Police release chilling video of racist 'Darth Vader' killer in Sweden

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Yahoo News: Chilling video footage has been released of a man stalking the corridors of a Swedish school dressed like Darth Vader with a sword slung over his shoulder, moments before going on a racist killing spree.

Anton Lundin-Petterson, 21, murdered two teachers and a student, before he was shot dead by officers on October 22 last year. In the footage, released by Swedish police, the man marches through the corridors of Kronan school in Trollhattan, north of Gothenburg, believed to be hunting for victims of foreign descent.

He is dressed in all black, including military boots and full-length coat, with a Nazi-helmet and a plastic Darth Vader mask hiding his face, brandishing a sword.

Three people were slain during the attack, including two teachers who were defending their students, including 20-year-old teaching assistant Lavin Eskandar.

Witnesses say Mr Eskandar was stabbed when he threw himself in front of the students and yelled at them to run, while trying to overpower Lundin-Petterson.

The attacker then went on to stab Ahmed Hassan, a 15-year-old student who arrived in Sweden with his parents and eight siblings from Somalia in 2012.

 Lundin-Petterson’s third victim was 42-year-old maths teacher Nazir Amso who died in hospital in December last year. The fourth victim, a 15-year-old Syrian refugee who arrived in Sweden nine months before the rampage, miraculously survived after being rushed to hospital in critical condition.

Police who attended the scene were forced to shoot Lundin-Petterson when he turned on them.

The attacker bought the WWII German military helmet and replica broadsword online to use in the attack, Swedish media reported.

A police statement alleged the massacre was a racist hate attack, with Lundin-Petterson “blaming immigrants for his own failures”. “It is clear that Anton had chosen Kronan school based on his knowledge that there was a high representation of people with a immigrant background,” the statement said.

“When he carries out his crime, it becomes clear that he picks his victims based on whether or not he perceives them as being of immigrant background.”

Investigators believe the young man’s motivation for the brutal attack was because we was told he would not be hired at the place he had been doing an internship.

It has been reported Kronan school is multi-culturally diverse, with many students first or second generation immigrants.

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