Muslim nanny who beheaded a child in Russia speaks!

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A nanny accused of beheading a child in her care before brandishing the severed head outside a Moscow train station has said she acted to avenge Muslims killed in Putin's air strikes in Syria.

In video footage posted online, Gulchekhra Bobokulova, 38, gave her first detailed explanation of an incident which state TV channels chose not to report.

Replying to a questioner off camera, she said: 'I took revenge against those who spilled blood. Putin spilled blood, planes carried out bombings. Why are Muslims being killed? They also want to live.'

It was not clear when the video was filmed, but Bobokulova was wearing the same clothes as during her court appearance yesterday.

Vladimir Putin launched his air strikes campaign in Syria on September 30 in support of President Bashar al-Assad, an intervention that has altered the course of the Middle Eastern conflict.

Bobokulova, from the Muslim majority Uzbekistan, was seen walking the streets of Moscow brandishing the head of Nastya Meshcheryakova, 4, for an hour before she was detained by police.

Yesterday the mother of three sons replied 'yes' when asked if she accepted her guilt as she entered a courtroom in Moscow, Russia. 

In her interrogation with police, Gyulchekhra Bobokulova the nanny admitted she wanted to travel to Syria, and says her three sons deserve to die because they do not read the Koran.

Vladimir Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: 'In a human way, some accusation are coming from her, some explanations, but it looks obvious to me - I can make a mistake, I am not an expert nor a judge - that we are talking about completely insane woman.

'It seems to me that any words coming from such an insane woman must be understood in an appropriate way.'

Today the victim's distraught mother Ekaterina, 32, posted a social media message to speak for the first time since her daughter's horrific killing on Monday morning.

'Dear friends, colleagues, acquaintances and simply all the kind people in our big country and abroad, those who were not indifferent to our grief - my husband and I are extremely grateful for your financial help, for words of support and understanding,' she wrote.

Friends have organised a fund raising effort to help them in their plight.

Bobokulova's father Bakhretdin Turaev, 62, from the Samarkand region of Uzbekistan, said: 'All of us are shocked of what she has done.

'Forgive her, forgive us all - if something like this can be forgiven. My children are crying, our mother fell ill. I did not want it, my daughter did not want it to have happened.'

He was shocked that his daughter said she killed the child because Allah ordered it.

'She never talked about Allah before,' he said. 'What happened to her, what voices ordered her to do this? Before she left for Moscow, I asked how she was feeling, if she was all right, if she is treated well there.

'She replied all was normal, that nobody abuses her, nobody shouts at her, and she was very quiet herself too.'

She had proudly showed the family pictures of Anastasia [Nastya], the child she cared for for around three years, he said.

He confirmed she had been treated in psychiatric hospital after mental problems emerged in 2002. He also said she had been aggressive on her last trip home.

'I wanted to ban her going to Moscow, but she became aggressive, she hit me, she said she will beat both me and her mother,' he said. She must be treated, because she would have never done it herself,' he said, referring to the death of the girl she cared for.'

He also revealed that her eldest son Rakhmatillo, 19, was arrested in Samarkand on the day she killed the child.

'Her son Rakhmatillo was working at a Moscow market,' he said. 'He lived far away from her and they met only about three times in Moscow.

'Rakhmatillo flew back from Moscow at the end of November and he was not going to go back there. He was arrested on Monday night. He was taken away somewhere, we don't know where he is and what's going on, they told us nothing.' 

Meanwhile, her appearance in court yesterday came day after a police source revealed the babysitter had kept her schizophrenia a secret and was 'kicked on to the streets' after a divorce.

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