Kenyan Man Grabs Onto Helicopter and Gets Carried Away

Posted by The King Slayer 3 years ago in News
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A Kenyan man has reportedly avoided serious injury after clinging to the landing skis of a helicopter as it took off.

On Friday, a large group of mourners had gathered in the Kenyan region of Bungoma, as the body of high-profile business figure Jacob Juma was due to be transported to a burial site.

Footage shows the man, identified by local media as 41-year-old Saleh Wanjala, clinging to the skis as the helicopter appeared to take off, attempt to land, and then fly into the distance.

The astonished crowd can then be heard cheering.

The Nairobi News reported that the pilot tried to steer clear of tall obstacles and then lowered the chopper so Mr Wanjala could jump off from a safe height.

However, in the fall he injured his hip, elbow and suffered a cut to the eyebrow.

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