Two dead, two in critical condition when a car tries to cross over a train track while the trains on its way

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Two people died and two others are in critical condition after a train and car collided in Louisville Kentucky, police said. Horrific moment two died after driver ignored warning lights and drove into path of oncoming train Two people died and two others are in critical condition after a train and car collided in Louisville Kentucky, police said. The Toyota sedan was attempting to cross the train tracks on Saturday at about 4pm and apparently 'disregarded the traffic control signs in the area' before it was struck on the passenger side, according to police. There are no barriers in the area blocking the tracks for when a train passes. Chita Chuwan, 16, and Suk Man Rai, 19, were pronounced dead at the scene at 4.09pm after sustaining multiple blunt-force injuries. Chuwan was in the front passenger seat and Rai was in the back seat on the right side, according to WDRB. The driver and other passenger, identified by Bhutan News Service as Kismat Mishra and Nabin Thapa, are being treated in the University of Louisville Hospital. It is unknown as to which was driving. All four passengers were reportedly students in the Jefferson County Public School district. They were all Bhutanese refugees known for participating in the area's soccer team, according to WKLY. 'It's a big loss. It's really a big loss for us,' Ghana Pokhrel, a community soccer coach, told WKLY. Two train enthusiasts were recording footage of the passing Norfolk Southern train carrying 400,000 tons and 100 rail cars when the crash happened. In their videos a train can be seen blowing its horn before smashing into the white car at 43 miles per hour, dragging it half a mile down the tracks. 'Crossing signals going off, they're ringing still and trains blowing the horn and right before it gets to the crossing, you see the car pull up and "boom" - this loud impact hits right in the center of the car,' Logan Bennett, who was filming, told WHAS. 'You hear screeching, glass breaking and it was the most devastating thing I've ever seen in my life.' Anthony Collman, was also filming, said he heard glass breaking as the car smashed into the train. 'It was just very devastating, eerie kind of feeling when that took place. I've never seen anything like that,' Collman told WDRB. 'The car did not slow down whatsoever. I did not see any brake lights whatsoever on the car.' Collman added that there should be gates at the crossing and that the lights and signal horns are not sufficient. 'There needs to be crossing gates because of the curvature of this road. There needs to be gates put at this crossing,' he said. Louisville Police and federal investigators are investigating the crash.

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