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Police videos Videos - Page 4

Daily police videos including shootings, robberies and the Black Lives Matter situation - Page 4

  • Cell Phone Video Of Alabama Police Arresting Black Robbery Suspect, Goes Viral! 09:47

    Cell Phone Video Of Alabama Police Arresting Black Robbery Suspect, Goes Viral!

    MOBILE, AL - A confrontation between a robbery suspect and a Mobile Police officer has went viral on social media. Some are questioning the officer's actions, others are saying job well done. The arrest happened Saturday night right in the middle of the downtown entertainment district. Someone recorded the incident on their cell phone. The video is about three minutes long. Since being posted on Facebook, the video has been viewed more than half a million times, including by newly-appointed Police Chief Lawrence Battiste. "I was concerned about the safety of the officer and the safety of the young man who was arrested. Those were my first thoughts... I looked at the situation and said this could have been a whole lot worse," said Chief Battiste. Police identify the suspect as 37-year-old Ontario Stewart. According to police, Stewart is homeless and frequents downtown. At the time of his arrest, Stewart was wanted on two felony warrants for allegedly robbing the Family Dollar store on North Broad Street just hours before. The video starts moments after the officer tased Stewart. It had little effect on Stewart. Refusing to comply with the officer's demands to get on the ground, Stewart leads the officer down the sidewalk and into the street before the confrontation takes a physical turn as both officers take him down in the middle of the street. "There was some additional physical force used soft hands, hard hands, those will be reviewed. But at this point with what I saw on the social media site, the officer exercised great restraint in trying to deal with a subject that had two active felony warrants for Robbery 1st," said Chief Battiste. "The officer stayed with the less lethal, which was the taser, until he got some additional backup and they were able to execute the arrest. Police are very familiar with Stewart, he's been booked into Metro Jail 38 times since 1998. His wrap sheet includes drug and theft arrests, including three charges of resisting arrest. "If you are compliant that gives us an opportunity to address any problems as it relates to us having an officer that may have done something they shouldn't have. If that's the case recourse will be taken. But when you have are non-compliant like Mr. Stewart was in this particular situation all of is actions could have lead to a more serious escalation of force than there needed to be at that particular time," said Battiste. Battiste says the officer was wearing a body camera. but it's department policy to not release body cam video. At this time, the officer does not face disciplinary action. The case is still under review. "There will be normal protocol of an investigation and once that investigation is complete we will make if there is anything we need to do - whether we need to increase training, whether we need to take disciplinary action against the officer. We will look at all of those things at that time, but at this point from what I've seen the officer exercised extreme restraint," said Battiste.

    4 weeks
  • High-Speed Chase Ends Badly for Suspect 05:44

    High-Speed Chase Ends Badly for Suspect

    Two suspects have been taken to hospital following a high speed chase last weekend. The chase started after a theft was reported at a Walmart store. Police soon spotted the suspect's vehicle and attempted a traffic stop, but the driver fled and reached speeds of over 100mph. A short time later the driver loses control and crashes into another vehicle before police initiate an arrest. The two suspects and the other driver that was hit sustained non life-threatening injuries.

    4 weeks
  • Private investigator Captures Double Shooting On Surveillance Video 07:15

    Private investigator Captures Double Shooting On Surveillance Video

    Video footage of a double shooting in Newport News, Virginia has been released. The video caught a shooting that took the lives of Cadre Gray and Quinton Kelly. Both victims were found inside a van on Wickham Ave. in January 2016. A private investigator was in the area, doing surveillance on an unrelated case, when he caught the crime on video. In the investigator's footage, you can see what police have called a robbery in progress. A few minutes later, one of the suspects runs away. The other suspect, later identified as Laratio Dantzler, leans into the van and opens fire. He then also runs away. "I hear a gun shot, I hear a gun shot," said a neighbor who called 911. "Oh my God, they shot them in the truck." Police body camera footage shows what happened as soon as the police arrived on scene. An officer jumped from their patrol car and began chasing one of the suspects. The officer ended up shooting Dantzler and taking him into custody. He was later sentenced to life in prison. The other suspect, Stephen Hayes, has been charged with robbery. His trial is set for April.

    4 weeks
  • Bodycam Shows Officer Pull Man Away From Crashed Car On Fire 01:12

    Bodycam Shows Officer Pull Man Away From Crashed Car On Fire

    A 21-year old Tulsa man is reportedly in stable condition after a Washington County deputy pulled him to safety from a reported alcohol-fueled rollover accident Sunday morning. According to Washington County Undersheriff Steve Johnson, Deputy Carey Duniphin got to the accident quickly and pulled the man from the burning vehicle. "The driver was already out of the car when he got there. He was still in danger, but Carey got him away from the car so that he was no longer in danger from the fire," Johnson said. "Carey did really good and definitely saved him from further injury." According to reports from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, the collision occurred at about 8:23 a.m., 4 miles north and 3 miles east of Copan on County Road E300 and the s curves near N. 4020 road. At that time, a 2006 Hyundai Tiburon, driven by 21-year-old Alex Solis-Rangell of Tulsa was traveling east on County Road E300, "lost control and went into a broad slide for 470 feet, struck two trees, went airborne and flipped and landed on its wheels in a creek." The vehicle caught fire and Solis-Rangell was "unable to exit vehicle due to leg injuries" "However, a Washington County deputy arrived within minutes of the collision," the report states. According to Silver Duniphin was on the scene "just a few minutes after the initial call went out." "Dispatch advised that the reporting party to the accident was advising that the car was on fire and the driver was still inside the car. While in route, dispatch advised that the flames from the vehicle were approximately 10 feet high and the driver was still inside" he said. "When Deputy Duniphin arrived he parked and exited his vehicle. After parking on the north side of W. 300 Deputy Duniphin ran to the south side of the road and saw a white/Hispanic male on his hands and knees outside the passenger side of the burning vehicle." He say Duniphin then slid down the side of the ditch and made his way to Solis-Rangel. "Deputy Duniphin noticed that Rangel had blood coming from his mouth and was having a hard time talking leading him to believe that he had broken his jaw. He then looked down and saw that Rangel's left leg was bent in half between his ankle and knee. Deputy Duniphin then knew his leg was obviously broken and would not be able to walk. By this time the fire had engulfed the passenger compartment of the vehicle" he said. "Deputy Duniphin then had Rangel lay on his back and grabbed him under his armpits and wrapped his arms around his chest and grabbed his wrists. He was able to drag Rangel to the east about 10 yards before he ran into downed trees and branches and had no where else to go. He pulled Rangel up on the bank out of the water as much as he could." Solis-Rangell was transported via Life Flight air ambulance to St. John's Medical Center in Tulsa, where he was admitted in stable condition with head, trunk internal and leg injuries. Troopers listed the condition of the driver at the time of the accident as "odor of alcohol present" and the cause of the accident as "speed." Other agencies responding to the accident included Bartlesville EMS, Copan Fire Department and the Dewey Fire Department.

    4 weeks
  • 00:57

    "You Trump Supporters Happy": Crying Man Records his ILLEGAL Immigrant Brother Being Deported

    moku 13661 26

    Perhaps this man should learn that laws are meant to be followed! So to answer his question if Trump supporters are happy, absolutely! Americans are dying daily at the hands of illegal immigrants just like his brother and he expects sympathy from us? Hell no! If you really wants to be an American, come back legally! Just like the rest of the people around the world!

    4 weeks
  • A Suspect Resists Arrest During A Traffic Stop, Flees His Car, Short Foot Chase Follows 02:28

    A Suspect Resists Arrest During A Traffic Stop, Flees His Car, Short Foot Chase Follows

    The incident took place on 25 March, 2017, in Prince George County, Virginia. No further information is available at present.

    4 weeks
  • A Police Cruiser Hits A Cyclist In The Dark 00:56

    A Police Cruiser Hits A Cyclist In The Dark

    The cyclist was wearing dark clothing and no lights or reflectors, which made him all but invisible.hits

    4 weeks
  • Woman leads police on wild chase through 2 central Oklahoma counties 00:57

    Woman leads police on wild chase through 2 central Oklahoma counties

    Police have released dash camera video of a wild chase involving a woman accused of stealing scrap metal from a home in Union City.

    4 weeks
  • Libtard Celebs are Using Fake News Stories to Spike the Number of Girls Missing in DC, blaming Cops 01:30

    Libtard Celebs are Using Fake News Stories to Spike the Number of Girls Missing in DC, blaming Cops

    moku 993 -3

    Several celebrities and media figures used their social media pull this week to draw attention to what they thought was the sudden disappearance of more than a dozen black and Latino girls in the Washington, D.C., area. -- DanielleMoodie-Mills @DeeTwoCents: "Can someone explain to me how 14 black girls go missing in 24 hours in DC and it's not a goddamn news story?!?" -- Check out the nearly 50,000 retweets of that post since Thursday night. The photo attached to that tweet — which features a girl who was last seen in 2014 — was shared by Def Jam cofounder Russell Simmons on his Instagram feed, but it originated at the site Entertainment for Breakfast and quickly went viral.

    LL Cool J: "I want #missingdcgirls trending!!!!!" -- Sean Diddy Combs: "My prayers go out to the families effected by this tragedy. God bless #PrayForDC #FindOurGirls" -- Kyle Richards: "How is it I am just hearing about the #missingdcgirls and only from social media ?? Why isn't this being talked about more?" -- Soledad O'Brien: "Yeah. This: [@DeeTwoCents link]" -- Dennis Mullen: "Soledad O'Brien Let me posit this. Maybe it's b/c the media has become unhealthily obsessed with all things Donald Trump." Soledad O'Brien: "Sadly, not just that. The media has a long history of fanatical attention to covering missing young women if they're white and attractive." --- One reason it might not have been “a goddamn news story” is that the post wasn’t accurate.

    Many celebrities shared a viral post saying 14 girls went missing from D.C. in a single day. Police say that's not true. -- TMZ: "D.C. Missing Girls, Cops Say They're Runaways, Not Crime Victims" -- The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children certainly has a vested interest, but even it is trying to correct the record: "Hi @llcoolj, we'd love to have a conversation with you about #missingdcgirls. We know for sure that this isn't over a 24 hour period. @llcoolj we work closely with @DCPoliceDept. Over the last 10 years, there hasn't been a spike with #missingdcgirls or children." -- But, the Women’s March statement said “the disappearance of girls of color … is far from new, and it’s on the rise.” According to NBC 4 in Washington, police said Friday that “at no point in recent weeks have 14 girls disappeared from D.C. in a single day.” The city’s mayor retweeted the story Friday afternoon.

    JJ MacNab of Forbes did an admirable job putting things into perspective: "A huge right-wing conspiracy theory (#pizzagate) seems to be merging with the relatively new left-wing conspiracy theory (#missingdcgirls) The former claims that John Podesta and Hillary Clinton are operating a child sex ring out of a DC pizza parlor. The former claims that John Podesta and Hillary Clinton are operating a child sex ring out of a DC pizza parlor. The rate of missing children in DC is consistent with prior years and almost all of the 12 girls in question had run away from home before. Recently, the DC police started using social media to get the public's aid in finding missing kids. The press has amplified those posts. That's all good." …

    "This story, however, went off into the weeds with wild tales of pedophile rings who have sold DC girls as sex slaves. The DC Police have tried to debunk these theories, but the conspiracy-minded don't really care. Remember playing "telephone" as a kid? With each retelling, this story gets exaggerated. There's no epidemic. There's no sign of foul play. NBC has tried to debunk this growing conspiracy theory. Many of the missing teens have already returned home, but the Internet bubble doesn't really adjust for new info. While it's heartbreaking for a parent whose child is missing, it's really rare that someone in DC stays missing. Stats from DC Police: -- For example, this girl appears in almost all the missingdcgirls posts I've seen. She was reported missing on 3/22 but returned home on 3/24. -- She's also 28 years old. -- Anyhoo the two groups are merging. The Pizzagate hoax + the MissingDCGirls faux epidemic = pedogate."

    4 weeks
  • Runaway cow charges Texas cop 00:57

    Runaway cow charges Texas cop

    TEMPLE, Texas — An officer pursuing a runaway cow became the target when he attempted to corral the animal. The Temple officer pursued the cow around a grassy area and managed to lock the cow up in a fenced area. But when he closed the gate, he closed himself in with the animal. The cow turned around and charged at the officer. The officer escaped unharmed. Police said the “unknown heifer had beef” with the department. Guess he didn’t want to be locked up.

    4 weeks
  • Citing ZERO Evidence.DC Residents Claim the POLICE are the ones Responsible for a Missing Girl because they're 'Human Traffickers' 05:42

    Citing ZERO Evidence.DC Residents Claim the POLICE are the ones Responsible for a Missing Girl because they're 'Human Traffickers'

    moku 649 0

    The Metropolitan Police Department reiterated Friday that despite hysteria around missing teenagers in Washington, D.C., all teenagers reported missing in 2017 left voluntarily.

    Viral posts on Instagram and Twitter have created a social media hysteria that the number of black girls missing in D.C. has skyrocketed, leading members of Congress to write a letter to the FBI and the Department of Justice requesting federal involvement.

    Given that the hysteria is now too loud to ignore because of the publicity provided by actress Taraji P. Henson and rapper LL Cool J, the Metropolitan Police Department has been locked in a public relations battle, insisting that the number of cases of missing children in D.C. is actually decreasing, rather than increasing.

    According to NBC Washington, police spokeswoman Karimah Bilal said Friday that all teens reported missing in 2017 left voluntarily, dismissing the theory that the teenagers have been caught up in human trafficking.

    “We look at every case closely to make sure that doesn’t happen, but to my knowledge, that hasn’t been a factor in any of our missing person cases,” Bilal said.

    4 weeks
  • Police Chase Of Man Wanted For Shooting His Roommate Ends With Suspect Crashing Into Utility Pole 06:39

    Police Chase Of Man Wanted For Shooting His Roommate Ends With Suspect Crashing Into Utility Pole

    Aurora, IL, 4 March, 2017 - On March 4, our Aurora police officers were involved in a lengthy pursuit that encircled the East side of a man wanted for shooting another man. Aurora PD released the following statement: Since it was daylight, many people were already outside and numerous adults and children neared the street to see what was going on. In fact, in at least one occasion, civilian vehicles were following behind the pursuing squad cars. While admittedly interesting, these incidents are very dangerous. Many of the offenders have already committed one act of violence and there is no guarantee they won't commit additional violent acts as they're being pursued. Police officers are highly trained in Emergency Vehicle Operation and obviously operate vehicles equipped with emergency lights and sirens. Civilians following a police pursuit is not only illegal, but extremely dangerous. Remember that vehicles traveling at high rates of speeds through populated areas pose risks to those who may want to "get closer to the action". A criminal trying to avoid officers and elude arrest could lose control of their vehicle and end up crashing into yards (or buildings) in the blink of an eye. See a police pursuit? Please stay clear!

    4 weeks
  • Lawsuit Settled After A Police Officer Slams A Woman To The Ground, Tasers Her 03:10

    Lawsuit Settled After A Police Officer Slams A Woman To The Ground, Tasers Her

    Stuart, FL - A body cam video of a Florida woman being shot with a Taser by a cop has been released after police settled an excessive force lawsuit she filed. Aranda Wendell said she brought the lawsuit forward after she was slammed to the ground and shot with the stun gun. Wendell was brought into the police station for questioning after a car rear-ended her and she didn’t stop. “I had nothing to do with it. I was just driving to work,” you can hear Wendell saying in the video. The Stuart Police Department said Wendell admitted to driving away from the scene, saying she wasn’t aware it was against the law to leave a car accident. That’s when things escalated. The police officer tried to arrest Wendell and said she was resisting. “Put your hands behind your back!” the officer yells in the video. “No stop it,” Wendell screams. “You are going to get Tased. You are under arrest!” the officer yelled. The Stuart Police Department told CBS 12, a local news station, that the city settled the lawsuit for $20,000 to avoid dragging it out in court and wasting taxpayers money. Police said however, that they did nothing wrong and were strictly following policy. “Police officers have to do their job and sometimes when they do their job properly it’s not pretty,” Cpl. Brian Bossio said. “That body camera doesn’t always tell the whole story.” “She actively resisted, she started yelling. Officers repeatedly told her to stop resisting. She did not.” The officer involved in the incident is still on active duty.

    4 weeks
  • A Police Chase Ends With The Suspect Crashing Into An Airport 01:17

    A Police Chase Ends With The Suspect Crashing Into An Airport

    Oshkosh, WI, 21 March, 2017 - A police chase in the Oshkosh area has ended with the suspect driving his car onto an airport runway. The Wisconsin State Patrol said that a trooper going north on Highway 41 on Tuesday noticed a couple of cars coming up fast behind him. One car sped past the trooper, and when the trooper tried to pull over the driver the car sped up. The chased continued toward Oshkosh and then to Wittman Regional Airport, where the fleeing car rammed a gate and rove into the airport field. The driver crossed several runways until his car was too damaged to continue. The driver was ordered out of his car and surrendered. The man, in his mid-50s, complained of back pain. He was taken to a hospital to be evaluated.

    4 weeks
  • Police officer slams woman into ground during street brawl 00:25

    Police officer slams woman into ground during street brawl

    Video has emerged of a policeman allegedly throwing a woman to the ground after a street fight. The incident occurred when police were called to diffuse an argument on Hindley Street in Adelaide when a fight appeared to break out between women on Friday. The officers were attempting to break up the altercation when one policeman grabbed hold of a woman and allegedly hurled her to the ground with a thump.Witness Maria Mejias said the officers were trying to separate the girls before she claims one woman became violent towards the other. This is when the officer took action and slammed one of the woman against the ground. 'It was just like a loud thump when she hit the ground,' Maria Mejias told 9News. 'It was pretty intense because being so close to it I swear I felt it. But she wasn't knocked out, she wanted to keep fighting.' Council for Civil Liberties chair Claire O'Connor SC has called on the police commissioner to investigate the incident immediately, The Advertiser reported. Two women aged 32 and 25 were charged over the incident on Hindley Street for disorderly behaviour and will face court in April.

    4 weeks
  • Chaos Erupts when French Police Attempt to Shut Down Another Illegal Mosque 01:15

    Chaos Erupts when French Police Attempt to Shut Down Another Illegal Mosque

    moku 4939 3

    Between 1,200 and 2,000 people participated in a prayer, held Friday in front of the town hall of Clichy-la-Garenne, protesting against the closure of their place of worship.

    Between 1,200 and 2,000 Muslim faithful participated Friday in a prayer organized in front of the town hall of Clichy-la-Garenne in the Hauts-de-Seine to protest against the closure this week of their place of worship in the city center.

    Gathered in peace around 1 pm, 1,200 people according to the police, 2,000 according to the organizers, listened to the preaching of the Imam and various interventions on a plaza opposite the town hall, before meeting on a part of the Boulevard adjoining to pray, under guard of the CRS and their own service of order. "We ask the mayor for a worthy place and a definitive solution ... Claim your right in calm and far from any overflow," urged one of the imams of the closed mosque, Sheikh Abdoulhakim Badaoui.

    1 month
  • Unreal! 'Blue Lives Matter' Flag Deemed Racist after Complaints by a Florida HOA 00:32

    Unreal! 'Blue Lives Matter' Flag Deemed Racist after Complaints by a Florida HOA

    moku 4126 -3

    A Florida woman is being told to take down her Blue Lives Matter flag that's been flying for several years now by her homeowners association.

    Jeff Gaddie told Action News Jacksonville that his daughter in St. Johns County has been flying the flag to honor him and many other family members who are law enforcement.

    "She called to ask why," Gaddie said. "They told her they had received a complaint that it was considered racist, offensive and anti-Black Lives Matter,” he said.

    The association asked the woman, who did not want to be identified for fear of backlash, to submit a request for permission to fly the flag, which has since been denied.

    Action News Jacksonville reached out to the First Coast Association Management, which said only American and military-themed flags are allowed to fly in the neighborhood, even though there are other types of flags flying.

    Gaddie says the flag is only a show of support and the family is planning to appeal the decision at the next homeowner's association meeting.

    1 month
  • A Police Officer Calls Back An IRS Scammer, Turns The Scam On Him And The Exchange Goes Viral 04:10

    A Police Officer Calls Back An IRS Scammer, Turns The Scam On Him And The Exchange Goes Viral

    Eau Claire, WI, 21 March, 2017 - Eau Claire Police Department Officer Kyle Roder received an urgent phone call from the IRS on his cell phone this morning. He was told he was going to be arrested if he did not call back right away! So, he called them back and used his interrogation skills to scam the scammer. Assuming the person was attempting to scam him, Roder decided to call back and use his interrogation skills to expose the con man’s tactics, recording the entire exchange. “Hello, is this the IRS?” Roder opens the call by asking. “It said to call this number, it said I had committed a fraud or something?” The scammer replies, “Yes,” then asks for a case number. When Roder says he wasn’t given one, the “agent” says he can look Roder up by his address. “But you said you’re going to issue a warrant for me and come to my house,” Roder says. “If you don’t have my address, how are you going to do that?” He also asks how much time he has before he is arrested, which caused the man to waffle a bit before replying, “Until our shift is over.” “This is James Maxwell and I’m holding a badge number of ML0544501221, that’s my badge number.” When Roder grabs a pen and asks him to repeat the number, however, the phony agent says, “This is James Johnson.” When Roder catches him giving a different name, the man tries to cover up by saying, “James Maxwell Johnson, sir.” Contrary to the man's claim that Roder was hours from being arrested, the department says they don’t get arrest warrants from the IRS. Roder recommends that anyone who receives a similar call refrain from engaging the caller and just hang up. The police department decided to post video of the call to educate people.

    1 month
  • Incredibly dangerous driving by driver on 'birthday joyride' 01:14

    Incredibly dangerous driving by driver on 'birthday joyride'

    Dramatic dashcam footage shows a banned driver racing away from police through residential streets at 90mph - during a birthday joyride with his friends. Oncoming traffic can be seen swerving out of the way to avoid a head-on collision as Tony Berrill ran red lights, performed dangerous overtaking manoeuvres and drove the way round a mini-roundabout. Berrill's driving was so dangerous officers had to abandon their pursuit as he could have caused a serious collision. The 24-year-old ditched his car in Wyken, West Midlands but he was tracked by a police helicopter and officers arrested him in a nearby road. At Coventry Crown Court yesterday, Berrill was jailed for 12 months and banned from the roads for three-and-a-half years. Speaking afterwards, a spokesman from West Midlands Police said: 'Tony Berrill topped 90mph, ran red lights and performed dangerous overtaking manoeuvres as he careered through Coventry streets in a Seat Leon on October 5 last year. At one stage patrol officers were forced to abandon their pursuit for fear the 24-year-old's driving could cause a serious collision. However Berrill's movements were monitored by a police helicopter and, when he ditched the car in Tiverton Road and fled, an air observer directed officers on the ground to make an arrest in Sewall Highway. In police interview he claimed to have been a rear seat passenger – but later admitted dangerous driving and driving while disqualified as the evidence against him stacked up. Berrill will also be required to take an extended re-test to get his licence back.

    1 month
  • Bodycam Shows Vet Shoot at Firefighters He Though Were Intruders 03:52

    Bodycam Shows Vet Shoot at Firefighters He Though Were Intruders

    The Cincinnati Fire Department checks on an elderly resident on Spring Grove Avenue. Firefighters heard no response and attempt to force their way into the residents. 68-year-old Kenneth Mullins then fires shots at the firefighters, mistaking them for intruders. The man then emerges apologetic and firefights help him down the stairs for assessment. In the end they shake hands a part ways without charges being filed.

    1 month
  • Police raid a flat linked to Westminster attack 00:37

    Police raid a flat linked to Westminster attack

    The man believed to be responsible for yesterday’s terror atrocity in Westminster has been named as Khalid Masood. A statement from the Met Police said the 52-year-old was born in Kent but had most recently been living in Birmingham. Police raided a flat on the Hagley Road in Birmingham city centre and another on Quayside in Winson Green where it is understood he had lived. Masood is believed to have worked as an English teacher and to also have been a bodybuilder, according to reports.

    1 month
  • Dashcam Shows Man Charge Deputy Following Chase 02:02

    Dashcam Shows Man Charge Deputy Following Chase

    Pickens County Sheriff has released video yesterday showing the chase and subsequent shooting of Gary Lee Castle. Police previously attempted a traffic stop, but the driver fled. A few minutes later the suspect came to a dead end, exited the vehicle, and then charge the deputy with a metal pipe. The deputy pleaded with the suspect before shots were fired at the suspect, who was then taken to a trauma center for treatment. An investigation into the incident is currently underway.

    1 month
  • Dashcam Shows Wanted Woman Get Run Over After Firing At Police 01:26

    Dashcam Shows Wanted Woman Get Run Over After Firing At Police

    The Tulsa Police Department released dashcam footage Thursday of the pursuit of most wanted suspect Madison Dickson. Police spent days looking for her, saying she'd been involved in several shootings, including shooting a man in the head. The video shows a woman who was determined not to be taken into custody, even when she was surrounded and there was no hope of escape. Police said her family had even warned them she would not be taken alive. Police said Dickson immediately took off running when the short pursuit came to an end on March 18 near 89th and South Harvard. The video shows she turned not once but three times and pointed a gun at the officers. They fired shots but did not hit her, so the officer closest to her in his patrol car, ran into her to stop the threat. Dickson later died. Police said Dickson had shot a man in the head just two days before, after she asked him for a ride, then pulled a gun on him and tried to steal his car. Police said he's recovering. Before that, they say she'd fired shots at a Walgreens and a Best Buy plus pointed a gun at movie theater employees. Police said they believe Dickson got connected to the Irish Mob gang and started a crime spree. Her family and friends said this was not the girl they grew up with. They said she got hooked on drugs, tried to get clean but that failed and things went downhill for her. Three police officers remain on routine leave until the criminal and internal investigations are complete. The district attorney will determine whether the use of force was justified.

    1 month
  • Police Chase Ends With A Perfect PIT Maneuver, 4 Officers Hospitalized 01:50

    Police Chase Ends With A Perfect PIT Maneuver, 4 Officers Hospitalized

    Blaine, MN, 21 March, 2017 - Four police officers, three EMTs and two suspects were hospitalized after being exposed to an apparent chemical following a police chase Tuesday morning. The chase began after 8:15 a.m., according to the Blaine Police Department. Officers attempted to make a traffic stop on a vehicle with two men inside. Authorities described the vehicle as “suspicious.” A pursuit ensued, according to authorities, and a PIT maneuver was executed in Lino Lakes in the vicinity of County Road 23 and Town Center Parkway. Police say as the officers were taking two male occupants into custody, they began having respiratory issues from something inside the vehicle. Police say the North Metro Chemical Assessment Team responded and determined that the source of the chemical appears to be a combination of a leaking propane tank and a number of used spray paint cans that were in the vehicle. The combination of chemicals often can create symptoms similar to what the officers were reporting: difficulty breathing, dizziness and weakness. In addition to the four police officers, three EMTs and two suspects were taken to the hospital and later released. Police say a loaded firearm was also located in the vehicle. The passenger of the suspect vehicle was interviewed and released.

    1 month
  • High-Speed Police Chase Ends With The Suspect Crashing Into A Tree 03:09

    High-Speed Police Chase Ends With The Suspect Crashing Into A Tree

    Marquette, MI, 18 March, 2017 - A high-speed chase early Saturday morning resulted in an alleged drunken driver crashing into a tree. Dash-cam video of the incident was released today by the Marquette County Sheriff’s Office. According to a press release from the department, just after 1 a.m. Saturday, a deputy observed a driver on County Road 550, or Grove Street, cross the center line and accelerate in the wrong lane. The deputy reportedly attempted to initiate a traffic stop, but the driver — identified as a 22-year-old man from Negaunee — continued to accelerate at speeds of 70 mph or greater in the wrong lane. The driver failed to stop at a stop sign at the intersection of County Road 500 and County Road 492, and struck an embankment. The vehicle became airborne and struck two trees before coming to a halt. The driver was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash. He was uninjured, and arrested and lodged at the Marquette County Jail for operating while intoxicated and fleeing/eluding police. His name will not be released pending arraignment.

    1 month
  • Cop Owns Annoying Woman With Snarky Remark 02:46

    Cop Owns Annoying Woman With Snarky Remark

    These guys were "busted" trespassing and the woman kept going on and on...

    1 month
  • Bodycam Footage Shows Intense Shootout With Cincinnati Police 02:58

    Bodycam Footage Shows Intense Shootout With Cincinnati Police

    Two officers who exchanged gunfire with a man earlier this month outside a Walnut Hills apartment complex have been cleared of any charges, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters announced Tuesday.. Police said Damion McRae, 37, shot Cincinnati police Officer Kenneth Grubbs outside a Walnut Hills apartment complex on March 12. Grubbs and McRae were injured, but are expected to make full recoveries. Officials released body camera footage from the two officers who responded to the shooting. Cincinnati police were called to an apartment building on Gilbert Avenue on reports of a domestic violence incident. Grubbs and Officer William Keuper, who were riding together as partners, found McCrae in the apartment’s courtyard. As the officers attempted to stop McCrae, prosecutors said, McCrae shot Grubbs with a 9 mm rifle concealed at his side. Grubbs was shot in the lower abdomen and fell to the ground. Prosecutors said Grubbs returned fire as he fell. Officials said Keuper, who was walking behind Grubbs when he was shot, also returned fire at McCrae. Investigators said McCrae was struck and fell to the ground. Deters said Grubbs fired 17 times, and Keuper fired eight rounds. Investigators said McCrae continued to reach into his pockets after the incident, despite police telling him not to. Deters said McRae also was carrying a .22-caliber revolver. McRae has been indicted on one count of attempted murder, two counts of felonious assault, two counts of weapons under disability, one count of carrying a concealed weapon and one count of assault. If he is convicted of all charges, McRae faces the possibility of over 20 years in prison. Deters said Tuesday that depending on the investigation, a second attempted murder charge might be sought for McRae’s actions agast Keuper. “We are grateful for the safety of our two officers in this violent confrontation," Cincinnati police Chief Eliot Isaac said. "Their brave action demonstrated courage under fire, amazing restraint, and is a true testament to their training. We will work closely with the Hamilton County prosecutor’s office to ensure Mr. McRae is held accountable for this heinous act to the fullest extent of the law.”

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  • Florida State Troopers Manhandle Antifa Terrorists Attempting to Block Freeways 02:07

    Florida State Troopers Manhandle Antifa Terrorists Attempting to Block Freeways

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    The Protestors didn't even get started before blocking Hwy 95, before the Florida State Troopers show up and Stop them cold. These police and citizens around the country are getting fed up with these leftist protesters attempting to terrorize communities around the nation. Here's just another example of a police department that is implementing a zero tolerance policy in regards to blocking freeways.

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  • Bodycam Shows Police Responding to Shooting at Gas Station 01:05

    Bodycam Shows Police Responding to Shooting at Gas Station

    "The body worn camera footage begins just after Spencer Ervin (seen in the red shirt) fired a gun at another person. Officers quickly move to apprehend Ervin who dropped the gun and was standing behind the woman you see being shoved in the cell phone video. Officers give directives to the woman to move out of the way. The woman appears to be preventing officers from taking Ervin into custody. Ervin appears to ignore officers’ commands to see his hands. Officers direct Ervin to get down on the ground which he complies with. The woman continues to ignore officers’ commands and is subsequently pushed out of the way so officers’ could take Ervin into custody. Ultimately, the woman was obstructing officers from taking Ervin, who had just fired a gun at another person, into custody. Further, the body worn camera footage shows subjects continuing to approach officers after Ervin is detained. Officers are observed establishing a perimeter around Ervin and the evidence. Officers gave lawful directives to the subjects to disperse. When the subjects refused to do so, officers deployed OC spray." - Columbia Missouri Police Department

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  • Dashcam: Michigan State Trooper Attacked After Motorcycle Chase 03:23

    Dashcam: Michigan State Trooper Attacked After Motorcycle Chase

    On Monday, dramatic dashcam video was released of a police chase in Berrien Township that ended with a Michigan state trooper being attacked last month. The full clip runs just under 50 minutes and shows the remarkable account of what happened the morning of February 20. Two men, 21-year-old Michael Barber and his 19-year-old brother, Travis Wise were arrested for attacking Trooper Garry Guild. Both men face multiple charges, including assault and resisting an officer. The dashcam video starts at 8:40 a.m. In the video, you’ll see Michael Barber speed past. He’s riding a stolen motorcycle on U.S. 31 near Matthew Road. Michigan State Trooper Garry Guild attempts to stop him. Barber slows down and pulls off to the right in what appears to be a surrender; however, he then he speeds up and re-enters the freeway. Guild's sirens and lights flip on and the chase continues. Cut to 8:43 a.m. and Barber still has not stopped. He heads up the exit ramp then breaks left across a median and crashes. You can hear Trooper Garry Guild yell, “he crashed, he crashed." Barber gets up but ignores Guild's commands to get on the ground and a struggle ensues. The trooper tries to gain control of the driver, but soon another vehicle pulls up. Barber's brother, Travis Wise runs toward the scene and puts the officer in a chokehold. Meantime, Barber tries to grab Guild's weapon. Around 8:44 a.m., two Good Samaritans pull over and run to Guild's rescue. Both Barber and Wise were arrested at the scene. They face numerous charges, with Assault Strangulation carrying the most weight at 10 years if found guilty. The remainder of the dashcam video shows other MSP officers arrive along with an ambulance. Officers speak with both men who witnessed the attack and helped Guild, in what otherwise could have turned deadly.

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  • 'Why am I in Handcuffs!?' Wyclef Jean detained by LAPD 00:34

    'Why am I in Handcuffs!?' Wyclef Jean detained by LAPD

    Wyclef Jean is lashing out at the Los Angeles Police Department after he was pulled over and placed in handcuffs early Tuesday morning on his way home from the studio. The Grammy-winning singer, 47, detailed the incident hours later on Twitter, while also posting two videos taken at the scene taken by singer T Baby, who was with him at the time. 'LAPD another case of mistaken identity. Black man with red bandana robbed a gas station as I was in the studio working but im in handcuffs?' wrote Wyclef in one tweet. He is now threatening to sue the department over how he was treated by the two deputies. A police spokesperson told that the deputies stopped the former member of the Fugees because he was driving a similar car and wearing the same bandanna as an armed robbery suspect. Sergeant Duncan of the LA County Sheriff Department's West Hollywood station confirmed that Wyclef was detained by deputies around 1am on Tuesday. There had been an armed robbery nearby and the suspect was driving a car similar in make and color to Wyclef's according Sergeant Duncan, and also wearing a red bandanna. The deputies released Wyclef after briefly questioning him and he has not yet filed a complaint with the department said Sergeant Duncan. Wyclef gave his version of events on Twitter, which are not vastly different from the account given by authorities. 'I was asked by the police to Put my hands up. Then I was told do not move. I was instantly hand cuffed before being asked to identify myself,'; wrote Wyclef. 'Nor was I told why I was being cuffed. In the process I said my name and told them they have wrong person.' He then went on to state: 'They proceeded to ignore me and I was treated like a criminal until other police showed up and pointed out they had wrong person.' And in his final tweet he wrote: 'As some one who has law enforcers in my family, I was appalled by this behavior of the LAPD.'

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  • Meth-addled garbage truck driver smashes into several cars after ending up on the wrong side of the freeway 01:10

    Meth-addled garbage truck driver smashes into several cars after ending up on the wrong side of the freeway

    At least six people were injured when a garbage truck driver traveled the wrong way on an interstate highway and struck several other vehicles during a police chase in Kentucky. Dalton Lampley, 23, of Calvert City, was arrested after the vehicle had sped east down the westbound lanes of Interstate 24, near Paducah in McCraken County. Police say he was on methamphetamine at the time. State Police Trooper Jody Cash said that some of the injuries were believed to be life-threatening. Several cop cars were involved in the chase which took place on Friday afternoon. The pursuit continued into Calvert City and ended near the intersection of Highway 1523 and Highway 62. The truck was finally brought to a halt after it hit tire-deflating strips set by an officer. In a post on the McCraken County Sheriff's Department's Facebook page Sheriff John Hayden said: 'Placing spike strips in front of a fleeing vehicle is extremely dangerous, and even more so in front of an suspected 50,000 lb truck running at you at 70-plus mph. 'McCracken Sheriff's Capt. JT Coleman risked his life today to successfully spike strip that out of control 50,000lb rocket. 'Capt. Coleman got out of his patrol car in the path of the truck that was recklessly weaving from shoulder to shoulder and threw a set of spike strips out into the roadway, successfully getting four tires on the right side of this truck.' The driver attempted to carry on but was eventually pulled into a ditch by the flat tires before hitting a guard rail and coming to a stop. Lampley was arrested on multiple counts including driving under the influence, possession of a controlled substance, fleeing or evading police and resisting arrest. He was taken to Marshall County Hospital for treatment of minor injuries before being remanded in Marshall County Jail. Paducah Police Chief Brandon Barnhill said seven passenger vehicles and a tractor-trailer were hit by the truck. Five people were taken to local hospitals while one was airlifted to Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

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