Hooligan Behaviour By Towing Staff Of Bangalore Traffic Police

Posted by Digger 2018 years ago in Police videos
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Location: BDA Complex Signal, Near Mc Donald’s Issue: Unnecessarily charging of no parking fine and rowdyism of the towing guys and driver (along with the traffic police man) It was a very usual day until I faced this incident at BDA complex signal. Around 12:30 PM, I parked my bike in front of subway outlet and went inside the “eyecare glasses” outlet nearby. There were lot of two wheelers parked nearby and it was far away from the no parking sign, thus I considered it as safe parking and went inside the showroom. After some five minutes the shop keeper’s aid came inside and asked if the black color fazer was mine (which was being towed outside), the “eyecare glasses” owner also came out running with me to stop them from doing so. I was stunned to see that leaving 30+ two-wheelers from the no parking board they picked up my bike which was far away from the no parking board. I went ahead and asked the towing guys to stop lifting the vehicle (I told them that I will speak to the traffic policeman and will pay fine, if necessary), still they towed it up and we were literally running behind the towing vehicle (the policeman didn’t even stopped the vehicle even after seeing us running). After following them for half a kilometer they stopped and told it was parked in no parking zone and thus they picked it up. The traffic policeman asked to pay Rs 300 without giving any receipts and without any proper response (although I told him that it’s only 100 Rs for no parking and why he was asking 300 Rs). When I paid Rs 300 and pushed for receipts I was stunned that he has charged Rs 100 for no parking and Rs 200 for towing charges (Receipts attached with the post). The unnecessary towing could be avoided as I reached well in time and was ready to pay the fine also but the towing guys behaved very rudely and forcefully lifted the vehicle. The traffic policeman didn’t had answers of the following questions from me: 1. Why other vehicles parked outside Mc Donald’s and very close to no parking board was not picked up by them? (According to the “eyecare glasses” owner, McDonald’s pay heavy money for this every month and he didn’t pay, so that’s why they usually don’t tow vehicles from the starting). The video recording is attached for the entire conversation between “eyecare glasses” owner and traffic policeman. 2. Why only my bike was randomly picked up without even estimating distance from the no parking board? 3. When I reached on time and was ready to pay 100 Rs fine why they towed it up (even it was not required as I parked far away from no parking) ? Was this just to charge the additional towing charges ? 4. During towing my bike got damaged, so who is going to pay for that ? (video recording for the same is attached) 5. Why the towing guys are considering themselves as police inspector and why the police man is not stopping them. The towing guys were man handling people and were abusive, still police man supporting them, why so? 6. Why two times towing charges (Rs 100 + Rs 100, attached pictures) ? This entire incidence really disheartened my trust on Bangalore Traffic police and I demand a strict action against these people (specially the abusive towing guys –vehicle number attached in pictures) to make sure that people regain their trust in Bangalore Traffic police. Also please provide a refund of Rs 200 which they have unnecessarily charged, I don’t understand why there is a need to tow the vehicle, why can’t the traffic policeman just put a sticker on all such vehicles and let them pay online later. If any law is there it should remain same for all, not just few random people have to suffer this !!

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