EXCLUSIVE : More Anti-Trump HATE-Latinos and their children being berated by protesters for attending his rally...

Posted by moku 3 years ago in News
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When attending Trump protests you see many groups that would wish nothing more than to takeover America, or the downfall of the nation. Today in Eugene, Oregon you saw this playing out on the streets as Trump supporters both young and old were berated by hordes of angry protesters simply for attending the rally.

In this video you can see a Latino family being attacked by, ironically enough, an elderly white, liberal man, for attending the rally. Listen as the man attempts to respond but is simply overtaken by many other angry protesters who don't seem to care what the man says.

Later in the video you can see a Trump supporter being followed as he leaves the event by protesters, his female friend and many other Trump supporters attempt to keep the men from fighting as they continued to approach them even as they walked away.

This is what these events are becoming, this is showing the true faces behind the Trump protests, these people do not care about America. They simply want to cause as much chaos as possible to keep people from attending these events.

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