Black Activist group created this ad to bash Stacey Dash for saying its time to cancel black history month

Posted by Ezra 2018 years ago in News
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Actress and conservative commentator Stacey Dash, who happens to be black, continues to be on the receiving end of heavy criticism from the black community for holding the politically incorrect opinion that things like Black History Month and Black Entertainment Television (BET) are racist double standards. She recently stated, "Either we want to have segregation or integration… We are all Americans, period." But when the left gets their feathers ruffled by opinions unlike their own, they strike back and generally enjoy using kids to express their outrage. Such is the case with a Black History Month advocate group called Because of Them We Can, which recently published a video of black children "reacting" to Dash's statements. The wonderfully bubbly children deliver the scripted reactions delightfully with all the cuteness they were directed to emote.

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