Radical LGBT activists violently attack peaceful Christian procession.

Posted by moku 3 years ago in
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With Europe under constant attack by Muslims, many have questioned the Liberal line of appeasement and excuses manufacturing.

Even with all the rapes and violence against women, all Germans to that matter, you would think there would be an outcry from feminists and Liberals in general.

This video which took place in Münster, Germany shines some light on why Europeans Liberals feel the way they do towards Muslims. Could it be they share the same enemy? In America, the Progressive left feels white, Christian males are the most dangerous threat to the country, far more than radical Islam. Perhaps European Liberals feel simpatico with this mindset?

The Christians in this video were having a peaceful procession through town as Easter approaches this weekend when a substantial group of radical LGBT thugs attacked them with paint bombs, destroying their crosses and shouting profanity.

It is good to know who the left view as a threat in Europe, even just one day after the horrible massacres in Brussels at the hands of Muslims. You've been put on notice Europe.

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