MSNBC Reporter gets corrected on air after lying about a dead Palestinian terrorist being unarmed

Posted by Ezra 2018 years ago in News
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NBC News reporter Ayman Mohyeldin was corrected on-air yesterday after a live report that implied a Palestinian terrorist who charged at officers brandishing a knife didn’t have a weapon on him. Amid a disturbing series of stabbing attacks this month, there was another attempted stabbing near the Damascus Gate yesterday. The man charged at police officers with a knife and they fatally shot him. Mohyeldin reported live on MSNBC Wednesday morning that he and the NBC News team had a good vantage point and they did not see anyone getting stabbed “at the time of this incident.” He said the man who approached the police was shot after ignoring multiple warnings. He himself did not confirm that the attacker had a knife on him, telling Jose Diaz-Balart that when he was lying on the ground “both of his hands were open and both of his hands did not have a knife.” Diaz-Balart jumped in to bring up a still image NBC News obtained in which “we can clearly see the man… with what appears to be, at least in his right hand, a knife.”

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