778lb Man with an eating addiction gets booted from the Hospital after ordering a pizza delivery

Posted by Ezra 3 years ago in News
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A 33-year-old Rhode Island man, who weighs nearly 800 pounds, says the hospital where he was staying to lose weight kicked him out after he ordered a pizza. Steven John Assanti had been staying at Rhode Island Hospital, where he was on a plan to get down to 550 pounds and become eligible for gastric bypass surgery. On Tuesday, he moved to Kent County Hospital, NBC 10 News reported, and his social workers are trying to arrange a way for him to stay there through the weekend. For the past 80 days, Assanti said, he was getting the help he needed at Rhode Island Hospital. There, he lost 20 pounds.But after Assanti violated his care plan by ordering pizza, he said the hospital told him he could no longer stay. Assanti’s dad says that after he leaves the hospital, he’ll have nowhere else to go. “He needs to be monitored, because if he’s on his own like he was in Fall River, he’s going to just blow up because he’s uncontrollable when he’s by himself cause he’s lonely,” Steven Veillette told NBC 10. Veillette says he can pay for a hotel for his son for a few weeks, but the apartment complex they were looking at has a one-year waiting list.

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