BIAS MUCH!? MSNBC Host says it's crazy that women don't support Hillary as the first woman President

Posted by Ezra 2018 years ago in News
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The hosts of MSNBC Live on Friday thought it was “crazy” that some young women aren’t supporting Hillary Clinton to be the first woman president. Chris Jansing and Tamron Hall marveled at a New Hampshire focus group that included young, college-age females. Hall proclaimed, “The big headline for me in the randomly selected group of people, the young women there did not care that Hillary Clinton could be the first woman president.” A shocked Jansing retorted, “That's crazy to me. It really is.” The journalists were reacting to Thursday’s Democratic debates. Finding the remarks stunning, Hall continued, “In fact, several of them were offended when she brought the line up pointing to the fact, ‘how can I be establishment, I'm a woman running for president.’"

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