MSNBC Analyst blames Belgium for the terror attacks because they didn't roll out the red carpet for migrants

Posted by moku 3 years ago in War
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Before the bodies of the victims of the ISIS terrorist attacks in Belgium were cold, an MSNBC Terror Analyst declared that Belgium society was to blame for the death and destruction. “Why is it that Muslims and other immigrants in Belgian have such problem integrating with local society? Why is it that they do not feel like they are Belgian? Why is it that they are ghettoized into these communities?” Bemoaned Evan Kohlmann Tuesday afternoon. Kohlmann whined that those of us in the west needed to do a better job looking into why Muslims and other immigrant groups felt alienated. “This is just the beginning, because we have to get to the root causes of why this happened. And those causes have not been dealt with.”

The questions raised by Kohlmann put all the blame on Belgians and seems to insinuate that they didn’t roll out the welcome mat. The fact of the matter is that it is naturally hard for people from a different county to feel a part of a new place. Many of the new immigrants don’t speak French, let alone Flemish. And it’s hard to claim a community is being “ghettoized” when there are no walls being erected around a neighborhood. Although it is natural for people to stay close to and only associate with people they feel are similar too, everyone does it. It’s call de facto segregation. It might be in the liberal media’s best interest to wait for the Belgian and European authorities to complete their investigation and man hunts, before laying blame for the attack on the victims. I might also pay for them to look into the objective of the organization the terrorists serve to identify the reasons for the attack.

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