EXCLUSIVE-We spoke to a bunch of Bernie supporters and boy they were scary-PART 1

Posted by moku 3 years ago in Politics
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Bernie Sanders makes an appearance in Salem, Oregon, May 10th, 2016, and we chat with some of the people waiting in line to see him. We get their take on Donald Trump, and what would happen in a Trump presidency.

There are references to World War III and revolution in the streets, while some Bernie-ites think Trump would get assassinated. "The military will shoot him" says one man, while another is worried that Bernie will get assassinated by Big Oil and/or Wall Street.

When asked what kind of rifle would be best to use on Trump, one young couple wearing "FUCK TRUMP" shirts respond with "Anything that could kill him... Anything that'll finish the job." Others think that right wing militia types will kill Trump.

One girl is spotted wearing a Ho Chi Minh shirt, saying that right wingers just don't understand communism and don't know how Ho Chi Minh is. There are the obligatory comparisons between Trump and Hitler, with one woman saying that Trump wants to have people wear labels like the Star Of David.

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