This is how to make border patrols work, 5 guns VS 500 Palestinian's trying to break through Israel's border

Posted by moku 3 years ago in War
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While Israel advocates for open borders in Europe and organizations like "IsraAID" and programs funded by billionaires like George Soros or Rothschild funds actively encourage millions of Muslims to illegally cross the borders of European nations, the humanitarian situation on Israeli borders looks much different.

"Invaders", as the prime minister Netanyahu himself calls them, are ordered to be shot in sight if they try to enter illegally. The "Invaders" are either refused entry or killed - if they get a temporary permit they are often sterilized and deported as soon as possible to ensure they don't "taint the Jewish essence" with their "dirty genes". Black people are considered worth less than cockroaches. Mixed-race marriages are illegal. In order to legally immigrate, you have to do extensive DNA testing or provide proof of your ancestry. "Racemixing" will ruin your reputation and expel you from the Jewish community permanently. Already existing walls that put any European border to shame are to be reinforced with landmines, automatic set guns and heavy armaments to keep out, I quote Netanyahu again, "wild beasts".

"Netanyahu: We'll Surround Israel With Fences 'To Defend Ourselves Against Wild Beasts'"

While Israel's policies towards illegal immigration are especially cruel and simple border patrols in Europe would do the job just as well, the irony is that the most ambitious promoter of multiculturalism and "humanitarianism" does not only not accept a single refugee - they call them wild animals that are to be shot on sight.

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