Born to die: The children of the Caliphate. A disturbing look at how ISIS uses kids to exact their cruelties of war.

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Boys of no older than eight dispatched the prisoners with handguns, shooting at point blank range to the approval of their supervisors. The brutal acts of violence, of a type which has become IS's calling card throughout the world, sit alongside a dozen other executions carried out by child soldiers.

Leaked IS documents have shown that the brainwashing of children and the use of child soldiers are a cornerstone of the militants' military vision. Along with the provision for the instruction of jihadi veterans and fresh foreign recruits, IS outlines the importance of child soldiers in its training camps.

Alongside training in jurisprudence and manners children are to be instructed in the use of light arms according IS's blueprint. The document also stipulates that "outstanding individuals" in the program for child soldiers can be selected for special assignments.

IS states that education is its highest calling. In this instance education refers to "glorifying the ruling authorities and discarding differences between sects".

IS's front and centre use of child soldiers in its propaganda is without precedent in other conflicts where child soldiers have been used. Erica Hall, senior child rights policy adviser at World Vision, told IBTimes UK that while child soldiers might often appear willing participants in IS videos, they are more often than not motivated by fear and coerced into taking part.

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