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Police videos Videos - Page 5

Daily police videos including shootings, robberies and the Black Lives Matter situation - Page 5

  • Dash Cam Confrontation That led to Councilman arrested in Orangeburg County 02:19

    Dash Cam Confrontation That led to Councilman arrested in Orangeburg County

    Police Dash cam video shows a heated encounter between a town councilman in Orangeburg County and a police officer. Norway is a town in Orangeburg County, South Carolina, United States. The video, released Wednesday afternoon, shows what happened that led up to charges being filed against 42-year-old Michael Singleton, a member of the Norway town council. Occurred on April 9, the officer pulled over a female relative of Singleton for a window tint violation along Harrison Avenue. Toward the end of the stop, Singleton arrived, and approached the vehicle. Singleton can be heard asking for his relative's driver's license, saying that if you can read it through the window, it's not a violation. The officer continues to give the woman the citation. Police Chief Scott Ward says the woman had already been previously warned about the tinted windows. Singleton can then be heard telling his relative, "I'll handle it when I get to council meeting." The officer then tells Singleton, "you're not going to disrespect me, and Singleton says "if you want your job" twice, but doesn't complete the statement. The two continue to raise their voices, and Singleton says "You're not going to disrespect me, I'm your police commissioner." To be clear, Mr. Singleton is no longer the police commission. The officer then says "do not yell at me," and Singleton said the same thing back to him. "Do not interfere in my traffic stop," the officer then said. "You cite everybody for nothing, " Singleton replied. He then told the officer, "come Monday, you might want to resign." The two continue to argue, with Singleton saying, "you're not talking to me like that.," and the officer saying, "yes sir I am." The officer then informed Singleton that he intended to seek warrants against him for interfering with the stop. "Do what you gotta do sir," Singleton said. "I promise you, at the end of the day, watch what happens." The officer then said, "Are you threatening me?" Singleton replied, 'I'm not threatening you, I'm your police commissioner." The argument then tapered off, and Singleton left the scene, Back in his patrol vehicle, the officer can be heard telling someone on the radio that he'd be filing charges against Singleton. Singleton turned himself in on those charges Wednesday morning, and was booked at the jail. He was then released on $6,000 bail. Singleton says he did this in response to the complaints he's received from the community on the police department, "I’m not saying that we don’t have traffic situations, I’m not saying that we don’t have crime but what I am saying is that there is great concern from those that come and are literally harassed by our police department because they need to make money to say salaries. Let’s tell the truth and shame the devil they need to make money" he said. Police Chief Ward says those claims are simply untrue, that his police officers are doing their job.

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  • Georgia cop caught stamping on handcuffed black man's face 01:00

    Georgia cop caught stamping on handcuffed black man's face

    A white police officer has been suspended after he was filmed stomping on the face of a black man as he lies handcuffed on the ground. The video, taken by a motorist on his cellphone on Wednesday, shows the man being pulled out of a car by an officer who handcuffs him as he lies on his stomach on the road. The arrested man, who has not been identified, is prone and clearly posing no danger when the second officer runs up and aims a brutal kick at the man's face. Both officers are believed to be from Gwinnett County Police Department, just east of Atlanta. Sir Maejor Page, from Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta, said the victim had also been Tased and was immobile when the officer 'ran like a bat out of Hell and stomps on his face'. He told Mail Online: 'We are seeking the immediate termination of that officer and also for criminal charges to be brought.' Page said the video clip had been offered to his organization shortly after the incident. He said the person who shot the video told him there 'blood splattered everywhere' after the man was kicked in the face. Gwinnett County police released a statement on Thursday morning announcing that the officer filmed had been suspended. 'The officer was responding as a backup officer to assist a supervisor with a traffic stop at the intersection of Sugarloaf Parkway at Lawrenceville Suwanee Road,' the department said in a statement. 'After the arrest, the shift commander initiated an immediate investigation into the incident.' 'The officer was placed on administrative leave, his department issued firearm was taken, and he was sent home.' 'He will not be operating in a law enforcement capacity while this case is being investigated. The cell phone video is very disturbing and it speaks for itself.' 'We will conduct a thorough investigation. We expect an update to this story before the close of business today.

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  • CCTV shows driver in dangerous police chase before being jailed 00:49

    CCTV shows driver in dangerous police chase before being jailed

    A disqualified driver tried to flee police by turning into a McDonald's drivethru and speeding at 90mph on the wrong side of the road. Christopher Kennedy drove a blue Jaguar X-type and after seeing police he immediately accelerated in an effort to get away. He swung into the restaurant in Kingstanding in Birmingham before going back onto the main road - forcing officers to abandon the chase for safety reasons. The car was found shortly afterwards dumped on a driveway nearby following a collision with a fence. CCTV and a mobile phone left in the vehicle were recovered which identified Kennedy as the driver. Several arrest attempts were made but to no avail and Kennedy was added as wanted on the police national computer. He was arrested in 2016. During interview Kennedy admitted that he was in court when he was originally disqualified from driving, he said he thought that the disqualification had expired. Kennedy denied that the driving style displayed was dangerous. At Birmingham Crown Court on Monday 10 April, Kennedy was jailed for 20 months and further banned from driving for 37 months. He will also be required to pass an extended driving test. PC Rob Lattimer from CMPG said: 'Kennedy has a history of dangerous driving and tried to evade arrest. 'He was banned from driving but showed a blatant disregard for the disqualification and the safety of road users and pedestrians. 'The prison sentence sends a clear message. 'Do not put innocent members of the public in danger by driving dangerously.'

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  • A Drunk Woman Flees From A Traffic Stop, Drags The Officer Along 03:29

    A Drunk Woman Flees From A Traffic Stop, Drags The Officer Along

    Meadville, PA - Meadville police recently released the video of a Meadville woman who fled the scene of a traffic stop with a police officer hanging from the window of her van. The Meadville Tribune filed a Right to Know request with both Meadville Police Department and the Crawford County District Attorney's Office to release the video. Jamie M. Bingham, 29, of 583 Arch St., pleaded no contest to Meadville Police Department charges of aggravated assault, fleeing or attempting to elude police, driving under the influence and two stop sign traffic violations. She was sentenced to spend more than two years in state prison in March. The video on has been edited from 30 minutes to about three minutes for time. Bingham was arrested by Meadville police last July 18 after police pulled over Bingham for a traffic violation early that morning on North Main Street at Randolph Street. Bingham fled the scene with Officer Eli Provost hanging from the driver's side door, dragging Provost alongside the vehicle. Provost sustained minor injuries as he freed himself when Bingham slowed to drive over a curb, according to police. Bingham then led police on a chase through the city, driving through multiple stop signs and red lights, at times reaching speeds of up to 80 miles per hour before crashing the van, according to police.

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  • Dashcam Police chase of Fatal Crash Michigan State Police 08:22

    Dashcam Police chase of Fatal Crash Michigan State Police

    GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN.- Dash cam video from a Michigan State Police cruiser shows the chase for a 16-year-old suspect, ultimately ending in a crash that killed a Calvin College student. The teenager in the fatal crash Saturday, March 11, after a pursuit by Michigan State Police has been identified as 15-year-old David Torrez. Michigan State Police released his name Monday morning at a news conference. David was the passenger in the car that fled a traffic stop, leading to a pursuit around 10 p.m. Saturday. The car David was in crashed into a vehicle driven by 21-year-old Tara Oskam. The crash occurred near the intersection of Broadmoor Avenue and 52nd Street SE. David and Oskam died at the scene. ►Related: 'I called her name ... over and over': Roommate recalls fatal crash on phone Also during this morning's press conference, MSP said they are confident troopers followed all protocol set forth when engaging in a pursuit. David's background in Kent County Court records and found he did not return to the Muskegon River Youth Home in Evart as he was supposed to on Thursday, March 9. He was given permission to leave for a home visit. On Friday, March 10, Judge G. Patrick Hillary issued a pick up order for David, asking that he be taken to the Kent County Juvenile Detention facility. David had three cases pending at the time of his death, including breaking and entering of a motor vehicle and trespassing. The State of Michigan Secretary of State's office says Alex did not have a Michigan driver's license, but he has three citations for "driving while license not valid or improper license." Those three citations happened in March 2016, April 2016 and May 2016, all in the city of Grand Rapids. In two of the cases, Alex received a suspension of his license, even though he did not yet have a driver's license. He has to take care of all of the related suspensions and fines before he can get a valid license. Alex also has a juvenile criminal record. Kent County Court records show he had previous counts of receiving and concealing stolen property and carrying a concealed weapon.

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  • Canadian cops use a helicopter, night vision and dogs to track down teenage thieves 01:05

    Canadian cops use a helicopter, night vision and dogs to track down teenage thieves

    It was supposed to be their very own Ocean's Eleven but it ended up becoming a scene out of Scooby Doo. Three teenagers were left red-faced when their cunning scheme to steal candy from an amusement park was thwarted by police - who used dogs and a helicopter to track them down. The crime caper started on Saturday when security guards at Canada's Wonderland in suburban Toronto called police to say they'd spotted three masked intruders. The York Regional Police helicopter arrived and used its thermal imaging camera to scan the park. Footage shows the three teens trying to hide from officers - but their white heat signatures mean they all stand out like a sore thumb against the black backdrop. The helicopter then directs four officers on the ground, one of whom has a dog, to arrest the hapless trio. The pilot says: 'I've got two, maybe three people huddled down near a tree. I've got one laying down, one crouched down. There's another heat source but I don't know if it's the third person or not.' The teenagers, two 16 and one 15, were arrest for stealing an undisclosed amount of candy. They were given a stern warning and ordered to take part in a community service programme. In a statement police said: 'The youths were cooperative with police and were remorseful for their actions.' Constable Andy Pattenden told CBC News Toronto that the kids 'definitely learned a lesson on that night'. He added: 'They were probably scared out of their minds when they heard the helicopter and dogs hot on the trail.' The video has sparked plenty of debate about whether the show of force was appropriate for arresting three trespassing teens. Ryan Gillespie posted on the video: 'I still don't see how arresting 3 teens took the combined efforts of park security staff, three police officers, a helicopter, a tracking dog, a pilot and a co-pilot. 'It's a fenced in area with CCTV everywhere. This was an overreaction by the police and results don't justify the costs.' Police however defended their actions, saying the helicopter was already in the area and that 'while it was only a theft of candy, it came into us a little differently'.

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  • Sacramento officer used excessive force to take down jaywalker 05:03

    Sacramento officer used excessive force to take down jaywalker

    A Sacramento woman has captured the frightening moment a white cop grabbed her black friend by the throat, threw him to the ground and began punching him - for jaywalking. The video was recorded Monday in the Del Paso Heights neighborhood, when Nandi Cain Jr was filmed by his friend Naomi Montaie being attacked by the cop while walking home from work. 'I never witnessed anything like that. He just kept hitting him, and kept hitting him, and I was like, "Oh my God...why you hitting him like that? Why you hitting him like that?"' she told Fox 40. Things are already looking heated when the video begins, as Cain drops his jacket and stands defiantly in the road in front of the cop. Montaie, who is in the passenger seat of a car in the road, tells her 'nephew' - really just a close friend, she later said - to calm down. But it's the cop who loses his cool first. Cain remains motionless as the officer strides forward, grabs him with both hands around the throat and forces him back. The cop pushes Cain to the ground and is seen sitting on his chest and repeatedly punching him in the face as Montaie's car gets closer. The officer continues punching Cain as she gets out of the vehicle, then twists the man's arm behind his back and cuffs him as first one, then five more officers appear on the scene. 'Hey, why you beating him like that?' shouts Montaie, horrified. 'Oh Jesus! I seen this, Lord. He's breaking his arm!' She appears to be on the verge of tears at one point. Montaie said police told her afterwards that Cain had been stopped for jaywalking. Cain's girlfriend, Antoinette Stewart, told Fox 40 that Cain, the co-manager of a TV store, was a 'goofy and spirited' man, and had never been to jail. 'I just want some answers,' she said. 'What happened?' Sacramento police told Fox 40 only that an officer had tried to stop a man for a violation at Cypress and Grand at around 5pm. It would not say what the violation was. They also wouldn't confirm Cain's identity. The department is reportedly reviewing the video. The Sacramento Police Department has been contacted by for comment. The local police department's jaywalking policies - which see fines levied for those caught in the act - have been criticized as a money-making scheme since at least 2009, according to the Sacramento Press.

    2 months
  • Man crashes his car, refuses to exit for police. Comical reporter reports the story 01:17

    Man crashes his car, refuses to exit for police. Comical reporter reports the story

    Tim Pamplin from local 4 Detroit on the night cam reports on a man who crashed his car over a guardrail and then refuses to exit the car after police, fire and a reporter make the scene. Then he continues to fight the police after being forced from the car. Tim pamplin the man behind the camera and reporter is notorious for never reveling his face.

    2 months
  • Ohio Police Officer Under Investigation For Kicking Handcuffed Black Suspect In The Head 02:34

    Ohio Police Officer Under Investigation For Kicking Handcuffed Black Suspect In The Head

    Columbus, OH, 8 April, 2017 - The Columbus police department has identified the officer caught on video kicking a suspect while on the ground and 10TV has learned the officer is one of the men involved in last summer’s shooting death of Henry Green. Officer Zachary Rosen is under investigation for his actions over the weekend involving a handcuffed suspect. The entire incident was caught on camera. Just last month, a grand jury cleared Officer Rosen of charges in the shooting death of 23-year-old Henry Green. Police have released the following statement: "Officer Zachary Rosen is under investigation for his actions that took place involving a suspect under arrest on Saturday, April 8, 2017. Officer Rosen has been reassigned to a non-patrol duty indefinitely." The incident began Saturday on the report of a discharged firearm in the area of Maize Road and Weldon Avenue. The video shows an officer restraining a man when another officer runs into frame and kicks him in the head. John Marteney says he hasn’t had much sleep since Saturday. "He woke me up out of a dead sleep. It just totally scared the hell out of me,” Marteney said. He’s still shaken up after a man threatened to shoot his house and everyone in it. "I was down in the basement trying to call 911 I heard the gunshot,” Marteney said.

    2 months
  • Brazil Motorcycle Chase Ends in Fatal Crash in Blumenau 03:24

    Brazil Motorcycle Chase Ends in Fatal Crash in Blumenau

    Blumenau, Brazil- Motorcycle Chase Ends in crash the occurred In the late afternoon of Thursday (02/02/2017) A Motorcyclist driving a motorcycle Honda NX4 Falcon crashed into the side of a Lifan X60 Talent car, both with signs of Blumenau. A Motorcyclist fled from a police on a Motorcycle when the accident occurred at about 17:40, at the traffic light that leads to the road of Blumenau, naRua 2 de Setembro, Itoupava North neighborhood. He was taken in critical condition to the Hospital Santa Isabel, but around 22:30, succumbed to his injuries. Blumenau is a city in Vale do Itajaí, state of Santa Catarina, in the South Region of Brazil. It is 130 km away from the state capital of Florianópolis.

    2 months
  • Dash Cam Show end of Chase in Crash in Pontiac Michigan 01:03

    Dash Cam Show end of Chase in Crash in Pontiac Michigan

    Pontiac City in Michigan. - Dashcam video was released of a police chase in Pontiac on Saturday that ended in the arrest of a 16-year-old driver and a 19-year-old man wanted on a felony murder warrant, according to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies saw a gray Jeep Grand Cherokee in the parking lot of a gas station that was reported stolen from Lake Orion. One of the occupants got out of the vehicle and was known to have a valid felony warrant stemming from a recent shooting. The vehicle fled the gas station as the deputies approached and a pursuit was initiated. Additional deputies took the suspect with the felony warrant into custody at the gas station. While in pursuit, the Jeep sideswiped a vehicle on Walton Boulevard and then left the roadway, striking a tree in the parking lot of a business. The 16-year-old driver was taken into custody and two semi-automatic pistols, ammunition, and several spent shell casings were allegedly found inside the vehicle. There were no injuries reported. The 16-year-old driver, of Pontiac, is being lodged at Oakland County Children’s Village. The 19-year-old man, also a resident of Pontiac, wanted on an outstanding felony warrant for attempted murder, is being lodged at the Oakland County Jail.

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  • Dashcam Shows Police Chase VW Golf 02:04

    Dashcam Shows Police Chase VW Golf

    Lietuvos Policija have released video showing a high speed chase across rural roads in Latvia. The vehicle chase ends after the suspects bail out and attempt to flee on foot. A short foot chase then ensues. The suspects were soon caught and arrested.

    2 months
  • Florida Sheriff Delivers Epic Warning To Heroin Dealers 01:34

    Florida Sheriff Delivers Epic Warning To Heroin Dealers

    A message from the Lake County Sheriff's Office Community Engagement Unit.

    2 months
  • Police Chase A Domestic Violence Suspect In San Diego, Get Him 08:49

    Police Chase A Domestic Violence Suspect In San Diego, Get Him

    San Diego, CA, 6 April, 2017 - A domestic violence suspect led officers on a meandering half-hour road chase from Mission Bay to the Skyline area Thursday before pulling over and being arrested. The chase began shortly after 2 p.m., when the man fled from officers in the 1000 block of Fiesta Island Drive, according to San Diego police. The suspect got onto southbound Interstate 5 and drove through downtown San Diego at moderate speeds, then entered eastbound state Route 94 as officers tailed his faded red-and-white van, SDPD spokesman Billy Hernandez said. Reaching Lemon Grove, the man crisscrossed over various city streets, drove into and out of a commercial parking lot in the 7100 block of Broadway and briefly passed through southern La Mesa. Minutes later, he re-entered San Diego on Federal Boulevard, briefly driving on the wrong side of the road. The suspect proceeded to flee to the south on 60th Street and to the east on Imperial Avenue and Lisbon Street before turning onto Flicker Street, a short residential road, and pulling to a stop. He immediately got out of the van, lay face-down on the ground and was taken into custody. The man's name and details on the alleged assault for which he was being sought prior to the pursuit were not immediately available.

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  • Anti-War Liberals and Muslims Attack Police, Get Absolutely DESTROYED! 00:56

    Anti-War Liberals and Muslims Attack Police, Get Absolutely DESTROYED!

    moku 17094 22

    Fights broke out at an anti-war protest in Jacksonville, Friday, as people gathered to denounce US President Donald Trump-ordered airstrikes on Al-Shayrat Airbase in Syria. According to Jacksonville police department, six people were arrested during the protest. Similar anti-war protests are being held in simultaneously in dozens of US cities.

    2 months
  • Guy Get's Tased in the Nuts at McDonalds 03:00

    Guy Get's Tased in the Nuts at McDonalds

    This man was tased in Mc Donald's the day before halloween for harassing all the kids inside.

    2 months
  • 11:19

    "F*ck Police" "F*ck Those White Supremacist" 250 protesters shut down a blue lives matter speaker at Claremont McKenna College

    moku 3750 -2

    Protesters shut down a ‘blue lives matter’ speech by Heather Mac Donald who is a prominent critic of ‘black lives matter’ and author with chants of ‘f*ck white supremacy!’, ‘shut it down!’ and ‘f*ck the police!’. The Daily Caller reported: More than 250 protesters shut down a speech by a pro-police author and scholar by chanting “Black Lives Matter,” “f*ck the police,” and “f*ck white supremacy” Thursday. The protesters forced Manhattan Institute scholar and “The War on Cops” author Heather Mac Donald to end a speech at Claremont McKenna College after 30 minutes, according to The College Fix. Protesters prevented many students at the California college from attending the talk, but Mac Donald streamed it online until its early ending.

    “Several protesters were middle-aged, and some were students at other colleges,” Steven Glick, editor of The Claremont Independent, told The College Fix. “The protesters chanted things like, ‘From Oakland to Greece, f*** the police’ and ‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.’ I tried to talk to dozens of protesters about why they objected to Heather Mac Donald, but not a single one could point to an issue they had with her work.” -- “The protesters surrounded all the doors to the Atheneum where I was supposed to speak, so none of the students who had signed up to attend my lecture could get in,” Mac Donald told The Fix. “I was hustled from my guest suite by several police officers from Claremont PD into the lecture hall. It was decided that I would give the speech for live streaming to a largely empty hall.

    Police eventually escorted Mac Donald out of the building to safety. This is the current climate at colleges across the country. Students shut down the opposition instead of engaging in healthy debate. The reason is clear. These leftist students don’t even know why they are protesting or what they are chanting. They are a bunch of mindless drones devoid of independent thought. I guarantee you these same fascists screaming ‘f*ck the police!’ would dial 911 if their lives were in danger. They’re nothing but a bunch of hateful hypocrites.

    2 months
  • Dashcam Shows Lubbock Police Shooting at Fleeing Suspect 02:14

    Dashcam Shows Lubbock Police Shooting at Fleeing Suspect

    32-year-old Carlos Martinez is now in custody, facing three charges of aggravated assault on a peace officer, after police say he hit three LPD officers with his vehicle. The incident started at the Del Estrado Apartments in the 3200 block of 62nd Street around 1:15 p.m. Thursday. Officials say Martinez was evicted from his apartment Wednesday and was picking up his belongings when he got into an argument with another resident and officers were called to the scene. Police say Martinez would not comply with the officers' demands to get out of his vehicle. Officers tazed Martinez, and as they were standing near the SUV, he began driving in reverse. One officer was able to grab a child in the front passenger seat and pull him to safety, but as the vehicle reversed, three officers were injured. Officers then fired multiple shots at the SUV. Martinez continued backing up, crashed into a police Tahoe and then drove away from the scene. LPD tells us Martinez put the SUV in drive and started driving toward Officer Donovan Powell, who was lying on the ground, Officer Powell was struck by the vehicle. but they say he was able to jump out of the way before being run over. First responders classified his injuries as serious because they feared broken bones or internal injuries, but he was released from the hospital as on Thursday evening. Officer Mark Ellison suffered moderate injuries. Officer Saul Garay suffered minor injuries. The other two officers were also released from the hospital on Thursday evening. Honey, Miller and Waters Elementary were placed on lockdown during the incident. The suspect's vehicle was found abandoned in an alleyway near 73rd and Joliet Ave. The manhunt continued Thursday and carried over into Friday. On Friday morning, before 9 a.m., police began searching in the 3400 block of 73rd Street. Patrol officers, K9 units, mounted patrol, SWAT and detectives converged in the area of 73rd and Indiana. Police say Martinez went into several businesses in that area on Thursday night and Friday morning, wanting to use a phone to make calls. Martinez was captured near 74th and Joliet on Friday evening. Police say a citizen called around 4:30 p.m. to say she saw Martinez in an alley between 73rd and 74th Street near Joliet. Officers nearby responded and arrested Martinez without incident. He appeared dehydrated and was taken to the hospital for medical clearance. Once cleared, he will be taken to the Lubbock County Detention Center.

    2 months
  • Sweden Terror Attack: Dramatic police chase ends with arrest in wooded area outside city 01:32

    Sweden Terror Attack: Dramatic police chase ends with arrest in wooded area outside city

    The 39-year-old Uzbek man who has been arrested over the Stockholm truck attack was known to the police and has ISIS propaganda on his laptop, it was revealed today. Police also confirmed a homemade bomb was found inside the truck and the man arrested is 'likely' to be the driver. The head of Sweden's domestic intelligence agency told a press conference today that the suspect had been on authorities' radar some time ago. Anders Thornberg, head of the Swedish Security Service, said: 'The suspect didn't appear in our recent files but he earlier has been in our files.' Police chief Dan Eliasson added that the suspect was a 'marginal character' and was not thought to be under direct surveillance. The man, who is from Uzbekistan, was arrested in the early hours of the morning after the terror attack left four people dead and 15 injured. Speaking at the press conference in the Swedish capital Stockholm, Eliasson said he could not give any further details on the suspect or if he had any links to the ISIS terror group. He said: 'He was known. The intelligence and security police were aware and said he was a marginal character. 'There is nothing that tells us that we have the wrong person.' He added he did not know whether others were involved in the attack and said 'we cannot exclude this'. It is not know how long the suspect had been in Sweden. Reports by Swedish media described him as a father of four who was found to have ISIS propaganda on his laptop. Reports have also suggested that the suspect posted jihadist propaganda on social media and had pictures of injured people following the Boston Marathon explosion in 2013. Police said they were still at a preliminary stage in the inquiry and they were trying to build up a profile of the arrested man's behaviour and to see if he was part of a wider cell. The police said he couldn't confirm or deny if the suspect acted alone. Eliasson urged the public to remain alert and said he was confident the police in the country could deal with any further terror attacks. He said: 'We do not know if there were further persons in this act. We are not excluding that and we are working to see if others were involved.'

    2 months
  • The moment Stockholm police catch the third beer truck 'terrorist' after a dramatic high-speed car chase 01:32

    The moment Stockholm police catch the third beer truck 'terrorist' after a dramatic high-speed car chase

    This is the moment Swedish police snared a suspected Isis fanatic following a high-speed chase and arrested him in relation to the Stockholm truck attack that saw at least four people killed and 15 injured. The 39-year-old father-of-four was arrested in the northern suburb of Marsta after going on the run following the attack, reported Swedish newspaper Aftonblat. The man, believed to be from Uzbekistan, was wearing a balaclava, with broken glass on his clothes. He reportedly confessed to being involved in the atrocity. Police suspect he was behind the wheel of the truck, although other security sources reported in Swedish media said the driver is still at large. He had posted Isis propaganda on Facebook and liked pictures of casualties after the terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon in 2013, Aftonblat reported. A further arrest was made at 11pm last night in the Stockholm suburb of Hjulsta, according to Swedish newspaper Expressen. Pictures show the second man, who looked younger, being handcuffed and taken away in a police car. According to Swedish television, the two arrested men are linked. Photographer Janne Akkeson, who witnessed the arrest in Hjulsta, said: ‘There were about 15 police cars at the scene. There was a specialist terrorist SWAT team and sniffer dogs.'

    2 months
  • Dashcam: Man Sues Deputy After Police Dog Bites His Head 02:29

    Dashcam: Man Sues Deputy After Police Dog Bites His Head

    A Colby man is suing a Marathon County Sheriff's deputy after a police dog bit the man following a traffic stop and a police pursuit. Video captured by police dashboard cameras shows the encounter that left him hospitalized. Klyde J. Gebelein said he didn't have to let a deputy inspect his vehicle, and he drove away from the deputy who had stopped him. Less than 15 minutes later, after he got out of his vehicle, a police dog bit Gebelein in the head. Gebelein of Colby is suing Marathon County Sheriff's Deputy Troy Deilerfor that incident on Aug. 6, 2015, according to court documents. Gebelein's lawsuit says Deiler unconstitutionally unleashed his police dog, Leo, on Gebelein and left the 70-year-old man permanently damaged. His mug shot shows Gebelein in a bandage, with dried blood running down his cheek. Gebelein is seeking an unspecified amount in damages. The dramatic encounter and most of Gebelein's conversations with the officers were captured by the deputies' dashboard cameras. Gebelein was charged on August, 7, 2015 with fleeing an officer, resisting an officer and operating commercial motor vehicle without a license. Marathon County Circuit Court Judge Gregory Huber dismissed two of the charges in September 2015. Huber dismissed the other charge in June 2016 after Gebelein fulfilled the terms of an agreement with the court. He was initially stopped by a different Marathon County deputy for a vehicle inspection. Gebelein was driving a truck pulling a large tandem axle fifth wheel trailer hauling a large excavator. Gebelein objected to the stop, saying he was not driving a commercial motor vehicle and did not have to let the deputy inspect his vehicle. Gebelein appears in the video to be agitated and confrontational with the deputy. Gebelein at one point can be seen aggressively moving towards the deputy. Gebelein told the deputy he had to leave, went back into his vehicle and left the traffic stop. The deputy told Gebelein not to leave. Though Gebelein drove away from the deputy, what followed doesn't appear on the video to be a high-speed chase. The deputy who originally stopped Gebelein followed after him for about 10 minutes. Other officers, including Deiler, joined in the pursuit, according to court records. Gebelein can be seen in the video stopping the truck on Pine Road, west of Hi Line Avenuein Clark County, exiting the vehicle and approaching the officers. Then, according to Gebelein's version of events, Deiler released Leo and without warning commanded the dog to attack Gebelein. Leo is seen in the video without a leash. A deputy tells Gebelein to "get on the ground." About 10 seconds later, Leo bites Gebelein's thigh and a deputy seems to wrestle Gebelein on the ground. The deputy then tells him to get his hands behind his back. In the video, there are two officers next to Gebelein when Leo attacks Gebelein's head. Another officer is close by during the attack. Two other officers come near Gebelein near the end of the encounter and it is not clear who is speaking. All the dashcam videos are positioned toward the back of Gebelein's truck. None of the squad cars were parked ahead of Gebelein. According to the lawsuit, officers had already immobilized Gebelein when Leo severely bit his head. Deiler had to pull Leo off of Gebelein. The officers aided Gebelein's injuries at the scene and asked him if he was OK, as can be seen on a video. Jerome Tlusty, Gebelein's attorney for his criminal case and The incident was reported in the Aug. 19, 2015 edition of the Tribune-Phonograph, a newspaper which serves the Abbotsford, Colby, Dorchester and Curtiss area. Marathon County Capt. Sean McCarthy said in the article that Leo was used correctly in that situation. Gebelein said in the lawsuit the article embarrassed him. “It’s just an unfortunate situation all around," said McCarthyin the article. “But if (police dogs) have to be used in that way, they are.” But Gebelein said in court records there was no need for Deiler to use Leo. Gebelein was not a danger to the officers in that situation and had no prior criminal record. Gebelein suffered pain, permanent scarring to his head,medical expenses, and business loss, the lawsuit said. He is asking the court to determine the amount of damage he should be awarded. Deiler contends in court papers he did not act improperly. According to Deiler's police records, he commanded Gebelein to get on the ground and Gebelein did not comply. Gebelein was told by officers numerous times to get his hands behind his back before Leo bit his head, according to his reports. "The injuries and damages sustained by Plaintiff, if any, were caused in whole or in part by his own acts," said the defense in court papers.

    2 months
  • Anti-cop activist calls police officers 01:11

    Anti-cop activist calls police officers "f*ckin retards" while they are making an arrest in an East Harlem Park

    moku 1161 -1

    Listen to the treatment that NYPD has to go through while attempting to search a suspicious individual on the streets of New York. This anti-cop activist openly calls them "fucking retards" as their attempting to search a man. This is just yet another example of cops showing restraint even as they are being berated by clearly unintelligent individuals.

    2 months
  • Dashcam Shows Teen Leading Police on Chase in Stolen Ambulance 02:54

    Dashcam Shows Teen Leading Police on Chase in Stolen Ambulance

    Palestine, Texas - Palestine police have released video of a high-speed pursuit involving a man who stole an ambulance. Armando Vinaja, 18, was arrested by officers Friday. Vinaja allegedly stole an ambulance from the Palestine Regional Medical Center and led police on a chase. He is charged with driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, and evading arrest detention with a vehicle. In the video, Vinaja can be seen cheering after his arrest. In an arrest affidavit,, an officer described seeing Vinaja hanging out of the ambulance and driving at speeds of more than 100 mph. "As we pulled him out of the vehicle, he had a far away look in his eye and was screaming and yelling," the officer wrote. Palestine police contacted the Leon County Sheriff's Office and learned that Vinaja was initially taken to the hospital after a caller reported he was driving erratically, stopped and was laying down in a ditch. Vinaja was transported to the emergency room. He then left the hospital and stole the vehicle. "Due to his erratic behaviors and blank stare on his face, I believe Vinaja is intoxicated on an unknown substance," the affidavit said. Police say the pursuit ended when Vinaja turned the ambulance east onto Park Avenue and hit a curb, causing the ambulance to become disabled. According to the affidavit, Vinaja refused field sobriety tests and had to be placed in a restraint chair at the Anderson County Jail.

    2 months
  • This is how the Russians deal with ILLEGAL migrants. This is EPIC! 01:00

    This is how the Russians deal with ILLEGAL migrants. This is EPIC!

    moku 9028 17

    Russians aren't exactly known for their ability to tolerate nonsense from foreigners, here the Russian police are making examples of Muslim migrants who attempted to come into the country illegally and started a bunch of problems..

    2 months
  • Body cam shows deadly officer-involved shooting with fleeing man 01:15

    Body cam shows deadly officer-involved shooting with fleeing man

    Oklahoma police have released body camera footage showing the moment a suspect driving a stolen car was shot dead after a high-speed police chase. Video of the final seconds of George Lee Seeton's life were released by Oklahoma City Police on Tuesday. Oklahoma City officer Jarrod Jackson and highway patrol trooper Mike Moler were in pursuit of Seeton, 38, for fleeing after he was stopped for a broken taillight on March 4. Seeton allegedly disregarded the officers' commands to stop and reversed the car in the direction of the officials, causing them to shoot. The video shows several shots being fired, then Seeton falling from the truck when officers opened the door, with his foot caught between the door and the truck. The car Seeton was driving turned out to be stolen. Highway Patrol Lt. Kera Philippi said the pursuit began about 6:45am when Moler tried to stop the truck on Interstate 240 for a broken tail light. Seeton initially stopped, then fled as Moler walked toward the pickup, leading the trooper on a vehicle chase that exceeded 100 mph on the interstate and more than 80 mph on city streets after exiting the interstate in Oklahoma City. In the dangerous 20 minute pursuit, police chased the suspect as he drove through yards, disregarded stop signs and hit objects before crashing in a residential front yard, according to police. Philippi said: 'Literally... watching that video, it is intense. He's blowing stoplights, stop signs, barely missing citizens, you know, that are travelling through those intersections. 'Total disregard for anybody else that was out there.' Once Seeton crashed into a front yard, both of the officers exited their vehicles and drew their weapons, Seeton reportedly ignored their commands, leading the officers to open fire when the car started to move towards them. Oklahoma City Police Capt. Paco Balderrama said: 'The suspect puts his vehicle in reverse, backs up in the direction of the officer and the trooper, and that's when they discharged their weapons.' Seeton was pronounced dead at the scene. Authorities haven't said whether Jackson or Moler fired the shot that killed the suspect. Seeton had a long criminal history, including serving prison time for domestic assault and battery, kidnapping and drug charges, reported News OK. Balderrama said an investigative report that will be given to the district attorney's office to determine whether the shooting was justified is 'basically' completed. 'Obviously, it's a very unfortunate situation anytime somebody loses their life,' Balderrama said. 'At the same time we're very lucky that we did not get a trooper or a police officer hurt or killed.'

    2 months
  • Aerial Video Shows Reckless Moped Driver 01:10

    Aerial Video Shows Reckless Moped Driver

    London police have released aerial footage showing a reckless moped driver on the M11 Motorway. According to reports the driver had stolen the moped and was attempting to make a getaway. He was soon caught and arrested in connection with 18 other robberies in the area.

    2 months
  • Watch police officers tackle female driver after chase in metro Detroit 01:03

    Watch police officers tackle female driver after chase in metro Detroit

    A female driver has been arrested after a high speed chase in the Detroit/Hamtramck area.

    2 months
  • Dashcam shows moment two police officers were gunned down Islamists in Astrakhan 01:16

    Dashcam shows moment two police officers were gunned down Islamists in Astrakhan

    A manhunt is underway in the southern Russian city of Astrakhan after two police officers were shot dead in the early hours of Tuesday morning, in an attack allegedly carried out by radical Islamists. Dash cam footage captured the moment the police officers came under attack. According to local reports, a Lieutenant and a senior Lieutenant were responding to a call about a traffic accident in the Leninsky district of the city, when they were shot several times at approximately 00:27 local time) (21:27 GMT). The attackers then stole the officers’ firearms and fled the scene, in a vehicle that was later discovered ten kilometres outside the city. The Astrakhan governor’s press office has been quoted as saying that radical Islamists were responsible for the attack. Astrakhan law enforcement authorities are working in cooperation with the Federal Security Service (FSB) and the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the region. They are looking for eight people in connection with the attack and currently have four suspects under investigation. A driving license belonging to one of the suspects was reportedly found in the hands of one of the dead police officers. The Russian Investigative Committee has launched criminal proceedings relating to the deaths of the policemen, theft of firearms and illegal possession of firearms.

    2 months
  • Antifa Terrorists Attack Trump Supporters at a Rally in Washington, Cops Decide to Make Them Eat Pavement 12:10

    Antifa Terrorists Attack Trump Supporters at a Rally in Washington, Cops Decide to Make Them Eat Pavement

    moku 15206 49

    Vancouver police arrested at least three antifa counter-protesters, wrestling them to the grass after a large scrum that grew to include dozens of people.

    The rally attracted about 200 people, many aboard big motorcycles and bigger trucks. A handful of men packed open-carry pistols on their hips.

    It also drew the antifa crowd—bandanna-clad vigilantes by now a common and disruptive sight at anti-Trump and pro-Trump events alike.

    2 months
  • Masked Black Bloc Thugs Get OWNED by Cops while Trying to Cause Chaos at a Pro-Trump Event in Washington 05:38

    Masked Black Bloc Thugs Get OWNED by Cops while Trying to Cause Chaos at a Pro-Trump Event in Washington

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    People who were with black bloc attempted to block a trump supporter from getting into a trump event in Vancouver, WA yesterday. Police made a few arrests at the rally and some smoke bombs were thrown, but overall things were okay.

    2 months
  • Bodycam Shows Couple Argue Over Keys Before Man Kills His Girlfriend & Her 8-Year-Old Son! 01:30

    Bodycam Shows Couple Argue Over Keys Before Man Kills His Girlfriend & Her 8-Year-Old Son!

    Police were called to intervene in a couple's fight, just hours before they say the man in the bodycam video shot and killed his girlfriend. The Sanford Police Department says 31-year-old Allen Cashe opened fire at the home of 35-year-old Latina Herring, killing her in her bed. Five others were shot in the incident including Herring's two sons and her father. One of the children, 8-year-old Branden Christian died.

    2 months
  • Police officer stops press conference to arrest man 00:22

    Police officer stops press conference to arrest man

    The King Slayer 1537 -1

    This is the bizarre moment a police officer stops his press conference mid speech to arrest an abusive man. The strange incident happened outside the Albury police station in southern New South Wales on Monday morning. Video shows Detective Inspector Winston Woodward addressing the media as a disheveled looking man walks past carrying a beer bottle and yells out 'bulls**t'. Detective Inspector Woodward stops the conference mid sentence and walks over to the man and makes him tip out the beverage. The man is then grabbed by his shirt by Detective Inspector Woodward and led inside the police station. As he is led into the station the man continues yelling out. A spokesperson for Albury Police told 9 News that the man was issued with a criminal infringement notice for offensive language and given an on-the-spot fine of $500.

    2 months