Cheating Husband Caught Red-Handed By His Wife And Best Friend

Posted by The King Slayer 3 years ago in Funny
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Cheating is bad enough, but when you’re dumb enough to show up at you wife’s best friend’s house expecting to do the down and dirty with her, you should expect something bad to happen. This is exactly what happened to this man, who was ambushed by his wife and her best friend after they discovered he had been cheating on her with a long list of different women.She finally caught him in the act after she used her best friend’s Facebook account to lure her to her house with the promise of sex. Little did she know, his wife was lying in wait along with a video camera to capture the whole thing for our viewing pleasure. Although at first she seems completely in the right, he does point out that she also cheated on him with a guy called Gerald while she was pregnant. So maybe they’re both as bad as each other.

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