Robot Department Store Receptionist Starts Work in Tokyo

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Mitsukoshi department store's newest employee in Tokyo caused quite a stir with over 60 media representatives turning up for her first day on the job on Monday. Aiko Chihira is a humanoid robot. Originally introduced by Toshiba last year, the "Aiko Chihira" android was designed to interact with customers. While it was programmed to speak in Japanese on Monday, Chihira can also been programmed to speak in other languages such as Chinese and Korean. Toshiba's New Business Development Division Group Manager Hitoshi Tokuda said that he hopes this will help his overseas clients. "It would be good if we can have her provide guidance, or recommend various things in Chinese, so that people can be looking around and think, 'oh if Aiko is around, she can speak Chinese!' That's what I hope will happen," he told Reuters. The robot also showed off its singing skills together with Japanese opera singer Shoko Iwashita. "I would like you to listen to the song that I've put in alot of effort into," the humanoid said. After the performance which appeared like Chihira had lip-synched most of it, the robot asked for applause for the opera singer as Iwashita walked away. Toshiba has said that the android has 43 motors which allow it to move. The robot is also programmed to do Japanese sign language as well as speak. For some of the vistors to the high-class downtown department store, such as couple Chozaimon and Sasae Ohi, the android was quite an eye-opener. "This robot is such a suprise," said 87-year-old Chozaimon Ohi, who owns art galleries nearby. "The present and future, everything's becoming amazing," added Sasae, his wife. "I'm just so surprised that humans have developed machine engineering to this point," Chozaimon said. Chihira, positioned at the store's entrance, will welcome customers as they arrive into Mitsukoshi Department store until May 5. She is currently not programmed to respond to any customer complaints or questions and the company said it will be decided next month whether humans will return this post or or not

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