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Daily police videos including shootings, robberies and the Black Lives Matter situation - Page 4

  • 'I'm Rich. I Don't Give A F*** About Nothing.' A Boxer, Adrien Broner, Gets Arrested After Shootout 04:30

    'I'm Rich. I Don't Give A F*** About Nothing.' A Boxer, Adrien Broner, Gets Arrested After Shootout

    Cincinnati, OH, 20 April, 2017 - Body camera footage from Covington police shows Adrien Broner argue with, but eventually, give in to officers during his arrest early Thursday morning.

    The Cincinnati boxer asked officers to give him a citation instead of arresting him over an open warrant for a public intoxication charge in 2014.

    But he didn't get what he wanted.

    "I'm rich. I don't give a f*** about nothing," Broner said as officers put him in handcuffs and slowly led him to their patrol car.

    Covington police released the body camera footage Friday. Officers pulled him over in an SUV riddled with bullet holes and arrested him just after 1 a.m. in Covington, according to Cincinnati Police Lt. Steve Saunders.

    In the video, Broner shouts at a passerby he knows, telling him, "they're taking me to jail, bro... come get me out of jail, bro." Police later told Broner multiple times to calm down and stop yelling.

    “Stop, man. You’re spitting in his face and stuff,” an officer said.

    He then told officers, referring to his arms: "I've got two guns on me."

    The arresting officers laughed, and told Broner they'd loosen his handcuffs if they were too tight.

    "You help us out, we'll help you out," one officer said.

    Broner told police he didn't know anything about who shot his car, but said whoever fired at him “tried to kill" him.

    “I just almost got killed, and now they’re taking me to jail,” Broner said to a person off camera.

    Near the end of the video, Broner asked police if he could answer his phone.

    “That’s -- that’s just my baby,” Broner said. “That’s one of my girlfriends. That’s -- that’s my second wife.”

    One of the officers laughed again.

    “You’ve got two wives? Damn, I’m living life wrong, son,” the officer said.

    Broner was booked into the Kenton County jail and later released at about 5 a.m., jail records show. He was charged with “failure to appear,” according to jail records.

    Covington police noticed the bullet holes in Broner’s vehicle and called Cincinnati police, Saunders said. One bullet hole was on the driver-side door of Broner's SUV and another was on the door just behind it. The left rear window was shattered.

    Broner may have been involved in a fight at G-Moni bar on Queen City Avenue in South Fairmont, according to Cincinnati police. Saunders said someone may have shot Broner’s vehicle during the fight.

    Several 911 callers reported multiple shots fired between vehicles at the intersection of W. McMillan Street and W. McMicken Avenue at about 1 a.m.

    Police officials said Broner is not cooperating with their investigation. A person at Broner's house said he would not comment on the incident.

    Broner was recently on trial for felony assault and robbery charges, all of which were dropped. Over the course of the trial, Broner didn't show up to court or showed up late, leading to multiple incarcerations and more charges.

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  • Dashcam Shows Intoxicated Driver Hit Police Cruiser 00:33

    Dashcam Shows Intoxicated Driver Hit Police Cruiser

    A Tulsa Police officer was hit head-on by an intoxicated driver last week. The officer was taken to hospital and released a few hours later. Richard McMorris was arrested for driving under the influence, causing an injury, and for failing to maintain lane.

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  • Venezuelan Police Shoots a Woman in the Face Simply for Telling Them to Stop Shooting Innocent Protesters 00:40

    Venezuelan Police Shoots a Woman in the Face Simply for Telling Them to Stop Shooting Innocent Protesters

    moku 7889 0

    Watch as a Venezuelan woman attempts to plead with the policeman to stop shooting innocent protesters and ends up being shot directly in the face herself. The type of weapon used may or may not be lethal, however we do know the woman was in fact shot in the face as you can see in the video.

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  • Off to Meet Those 72 Virgins! Muslim Waving a Knife Screaming Allah Akbar Shot by Hague Police 01:35

    Off to Meet Those 72 Virgins! Muslim Waving a Knife Screaming Allah Akbar Shot by Hague Police

    moku 11258 37

    A video surfaced of police officers shooting a man in the leg on Hobbemaplein in The Hague. The police confirmed that it involves an incident on the square on April 12th, AD reports.

    According to the police, the man was waving a knife and would not listen to police officers' instructions to drop the weapon. A warning shot was fired. When the man still refused to listen to the police, the officers decided to shoot him in the leg.

    The video shows the man walking towards the officers with an object in his hand. There is the bang of a warning shot, then another of the targeted shot. The man falls to the ground, grabbing his leg. He shouts: "Aallahu Akbar" - God is great. Four police officers detain him.

    The video was filmed from a home near the square in Schilderswijk. Another video showing the same incident seems to have been filmed from the street, close to the shooting

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  • A Michigan Man Gets Shot Trying To Run Over A Deputy Arresting His Son 04:12

    A Michigan Man Gets Shot Trying To Run Over A Deputy Arresting His Son

    Charlevoix County, MI -- A Charlevoix County man accused of attempting to run over an officer arresting his son will stand trial in Cheboygan County due to a conflict of interest. Steven Martin, 63, faces a pair of felony charges for attempted murder and resisting and obstructing an officer stemming from an October officer-involved shooting. He is due in court June 23 for a hearing to discuss deadlines for witness, exhibit lists, and motions, and to set jury selection and trial dates, according to Cheboygan Assistant Prosecutor Melissa Goodrich. If convicted, Martin faces up to life in prison. The incident occurred after 7:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 21, when Charlevoix County Sheriff's Deputy Nathan Kaminski initiated a traffic stop after witnessing Jared Martin, Steven's son, driving on See Road in Hayes Township with a flat tire. An open bottle of blackberry brandy was found on the dashboard of Martin's vehicle and was confiscated by Kaminski, according to a police report obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request. Shortly after, Martin's father, Steven Martin, arrived at the scene of the traffic stop. Kaminski made contact with the elder Martin, who received a call from his son during the stop. The officer asked him to return to his 1998 Chevrolet pickup truck, which he had parked across the street. During the stop, officers put Jaren Martin through field sobriety tests. A breathalyzer test determined Martin had a blood alcohol content of 0.17 percent, according to the report. Deputy Genna Gauthier arrived to assist Kaminski, but attempts to arrest the man were unsuccessful as Martin repeatedly told the officers he had to urinate. The officers used a stun gun twice, but Martin continued to resist, the officers reported. As the situation escalated, Steven Martin shifted his truck into drive and pulled toward the officers and his son. At that time, Kaminski pulled his gun and fired five shots into the side of the truck, striking the driver in both arms. "Shots fired," Kaminski can be heard shouting to dispatch. "He tried to run me over." Additional officers responded to the call. In their reports, multiple officers indicated they arrived to find Kaminski rendering first aid to Steven Martin. Martin was taken to McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital in Petoskey, where he went into surgery to have the bullets and bullet fragments removed. The next day, Martin was interviewed by Michigan State Police troopers. During that meeting, he explained his son had a drinking problem and that things happened quickly during the incident, according to a report by Michigan State Police Detective Sgt. Stephen Porter. "Martin said he was turning toward the left/center of the road as he did this," the report states. "Martin said this caused his vehicle to be at a 45 degree angle to the roadway and that he did this so that another vehicle wouldn't come along and run over his son." Martin also referred to previous encounters with police, including a physical altercation with an officer after his son was arrested for a snowmobile violation, the report states. "Martin said he was arrested for assaulting a police officer after inadvertently hitting the officer and feels that this incident may have spilled over with the other officers," the report states. An interview of Jared Martin was conducted at the Charlevoix County Jail by Detective Sgt. David Hart. During that conversation, Martin said he was angry when the officer initially approached him, and said he thought he performed the sobriety tests "pretty damn good." "I was probably getting a little more feisty than I should have been," he told Hart, according to the police report. Jared Martin later pleaded guilty to charges of operating while intoxicated and resisting arrest. He was sentenced in February to six months in jail.

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  • [Diferent Angle] Machete-wielding man shouting Allahu Akbar shot down by cops in Hague 01:23

    [Diferent Angle] Machete-wielding man shouting Allahu Akbar shot down by cops in Hague

    The man is seen holding the large knife before being shot by police in the terrifying incident in the Schilderswijk borough of The Hague, Holland.

    The shooting on April 12 was not initially widely reported but after the clip surfaced online yesterday (April 20), it quickly spread on social media.

    Thousands of viewers have been sharing the video amid rising terror fears in the Netherlands.

    In it, the man is heard crying out "Allahu Akbar" – Arabic for God is great – after being shot in the leg by Dutch officers.

    The police first fired a warning shot into the air but seconds later hit the man in the leg – leaving him crying out in agony.

    A policeman can then be seen kicking the blade out of reach after the man has fallen to the ground.

    One of the most popular internet blogs in the Netherlands first published the video, with other Dutch media following suit.

    Police said in a statement that they responded to a call of a knife-wielding man after he had destroyed several windows in the area.

    When officers arrived, they warned the man to surrender his weapon but he refused to do so.

    The man was taken to a local hospital for treatment after he was shot.

    An official investigation into the shooting has been launched.

    A police spokeswoman from The Hague said they were already aware that the footage had appeared online.

    Meanwhile, a gunman carrying an AK-47 killed a Paris policeman after opening fire on cops in a suspected terror attack in France overnight.

    A second police officer was said to have been seriously wounded in the attack.

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  • Controversy After Police Officers Stop 5 Black Teens At Gunpoint 05:07

    Controversy After Police Officers Stop 5 Black Teens At Gunpoint

    Grand Rapids, MI - A Grand Rapids city commissioner called a meeting with the police chief after five African American preteen and teenage boys were stopped at gunpoint by police while they were walking down the street on the city's south side. Third Ward Commissioner Senita Lenear met with Chief David Rahinsky Tuesday regarding the incident -- and three mothers of the boys spoke before the City Commission during public comment to bring it to their attention. "I will remain in touch with the mother and the chief until this issue is resolved for the children involved," Lenear said. The five boys -- ages 12 to 14 -- had just left the Salvation Army Kroc Center at 2500 S. Division Ave. Friday, March 24, where they had been playing basketball. About 7:09 p.m. Friday, police received a 911 call that "100 teenagers" were fighting on the outdoor basketball court at the Kroc, Dixon said. The caller didn't see any weapons, Sgt. Terry Dixon said. When officers arrived, they didn't find a fight, Dixon said. An officer saw about 20 people playing basketball, and saw a large group of people walking away, Dixon said. But one of the responding officers was waved down by a person in the 100 block of Alger Street, who said a group of younger, black male teens -- one wearing red, and one wearing all black with a black backpack -- had just walked by, Dixon said. The witness told the officer the teen wearing all black had just dropped a revolver handgun and had picked it back up, Dixon said. "We had information that there was a gun involved," Dixon said. "If we have a report of a gun, that's a high-risk incident." As the police canvassed the neighborhood, they found a group of five black boys on Francis Street just south of Melville Street. Two of them were wearing red, two were wearing black and one was wearing green, Dixon said. An officer stopped the boys, and ordered them down to the ground with his gun drawn, Dixon said. The officer had his gun drawn because they were investigating a gun report and were treating the incident as high-risk, Dixon said. "It only takes a half of a second to pull a gun out of the waistband and to point it at someone," Dixon said. More than five additional police officers responded. Reading the police reports of the incident, Dixon said it was not clear to him if other officers drew their weapons. The boys -- who complied the whole time -- were ordered to walk backward to the police with their hands behind their head. They were searched, handcuffed and put into the back of police cruisers. And then the police realized that these five boys were not the teens they were looking for. They didn't have a gun. Dixon said the boys were allowed to call their parents, and were released to them. Dixon said he has reviewed some of the body camera footage - all of which is being reviewed by the department - and said he felt the officers did what they needed to do to maintain the safety of officers and the public. "You never want to hear that your son was at gunpoint today," Dixon said.

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  • Police Cruiser Rams A Motorcycle To End A Chase, Suspect Dies In The Resulting Crash 05:54

    Police Cruiser Rams A Motorcycle To End A Chase, Suspect Dies In The Resulting Crash

    Berkeley County, SC, 19 April, 2017 - A Berkeley County deputy has been placed on leave after twice colliding with a speeding motorcycle during a chase Wednesday night, resulting in a wreck that killed the rider. Video footage shows the crash that officials attributed, in part, to the motorcyclist's sharp braking. The clip does not show the deputy swerving to avoid a collision, but officials said the contact did not appear purposeful. Robert Lee Clark Jr., 30, of Giles Drive in Goose Creek lost control after colliding with the sheriff's SUV and hit another car. He died at the scene. He was not wearing a helmet. He had been wanted for speeding. Marijuana also was found on his body after the wreck around midnight on South Main Street in Summerville. Deputy James Vansant is on administrative leave as the Sheriff's Office conducts an internal review of his actions, an agency statement said, and the S.C. Highway Patrol is investigating the wreck. The deputy's report and the agency's statement indicated that the collision was not deliberate. Sheriff's policy bars such contact during pursuits. "Deliberate contact between vehicles or ... ramming ... will be prohibited unless such actions are specifically authorized by a supervisor," the policy states. "Such actions may be approved only when the use of deadly force would be authorized." In a report, Vansant said he was looking out for speeding motorists on College Park Road when he noticed the motorcycle going 66 mph in a 45-mph zone. Clark didn't pull over for the deputy's lights and sirens. His motorcycle accelerated, the deputy reported. It made quick lane changes, slowed abruptly at times and ran red lights. "Speeds reached ... 111 mph at times with the motorcyclist slamming on the brakes and then speeding away several times," Chief Deputy Mike Cochran added in the sheriff's statement. The pursuit stretched over eight miles and more than five minutes to South Main Street. At one point, the video showed the deputy's Ford SUV pulling close to the motorcycle. The deputy soon reported approaching another car, later identified as a Dodge Neon. The deputy said Clark was trying to pass the Neon. "The motorcycle slowed very quickly and started" changing lanes, Vansant wrote. The motorcycle contacted the front right passenger side of my ... police vehicle and then accelerated." To sheriff's officials, the motorcyclist appeared to have missed a gear while shifting, causing it to slow and hit the deputy's SUV. A satellite-estimated speed reading on the video showed the cruiser going about 90 mph just before the wreck and 64 mph within seconds of the crash. The motorcycle hit the Neon and the curb. Clark was thrown to the sidewalk. Paramedics soon pronounced him dead. The county coroner later pulled a marijuana cigarette, a pipe and a few bags of the drug from Clark's clothes, the report stated. The marijuana weighed nearly 2 ounces.

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  • Father Holding Baby Arrested For Allegedly Not Paying Subway Fare At Metro Station! 09:16

    Father Holding Baby Arrested For Allegedly Not Paying Subway Fare At Metro Station!

    WASHINGTON - A video showing a father being arrested as he is holding his 1-year-old daughter in his arms after police say he refused to pay his fare while also threatening an officer has gotten the attention of people on social media. But the father charged in this case is telling a different story of what took place. Leon Borum said he had his daughter with him and were on their way to the courthouse for an unrelated court case on Wednesday when he was stopped by a Metro Transit Police officer at the Congress Heights Metro station. Borum was due in court for a deferred sentencing case for a previous assault arrest back in November. According to court documents, the officer said Borum was attempting to evade paying the fare. It goes on to say he entered an emergency gate without paying and the officer said he would write him a citation. But the officer claims when he was given false information and no identification, he told Borum to leave the station four times. When he refused, the officer escorted him out. The court documents also say the officer said Borum told him to "come outside and fight me, I'm going to **** you up." But outside of the courthouse on Thursday, Borum said that is not what took place and he claims the station manager knew him and allowed him to pass through the gate freely. He also claims he did not threaten the officer. "I told him to get the **** off me -- yeah -- but I didn't tell him all of that," Borum said. "I just told him, 'Man, get the **** off me,' because there is no point of you grabbing me ... He told me to go upstairs. I told him I'm already going upstairs. There is no point of me going upstairs if you are grabbing me. If you are grabbing me, how am I going up the steps?" He also explained, "I said, 'Man, look, you can ask the station manager. She told me I can go through the gate. But you never asked her.' No one asked her. She even came between us." Borum was told by a judge to not return to the Congress Heights Metro station after his court appearance on Thursday. Borum's father was also at the courthouse and said his 1-year-old granddaughter is doing fine and was not injured. Borum is facing charges of unlawful entry, resisting arrest, fare evasion and disorderly conduct for his latest arrest.

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  • Dashcam Shows Bizarre Police Chase in Longview 06:14

    Dashcam Shows Bizarre Police Chase in Longview

    Longview police have just released dashcam footage showing a bizarre chase involving a Colorado man. Video shows the driver weave into oncoming traffic and dodge various barricades, all while he had the warning lights engaged. After around 10 minutes the suspect lost control and was subsequently arrested. Now identified as 46-year-old Kenneth Leonard, he has been charged with evading arrest, delivery of a controlled substance, unlawful restraint, and assault.

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  • Body camera video shows moment man fired at officer 02:17

    Body camera video shows moment man fired at officer

    Auburn police Sgt. Jeff Scott was trying to find a man accused of threatening a woman Sunday afternoon at her home on Wages Road. The suspect, Stephen Frank Nichols, ran into a wooded area behind the house. The video shows Scott approach Nichols and ask if he saw a man run by. Nichols tries to pretend like he is not the man the officer is looking for, but then pulls out a gun and fires.

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  • Attempted rapist runs from police moments before being arrested 00:58

    Attempted rapist runs from police moments before being arrested

    This is the moment a cowering would-be rapist was caught by police after he attacked a woman in a suburban front garden. Jakub Kowalczyk was jailed for six years yesterday for attempting to rape a woman in Ealing, west London. Witnesses said they saw the 41-year-old emerge from bushes carrying the 'sobbing' victim over his shoulders at about 1am on February 12 and called police. Dramatic bodycam footage shows the moment officers confronted Kowalczyk. A Scotland Yard spokesman said: 'People alerted by the disturbance saw Kowalczyk emerge from the undergrowth carrying the sobbing victim over his shoulders. 'Another member of the public, who was passing on foot, shouted out at Kowalczyk and he stopped the attack and put the victim down. 'It was at this point that officers arrived and Kowalczyk was pointed out to them.' The footage shows Kowalczyk calmly taking to officers. But, when they went to arrest him, he pushed the handcuffs away and ran off. Officers gave chance and found him hiding in nearby bushes. When they had him cornered they pointed a taser at him and he was detained and arrested. The victim was not injured, but was left distressed and in need of medical help. Kowalczyk admitted attempted rape on March 23, and was jailed for six years at Isleworth Crown Court yesterday. DC Alan Wong, from the Sexual Offences Exploitation and Child Abuse Command, said: 'Kowalczyk carried out a terrifying attack on a lone and vulnerable woman. 'Thankfully members of the public heard her calls for help and called police; while other members of the public directly challenged him. 'I want to sincerely thank them for their assistance that night and the overwhelming evidence they subsequently provided. 'As a result, Kowalczyk has now been brought to justice and deservedly imprisoned for this despicable act.'

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  • WAR ZONE PARIS: Anti-Marine Le Pen Riots Continue to Spiral Out Of Control As Antifa Thugs Smash Out Of Police Cars Window, the Cops Actually Flee 01:29

    WAR ZONE PARIS: Anti-Marine Le Pen Riots Continue to Spiral Out Of Control As Antifa Thugs Smash Out Of Police Cars Window, the Cops Actually Flee

    moku 2563 0

    Watch Antifa terrorists smash out a police car window then throw firebomb inside forcing a cop to exit and take a few blows in the process while attempting to stand his ground. Only to subsequently flee. These terrorists must be dealt with accordingly before it's too late to stop them.

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  • Man sentenced to 100 years for shooting Pleasant Valley police officer in face 03:54

    Man sentenced to 100 years for shooting Pleasant Valley police officer in face

    Clay County, MO - Omar Maria, 33, was sentenced to 100 years in prison on Thursday after a Clay County jury found him guilty on March 1st of shooting a police officer. In December 2014, Pleasant Valley Police Officer Jacob Baldwin pulled Maria over near the interchange for Interstate 35 and Interstate 435. Investigators say before Ofc. Baldwin could get out of his patrol car, Maria jumped out and started shooting. Two of those shots hit Ofc. Baldwin in the face. Even though he was shot in the face, Ofc. Baldwin still managed to radio for help and provided a suspect description, which led to a search for Maria. He was arrested later that Sunday in Kansas City, Kan. after a standoff with police and was taken into custody on an unrelated federal warrant. Maria was sentenced to 100 years total; 30 years for attempted assault on a law enforcement officer and 70 years for armed cr

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  • Dashcam Video Shows Unarmed Man Shot And Killed By Deputy 04:01

    Dashcam Video Shows Unarmed Man Shot And Killed By Deputy

    HARKER HEIGHTS — Testimony and video from a fatal deputy-involved shooting of an unarmed Navy veteran in August reveals conflicting accounts of what led the deputy to fire his weapon, according to an investigation report released Wednesday. Bell County Sheriff’s Cpl. Shane Geers shot and killed Lyle P. Blanchard, 59, of Harker Heights, after a failed traffic stop and pursuit Aug. 30 in the 12900 block of East Knights Way. Geers was cleared of possible criminal charges by a Bell County grand jury Feb. 15, after the completion of the Texas Rangers investigation. The Texas Department of Public Safety and Texas Rangers released the report and dashcam footage of the incident Wednesday — more than two months after the Herald originally asked for the evidence in a Texas Public Information Act request. The investigation was conducted by Ranger Justin Duck and includes testimony from Geers, Duck and Ranger Jim Hatfield, the first Ranger to respond to the scene. The testimonies show conflicting versions of what justification Geers used to fire his weapon, the timing of the shots and what words were exchanged between the deputy and Blanchard. According to testimony transcribed in the report, Geers said Blanchard refused to respond to verbal commands after Blanchard stopped his vehicle and shouted obscenities at the deputy through his open driver’s-side window. Geers left his emergency sirens on through the entirety of the incident, according to dashcam footage from Geers’ service vehicle. Despite this, Geers said his commands were clear, and he could hear what Blanchard yelled from approximately 40 yards away. “(I) continued to loudly and clearly instruct him to show me his hands, as they were both not visible,” Geers said. “Instead of complying, the driver yelled other obscenities at me during my approach.” Although Geers was wearing an on-body camera during the incident that is supposed to activate when the vehicle’s emergency lights are turned on, Geers said the camera did not activate and capture audio outside the vehicle. According to the DPS, the dashcam audio could not be enhanced due to limitations in the department’s software. Because of this, it is unclear what Blanchard said to Geers in the footage. While approaching Blanchard’s vehicle, Geers testified he could not see into the interior of Blanchard’s 2010 Honda Pilot and was unsure if other passengers were inside the vehicle. Soon after stopping, Blanchard exited his vehicle and turned to face Geers. According to Geers, Blanchard stepped from his vehicle with his left arm behind his back in a way that threatened Geers and led him to fire his weapon eight times at Blanchard, striking him four times. “I yelled as loud as I could to show me his hands and I saw his arm coming forward from his lower back waist as if he were bringing a gun out and up,” Geers said. “Although I did not clearly see his hand, I felt like he had to have a gun in it by the motion he made, and it appeared to me that he was pulling a gun on me.” The dashcam footage shows Blanchard appearing to step from the vehicle with his left arm behind his back momentarily, then move both hands toward his front right cargo shorts pocket. While Blanchard reached inside that pocket, Geers fired his weapon. In the first paragraph of the report, Duck says Geers fired his weapon due to the second motion — Blanchard reaching into his pocket — rather than having his hand behind his back. Hatfield’s testimony also differs from Geers’ testimony, saying Geers at first approached Blanchard’s vehicle then retreated back to his own after Blanchard rolled his driver’s side window up. That version of events is not recounted in Geers’ testimony. Hatfield, however, corroborates Geers’ testimony on his justification, saying Geers fired his first shot “as Blanchard’s hand began to come around his back.” However, video footage shows at least a second between the time Blanchard’s hand becomes visible and when Geers fired his first shot. After Blanchard fell to the ground, Geers approached Blanchard nearly three minutes later and checked his right waistband and right front pocket and then his left waistband for a weapon. After the incident, Bell County Sheriff Eddy Lange told media representatives gathered at the scene that Geers shot Blanchard during a “gunbattle” between the two. Geers’ testimony to the Rangers was provided some time after the incident and does not mention an exchange of gunfire. Lange’s statement was not part of the report. A Herald request for the department’s internal review of the incident, which could contain on-scene testimony from Geers with potential conflicting information, was sent to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office for a disclosure ruling Feb. 23. A stipulation of the Texas Public Information Act allows law enforcement departments to withhold investigation reports that do not return a criminal conviction. The department has not said why it wants to withhold the information. Rob Ranco, a lawyer representing the Blanchard estate in a federal civil suit against Geers, said Wednesday the footage and report show Geers and law enforcement involved in the case were dishonest in their retelling of the incident. “Contrary to what is written in the report, (Blanchard) does not conceal his hand behind his back at any time,” Ranco said.

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  • Los Angeles Police Chase That Ends In Crash 02:11

    Los Angeles Police Chase That Ends In Crash

    Chatsworth, CA - A chase came to a crashing end in Chatsworth Wednesday, leaving the man behind the wheel hurt, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.LAPD first reported a 6-year-old child and a man were hurt in the Acura chase, but later said only the pursuit driver was injured.

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  • Footage shows altercation leading up to deadly shooting of Logan County deputy 01:27

    Footage shows altercation leading up to deadly shooting of Logan County deputy

    The body camera released by Logan County Sheriff investigators on Wednesday show the 13 minutes leading up to the shooting of Deputy David Wade.

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  • Video Shows Alabama Police Officer SLAPPING Man At Gas Station!! 02:31

    Video Shows Alabama Police Officer SLAPPING Man At Gas Station!!

    Several Birmingham-area activist organizations are demanding action after a Fairfield police officer allegedly struck a resident in the face at a Citgo gas station Tuesday afternoon. A 10-second video of the incident went viral after it was posted on Snapchat around 2 p.m. In the video, it appears the officer is yelling and walking up to a black male before striking the individual in the face. What occurred before the incident is unknown at this time. Fairfield Police Chief Nick Dyer has not returned phone calls as of Wednesday morning to comment about the situation. Heads of the Outcast Voters League, Jefferson County Millennial Democrats, Black Lives Matter and other organizations went to Fairfield demanding officials to terminate the officer who struck the individual. The officer's name has not been released from the police department. Activist Carlos Chaverst Jr. said both Dyer and Fairfield Mayor Ed May II did not speak about the situation in-depth during a meeting Tuesday afternoon because it is still under investigation. However, Dyer did understand the activists willingness to have the matter handled quickly, Chaverst said. "(Dyer) said, 'We don't know what all led up to this,'" Chaverst said. "But it's about what happened in those ten second. The fact that an officer walked up to him and slapped him, that's not right." Multiple videos were posted on social media Tuesday night in connection to the incident, including one showing Chaverst getting arrested at the police station. After the meeting with Dyer, Chaverst said they were asked to leave while questioning officers to get more information about what happened at the gas station. An argument started between Carlos and the officers. He was then arrested for obstructing government operations. He was released after about two hours in police custody and paying a $1,000 bond. He said he has a court date scheduled for April 27. "They said, 'The dispatchers can't do their job,'" Chaverst said. "The women in the dispatch didn't say anything about their ability to work." Activists on social media did mention Dyer's willingness to build partnerships and provide more opportunities for mentorship in Fairfield and other communities. Activist Harry Turner Jr. said this is one way to bring harmony between the police and the people. "We're not against the police," Turner said on Facebook. "The citizens need our police. The police, they need our citizens. We want police to police, but at no time should there be police brutality."

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  • Dashcam Shows Perfect Trip to End Foot Chase 01:15

    Dashcam Shows Perfect Trip to End Foot Chase

    Police in Latvia approach the drunk driver of a stolen VW Golf. The suspect bails out and attempts to flee on foot; but a well timed trip stops him in his tracks. The driver now faces a penalty of up to one year in prison, or a shorter prison term with community service.

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  • LOVE IT! Auburn Police Are Fed up with the Terrorist Group Antifa, Watch Them Force Them to Unmask before Entering Auburn College Grounds 00:40

    LOVE IT! Auburn Police Are Fed up with the Terrorist Group Antifa, Watch Them Force Them to Unmask before Entering Auburn College Grounds

    moku 15422 28

    During protest at Auburn University, police were fed up with Antifa terrorists and began forcing them to unmask themselves before entering the college grounds. Watch one chubby chick attempt to break through and fail miserably.

    1 month
  • 11 British Policemen Get Chased Around By A Single Bat-Wielding MIGRANT 00:50

    11 British Policemen Get Chased Around By A Single Bat-Wielding MIGRANT

    The King Slayer 4187 -1

    If an outsider was wondering why it seems the hordes of migrants flooding Europe seem to do as they please, the laws be damned, they would have to look no further than this video.

    A trend that seems to have spread throughout Europe can be seen here as a single, African migrant, holding a deadly weapon, frightens a small army of British police.

    Apparently, police in Europe have been instructed to not harm a single migrant, even if it means putting their own lives in danger.

    Try this move in the US pal, see how that works for you.

    1 month
  • Police Chase In Oklahoma City Ends With Scuffle With Suspect, Arrest 09:53

    Police Chase In Oklahoma City Ends With Scuffle With Suspect, Arrest

    Oklahoma City, OK - A suspect is in custody following a high-speed chase through the metro area. Around 1:30 p.m., officers attempted to pull over a pick-up truck in Mustang. However, that vehicle refused to stop, leading police to engage in a pursuit. When the suspect exited onto the southbound lanes of I-35, authorities ended the pursuit due to safety concerns. The suspect got out of the truck and started walking down a neighborhood street near S.E. 52nd and Stiles. Police officers were able to locate the man and take him into custody after a brief altercation. Oklahoma Police identify the suspect as Albert Shingleton, 52. He has been booked into the Oklahoma County Jail on a felony charge of assault and battery on a police office and resisting arrest.

    1 month
  • Bodycam Shows Police Rescue Stuck Dog 01:11

    Bodycam Shows Police Rescue Stuck Dog

    Cedar Hill police rescue a dog who found herself stuck underneath a fence last weekend. The Great Dane was stuck for over 30 minutes before police officer Banta rescued her with the assistance of Animal Control Officer Burk.

    1 month
  • 00:43

    "Okay, and...?" Berkeley Police are notified of Antifa attacking Trump supporters, DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

    moku 6476 -1

    Listen as these two police officers, one who is clearly disturbed at the Police chiefs decision to thwart them from stopping the terrorists, Antifa, from attacking Trump supporters stand idly by doing nothing to stop the attacks. One clearly could careless, the other seems pretty disturbed by whats taking place, but isn't willing to go against the Police chiefs orders.

    1 month
  • Mass Stampede Erupts At New York's Penn Station After Police Taser Suspect During Arrest 02:26

    Mass Stampede Erupts At New York's Penn Station After Police Taser Suspect During Arrest

    New York, NY, 14 April, 2017 - A Taser incident at New York's Penn Station caused mass panic Friday evening as people were spooked by a noise some feared was gunshot and ran for the exits. Cops confronted a man and subdued him with a stun gun around 6:30 p.m., sparking a stampede of frightened travelers who feared that a shooting had taken place. The aftereffects of an earlier disabled New Jersey Transit train, which found hundreds of people trapped in a tunnel mid-afternoon, plus Easter weekend travelers, added to the chaos. "At about 6:30 tonight we received numerous calls of shots fired in and around Penn Station," NYPD Chief of Manhattan South Bill Morris said in an evening news conference on 34th Street near Seventh Avenue. Morris confirmed that the noise had come from the deployment of a Taser by Amtrak Police. "There were no actual shots fired." The mass exodus resulted in some 16 people suffering non-life-threatening injuries, FDNY Deputy Chief Tom Currao said. The FDNY and emergency medical personnel were already on the scene because of the earlier situation with the disabled train, Currao said. "No shots were fired at Penn Station this evening. FDNY is on scene treating injuries that were sustained during panic," Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted.

    1 month
  • Sheriff's Deputy Witnesses Mountain Lion Pursuit 00:39

    Sheriff's Deputy Witnesses Mountain Lion Pursuit

    Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Deputy Shae Green witnessed an unusual pursuit last weekend. He saw a mountain lion run across a residential street, chasing a deer. The suspect managed to get away in some tall grass.

    1 month
  • A Man Films Himself Cursing A Tulsa Police Officer During A Traffic Stop 04:45

    A Man Films Himself Cursing A Tulsa Police Officer During A Traffic Stop

    Tulsa, OK, 11 April, 2017 - A video of a man berating a Tulsa police officer during a traffic stop is getting a lot of attention on social media.

    The video was posted Tuesday afternoon by a man named Eddie Kash - it shows Tulsa Police Officer Justin Beal talking to individuals during a vehicle stop.

    Tulsa Police say that type of interaction happens too often.

    "I plead the fifth. I don't talk to police. I have the right to remain silent and I will,” you hear in the video.

    "We know our rights. Well, I'm not driving so you don't have to ask me. I don't have to identify myself. I'm waiting for y’all to violate my rights. Yeah, I'm a get paid."

    The almost four-and-a-half-minute video continues to escalate as Beal remains calm as he is peppered with profanities.

    "What you want to shoot a n*****. This ain't Mike Brown mother f******. This ain't no mother - I'm chosen. I'm the chosen, you know. Look at this p**** ass cracker. Ain’t got s*** else to do. Violate my rights p****. Violate mine, I promise you I'm a get paid," they say in the video.

    Sergeant Shane Tuell said these types of situations occur too often.

    "This is something we deal with out in the field a lot. We deal with individuals that try to taunt us, that say racial slurs to us, that say things that try to provoke a reaction and it's videoed and they want a reaction," Tuell said.

    The sergeant said Beal acted professionally and followed proper protocol.

    "Train over and over that you maintain your temper while on this job,” Tuell said.

    “The maintaining of your temper is one of the best things you can do as an officer, and these guys did it to a T, they did a fantastic job."

    1 month
  • Police Dashcam Pursuit of Suspect in Carjacking Spree Independence Ohio 04:44

    Police Dashcam Pursuit of Suspect in Carjacking Spree Independence Ohio

    Independence, Cuyahoga County, Ohio--The Independence Police Department released dash cam video of an officer pursuing a suspect involved in a series of armed carjacking.

    Police say there were 2 related carjacking in Bath Township and in Independence on Wednesday. The first carjacking occurred at a rest area on I-77 in Bath Township. A woman told police 2 armed men jumped out a white car and approached her from behind. One suspect took off in her black Nissan Rogue SUV while the other suspect got back into the white car and fled the scene.

    Police Said, the second carjacking occurred when the same white vehicle pulled into a driveway on Midland Road. Just like the first carjacking, armed suspect approached the woman from behind and drove away in her car.

    Police later spotted the 2 stolen cars and the suspects' white car on I-77. The dashcam shows an officer chase the black SUV into Cleveland, but the driver was eventually able to elude police.

    Police did arrest 2 suspects and recovered one vehicle near East 116th Street and Union Avenue, but are still looking for at least 2 other suspects in 2 separate vehicles.

    Independence is a city in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, United States. As of the 2010 census, the city population was 7,133. Independence was originally Center, and under the latter name was laid out in 1830.

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  • Woman arrested for 'smashing car into fish shop while driving drunk' 01:19

    Woman arrested for 'smashing car into fish shop while driving drunk'

    This is the moment police arrive at the scene where an alleged drink driver ploughed into a seafood store to find her tucking into a pack of fish and chips. Customers narrowly avoided being crushed by the Subaru Forester when it hurtled into a seafood restaurant on the Gold Coast about midday on Good Friday. When police eventually pried the 51-year-old woman away from her meal, she allegedly blew a blood-alcohol level of 0.277 - more than five times over the limit. Footage shows stunned officers arriving to find the car still inside the store, which sustained major structural damage. 'How did you wind up driving through the shop window?' one officer asks. The woman rambles something irritably before reaching for another handful of hot chips. 'Excuse me, don't eat those… Hang on a second.' She then appears to lose her temper at a passenger for telling the camera he was inside the car during the crash. A Queensland Police spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia no charges have yet been laid against the woman. Footage shows Dennis Coggin, 74, leap out of the path of the car as it crashes into store before the lunchtime rush at 11.40am. Store employee Jacob Barrow told 7 News said the crash could have been much worse if it were half an hour later. 'Had it happened half and hour later, there would have been a lot of people,' he said. 'It could have been a lot worse. Staff had just walked on the line where the car went five seconds earlier.'

    1 month
  • 13 year old crashes car fleeing police joyriding with his buddy. 02:41

    13 year old crashes car fleeing police joyriding with his buddy.

    Macomb county sheriffs in Michigan attempt to stop a vehicle when it takes off. Two young kids are in the car 13 years old end up crashing taking moms car for a joyride.

    1 month
  • Police Car Damaged after Chase on Train Tracks 03:10

    Police Car Damaged after Chase on Train Tracks

    Dashcam video has been released showing a police pursuit involving a carjacking suspect last year. The suspect led police onto the train tracks in attempt to get away. This resulted in moderate damage to numerous police cruisers as they followed the suspect along the tracks. Police say the chase ended after the suspect got stuck on the tracks and was then apprehended.

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  • Sgt. Michael Bongiovanni brutally punches Demetrius Hollins 00:27

    Sgt. Michael Bongiovanni brutally punches Demetrius Hollins

    A second Georgia police officer was fired on Thursday, a day after cellphone videos emerged showing one of the officers punching a man who had his hands up and the other kicking the man in the head once he was handcuffed on the ground. The Gwinnett County Police Department said Thursday afternoon that Master Police Officer Robert McDonald violated department policy and the law. Video showed McDonald assaulting Demetrius Bryan Hollins while assisting a supervisor who had called for backup during a traffic stop about 4pm on Wednesday. Several hours later, police said that supervisor, Sgt. Michael Bongiovanni, had also been fired after a second video surfaced of him punching Hollins in the face as Hollins put his hands in the air. Hollins, still bloodied from the beating, spoke about the violent traffic stop in an interview with the Today show on Friday. The 21-year-old college student said he had a run in with Bongiovanni before, so when he saw him pull him over, he tried to take out his phone to film the talk. 'It was so surreal,' Hollins said. 'He told me to step out of the car. Soon as I stepped out of the car with my hands up ...that's when he punched me in the face.' In their report of the incident, Bongiovanni and McDonald said that Hollins did not have a license plate and that they tased him when he refused to get out of the car. But Gwinnett County Police Chief A.A. 'Butch' Ayers said at a Thursday press conference that the video speaks for itself. 'The incident that was depicted upon that video was not mentioned or described in those reports. There is literally no excuse for behavior like this,' Ayers said. The department has also opened criminal investigations into the behavior of the two officers. The results will be turned over to the county district attorney, who will decide whether to prosecute the two officers.

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