Conspiracy Theorist Claims That He’s Proved The Twin Towers Were Rigged With Explosives

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in Cool videos
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Millions of 9/11 conspiracy theorists believe the World Trade Towers were collapsed by carefully rigged explosives, and the US government should be held accountable. Even though 15 years have now passed, the believers just won’t go away. Much like their closely related cousins, the Beliebers. Coincidence? I think not! In a recent video by yet another crackpot theorist, the idea that the World Trade Centre was rigged with explosives is explained using ‘reason, science and facts’. He starts by telling us that he’s taking time out of his ‘busy day’ to film the video. He’s also clearly spent a good few hours constructing ‘towers’ out of cardboard, which he’s even painted grey. It’s the attention to detail that really matters here

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