Sweden's liberal People's Party wants to legalize incest and necrophilia

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These are disturbing times we live in.

From the independent.co.uk

Incest between siblings and necrophilia should be legalised, a branch of the Swedish Liberal People's Party has argued.

The Stockholm branch of the party's youth wing (LUF) voted on the controversial motion at its annual meeting on Sunday.

It called for the repeal of several laws to make consensual sex between brothers and sisters aged over 15 legal, as well as allowing people to "bequeath" their bodies for intercourse after death without fearing the perpetrator would be prosecuted.

Cecilia Johnsson, president of LUF Stockholm, told Aftonbladet, counter-incest legislation amounted to “morality law”, adding: “These laws protect no one right now”. 

“I understand that [incest] can be considered unusual and disgusting, but the law cannot stem from it being disgusting”. 

The LUF also voted to support the legalisation of sexual acts with a corpse, on the condition that the person consented while they were still alive.

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