Londoners panic when double-decker bus explodes, but it's only a movie

Posted by moku 3 years ago in News
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Tourists had a shock in London today when a bus exploded on Lambeth bridge - but there was nothing to fear as it was only a film crew shooting the latest Jackie Chan film. It wasn't the typical glamorous location for the veteran film star who is starring in the movie called, The Foreigner, with Pierce Brosnan. Transport for London warned travellers that Lambeth Bridge would be closed during the filming. Tweets were posted and warning messages published on TfL's website informing people of what was planned for the bridge. The message said: 'Filming will take place within the lane closure at the bus stop next to the palace from 11am-12noon.' A spokesman for the Port of London Authority also confirmed it was a stunt for a film and that the bridge was closed off. But the scene took some by surprise. Author Sophie Kinsella wrote on Twitter: 'Hey film types, next time you blow up a bus on Lambeth Bridge maybe tell us first so children in park aren't freaked?' Conservative MP for Mid Worcestershire Nigel Huddleston posted a video of the explosion on Twitter with the message: 'Anyone worried about the exploding bus on Lambeth Bridge just now? It was just for a movie.' In a notice warning residents about it, film producers described the film as a 'gritty action thriller'. It is directed by Martin Campbell, who was behind James Bond films Casino Royale and GoldenEye. The notice, posted on Twitter, stated: 'The explosion is controlled and operated by our special effects team.' It added: 'Every precaution will be taken to ensure the safety of the people in the area.'

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