Day 4 : PCC's Whiteness History Month, "White people are afraid of people of color in authoritative positions"

Posted by moku 3 years ago in News
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As Portland Community College continues to claim that “whiteness history month” has nothing to do with white people or shaming white people, a presentation entitled “White Fragility: Shaking Hands With the Elephant In The Room” took place.

The presenters, Juanita Range and Louise Nelson, from Range Mediation & Consulting, say that white people are afraid of black people in authority, while using a Power Point slide of President Obama.

“Whites have an expectation to be in authority, and that when they see a black person of color in authority, it makes them uncomfortable” says Range. “If you are uncomfortable with a person of color in authority, what is that about? Is it because you’re a bad person? You’re a white person, and you just walked into a room, and this black woman’s in charge or black man’s in charge, and you immediately feel uncomfortable” she continues.

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