Desperate migrants jump into truck and come face to face with roaring polar bear

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Desperate migrants jump into truck and come face-to-face with roaring polar bear An eyewitness said: "They must have had the surprise of their lives. It shows how desperate they are to get to Britain" This is the bizarre moment a group of desperate migrants came face-to-face with a roaring polar bear after discreetly hopping into a UK-bound lorry. The truck carrying the polar bear, named Nissan, was on its way to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster when opportunistic migrants keen to get the Britain decided to climb into it as it queued in busy Calais traffic. Nissan, a 22-month old polar bear, was returning from Moscow Zoo after being flown to Germany and picked up by the truck to complete its journey. Yorkshire Wildlife Park said the group of men caught on camera had managed to get the back doors of the lorry open before getting the surprise of their lives. Speaking to The Sun, eyewitness Simon Bridger said: "It only took 17 seconds before four vaulted the barrier and prised open the truck's back doors. "They must have had the surprise of their lives. "It shows how desperate they are to get to Britain." The incident unfolded close to the busy migrant camp named 'The Jungle'. Staff assessed Nissan following the lorry break-in, and deemed the adorable animal unharmed and fit to continue the journey to Yorkshire. Nissan has now settled in well at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, living with two other polar bears named Victor and Pixel. Animal manager at Yorkshire Wildlife Park Simon Marsh said: "Nissan is settling in really well and it is great to have him here. "He is in the house at the moment while he gets to know his surroundings, the rangers who will be looking after him and will also get to know Victor and Pixel. "Every animal takes a different length of time to settle in but we are sure he will be out so that people will be able to see him over the next few weeks."

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