Black Lives Matter "Justice League" protesters taunt police with some insane rhetoric before getting arrested

Posted by Ezra 3 years ago in News
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Several of the protesters appeared to have arrived with the intention of being arrested. The NYPD did not disappoint. As many of the demonstrators sang songs about "racist police" and blocked the road in front of Gracie Mansion, the NYPD cuffed about a dozen, hauling them off to waiting paddy wagons. Other protesters nearby taunted the police from behind a barricade with racial slurs and expletives. "Shut the f*** up," one protester told a silent line of police officers. "I hate you all." The Justice League of NYC appeared to have anticipated and planned for a number of its member getting arrested. The organization published detailed instructions online on how to to be arrested and what to do once in police custody. By and large the arrests went off in an orderly fashion and courtesy prevailed with both the demonstrators and law enforcement officials.

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