The New Killing Fields: Reporter visits ISIS mass murder sites.

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MADAYA, Syria (CNN) – Food, medicine and blankets were finally delivered to the besieged Syrian town of Madaya. While mothers and fathers in Madaya are finally able to feed their children, at least this month, other parents in Syria and Iraq grieve for theirs. The road in to Sinjar town. Almost two months after liberation from ISIS, it’s still heavily guarded. Sinjar’s Mayor traveled with CNN to show what remains of his city. When ISIS swept through the Yazidi homeland, it’s along this very road where the men, women and children rounded up from the surrounding villages were driven. The Mayor takes CNN to the other side of the earth defenses encircling the town. They buried the young men and the women and the boys, the children, who refused to accompany ISIS, who refused to be conscripted by ISIS as child soldiers.

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