Apparnetly in 1958 people fished with Electric, and it actually worked

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M/S of two men, Bailiff O'Toole and Lord Amherst, taking fishing nets from the back of the Land Rover. Camera pans to show the river bank with a little boat with two men in it. One of them is Chief Fisheries Officer Norman Machenzie. There are two pieces of electrical equipment in the middle of the boat. One man picks up one piece of the equipment, which looks like a transmitter, and attaches a cable to it. M/S of another man dropping the other end of the cable into water. C/U shot of the other piece of equipment. This is a new form of fishing - electric fishing, used here to separate the coarse fish from the trout. "...this apparatus gives off an electric current strong enough to stun any fish in the immediate vicinity... The fish are stunned for a short period but recover in a matter of minutes." M/S of the two men in the boat moving their nets through the water. There are two ropes, one at each side of the boat, pulled by Lord Amherst and Mr O'Toole so that the boat is moving both, down the stream and from bank to bank. This enables the fishermen to net out all , or most, of the fish and sort them. M/S of the two men in the boat with their nets in water. M/S of Lord Amherst (?) pulling the rope. Several shots of the nets in the water and electrical equipment in the boat. C/U shot of a fish (trout) being taken out of water. It doesn't wiggle at all. C/U shot of the fish being put into bin (which sits in the corner of the boat). L/S of the boat. M/S of another trout being netted out and put in the bin. M/S of the man pulling the rope. C/U shot of one of the men fishing. C/U shot of the water with a trout fish floating as if it was dead. Trout is fished out and put in the bin. Water in the bin is bubbling - fish regain consciousness. Boat comes next to a large net, spread from bank to bank, and stops. Four men pull the large net with lots of fish but no trout in it. High angle C/U shot of the fish in the net.

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