"Europeans never existed" "Accept diversity or face war" This coming from the mouth of a Dutch politician

Posted by moku 3 years ago in War
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This speech was given by Franz Timmermans in October 2015 at the first EU Fundamental Rights Colloquium. Based on the dates, we can logically conclude that his meaning of “diversity” = mass, unrestricted, third world Muslim immigration.

Listen to the arrogance of his speech as he calls for the destruction of all European, and for that matter global ethnicity, religion, and culture, saying that it “never existed” and then having the hubris to claim that we have to “get this right” for “the Europe we built.”

All of this flies and is a slap in the face of God and European history. Europe exists because of the Church which gave it religion, meaning, order, and encouraged the development of national, regional and local culture as an organic entity. In other words, the Europe that once was was an example of true diversity, where different peoples lived alongside each other and respected each other united in one Faith.

Now, “diversity” means the destruction of an entire person’s differentiating characteristics and his reduction to human soup, in which there is a mass of amorphous humanity with none different than the others, and whose lives, thoughts, and will are guided by the prevailing dictates of the “leaders” in power. That is nothing short of a heinous evil.

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