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Police videos Videos - Page 4

Daily police videos including shootings, robberies and the Black Lives Matter situation - Page 4

  • Hot b!tches arrested by the LAPD Arrested a stolen vehicle 07:50

    Hot b!tches arrested by the LAPD Arrested a stolen vehicle

    Police Chase Ends By Shutting Down Melrose Ave. To Arrest 2 Girls In Alleged Stolen Vehicle

    1 month
  • Armed police surround a tunnel near London Bridge terrorists 01:19

    Armed police surround a tunnel near London Bridge terrorists

    This is the moment armed police surrounded and ambushed terrorists following the London Bridge attack while heroes battled to save their final victims

    1 month
  • Bodycam Captures deadly Confrontation Between Police And Suspect On Meth 02:51

    Bodycam Captures deadly Confrontation Between Police And Suspect On Meth

    Bodycam Captures deadly Confrontation Between Police And Suspect On Meth - Plaquemine, Louisiana, United States The mother of two children whose father died during a confrontation with several Plaquemine police officers a year ago has filed a $6 million federal lawsuit against the city, police chief and the police department. The police were responding to calls that a man was wandering door-to-door in a Plaquemine neighborhood, acting erratically and asking people for help. An autopsy report said the suspect died from heart complications from methamphetamine in his system and by the physical struggle officers used to restrain him. Location: Plaquemine, Louisiana, United States

    2 months
  • Dashcam Shows Troopers Hit by Intoxicated Driver 00:31

    Dashcam Shows Troopers Hit by Intoxicated Driver

    Florida Highway Patrol have released a video of a suspected intoxicated driver crashing into them during a traffic stop. Two troopers suffered injuries as a result, but have been released from hospital. The driver was treated as well and was arrested after he was discharged from the hospital.

    2 months
  • How Equipped Are the Dutch Police to Handle Muslims?  Here's an Example of How Unprepared They Are to Handle Anyone! 00:56

    How Equipped Are the Dutch Police to Handle Muslims? Here's an Example of How Unprepared They Are to Handle Anyone!

    moku 2035 -1

    This is more proof that disarming the police is a huge mistake that puts both the police and the society at huge risks.

    Watch as this deranged man actually flees despite the fact he's surrounded by numerous Dutch police officers that were attempting to arrest him.

    2 months
  • False Pregnant Is Caught With Tummy Full Of Drugs - Brazil 01:54

    False Pregnant Is Caught With Tummy Full Of Drugs - Brazil

    False Pregnant Is Caught With Tummy Full Of Drugs - Brazil Military police boarded a bus on the road and gave birth live. Congratulations, warriors. Location: Brazil

    2 months
  • Body camera captures officer rescuing child trapped under dock 02:09

    Body camera captures officer rescuing child trapped under dock

    Police body camera footage caught the moment a police officer and volunteer firefighter were able to rescue a child trapped underneath a pontoon dock in Florida. Officer David Rhoden's body camera was still on when he jumped into Lake June with volunteer firefighter Rafael Ramos on May 22 after they heard a child calling for help. Rhoden told WFTS when he heard the trapped boy yelling out, he expected the worst, saying: 'I immediately thought the kid was trapped under water.' Footage from the bodycam shows Ramos looking for a way to swim under the pontoons to get to the child, while two individuals, thought to be his parents, wait anxiously nearby. Ramos and Rhoden both expressed their relief seeing the child look back at them and hearing his sobs, as it meant there was some air for him. 'His head was above water and he had a terrified look on his face and he was crying so I knew he had some air and was breathing,' Rhoden told WFTS. The police officer was able to lift the dock enough for Ramos to swim between the pontoons and pull the little boy out. Other volunteer firefighters quickly joined in the difficult effort to keep the dock elevated as Ramos worked to get to the child and then free him. Ramos, who has been a volunteer firefighter for three years, said this is the first time he has ever rescued someone. 'To be honest, I felt real good after that that he was okay that everything came out perfect. He said "thank you" his mom said "thank you too,' Ramos said. Rhoden has worked at the Lake Placid Police Department for two years, and said his days don't always have a happy ending. 'It's not very often I get to see a good outcome like that especially where it could've been extremely bad,' he told WFTS. 'If his head was under water we would've been dealing with a fatality,' he explained.

    2 months
  • Just Another Day At The Jersey Shore 00:43

    Just Another Day At The Jersey Shore

    Don't feel bad for kids being tackled and arrested, feel bad for the poor men and women who have to put up with these little shits.

    2 months
  • High-speed chase ends as murder suspect SMASHES into power pole 01:09

    High-speed chase ends as murder suspect SMASHES into power pole

    A high-speed car chase with the police ended dramatically in Oklahoma City on Wednesday, after murder suspect Christopher Lamont Carter's car crashed into a power pole and flipped over.

    2 months
  • Texas Cop Beats A Suspect While 2 Other Police Officers Hold His Arms! 03:17

    Texas Cop Beats A Suspect While 2 Other Police Officers Hold His Arms!

    It was the longest suspension of an officer in Garland Police history. But the man who that officer was caught on video beating says it’s still not enough. Surveillance video from the Garland Detention Center and obtained by CBS11 News shows Officer Donald Fernandez delivering blows to the head and a knee to the face of Noah Lofquist after removing the suspect’s handcuffs. “It kind of seemed a little surreal at the time,” says Lofquist. The 37-year-old suspect admits to mouthing off at the officer after he was arrested at a hotel. “On the way to the jail I was kind of taunting the officer little bit,” says Lofquist. Lofquist says while he was intoxicated, he even challenged the officer to a fight, if his handcuffs were off. But when they arrived at the jail, the officer had apparently heard enough and when he removed the cuffs, he went after Lofquist. “I was sober enough at that point to know not to do anything because I didn’t want my situation to get any worse,” says Lofquist. In the internal affairs investigation that followed, Fernandez and his partner were recorded saying to each other: “I got him solid,” and “Yea I (expletive) clocked his ass good didn’t I?” Fernandez received a 56 day suspension, the longest the department can remember giving any officer. But Lofquist thought he deserved criminal charges.

    2 months
  • Young man pinned against a wall by police officers in Birmingham 00:18

    Young man pinned against a wall by police officers in Birmingham

    Dramatic video footage has emerged of a violent clash between a group of approximately 50 youths and police officers outside a shopping centre in Birmingham in which riot police stepped in to maintain order. The incident occurred in Chelmsley Wood, Solihull at approximately 8pm yesterday evening. Riot vans, dog units and multiple officers formed part of the police response and can be seen clearly in the video. Ambulances were also at the scene. Six people were arrested after West Midlands Police were called to reports of a 'large fight' at a KFC. Video footage reveals dramatic scenes of youths being restrained and corralled by police officers. A police officer can be seen holding a youth up against a metal grate over a closed business and a skirmish between police and youths followed which resulted in both police and youths falling to the ground. Another police could then be seen raising a baton at the crowd of youths to discourage any more people from approaching. Another youth can then be seen lying on the ground, surrounded by both youths and a police officer. Riot police can also be seen pushing onlookers back from the area. West Midlands Police later tweeted: 'Officers have arrested 6 following a large fight in Chelmsley Wood earlier this evening near Pine Square. 'Police were called to reports of a fight at KFC around 7.45pm and 6 people are now helping with enquiries-any info to 101 please.' People joined the conversation on Facebook with many people condemning violence and defending police actions. Dave Lord wrote: 'Let cops do their job then this wouldn't happen, too many idiots in this country think they can abuse authority then cry about it when they get put in their place.' Dee Richardson wrote: 'It was a gang fight.....meaning no weapons, knives, guns, bats nothing just old fashioned fists. OK so they did it the wrong place wrong time ect but when u look at how many kids there was it could of ended up so much more worse!! At least they used fists instead of everything else that could of been a blood bath!! I'm not saying what they did was ok but what I am saying is they had sense.' Louise Dahill wrote: 'So much is happening in this country n people still av 'gang' fights. We should all be uniting and fighting the scum who think its ok to bomb this country, not fight each other.' Evan Styche Police are probably moving anyone away so these f***wits can have it off without anyone else getting hurt Alison Gultekin wrote: 'About time they all grew up.' And Paul Cartwright wrote: 'Fair play to the police.' But Malek Kitchin wrote: 'It's like the police haven't learnt anything .... I remember not that long ago , a police man pushed a guy and he fell just like that dude, only to collapse and die half hour later ... I don't think he meant to push him down like that.'

    2 months
  • Police Save Suspect Who Started Stabbing Himself Inside Car 02:09

    Police Save Suspect Who Started Stabbing Himself Inside Car

    Police in Royal Oak possibly saved the life of a man who began stabbing himself during an arrest in the parking lot of a Meijers grocery store Monday. Police in Berkley said they were notified about the possible sighting of a stolen vehicle in the area of Harvard and Webster roads. Royal Oak police officers found the vehicle parked in a Meijer’s parking lot and found a man sitting inside. When officers approached the vehicle, the man began stabbing himself several times in the leg with a knife. Officers broke the window of the vehicle and knocked the knife from the suspect's hand, police said. The officers immediately tended to the man’s serious injuries by applying a tourniquet to stop the bleeding until an ambulance arrived. “Initially the officers thought the subject was just pounding on his steering wheel with his fist. When they realized he was stabbing himself they immediately closed in and disarmed him. Despite the risks to themselves, they knew they had to act quickly or the subject would likely kill himself,” Chief Corrigan O’Donohue said in a release. Several stolen items were found inside the vehicle. The man remains hospitalized. Charges are expected.

    2 months
  • Dash Cam Footage Of Tiger Woods' DUI Arrest! 02:02

    Dash Cam Footage Of Tiger Woods' DUI Arrest!

    Police in Jupiter, Florida, have released dashcam footage of Tiger Woods’ arrest for driving while under the influence this week. The video shows officers approach the car and Woods, who didn’t know where he was. The footage also shows Woods stumble and sway through a field sobriety test before being arrested. Woods, who has seen his professional life damaged by loss of fitness and form, issued a statement promising to “take full responsibility for my actions”.

    2 months
  • Moment officers prevent a woman from committing suicide 00:30

    Moment officers prevent a woman from committing suicide

    Two Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies are being hailed heroes after they worked together to save a teenager who was trying to end her life after losing her best friend. Police dashcam video shows the moment Deputies Michael Stocz and Brandon Longoria made their way onto the railroad crossing and approached the teenager on Tuesday shortly after 11am. The teen, who has not been identified, was leaning over a 25-foot drop to the street below. Pico Rivera Sheriff's Station deputies said they were called to the scene regarding the young woman, who was possibly trying to commit suicide. Los Angeles County Fire Department personnel were also summoned to the scene and staging while Deputy Cuauhtemoc Gonzalez coordinated the clearance of traffic around the bridge crossing. When Deputies Stocz and Longoria reached the railroad crossing, the teen was holding onto the railway with her hands as her back faced the railroad tracks. After waiting for a train to pass, the deputies asked her if they could move closer to talk to her. 'When they were within 50-feet, Deputy Stocz was able to talk to her for approximately ten minutes, and developed a rapport with her,' police said in a statement. The teenager told Stocz that she wanted to end her life because of the recent passing of her close friend. Authorities said the teen then threw a piece of folded paper from her pocket onto the railroad tracks. 'Deputy Stocz seized the opportunity to ask her if he could read the note,' police said, adding that the note was subsequently determined to be a suicide note. When she agreed, Stocz moved within a few feet of her. 'At this point the young woman had her arms fully extended, eyes closed, and her face was looking upwards,' police said. Stocz then lunged forward and grabbed both of her arms as Longoria moved quickly to assist him. In the video, the officers can be seen pulling the teen over the railing and on to the ground, where she was detained. Authorities said she was transported by the fire department to a local hospital for further evaluation and professional care services. The sheriff's department said the rescue 'highlighted the team work and dedication of Pico Rivera station deputy personnel in their life saving effort while placing themselves in harm's way'. Sheriff Jim McDonnell praised the Deputies' actions by saying: 'Every day, our deputies perform acts of quiet courage and compassion that are rarely seen and almost never captured on video. 'This is a positive reminder of the commitment that law enforcement makes every day to save the lives of others.'

    2 months
  • Dramatic video shows police escorting suspect off the aircraft 00:51

    Dramatic video shows police escorting suspect off the aircraft

    The alleged attempted hijacking of a Malaysia Airlines plane at Melbourne Airport is a sign that the threat of rogue passengers causing September 11 style terror attacks isn't over. Manodh Marks allegedly claimed to be carrying a bomb and attempted to storm the cockpit of flight MH128, just minutes after take-off at 11.11pm on Wednesday night. Tackled to the ground by other passengers, Marks was subdued for more than an hour before gun-wielding special operation officers entered the plane to arrest him. While the Sri Lankan national wasn't carrying a bomb, a terror expert has warned that someone taking control of a plane and using it as a weapon could happen again. 'There's still a possibility (that) someone could repeat the 9/11 scenario, break into a cockpit and hijack a plane,' Deakin University counter-terrorism expert Greg Barton told Prior to the World Trade Centre attacks on September 11, 2001, most plane hijackings were done by in an effort to divert the aircraft away from its intended destination. Similarly, bombs onboard passenger jets were most often put their by someone on the ground, not willing to put themselves in the firing line should it blow up. But according to Mr Barton, that all changed with the deaths of 2.966 people on 9/11. 'The logic was that people wouldn't blow themselves up. Now that logic doesn't apply,' he said. 'You could hijack a plane to turn it into a weapon for a suicide mission.' After disembarking flight MH128 in the early hours of Thursday, passengers said that was exactly what they feared when Marks allegedly attempted to take control. 'I've got a bomb and I'm going to f***ing blow the plane up,' former AFL footballer Andrew Leoncelli, who confronted the man, quoted him as saying. 'He started yelling louder: 'I need to see the pilot'. And got louder and louder and eventually they screamed for help,' Mr Leoncelli said. 'So that's when I jumped up. I said, 'Mate, get back to your f***ing seat'.' 'Literally he was eyeball to eyeball with me saying he was going to blow the plane up... he looked like a lunatic.' Mr Leoncelli said the man, who was tall and had dark skin, was holding a 'huge, metallic, unusual' object the size of a watermelon with two short antennas. 'We spent an hour and a half sitting on the plane sh***ing our dacks that this thing might blow up,' he told Triple M radio. Marks faces two charges against the Crimes Aviation Act and appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates' Court on Thursday afternoon.

    2 months
  • Orlando police shout instructions to Pulse shooter Omar Mateen 00:38

    Orlando police shout instructions to Pulse shooter Omar Mateen

    Newly-released video from bodycams worn by officers responding to a mass shooting at a Florida gay nightclub shows shattered glass inside the club, the sounds of automatic gunfire and an officer shouting, 'Come out with your hands up or you will die!' The videos were released Wednesday to ABC News, the Orlando Sentinel, and the newspaper's news partner, Fox 35. The 15 hours of video show Pulse patrons running from the club and officers shouting, 'Just go!' as they direct them across the street. Forty-nine patrons were killed during last June's massacre and dozens more were injured in the worst mass shooting in modern US history. Gunman Omar Mateen was killed in a shootout with officers after a three-hour standoff. He had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group. Among the 15 hours of videos obtained through a public records request by the Orlando Sentinel is a scene of officers firing toward gunman Omar Mateen and one officer yelling: 'Come out with your hands up or you will die.' Portions of the videos were posted on the newspaper's website. Footage of those who died was not shown. As police neared the cornered gunman, one officer said a prayer to himself: 'Lord Jesus, watch over me,' the paper reported.

    2 months
  • Moment Avon and Somerset police officer punches man in the face 00:30

    Moment Avon and Somerset police officer punches man in the face

    Shocking video footage shows the moment a man is punched in the face by uniformed police who are already restraining him on the ground. The video shows three uniformed officers from Avon and Somerset Police pinning a man to the ground as he lies on his back in Yeovil. The incident is currently under police investigation. In the video footage, police lean on the restrained man's chest as they appear to handcuff him. When the restrained man speaks, the male officer raises his arm above his head - as if he is threatening to hit him. He drops his arm back down but then suddenly raises it again and punches him directly in the face. There is no indication as to what preceded the incident, or provoked the police restraint in the first place. The officer who punched him rubs his wrist as if the force of the blow injured his own arm as another officer tries to help the man to his feet. However the man lies on his side and seems unable to get up. The officer is asked for identification as he shows his ID number clearly to the camera. Two officers – including the officer who dealt the blow – try again to assist the man to his feet. But he looks dazed and his eye is already starting to swell following the impact. His head drops down as he slumps to the ground again but the police hold his arms and try to get him up as he collapses. Four police and two paramedics appear to be at the scene. A spokesman for Avon and Somerset Police said: 'We're aware of the video circulating on Facebook which shows officers detaining a man in Yeovil. 'While we welcome and expect public scrutiny when officers are out serving our communities, it is important that all the available evidence is reviewed. 'We know this footage might cause concern but it is important that all the circumstances are independently investigated which will be conducted immediately by our Professional Standards Department. 'As part of these enquiries, the body worn video footage from the officers who attended the incident will be examined.' At the time of publishing this article the Facebook post had received 260K views and 5,367 shares on the social media platform. Luke Harris, who shared the video on Facebook condemned the incident. He wrote: 'Watch it all. Avon and Somersets finest. This guy was detained under the mental health act. (Not a criminal) whilst 3 officers had him in cuffs he was punched without being able to defend himself. I think this is wrong.' Hev Moore also commented: 'No need for that copper to punch him is disgraceful am so shocked sack him.' However Ben Nemo Kerr wrote: 'Here we go everyone randomly turns into knowing the law apparently not knowing the full story before hand of what happens.' And Chloe Clark said: 'Even if this is half a story doesn't mean he deserves to get punched in the face, if we punch them we get in a lot of trouble so why doesn't he? He is a man of the law, he shouldn't be handling people like this.'

    2 months
  • Bodycam video show fatal shooting of Malik Carey by Grand Rapids police 04:38

    Bodycam video show fatal shooting of Malik Carey by Grand Rapids police

    Michigan cops have released footage of a shootout in suburban Grand Rapids that led to the death of an 18-year-old. Malik Carey had been stopped on May 3 by three police officers after his probation officer said he had absconded; he had previously been convicted of firing on a car will civilians in it. Carey and an officer chatted until his identity was confirmed - at which point he pulled a gun on the cops, leading to an intense shoot-out culminating in his death, MLive reported. The footage, released by the Kent County prosecutor, shows the cops with Carey on the 1300 block of Dickinson, where one of them had recognized him as a probation absconder. It shows the scene from the viewpoints of several different officers, three of whom would eventually be forced to fire on Carey. Carey, who is sat in the back of a white car, is initially approached by officer Benjamin Hawkins, who asks him his name. Carey is reluctant to reply, and eventually gave his name as Willie Walton III. The youth opens up a little as Hawkins engages him in a conversation about his dreads. Minutes later - in a moment cut from the footage - Hawkins left to inspect a photo of Carey that had been sent to a cruiser. He is then seen returning to the car and opening a rear door to enter it, then telling the youth to put his hands on his head. Carey reaches into his pants and pulls out a gun, opening fire on Hawkins and Officer Tony Gamez, who is stood behind him. He fired at least four shots, police said. They scramble around the car and return fire; Officer David Lilly manages to taze Carey but a couple of seconds later he bolts from the car, is struck and falls. Carey was hit two times and is seen raising his arms for police at the end of the video. He died in hospital. None of the cops were harmed. The young man was found to be lying on top of a .38 revolver. The shooting was ruled justified. State police said Hawkins fired 11 shots. Gamez fired seven. Lilly did not fire his gun. 'Mr Carey was the person who initiated the violence,' said Kent County Prosecutor Chris Becker. 'He drew his gun, pointed his gun, and fired his gun at least four times before any police officer could even draw their firearm. 'This was a classic case of "a sudden, fierce and violent attack."' Had he survived, Becker said, Carey would likely have been charged with assault with intent to murder.

    2 months
  • Police try to calm down active gunman inside Orlando Airport 00:35

    Police try to calm down active gunman inside Orlando Airport

    A man who was taken into custody after pointing a fake gun at a police officer in the Orlando International Airport was having a mental breakdown, according to police. Michael W Pettigrew, 26, has been named as the suicidal man by Orlando Police Chief John Mina Tuesday night. Pettigrew pointed a fake gun at a police officer and one of the suspect's friends called authorities saying Pettigrew wanted to die, according to the Orlando Sentinel. 'He wanted to do the whole suicide by cop thing,' Mina said. 'We knew he was in some kind of mental crisis.' Pettigrew faces one count of aggravated assault with a firearm on a law enforcement officer, according to police. Before being taken into custody, Pettigrew was in a standoff with police on the first floor of the airport in one of the rental car areas. Authorities quickly contained the situation and a crisis negotiator spoke with the man, trying to get him to give up his weapon. After the incident, Orlando Police tweeted: 'Gunman in custody. Everyone is safe. We will brief ASAP at media briefing location.'

    2 months
  • Kristen Campbell sucker punches Michigan officer 00:47

    Kristen Campbell sucker punches Michigan officer

    A woman was arrested after she was caught on video throwing a punch at a Michigan officer during a traffic stop. The woman, who has been identified as Kristen Campbell was a passenger in the car that was pulled over. Campbell was seen on dashcam footage getting upset and agitated after she found out her friend was being arrested before she then decided to sucker-punch Lincoln Park Officer Patrick Cutler. The entire episode began after the officer pulled the car over only to find that its driver didn't have a license. Campbell, who was a passenger in the vehicle, then became verbally aggressive with Cutler while he arrested her friend. 'I am sorry,' she said to NBC News looking back at the incident. 'I told him that twice. I don't know what came over me.' Campbell was sent to jail for two days following the assault. 'I'm tired of your mouth,' the officer can be heard saying on the clip. 'Get the f*** out of here before I arrest you for the s*** you threw out the window for littering.' Cutler responds, 'Get out now or you can go too, with her! You know what, forget it,' the officer is heard saying as he quickly loses his patience. Campbell was ordered to the ground but a struggle ensued during which the officer lost his handcuffs which Campbell then grabbed. 'Let go of my handcuffs now,' Cutler demanded. 'Take your hands off them.' The police officer used then a stun gun on the woman three times before she finally was subdued as at first it appeared to have little effect. 'Put your hands behind your back,' Cutler instructed. Campbell said she threw a punch at the officer because she didn't know who was grabbing her despite the cop being in uniform. 'I didn't see who was behind me, honestly,' Campbell said to NBC. Officer Cutler ended up returning to work with a black eye. 'She started running her mouth and I told her she's going to jail,' he said of the incident at the time of the arrest. 'I go to grab her hands and she turns around and got me with those rings.' Looking back on the entire incident, Campbell realizes that she made a terrible mistake and could easily have been killed.

    2 months
  • Man Attempts Suicide from Overpass on 210 Freeway in San Bernardino, California 02:24

    Man Attempts Suicide from Overpass on 210 Freeway in San Bernardino, California

    On May 26, 2017, a man attempted suicide by jumping off an overpass on 210 Freeway in San Bernardino, California.

    2 months
  • Disturbing moment the Homicidal, Neo-Nazi Bernie Supporter in Portland begs cops to shoot him 01:51

    Disturbing moment the Homicidal, Neo-Nazi Bernie Supporter in Portland begs cops to shoot him

    The disturbing moment the white supremacist accused of killing two people on a Portland train begged police to shoot him has been captured on camera.

    Jeremy Joseph Christian, 35, is accused of killing two men and injuring another during a vicious stabbing attack on a MAX train last Friday, after the trio interfered as he went on a racist tirade against two teenage girls.

    Rick Best, a Portland employee and retired Army platoon sergeant who served for 23 years, and 23-year-old Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, died in the attack.

    Micah David-Cole Fletcher, 21, was stabbed in the neck and required surgery to remove bone fragments from his throat, but he survived and is recovering in hospital.

    Video of Christian shouting at police officers to shoot him starts as Larry Blackwood, who was traveling on the train one carriage behind the alleged attacker, says: 'so this guy just f***ing killed about three people'.

    'He stabbed three people on the MAX, that's why we chased his a** down.'

    While Blackwood, who works as a cook nearby, was talking a team of police officers were seen surrounding Christian.

    'F*** you, f***ing kill me,' the alleged killer can be heard shouting at the officers, as he held a knife in one hand and poured liquid on himself from what looked like a beer can he was holding in his left hand in an attempt to wash the blood off his clothing.

    'Shoot me! Go ahead and shoot me in the back, you piece of s***.'

    Christian then turned so he was facing the officers again and took a drink from the can he had in his left hand.

    'If you want to get my knife you have to kill me, f***ers,' he said, before again turning away from the officers.

    Blackwood told the Williamette Week what he saw when he got off the train after hearing people crying out in pain and terror from ahead of him on the train.

    'I heard a woman scream, "He's stabbing people." I jumped up and said "Then f***ing stop him."'

    He added that he saw two men on the ground: 'Holding their necks, bleeding out of their necks, like thick black blood… I could smell the blood, there was so much of it.'

    Blackwood then explained to the newspaper how he and two other men from the train chased after Christian, until they caught up to him at a crossing on 47th Street.

    'He stopped there, turned around and pulled his knife out,' the 27-year-old cook recalled.

    'He said, "You want some?" I said, "No man." Luckily he believed me.

    'When we crossed over 47th, a police officer was driving by. We said, "Yo this guy is the guy!" He immediately jumped out with his AR-15.' The dramatic footage emerged after a woman on the train revealed the final words of one of Christian's alleged victims - 23-year-old Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche.

    Rachel Macy was on the MAX train when the alleged attack took place, and she explained why she could not leave Namkai-Meche's side as he lay on the ground with his throat cut.

    'I just didn’t want him to be alone,' Macy told KOIN. 'I took my shirt off and put it on him. We held it together, I just prayed, all I could do was pray.'

    She said she told him 'You’re a beautiful man. I’m so sorry the world is so cruel.'

    She said that Namkai-Meche said to her, 'Tell them, I want everybody to know, I want everybody on the train to know, I love them.' Those were his last words, which she shared with his family during a vigil on Saturday.

    She was carrying a heart-shaped rock painted purple that she had during the attack and gave it to the victim's family.

    'I wanted to wake up and be mad and blame something or someone,' Macy told the outlet. 'And I can't. It's not what [Namkai-Meche] would have wanted.'

    At the vigil, Namkai-Meche's mother, Asha Deliverance, said: 'Love is what it's about. We taught him to love everyone and that's what we should be doing and that's what we all should be doing and that's why we are all here, so give it up for love.'

    Christian is charged with two counts of aggravated murder, two counts of second-degree intimidation, and one count each of attempted aggravated murder and being a felon in possession of a restricted weapon.

    The other victim, Ricky John Best, 53, is an Army veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and a father of four.

    A third victim, Micah David-Cole Fletcher, 21, survived the stabbing. He remains in the hospital.

    The attacker on the train was reportedly sparked by Christian going on a racist tirade against two teenage girls - one of whom was wearing a hijab.

    Destinee Mangum, one of the two girls, told KPTV she believes her and her friend would be dead if not for the Fletcher, Best, and Namkai-Meche.

    The night before he allegedly launched his deadly attack, Christian was filmed going on another racist rant while on public transport.

    A woman recorded him yelling out racist rants while on a bus, saying: 'F*** all you Christians and Muslims and f****** Jews , f****** die. Burn you at the stake… f****** die.'

    That same night he was also maced by a black woman after hurling a bottle of Gatorade at her.

    He had also been seen at a 'free speech' on April 29 and tried to carry in a baseball bat, but it was confiscated by police.

    In videos posted to The Portland Mercury, Christian was seen wearing an American flag and chains around his neck, and carrying the baseball bat before it was taken away.

    He walked among fellow protesters holding American flags and signs that said 'Trump Makes America Great Again.'

    Christian's Facebook site paints disturbing a picture of the suspect, and he describes himself by saying: 'I'm an Ex-Con. I Like Comix, Cannabis and Metal-In Any Combination. If you are an Employer, F*** Off.'

    The suspect had been jailed previously for a string of charges including robbery, kidnapping and unlawful use of a weapon.

    He has posted on his profile a number of times to say he supports the Nazis, and once even said he wants a job in Norway 'cutting off the heads of people that Circumcize (sic) Babies.'

    He also referred to President Trump the 'antichrist,' but in a way that turned it into a compliment.

    'If Donald Trump is the Next Hitler then I am joining his SS to put and end to Monotheist Question. All Zionist Jews, All Christians who do not follow Christ's teaching of Love, Charity, and Forgiveness And All Jihadi Muslims are going to Madagascar or the Ovens/FEMA Camps!!! Does this make me a fascist!!!'

    On Monday, the POTUS Twitter account sent out a statement about the killings, which read: 'The violent attacks in Portland on Friday are unacceptable. The victims were standing up to hate and intolerance. Our prayers are w/ them.'

    Trump has been strongly criticized for not condemning the killings sooner, and there is still no comment about them on his personal Twitter feed.

    Several fundraisers have been set up for the victims, one on GoFundMe has almost reached half a million dollars.

    2 months
  • CCTV footage of police chasing suspected killers in South Africa 01:24

    CCTV footage of police chasing suspected killers in South Africa

    A 21-year-old student in South Africa was raped, stabbed and strangled to death after being abducted in a violent carjacking, police say. Hannah Cornelius was killed in Stellenbosch, South Africa, after she and her male friend, Cheslin Marsh, who survived the attack, were carjacked by four men on Friday night. Police chased down two of the suspects who are believed to have taken part in the incident the following day. The men are now facing a series of charges, including rape and murder. Cornelius and Marsh were chatting in a blue Volkswagen Citi Golf, which had been given to Cornelius by her 91-year-old grandmother, when they were approached by four men. Marsh was thrown into the boot of the vehicle while Cornelius was forced into the back seat, police said. The pair's belongings were stolen before the university students were taken to an undisclosed location and beaten with bricks. Marsh told police that he only survived by throwing himself over a wall to escape his captors. A witness who found Marsh told News24 that he was 'barefoot and covered in blood, completely disorientated and didn't know where he was'. Marsh suffered head injuries and a broken arm in the attack and is recovering in the hospital. Meanwhile, Cornelius's body was found at 8.30am on Saturday on a road about 10km (six miles) outside Stellenbosch. Police say she had been stabbed several times before being strangled. Her captors are also accused of raping her. Two suspects were arrested on Saturday following a high-speed chase in the hijacked Golf. The men were seen on CCTV leaping over a ditch to evade authorities before eventually being caught. Two more male suspects were later arrested. The two men seen on CCTV have been identified as Vernon Witbooi, 32, and Geraldo Parsons, 26. All four men face charges of murder, robbery with aggravating circumstances, motor vehicle theft, rape and abduction, and more charges could later be added, officials told New24. Witbooi and Parsons appeared in court on Monday, while the third man is expected to appear in court on Tuesday and the fourth on Wednesday. "I know that last night [we] arrested a 26 year-old-man from Cloetesville‚ which is now the fourth arrest that has been made. He will appear in court tomorrow‚" police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk told Times Live. Cornelius and Marsh were students at the nearby University of Stellenbosch, according to local media reports. Rector Professor Wim de Villiers told The South African that the university community was left shocked after the incident. He said: 'Our campus community is shocked by this senseless death and our hearts go out to the family and friends of the student who lost her life, as well as the student who was injured.' Cornelius's family released a statement following news of her death. 'It is with great shock and sadness that we learnt of the tragic death of our beloved Hannah Cornelius,' the statement from her uncle, Andries Cornelius, said. 'The family does not have all the facts surrounding her death as yet. 'They have been advised to await the full report from the relevant authorities so as not to prejudice the investigation. 'Hannah was studying a degree in humanities at the University of Stellenbosch. At the time of her death, she was 21 years old. 'The amount of support the family has been receiving is testimony to what an amazing, loving and beautiful person our Hannah was. The family has requested that their privacy be respected in this very difficult time.' Her 18-year-old brother, who has severe autism, has not been able to comprehend his sister's death, Andreis Cornelius said. "I assume he will never know. You can tell him what happened but he will never stop asking when she's coming back," he said. A funeral service for Cornelius, who was a second-year humanities student, is being held at Fish Hoek NG Church at 11am on Friday. Cornelius is said to have been an 'exceptional pianist' and excelled in high school.

    2 months
  • Shocking moment cop grapples with driver after traffic stop 00:41

    Shocking moment cop grapples with driver after traffic stop

    A Milwaukee officer was able to fend off an attack by a wanted man during a traffic stop on Sunday. The suspect, Jonathan Boyd, told the officer he did not have a valid driver's license at the time of the stop. In dashcam footage, the officer can be seen asking Boyd to get out of his vehicle. Seconds later, Boyd is seen attacking the officer, who has not been identified, and the two wrestle one another to the ground. The officer said Boyd reached for his gun before getting away from the officer and fleeing the scene on foot, according to TMJ 4. Boyd, who is wanted on three felony warrants, was later caught and taken into custody and the officer was not seriously hurt. Police say the officer pulled out his weapon after Boyd ran, but he did not fire the gun. In Michigan, Boyd is charged with assaulting a peace officer and resisting arrest. Boyd is wanted for forgery after trying to withdraw cash using someone else's checkbook in Wisconsin.

    2 months
  • Former Prosecutor Caught On Bodycam Trying To Prevent Daughters DWI Arrest 08:18

    Former Prosecutor Caught On Bodycam Trying To Prevent Daughters DWI Arrest

    Lockport, NY Lockport attorney Ronald J. Winter tried to use his position as a former prosecutor and his connection with a Niagara County Sheriff's lieutenant to prevent the arrest of his daughter on a drunken driving charge last year, a police video shows.

    2 months
  • Suspect Sues Police for Unnecessary Force Following Arrest 01:11

    Suspect Sues Police for Unnecessary Force Following Arrest

    Suspect Gregory Johnson is filed a lawsuit against the Aliquippa Police Department following a public intoxication arrest that left him injured last year. The lawsuit says an officer "suddenly and without warning grabbed Johnson by the neck and slammed him against the wall, then threw him to the concrete floor". This entire incident took place in front of Johnson's wife and daughter. Johnson was later charged with assaulting the officers, but those charged have since been dropped after the video was released.

    2 months
  • Cop Loses His Cool And Gets Physical With Rowdy Teens During Argument 02:21

    Cop Loses His Cool And Gets Physical With Rowdy Teens During Argument

    Alarming video footage has emerged online of police pushing and wrangling a number of young people to the ground as they made multiple arrests.

    Officers from Avon and Somerset Constabulary were called out to Victoria Park in Taunton following reports that a woman had been assaulted on Saturday evening.

    The disturbing clip starts with a policeman telling a group of young people in the park to 'go home' however when one boy raises his finger at the officer another policeman enters the scene and pushes him back, igniting carnage.

    The video then cuts to another officer on top of a boy he floored as screaming girls call for him to get off.

    At this point a policeman disperses the crowd by lifting one girl away from the scene.

    The footage becomes even more dramatic when yet another officer in the background can be seen flooring another young person while shouting obscenities at bystanders to stay back.

    The clip then shows a teenage girl on the floor with a policeman, who kept her on the ground with his arm, arresting her as she screams for an ambulance.

    The video finishes with four officers on top of a youngster, kept in a headlock by one, as he is arrested.

    One witnesses, Max Vierling, told Mail Online the brawl with the officers started when his friend was pushed off his bike by one of the offenders from the original accused assault as he tried to steal it.

    The youngster said: 'At roughly 5:50 PM on the 26 May 2017, I received a call from a friend stating 'you need to come to Victoria park, there's a fight'. Being young and bored, my friends and I went to see what was happening.

    'When we arrived at the park, there were at least 8 police officers attempting to move people from the area.

    'We were obliging, backing away slowly. My friend went to retrieve his bike, in the process, one of the men who was in the original 'fight', approached him and pushed him from the bike and proceeded to hit him. In self-defence, my friend hit him back.

    'Following this, the police ran towards them and rugby tackled them to the floor and immediately arrested them both.

    'Naturally, we wanted to make sure our friend was okay and so we waited which as far as we were concerned, wasn't a problem as we were just stood in the middle of the park causing no problems.

    'An aggressive police officer ran at another of my friends and for no apparent reason, grabbed him by the throat (which is why in the video you can hear me saying about being grabbed at the throat).'

    The police have stated that they are investigating the incident that saw five people detained on suspicion of affray.

    A spokesperson said: 'We're aware of a video posted on Facebook which shows officers detaining and arresting a number of people in Taunton.

    'While we welcome and expect public scrutiny when officers are out serving our communities, we also ask people not to jump to conclusions without knowing the full facts.

    'At 5.29pm on May 26, we responded to a report a woman was being assaulted in Victoria Park.

    'On arrival a large group of young people refused to co-operate with officers and five people between the ages of 15 and 34 were subsequently detained on suspicion of affray.'

    2 months
  • Traffic Stop Goes Wrong - Driver Charges Officer 00:51

    Traffic Stop Goes Wrong - Driver Charges Officer

    A traffic stop in Michigan goes wrong after the driver exited his vehicle and charges at the officer, leading to a physical altercation. The officer draws his weapon but does not fire and eventually detains the suspect. Now identified as Jonathan Boyd, the suspect was found to have three felon warrants for his arrest. He now faces additional charges.

    2 months
  • NYPD cop makes incredible basketball shot from OUTSIDE the park 00:17

    NYPD cop makes incredible basketball shot from OUTSIDE the park

    A New York police officer left some local kids stunned when he nailed an incredibly long-distance basketball shot from outside the park fence.

    2 months
  • Bodycam video shows moments before thug brutally attacks policemen 00:27

    Bodycam video shows moments before thug brutally attacks policemen

    A policeman has spoken out about how a vision he had of his son helped him to survive after a vicious thug stamped on his head 15 times.

    PCs Karl Odger and Geoffrey Hill were brutally attacked after trying to handcuff 'vicious' Simon Priest for an alleged assault on his partner, Charlotte Loveday.

    The 41-year-old told the officers they would need to get more support if they were going to arrest him before taking off his coat and knocking them both out in Aldershot, Hampshire.

    Priest was given a life sentence at Winchester Crown Court, Hampshire, after shocking footage from the officers' bodycam was shown of the brutal assault.

    Footage revealed the moment Priest repeatedly stamped on both officers' heads, leaving them both seriously injured.

    PC Hill said: 'I remember seeing my son Cameron when he was baby, in my head, and I can remember him saying goodbye to me.

    '(As) clear as I talk to you now, I could hear him saying "Goodbye, dad."

    'I remember thinking I was dying, dead. And then I saw my son reappear and he was like "Dad, take a breath."'

    PC Hill then described the moment he took a huge gasp and returned to consciousness.

    Prosecutor Kerry Maylin told the court that PC Hill and PC Odger had been responding to a call about an assault when they found Priest standing on the top floor landing of a block of flats with all his possessions in plastic bags.

    After informing him he was to be arrested for allegedly hitting his partner, who he had just broken up with, Priest flew into a rage as the lights, which were on a timer, went out.

    Priest showed no emotion in court as he watched the clip of himself screaming loudly as he repeatedly stamped on the heads of the officers after punching them both to the ground.

    Sentencing Judge Keith Cutler handed him a life sentence with a minimum of seven and a half years behind bars.

    Ms Maylin told the court: 'The defendant told the officers 'I will f****** end you' as they informed him he was to be arrested.

    'The lights in the block of flats were on a timer and it was after they went out that he attacked the officers.

    'PC Odger was left unconscious after the first strike, but Priest continued to stamp on his head another 10 to 15 times.

    'PC Hill was also knocked unconscious momentarily after being attacked by Priest.

    'After finishing his attack, Priest then ran away, taking with him the handcuffs that were being used to arrest him and a live taser and two cartridges for the weapon.'

    Both officers had to be rushed to hospital after the horrific attack, with the bodycam footage showing PC Odger left in a pool of his own blood.

    PC Odger had to be placed into an induced coma on his arrival at hospital, and had further surgery to relieve a bleed on his brain.

    Priest, from Aldershot, was arrested half an hour after the attack outside a nearby kebab shop where he was taking a member of staff's bike. The thug, who has two previous convictions for assaulting police officers, admitted one count of GBH with intent, one of attempted GBH, one of theft, one of escaping lawful custody and being in possession of a prohibited weapon.

    Mitigating, Abigail Husbands told the court that Priest did not recall his attack on the two men, blacking out as they tried to arrest him. She said: 'My client admits that he remembers telling officers that they would need to get help to arrest him and accepts that it was him that caused their injuries.

    'He does however suffer with mixed personality disorder and does not remember carrying out the attacks.

    'He did show remorse when interviewed and was so distressed that he did not wish to be shown the body cam footage at the time.' Sentencing him to life in prison, with a minimum of seven and a half years before he can apply for parole, Judge Cutler said: 'This was a horrific attack.

    'These two police officers were replying to a report of a domestic incident. They did everything right.

    'Police officers need to know that they will get the full protection of the courts in cases of assaults. Both men are lucky that they are able to be around today, and one in this courtroom, to see the result of this case.

    'I am sure there have been many times when they may have felt they would not be here.'

    John Apter, the chairman of the Hampshire Police Federation, said afterwards the attack was the worst he had seen in his entire career. He said: 'This was a vicious and sustained attack on two police officers doing their duty on behalf of the public.

    'The level of violence used was sickening and the worst I have seen in my 24 years of policing. It was only due to the swift medical care received that this horrendous attack did not result in the death of either officer.'

    Olivia Pinkney, Chief Constable of Hampshire Constabulary, added: 'Each and every assault on an officer is unacceptable.

    'Karl and Geoff were responding to a cry for help by a woman and her child, when they were attacked in the most appalling manner. 'Our job does come with an element of risk, but what happened that night was truly exceptional.'

    2 months
  • South African police catch apple thieves then line them up to PELT them with the stolen fruit 00:39

    South African police catch apple thieves then line them up to PELT them with the stolen fruit

    Four apple thieves who were caught in the act by police were lined up against a cliff face and pelted with the fruit they had stolen.

    The five uniformed officers took turns grabbing handfuls of the stolen apples from their police pick-up truck, using the four thieves as live targets.

    The crooks winced as they were battered by the fruit, but were ordered not to run away as the policemen in Theewaterskloof Municipality, in the Western Cape of South Africa, hurled the apples at them.

    Now the police squad are being investigated by senior officers after a storm of criticism on social media slamming the officials for abusing their prisoners.

    In footage of the punishment, the policemen giggle and egg each other on as they throw the apples as hard as they can, hitting the helpless men in the head, back and legs.

    A colleague filmed the officers as they taunted the thieves with foul language before posting the video on Facebook.

    Officers are said to have driven the four men to a deserted spot to face their punishment.

    The men wince and shout in pain as the apples are thrown vigorously and strike home, causing deep bruising.

    Kevi van Wyk, who posted a copy of the video to Facebook, told Times Live: 'The officers caught the men stealing apples in Villersdorp and took them out to the mountains and lined them up before throwing the apples at them.'

    He said the woman who sent him the apple video had a second video which allegedly showed the officers strip one of the men naked and beat him up.

    He said: 'I have the names of three of the men and they are all based in Villersdorp'.

    Democratic Alliance mayor of Theewaterskloof Municipality Christelle Vosloo said an investigation has been launched into the conduct of the officers.

    She said: 'I regard this conduct as inhumane and a gross violation of the safety and dignity of the victims.

    'I am devastated that the victims had to endure this trauma and I believe their constitutional rights not to be exposed to psychological, emotional and physical abuse had been violated.

    'I will ensure an immediate investigation into the incident. If any personnel of the municipality are found guilty in regards to the incident they will face the strongest disciplinary actions possible.'

    She added: 'I will meet with the victims and ensure that they receive all the support available to deal with the trauma they suffered.'

    Mr van Wyk said: 'I was really upset by the footage. It is wrong to steal apples but I don't think this is the way to deal with it. It sends the wrong message'.

    Most of the 200 comments on Mr van Wyk's Facebook page, where he posted a copy of the footage, slammed the police officers involved.

    But some said that the thieves deserved the pelting they got and suggested they should have been whipped as well.

    Nathan Pillay said on the Facebook post: 'If these guys stole money, jewellery or raped, killed or robbed I would say well done.

    'But to assault someone who stole food… honestly do you feel this is fair? And you end up wasting this food throwing it at them and damaging it? Really disappointed'.

    Tari Jacobs said: 'Only our law enforcers would do this'.

    But Sindy van der Wal said she had heard the men had been throwing apples at passing motorists, so the law officers 'taught them a lesson'. She added: 'These guys won't die from being thrown with apples, nobody is that soft. If they were just walking, doing nothing wrong, then that's another story altogether. Reserve judgment til all facts are presented.'

    A spokesman for the police force was unavailable for comment.

    2 months
  • Bodycam Shows Cop Asking Crash Victim His Immigration Status Key West, Florida, United States 01:41

    Bodycam Shows Cop Asking Crash Victim His Immigration Status Key West, Florida, United States

    Bodycam Shows Cop Asking Crash Victim His Immigration Status - Key West, Florida, United States Key West, FL - Body camera footage has been released of a Monroe County Sheriff’s Office deputy asking a Honduran immigrant who was hit by a car in Key West whether he was here legally or not. Location: Key West, Florida, United States

    2 months