! 02:00

    Jury Convicts Chicago Cop Of Excessive Force For Firing 16 Shots At Car, Wounding 2 Teens!

    Chicago police Officer Marco Proano claimed he was just doing his job when he fired 16 shots at a stolen car filled with teenagers on the South Side, wounding two. But a federal jury decided Monday that the shooting — captured on a police dashboard camera video — wasn't the action of a cop but a criminal. In an unprecedented verdict, the jury deliberated about four hours before convicting Proano of two felony counts of using excessive force in violating the victims' civil rights. He faces a maximum of 10 years in prison on each count but likely will get far less because he has no prior criminal history. Dressed in a dark gray suit and glasses, the 11-year veteran kept his hands clasped in front of him on the defense table and showed no emotion as the verdict was announced in U.S. District Judge Gary Feinerman's hushed courtroom. Feinerman scheduled sentencing for Nov. 20. But federal prosecutors indicated they will seek next week to detain Proano as a danger to the community. Proano is the first Chicago cop in memory to be convicted in federal court of criminal charges stemming from an on-duty shooting. He also was the first officer to go to trial in any shooting case since the court-ordered release of the Laquan McDonald shooting video in November 2015 sparked heated protests, political turmoil and promises of systemic change from Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Earlier this year, a U.S. Department of Justice investigation found the Police Department's use-of-force training was woefully lacking, part of a systemic failure that led to the routine abuse of citizens' civil rights.

    3 weeks
  • GETTING TURNT UP! British Cop Just Can't Contain Himself from Unleashing Some Dance Moves for the Crowd 01:21

    GETTING TURNT UP! British Cop Just Can't Contain Himself from Unleashing Some Dance Moves for the Crowd

    moku 1065 3

    A video of a cop popping and locking at a British festival has given a London police officer a second brush with fame.

    The officer was spotted getting into the spirit of the Notting Hill Carnival, an annual event celebrating Britain's West Indian community, by an MC on stage.

    "We got a policeman over there with some moves," the MC says.

    "Make some noise for the undercover raver."

    Twitter user @phemmynice shared a video of the officer's antics, and he was quickly identified as Police Constable Dan Graham.

    The officer, from Kingston in London's south-west was dubbed 'Dancing Dan' after appearing on Britain's Got Talent earlier this year.

    Despite being eliminated in the semi-finals, he became a social media star, gaining massive support from his fellow officers.

    4 weeks
  • San Antonio Cop Holds Man At Gunpoint For Filming Him From His Own Property! 00:58

    San Antonio Cop Holds Man At Gunpoint For Filming Him From His Own Property!

    San Antonio Cop Holds Man At Gunpoint For Filming Him From His Own Property!

    4 weeks
  • Cop Smashes Drunk Man’s Head into the Ground for No Reason, Knocking Him Out 00:45

    Cop Smashes Drunk Man’s Head into the Ground for No Reason, Knocking Him Out

    Huntington, WV — A disturbing video was uploaded to Facebook this week by a West Virginia law firm showing their client get brutally taken down by a Huntington cop. The hard to watch video is the perfect example of excessive force and has caused quite the outrage online. In the video, a man is being arrested for public intoxication. This man’s only ‘crime’ was being drunk while walking, yet this officer chose to escalate force to near-deadly proportions. While the man was certainly inebriated, he was posing absolutely no threat to anyone around him as a child could’ve simply knocked him down. However, this officer—apparently short on patience—felt the need to employ a leg sweep and body slam. Without provocation or reason, the officer all of the sudden kicks the drunk man’s legs out from under him. The man is sent hurling toward the ground head-first. When his head hits the pavement, the sound is painful to hear. Onlookers are astonished at the officer’s need use of force. “I think he hit his head pretty hard,” says one man. “I think he might be out.” And out he was. As the man lay there unconscious, suffering from a potentially fatal blow to the head, the officer mounts him, puts a knee in his back and places him in handcuffs. “Premeditated use of force. point blank. I get that the job is demanding and dangerous but there’s a line and I feel a lot of these officers look for reasons to cross it when it could be avoided,” wrote a Facebook user. “I’m gonna say uncalled for…. at times yes, that would have been something to do IF he was resisting and feisty. He was too drunk to stand. I usually side with officers, but this was uncalled for…” another user wrote. “The man was not resisting. This is why people hate cops that was total bull crap what he just did,” another person noted.

    4 weeks
  • Antifa terrorist SCREAMS 00:32

    Antifa terrorist SCREAMS "Fuck You Pigs" at Police As They Arrest Her for Bringing an Attack Dog She Claims As Her Service Dog to a Protest

    moku 1498 3

    A reporter on the ground, Shane Bauer of Mother Jones said this alt-left protester was arrested for having a dog at the rally. She screamed, “I need my service animal!” and “f*ck you pigs!” as police walked her to the police cruiser.

    4 weeks
  • WTF! UC Berkeley cops RUN FROM ANTIFA TERRORISTS While Shooting Teargas at Them 00:25

    WTF! UC Berkeley cops RUN FROM ANTIFA TERRORISTS While Shooting Teargas at Them

    moku 329 0

    Once again, we see the cops at UC Berkeley are totally useless when it comes to defending conservatives against the terrorists in the Antifa and Black lives matter groups.

    Watch as even the cops flee from the terrorist group that is controlled by George Soros and his evil minions and the Democratic Party.

    which begs the question, did the mayor once again order yet another standdown order like he did during the first terrorist attack by Antifa during a Milo speech?

    4 weeks
  • (GRAPHIC) Cop shoots dead woman after she pulls gun 01:03

    (GRAPHIC) Cop shoots dead woman after she pulls gun

    Authorities in North Carolina released police dash cam footage showing two officers fatally shooting an armed woman who initially fired her gun at them last month. The video is a recording of an incident that took place on Interstate 40 on the morning of July 8 near Newton Grove, North Carolina. In the footage, an officer pulls over off the highway where he sees a woman, 50-year-old Tina Renee Medlin, lying face down on the grass in front of a crashed vehicle. The dramatic 80-second clip shows an officer get out of his cruiser and approach Medlin. As the officer begins to walk toward Medlin, he is warned by a witness on the scene that she is armed. When the officer demands that Medlin show her hands, she hesitates. Medlin is seen in the video getting on her feet with one of her hands concealed. Moments later, she flashes her gun and starts shooting. The officer and another law enforcement agent not pictured in the footage return fire and strike her twice. Medlin was rushed to a local hospital, according to WNCN-TV. Initial reports indicated that she died at the scene, but these claims were false.

    4 weeks
  • Dash Cam Officer Involved in Fatal Shooting Johnston County Sheriff’s Office 02:29

    Dash Cam Officer Involved in Fatal Shooting Johnston County Sheriff’s Office

    Smithfield, Johnston County, North Carolina ---- Johnston County District Attorney Susan Doyle released dash cam footage Friday afternoon of an officer-involved shooting that occurred on Interstate 40 on the morning of July 8. The video shows Johnston County Sheriff’s Office deputies and North Carolina State Highway Patrol troopers arriving at the scene near mile marker 337, west of Newton Grove, and finding Tina Renee Medlin, 50, of Raleigh, lying in the grass in front of a crashed Yukon Denali. Authorities had been told by a witness on scene that Medlin was armed with a gun. Once on scene, officers asked Medlin to get up and show them her hands. Medlin gets up but doesn’t show officers her hands until she levels her gun at the officers and fires. Two officers returned fire, striking Medlin twice. Medlin was transported to WakeMed, officials said.Authorities originally reported that Medlin had died at the scene, but later recanted and said she was seriously injured. Medlin died three days later on July 11. Officials said she was shot in the right arm and in the head. Officials said Trooper J. L. Taylor and Johnston County Deputy Taylor Davis “returned fire after being shot at by Tina Renee Medlin.” Officials said Taylor is a 16-year veteran of the force and is assigned to Johnston County. Doyle said in a press release sent along with the video that officers were justified in the shooting. “Under the circumstances observed by Trooper Taylor and Deputy Davis, their use of deadly force was both reasonable and warranted,” she wrote.

    4 weeks
  • Dashcam Shows Dramatic End to Fairbanks Police Chase 01:48

    Dashcam Shows Dramatic End to Fairbanks Police Chase

    Fairbanks Police released dashcam and bodycam video today, showing the dramatic end to a high-speed pursuit earlier this year. Dashcam shows the suspect, 23-year-old Christopher Buck crash into a police vehicle on a highway on-ramp. Officers then surrounded the vehicle and open fire, fatally striking the driver. Police Chief Brad Johnson released a statement saying: "“At the time the officers fired their weapons they all believed that they or their fellow officers were about to be killed or gravely injured by Buck. Not only had Buck repeatedly used the truck as a weapon, but he had also used his handgun to fire at them during the pursuit.” Christopher Buck was wanted on three felony arrest warrents at the time and was also driving a stolen vehicle.

    4 weeks
  • Bizarre moment police chase down hummer with coffin on the roof 00:26

    Bizarre moment police chase down hummer with coffin on the roof

    A driver led police on a high speed chase through Arkansas with a casket on top of his car. Police spotted Kevin Cholousky, 39, parked on the side of a highway in Little Rock with the coffin atop his Hummer. When they stopped to see if he needed help at around 5.30pm on Wednesday, Cholousky raced off. The stunned officers then began chasing him down, according to Arkansas' Highway and Transportation Department. Witness Dianna Sutliff Cooper said she was driving down the I-30 when the vehicle raced past yer, with several patrol cars behind it. She told Fox News: 'I was on my way home from work when this guy came up behind me in a Hummer with blue lights flashing behind him. 'Then I noticed a coffin on top and wondered what was going on.' Cholousky was eventually caught, arrested and charged with reckless driving, fleeing a vehicle and fictitious tags. Police still do not know what he was doing with the casket or if anyone was inside it.

    4 weeks
  • Officer Gets Caught in Crossfire During Fatal Police Shooting 01:43

    Officer Gets Caught in Crossfire During Fatal Police Shooting

    After reviewing evidence and items in an investigation of an officer-involved shooting that left one man dead and another officer shot, the Saginaw County Prosecutor's Office has found no criminal wrongdoing occurred. On Wednesday, Aug. 23, dash-cam video of the events leading up to the shooting was released by the prosecutor's office. A police officer in Saginaw Township just after 1:30 p.m. on July 19, arrested Farhad Jabbari on West Michigan near Leo on suspicion of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. The officer, who has not been named, administered field sobriety tests and a preliminary test on Jabbari, according to the prosecutor's office. After the officer placed the Jabbari in the back seat of his patrol vehicle, the officer noticed that Jabbari was tampering with his handcuffs, freeing one hand from restraint, according to the prosecutor's office. In a video released by the prosecutor's office, the officer could be heard asking "What are you doing?" before exiting the driver's side and going to the rear drivers side door of the police vehicle. During the same time, before the officer enters the back seat, the vehicle began to move as if there was a commotion in the back seat. The back-passenger side door could be seen recoiling from some sort of impact from inside of the vehicle. According to the prosecutor's office, when the officer entered the vehicle to restrain Jabbari, he was immediately attacked by Jabbari, who gouged at the officer's eyes. A struggle ensued that lasted a few seconds when another officer appeared and tried to help subdue Jabbari from the rear passenger-side of the police vehicle. In the video, that officer, who also has not been named, opened the door and grabbed Jabbari seconds before several shots were fired. The officer immediately retreated as he was shot in the arm. Jabbari died at the scene and both officers were treated at local hospitals. Michigan State Police took over the investigation and turned their findings over to the prosecutor's office last week. The press release from the prosecutor's office concluded: "Since the entire struggle and shooting was very quick and lasted only seconds, as verified by witness statements and confirmed by video and audio preserved by the MSP detectives, it is the determination of this office that there was insufficient time to formulate any criminal intent. We find no criminal wrongdoing in the use of deadly force by the officer who was being attacked by the suspect. It is clear that under all of the circumstances that the officer was justified in acting in a manner consistent with self-preservation."

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  • Was this police brutality? Watchdog says officer used 'unnecessary force' on man in custody in this footage 01:22

    Was this police brutality? Watchdog says officer used 'unnecessary force' on man in custody in this footage

    The police watchdog has found an officer did use 'unnecessary force' on a man in custody, despite Greater Manchester Police clearing the cop of misconduct. The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) investigation found the officer - who has not been named - hit Neville Edwards, four times, while he was in custody at Longsight police station in 2015. The IPCC directed Greater Manchester Police to hold disciplinary proceedings for misconduct last September. Earlier this month a GMP tribunal panel found the officer, a Custody Detention Officer (CDO), was not guilty of misconduct. Mr Edwards, 32, was held in custody between July 16 and 17, 2015 for allegedly being drunk and disorderly. He later complained two police officers used excessive force on him while he was in a prison cell.

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  • Dashcam captures struggle between Richard Hubbard III and police 04:51

    Dashcam captures struggle between Richard Hubbard III and police

    A white Ohio police officer caught on video repeatedly punching a black man and hitting his head on the pavement after a traffic stop has been suspended without pay for just 15 days. Euclid Police Officer Michael Amiott was suspended on Monday following an internal investigation into the August 12 incident outside Cleveland. Cellphone footage and a police dashcam video captured Amiott wrestling 25-year-old Richard Hubbard III to the ground after he was pulled over on suspicion of having a suspended driver's license.

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