In league with the enemy: Swedish police cover up sexual assaults by Muslims

Posted by moku 3 years ago in News
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How does one feel about the police in Europe these days? Every day, citizen of Europe are harassed and even arrested by the officers of their governments for protesting the situations in their own communities concerning the large influx on migrants from Africa and the Middle East.

We’ve seen video footage of police arresting a man for wearing a pig hat to a rally because it was deemed offensive towards Muslims. We’ve heard reports of police knocking on the doors of average citizens, asking them to remove Facebook posts that were negative towards their government’s policies concerning immigration. Riot police turn up at anti-immigration rallies to rile up participants in order to arrest them and quell dissent.

Now we learn the police is not only Cologne Germany, but many other cities throughout Europe are suppressing the truth about the mass Muslim rape and sexual assault epidemic sweeping large cities and communities.

This video uncovers the nasty truth behind the scenes of the ‘We are Stockholm Festival,’ attended by over 170,000 music fans this past year. The police reported that there were no major incidents during the festival but it has now shown to be one big lie.

There were mass sexual assaults, women groped. Girls as young as young as 11 were sexually assaulted by Afghani men, all incidents known by the police and kept under wraps due to fears of being called racists by the press.

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