"I Want them All out!" German woman unleashes on Muslim migrants after asked a question regarding the Quran and the Constitution

Posted by moku 3 years ago in War
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During an Interview in Essen, a German woman surprised the reporter when she let out her anger after being asked if the Quran mattered more than the constitution. In less than a minute she said what most sane German citizens are thinking, but are reluctant to say publicly in fear or persecution or being called a racist or Islamophobic. She stated that the US is behind Merkel's immigration policy as nobody could be this stupid, that she gets sexually harassed daily by so-called refugees and equipped herself for self defense after being attacked by a foreigners.

She also strongly expressed her discontent with contemporary politics, saying she "hated everything about politics right now", detests the refugees and "wants them all out", promising to vote the Nationalist "Alternative for Germany" in the next election.

Germany is expected to receive another 1.2-1.5 million illegal immigrants this year, 70% of whom are young, military aged men according to the UN. Consequently, incidents of rape, murder, sexual harassment, civil discontent and support for nationalist parties skyrocketed.

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